Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Japan Travelogue: #buddingyeastinJP Day Eight - Tokyo DisneySea!

Going through the photos makes me miss our trip so much! 
Our level of Disney love is quite unbeatable hahaha.
And I get the overwhelming urge to go again.. gahhh cannot wait for Nov.

Ohayo gozaimasu!
Back to Maihama again for Tokyo DisneySea, which is unique to Japan.
Inspired by the 7 seas, there are also 7 themed ports around the park.


Can't miss out on Gelatoni ! One of Duffy Bear's friends :B
Duffy Bear and Friends' series was initially only available at DisneySea,
but i think HK Disneyland also has it now.

Two of my favourite cartoons in a picture! Aladdin and Little Mermaid 
omggg la i wanna dress my kid up like this also LOL SO CUTE LEH.

Look at this ahma - so onz sia with her Ursula dress.
If I ask my ahma to wear this I think she'd probably niam me lor LOL.

Caught the first show - The Villains World: Wishes and Desires
All performances mainly take place here at the Mediterranean Harbor.
The viewing area was quite spacious also, but omg damn cold at night :x

Navigation wise, DisneySea is much larger than Disneyland. 
It is slightly more confusing also, especially at the volcano space cause there are tunnels and such.
Please grab a park map to avoid wasting time on navigation!

Mysterious Island is based on Journey to the Center of the Earth 
There's a roller coaster running through that volcano, 
but we were too slow for a FastPass (LOL) , and the waiting time was 3 hrs wtf.

We did go for the 20,000 leagues under the sea submarine ride though!
Not a thrill ride but quite fun all the same.

I seriously had the goosebumps of happiness when I saw the pastel shell spires.. GAH so chio!

Ohai Ariel, are you missing King Triton?

How many times do I have to say this?
I really really love how the cosplayers make the effort to add vibrancy to the park.
It's like watching your characters come to life, roaming around the kingdom.

Definitely worth it to make a trip to Disneyland during their Halloween period.

Mermaid Lagoon is gorgeous la~ 
Attractions are meant for younger kids though - around the age of 6 to 10?

Used today's FP for this - Mermaid Lagoon Theater!
It's based on the concert from the The Little Mermaid 
Dialogue is in Japanese, but the singing is in English hahaha.
Still quite easy to understand !

Arabian Coast!
Whenever I see this the opening song from Aladdin starts playing in my head.

Hi Aladdin and Jasmine!

BABY RAJA IS SO CUTE I CAN'T EVEN..  why i never buy this back sia..

Lost River Delta!
This area is more for adult thrill type of rides - Indiana Jones Adventure and Raging Spirits.
Hmm that's why most people say DisneySea is more suitable for adults,
cause the no. of thrill rides is definitely more than DisneyLand's.

This was also the place I threw up cause my stomach was feeling unwell..
so needless to say no thrill rides today hahaha.

Oh Bimb still got her dose of shock though - when I took out the plastic bag HAHAH.

We skipped Port Discovery because we didn't sea (HAHAH) anything quite interesting.
A new Nemo and Friends ride was added in 2017 though! 
Hopefully they do more things with that area so that I'll have a reason to go again. :B

American Waterfront - Tower of Terror!
Again, no luck with the FP and queue time.

Cape Cod - Home of Duffy and Friends!
Can't believe we were seriously contemplating if we should get an investment bear/cat. HAHAH.

Ahem lots of photo opportunities too!

Evil villainnesses unite!
I love the Cruella de Vil - she looks so chic.

This Shellie May also very chic HAHAH. HELLO!!

Finale for A Table is Waiting!
It's a remix of Lumiere's 'Be Our Guest'
Only this time, it's an international 'menu' featuring the different characters and cuisines from around the world.
The Mickey and Minnie damn cute leh sneak a kiss behind the umbrella!

Unfortunately this show has been cancelled liao ):

15th Anniversary Drive Parade.

OH MAN This duo is too maleficient to miss out on a photo op. HAHAH
I super love unconventional costume choices. And I super love punning keke.

Lunch from Hudson River Harvest
Aka the best damn baked potatoes I've ever eaten.
Smothered in cheddar and sprinkled with bacon omgggg.

Got Bimb's cherry tomato cause I like to pick friends who dont eat my favourite foods. 
Same goes to her because she gets my share of green onions when we order ramen HEHEH.

I love that they give villains the attention because where would our heroes be without them?!
No evil no drama liao.. cannot.

As usual, we stayed for the night shows - Fantasmic Parade and Sky High Wishes Fireworks
No pictures this time because the projections were on water mists, so it was hard to photograph.

But trust me when I say it's Fantasmic. HAHAHAHAH.
I LOVE IT LA sometimes I watch until I very happy I want to weep LOL.

