Thursday, July 27, 2006

so long nv blog liao
damn busy slacking
hahahaha.. lol..
last saturday was damn fun..
tiring.. but still fun..
got founder's day celebration
den dance performing..
after dat still got competion
i doing backstage la..
den dun hav to sit dere and hear boon talk
oso dun hav to wear de ugly green tee
yay.. lol..
hav to cum to school early.. arnd 7.30
den carry the yellow roller chairs backstage..
walau those things are damn fragile..
i pick one up den it broke off in my hand lor..
damn it..
den sum more laoshi was scolding me..
haix.. you think carry chairs so easy meh..
i was kinda upset lor..
bcoz if cannot fix den today competion sure die
but okay la..
its like no one ever appr8s backstage de
no matter how hard we try
haix.. esp sun lao shi
she made me run all over the place la..
i am human lor.. not a machine..
anyway.. it was quite fun still..
working with the backstage pple
backstage crew rocks yup
yeni gracia nicole xinyi huifang
and mel and dan la..
so fun crapping like siao
esp on the lorry
singing and cheering
den alot of pple staring at us.. haha
hahaha hc needs esp more makeup
bcoz she is darker den very hard to see
hahaha.. lol..
we didn't win in the end
its kinda expected la..
we can't even win danceworks..
let alone asia pacific comp..
but we will prove ourself one day
dat we are capable
dance rocks.. whee..
ystrday got art la..
playing wif the wax again
dropping plaster inside it
den it looks like dis ugly mass of sticky stuff
ms ang looked kinda pissed though
bcoz its like we aren't doing anything constructive
says who? haha..
dun care la.. i not taking it anymore next year
i've better things to concentrate on..
see first la..

Sunday, July 16, 2006

happened to go past 2j de 1st [and dead] blog
in tribute of 2jayers05
these are their descriptions
2jayers CUM together to make twojayohfive special
special thnks to trudy wen-yi and yj
dis is their hard work
i only cut and paste nia

Chong Shu Han* +cOnCeRt BaNd+ [tReAsUrEr]
a.k.a potatoe! dis girl is so hundred percent responsible.treasurer of de class since lazt yr.always makin us pay money for class fund. behaves like a loanshark. jokin.very pro in maths. very serious too. and is de youngest in the class!shu han practicalli rocks de world coz without her.. THERE'S NO CLASS FUND! 2j material potato.*
Chu Si Min* +cHiNeSe oRcHeStRa+ [mOniTrEsS]
staunch christian of 2j! dis girl is serious most of the time and is veri responsible.a very nice girl and never fails to spread de word of the Lord.*
Danicia Lee* +dAnCe sOciEtY+ [gEoGrApHy rEp]
pro dancer of the class! dis girl dances extremely well.quiet in class.but noisy at times. 100% lame +crap. definately 2jayer material.*
Dorita Ho Cher Ern* +GirL gUiDeS+ [sTuDeNt CoUnCillOr]
a.k.a doritos! doritos does her best to unite de class. also de designer of our 2jayers class tee tat is gonna be done soon by de tee shirt ppl. LOL. a very artistic girl and enthu girl guider. 100% welfarerer.*
Hoong Shu Man Melissa* +dAnCe SoCiEtY+ [WeLfArE i/C]
a.k.a melly! melly's one hell of a crapper. very enthu in class and is a gd welfare i/c. her laughter is 100%contagious. no wonder why she's a 2jayer.*
Jasmine Lee Gui Yi* +gUiTaR
a quiet girl who does her hwk! unlike sum of ur 2jayers! she's a real nice girl and is very pro in her studies.plays the guitar like a pro.but she is always bullied by nini..*
Leng Shiow Chan Calista* +sT.JoHn'S aMbuLaNce BriGaDe
a.k.a baboon!! dis girl is hundred percent crap n lame. another perfect lamer of 2j`o5! toks alot of crap n is veri veri bian tai. a veri bian tai blogger too! runescape fan. veri violent at times but yet she's a nice girl. =)and veri enthu in class. loves to sabo ppl. 2j material baboon..*
Lim Heng Xin* +cHiNeSe dRaMa sOciEtY
a.k.a zhang men ren!! ex-runescape fan. a veri enthu n bian tai girl too. toks alot of cock. and never fails to bring a smile on anyone's face. a veri gd actress. simply pro in slackin. extremely blur in de mornin. a perfect crap partner. and juz onli wans to grow taller. 2j material zhang men ren.*
Lim Sing Rong Nicole* +pHotOgRaPhIC sOciEtY+ [tReAsUrEr]
a.k.a ni ni! ni ni is potatoe's partner in collectin money frm us 2jayers. another loan shark. jokin!ni ni is a veri veri nice girl.often "bullied" by others coz she alwaes gives in to others.. nice n kind girl.often arguin with ruishan over farni lil tinz. LOL. overall a nice n gd treasurer made of 2j material.*
Loh Phay Key* +GiRl gUiDeS
chio bu of de class. notin much to say as everyone in sch noes her.*
Ng Jing Ting* +dAnCe sOciEtY+ [WeLfArE i/C]
enthu girl in class hu stays back to do class deco. very active welfare i/c. enthu in class too.*
Phua Wen-Yi* +cOnCeRt bAnD+ [sChoOL fUnCtiOnS]
wen-yi loves to kill her blog. kills it n resurrects it again LOL. she's a real nice girl tat toks alot of crap.LOL. nice fren to have. ultra lame n enthu girl! simply 2jayer material .*
Poh Wen Eng* +cHiNeSe oRcHeStRa
dis girl is hundred percent pro in her studies! veri smart girl! veri pro in higher chinese. she's veri guai in class n quiet too.*
See Hui Ling Velvarie* +cHiNeSe oRcHeStRa
velvarie's name is often wrongly pronounced. veri nice girl hu loves to read. enthu girl.*
Tan Hwee Chen* +dAnCe sOciEtY
veri quiet girl in class.doesn't cause trouble in class.*
Teoh Camilla* +cOnCeRt BaNd
a.k.a camel. noisy all the time. quite serious at times. 2jayer material.*
Trudy Toh Jia Ling* +cHiNeSe dRaMa+ [sTuDeNt CouNcillOr]
a.k.a. tootie toh.very enthu councillor. causes lots of trouble for the monitor. juz joking. has a 'kind' personality. helpful in klass. toks a lot.craps a lot.*
Wong Rui Shan* +ChOiR+ [sEcReTaRy]
a.k.a xiao shan! dis girl sings veri well. a veri nicey person. toks alot of crap and tells lame and bian tai jokes.. LOLZ. veri seriosu at times. especialli sch work. veri smart girl. 2jayer material de xiao shan!*
Ysabel Tan Shiwen* +CoNcErT BaNd+ [iT ReP]
a.k.a. IT doggie. jux a joke.dis girl is full of crap. lameliness. guys favourite target to tease..*
Au Yong Ke Wei* +cOmPutEr cLuB+ [sTuDeNt CoUnCillOr]
a.k.a kiwi.. veri quiet in class.does pro..sews veri well.. is he a girl a guy or a fruit?*
Bao Ze Kun* +gUiTaR
a.k.a kid in class. frm china.*
Bryan Yeo Jun Liang* +cHoiR+ [LitERaTuRe rEp]
dis guy is de pro of 2j. pro in eng i mean. his eng so rocks like hell tat he's practicalli a walkin dictionary man! his debatin skills so rock de earth. lolz. also in eng debate. toks alot. always looks forward to gettin bak english compo n e.lit results. pro guy.*
Chai Guo Dong* +sCouTs+a.k.a guo dong[fruit jelly].
lolz.guo dong de macho guy. face goes red wen he speaks loudly.quiet guy.and alwaes sabo-ed by yukun n bryan.*
Cheung Siu Hay* +EdC
a.k.a michael. lolz. dis guy toks alot of all jayers do..a 69 guy..and loves to tell fellow 2j boys dirty jokes..sits at the back of the class..and always falling asleep..*
Chew Rong Quan* +BoY's bRiGaDe
a fanatic runescape fan..practically mad over runescape..quite pro in maths i think..and like all boys..mind shld be a little *a-hem*.. definately 2j material..*
Chia Dun Li Perry* +SoFtBaLl+ [EnGlIsH rEp]
a.k.a perry..this guy is a special case in our class..very clever guy..completely nt like 2jayers..but he is a very ''cute'' still 2j material..*
Chua Hanting* +SoFtBaLl
a very tall tall guy in our class..and very quite..very pro in studies too..haha..he has strange habits though.. one of them is castrating*
Foo Ceming Jeremy* +NcC
another one of our 2j smart ppl..he is history pro u noe..2nd in level for history..dun play play..2j has smart ppl okie.. he loves to disturb the monitor..but that is wat the monitor not sure too..haha..*
Foo Weiqiang Aloysius* +CoNcErT BaNd
dun see him quiet quiet..but actually hor..he is a sick sick to tok alot actually..full-time crapper.. always 1cm taller than told by yj..2j material..*
Frederick Sia Shao Jia* +ScOuTs
full-time sicko in our class..loves to infuriate our subject teachers..loves to poke fun at mdm teo too..sits in front.. so that he will not get into trouble..never seems to get out of sss..definately the cause of the notorious reputation..2j material too..*
Gabriel Tan Zhi Heng* +sCouTs
veri "gd" cleaniness i/c la.. hmmz.. royal flusher? LOLz. OKIE.. NEVA STUDY WAN.. liKE FREDERICK LITAT.he is a bian tai guy. has a degree in BIANTAI stuff.*
Ho Yu Kun* +St. JoHn'S aMbULaNcE
another eng debater. LOLz.. toks alot of crap. veri knowledgable.. another walkin dictionary.*
Hu Chih Chiang* +gUiTaR
new kid. frm taiwan. veri tall..lolz..*
Lim Jia Xiang James* +St. JoHn'S AmBuLaNcE
veri lame guy. looney guy.toks alot of crap. and veri farni.lame guy.*
Lim Wei Cheng* +NaTiOnAL cAdEt cOrPs
skinny guy. veri bian tai. quiet in class but damn vulgar siaz.the wonderful spammer of 2j`o5 in heymath tat hey math close down siaz. okie mayb not close down.go for repair.hahaz.*
See Soon Meng* +sCoUtS+ [mAtHs ReP]
de pro bk spinner in 2j`o5. often made to stand at de front of de class to spin his maths tbk on his finger durin george tan lesson.hahaz. so rocks man he. veri funny guy tat toks a lot of lame stuf n often his actions are extreli hilarious. joker of 2j` wonder he's a 2jayer. omg.allah.*
Tan Jian Wen* +BoY'S bRiGaDe
another joker of de class.. loves to scream in class. his screams are like so damn freakin high pitch. like a girl's man. omg.allah.his actions are also veri funny. like soon meng.joker siaz. definately a 2jayer.*
Tan JingWen Benedict* +sOfTbAll
de pro runner of de class.. veri cute little boy.his baby photo so rocks man. omg.allah. cute lil guy siaz. hahaz. stamina damn gd.50rounds up n down de bball court. even broke a senior record man.rocker man. Pro.*
Tan MingKu Glenn* +BoY'S bRiGaDe
another screamer of de class.. toks alotta crap n lame stuff.. bez pillarin target of de whole 2j.*
Victor Dek-Kai Lau* +sOfTbAll+ [iT rEp]
another joker of de class.. omg 2j so mani jokers siaz.hahaz. wad u xpect?2jayers!! hahaz. veri pro IT rep.toks aloota crap n lame stuff.2j material! *
Wang Miao* +sT.JoHn'S aMbULaNcE bRiGaDe+ [sChoOL fUnCtiOnS i/c]
another first-aider. 2j nids a lotta first aiders siaz. we're violent miao's frm china. muz be de elderst in 2j.hahaz.tall guy man.loves to listen to his mp3 player. pro man. lolz. *
Yeow Jiang* +BoY'S bRiGaDe+ [mOnItOr]
monitor of 2j`o5.doesn't update his blog.and likes to irritate ppl. lolz. jokin. hahaz. veri enthu. but sumtimes is bz slackin n not controllin de class!! lolz.likes to run all over de place.even to dustbin oso wan run. run until ankle sprain.omg lorz. curly hair. his hair grows upwards while others grow downwards. omg. one hell of a joker siaz. 2j curly nutcase.