Look at this night illumination of the 15th anniversary ship! 
So much love..

Stayed until the last moment, because we really didn't want to leave! 

The entire Disney Parks experience was so surreal, like an escape back into our childhood,
only with the spending power to buy all the toys we want la HAHAH.

Don't know how to explain the feeling - almost like we dont want to come back to reality.
Like huhhhh tmr no more Disney liao?

Really the happiest place in the world lor.

Okay la jiu settle for the second happiest - Japan, in general HAHAH.

Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Japan Travelogue: #buddingyeastinJP Day Seven - Tokyo DisneyLand!

Yes I've decided to get my ass moving and finish this shit.

Another location I've been looking forward to going - Disneyland!
I'm undeniably a Disney kid, growing up with a plethora of cartoons and movies.
HK Disneyland with Levon previously, and now i'm here with Bimb! :B

Tokyo Disneyland
1-1 Maihama, Urayasu-shi, Chiba-ken
Opening hours: 8 am to 10 pm

Nearest JR Station: 
JR Maihama on JR Keiyo or Musashino Line

Tokyo Disneyland is accessible either by foot or the Disney Monorail.
It's 260 yen per ride, but a 1-day pass is 650 yen and 2-day pass is 800 yen.

Day 7! 

Look at how everyone is in costume!
And being Japanese, their attention to detail is awesome.
I mean, look at the straw basket this Belle is holding.

And I think the guys v gungho, willing to dress up together with their girlfriends hahah.

These people are not even cast members please. 
Snow White was holding a real apple too!

I have no costume but I also want a photo with the castle!

My bff belongs in the Hundred Acre Wood hahahah. 
Anybody wants to guess how many items she bought? 

Here's the answer hahahahah

We chionged there to get a Disney FastPass for Pooh's Hunny Hunt!
How FastPass works :
- Scan your park ticket at the FastPass Ticketing machine, located outside the ride itself
- Receive the FastPass ticket for the designated time period 
- Come back only during that time period to enter

Only one FP ticket can be issued at a time, 
which means that you have to finish one FP ride before you get another.

Pooh's Hunny Hunt was damn worth it btw!
It's quite amazing how it moved without any visible track.
And the moment Bimb starting screaming when it started spinning.. HAHAH.

Decided to get our lunch at Grandma Sara's Kitchen 
No doubt about food quality at all, at such a reasonable price.

Super amazed at the orderliness of the Japanese when it comes to parades!
Walao when I was at HK we had to tiptoe to catch glimpses, or chope a good space.
They remained seated throughout too.

Happiness is Here Day Parade! 
We're lucky enough to get to see this because they've now replaced it with a new parade.. 

I love it that they have a float for the Cheshire Cats! :3


Where is my Ariel :x

Bff's fatty bf.

Halloween Pop N Live Disney Parade!
Nothing too scary, cause it is Disney afterall.

Halloween is the only time adults are allowed to be in costumes in the park.
We had a lot of fun trying admiring their handiwork and guessing which character it is!
Until we want to dress up like this next time we go liao HAHAH.

Able to make a guess who these two are? :D

They're the female mice in Cinderella!

Alice in Wonderland

We also saw an entire family dressed as the characters from the Hundred Acre Wood;
Not just the popular ones, even Owl !

This one was a common one, Tweedledee and Tweedledum.

It's not everyday that you see the Beast help Frozen characters snap a photo.

I had to ask the villians for a photo nicely instead of a sneaky shot cause I scared. HAHAHAH

Love the Halloween deco!

One does not simply go around Disneyland without the proper headgear.
Oooooooooooooo the clawww~

Once again, not a cast member. 

Wonder if these come in my size?

Big Thunder Mountain is probably our favourite thrill ride of all 
It was damn shiokkk getting a face full of cold wind while screaming away la ! 
Er but my throat didn't really like it hahah :x

WOAH word of advice, please make your dinner reservations if you want a proper meal!
It was super hard to grab dinner because everywhere was fully booked or crowded.
We didn't even go on a weekend lor.

But oh well! This was delicious too btw.
Hotdogs with fries and iced chocolate~ 
I love Japan's chocolate drinks because they dont taste like Milo.

Electrical Parade Dreamlights!

Sky High Wishes Fireworks!
This was a special performance, part of Tokyo DisneySea's 35th Anniversary.

Plus, there was another light show after the fireworks - Once Upon A Time!
This one gave me the goosepimples, because it was a beautiful blend of lights, pyrotechnics and music. 
So much feels~

Told Pok he could just propose to me with these rings and I'd gladly accept HAHAHA

Look at somebody's new friend! HAHAH so cute and fat.

Can't wait for Day 2 of Disney whoooooooooooo!

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