actually dis has quite long ago lor..
abt at the start of last year la..
if it was updated i think they might be sum more intrsting stuff
like dat time yj run until his pants...
oops sorry.. hahaha..
den he have to wear long pants in advance
hope 3L can one day have this kinda thing..
but den read le cannot be offended or anything la..
so very difficult to write descriptions liddat..
yupx.. but 3L yi ding hui cheng gong de..
depends on if anyone thinks we noe each other enough la
i seriously think i am siaoded la
i can sleep but i dun wan
den in the morning slp until like 12 plus
everytime dio scolding by my mum lor..
haix monday got physics test ahh..
mel and rabbit can slack liao
they shiok la..
actually nothing much la..
only dat feel like not sleeping early lor..
den update la..
or else got pple say i lag liao
but aiya better than yj la..
he's still stuck in the past..
already july le
but den he still in abt march lor..
he edit his links den tag and everything
but just refuse to post la..
haiya siaoded de..
today went tm there wif my cousin and my sis
den saw barney wif his gf.. haha
i kena stun dio lor..
its walao like chao suay lehx..
i was laughing like mad la..
the expression on his face..
its like he was looking out for his students
den we go arcade..
my sis keep pestering
say want to play jurassic park la
lol.. den let her play
but she saw the dinosaurs den kena stun dio
forgot to shoot den still gripping the gun so tightly
wasted 2 tokens lor..
haix.. kids will forever be kids..
sound like i very mature liddat
which i think i am not la.. duh..

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

today was chao fun la..
lots of slacking den only abt 2 1/2 hrs of lessons
the school organised sum racial harmony fest
sec3s have to be in charge of the stalls la
den 3L dio the tchers stall
at first i thot it would be damn qian bian la
who would want to entertain the tchers?
but den actually quite fun la
not many tchers really came over la
sum busy wif their own class
den sum doing judging and stuff
we couldn't possibly call every tcher over the intercom
but okay la..
still got time to entertain ourselves..
we came down during 3rd period
bcoz mdm hidayah not there
den all the way till 4th period lor..
no physics lab.. whee..
4th period not much pple la..
only got us
so a whole bunch playing chapteh and skipping rope lor
kinda lol.. but very fun
den i have to demo the zero point thingy
got pple taking pics.. chao pai seh..
besides slacking
it was fun in a way
dat we got to interact more lor..
in a clsroom we dun really talk much to each other la..
except wif our own frens lor..
so it was a really gd opportunity..
given enough time..
i believe dat 3L can be as fun and bonded like 2J..
but today oso kena pissed off la
we had english lesson b4 dat
den have to do prsentation la
abit nervous but okay la
but den the font got sum prob
den my new elang tcher was complaining abt it
i was so damn frustrated la..
i was mouthing fuck u under my breath la
okay i maybe too vulgar la..
in fact i think i am the only girl in cls who's like dat
but june yeo seriously sucks lor..
she treats us like primary school kids la..
den teaching us simple grammar like we are english idiots
come on la.. its just a typo error
y must you b so critical?!!
den scheduling us for 2 tests the moment u take over
dat is just plain bad
its chao obvious no one likes her
haix.. both my language tchers suck
just hope can pass la..
you noe.. if they weren't already married
i think they'll make a great pair
they'll piss each other off like they piss their students
kk must RESPECT my tchers

Friday, July 07, 2006

very tiring day..
school let off early today
at 12pm..
at first got CIP de..
but den have sumthing impt lor
so exchange wif CJH
but den last minute dun need le..
thnks anyway..
in the end went to bunny's hse
chao lame la
its like went there to "do hmwork" lor
go there crap and talk
den do abit.. but i slack there lah..
she got chao lot qns la den i help her so much
must thnk me ah rabbit..
hahaha.. lol..
den listen to music.. crap sum more..
walao like zi high liddat...
dun noe what i am talking abt la..
tuesday siaoded lor..
woke up at 3 am to watch the germany and italy match
den dio scolding by my mum lah..
but hehex damn worth it
didn't get to finish watching lor..
italy defence chao strong
attack oso
1 germany player got the ball
den 4 blue pple all run together and zham de player
walao eh..
germany didn't make it la..
and den at school i whole day pa jiao
now still lack sleep lah..
but i still wanna watch the finals
my sis thot of putting slping pills into the food lor..
she's more despo than me lar
i only thot of locking them up when they are aslp
hahahahha.. siaoded me
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