Thursday, July 21, 2016

Food Review: Pokemon Cafe

Better share this before its over! :x

Pokémon Cafe - in collaboration with EwF - is at Bugis Junction from 27th May to 31st July.
Ahh, brings back the memories of us glued to our Game Boys trying to win all the gyms in the Kanto region.
I actually got as far as the Elite Four but died at Lance's hand :x
The game is so different now, with all the running shoes and whatnot.

Selfie with #buddingyeast! :D
Anyway, we went on a Friday, and the queue wasn't too bad. Around 1.5 hour?
Not as bad as the 5 hour wait on opening day hahah.

Menu was presented to us - order first while waiting for your table.
Eh but honestly saying, that didn't cut down waiting time by much. 
We still had to wait around 20 mins for the food after getting seated.

4 mains, 4 desserts, 4 drinks. 1 takeaway item.
Only 2 mains were available at the time, meh.

Bwahahah Bimb's Pika-Bf. 
The only 'live' Pikachu we saw - meh, no mascot.

EwF's service staff do it right - they are friendly, and they know the menu well when questioned.
I'm quite ley chey - can't eat beef or mutton, so I had to know what's in the sauce.
The waiter answered me quite patiently.

Ahh so cute the Pikachu couple as waiter and waitress!
Fun fact: Female Pikachus' tail end in a heart shape. <3 p="">

No food yet so cute placemat first!

This two guys bring it to a whole new level on Instagram-worthy.

Dining buddies!

Special Move "Fire Blast"! Primal Groudon's Bolognese - $20
The Pokéball is a fried egg, slathered with tomato sauce and detailed with seaweed.
It's sitting atop beef bolognese, with two slices of bread.

Quite a weird dish, I mean, was it meant to be a deconstructed hamburger..?
Pok didn't know where to start, hahaha.

Pikachu Smiling Rice Omelette with Magma Sauce - $25
I think the rice is alright - plain old saffron rice, but omg tomato sauce does NOT go well with it. 
The Magma sauce is some coconut milk thingy, sorta like laksa without the spice. 
Most disappointing of all is the egg i guess. It is your nasi lemak kind of egg.

Bimb was telling me not to think like that, if not we would have paid $25 for a plate of nasi lemak. :x

But REALLY. Pikachu looks like it got hit by a water gun rather than smiling :/

Pikachu's Sweeeeet Pancake - $20
This was actually yummy. Pancake is chewy, and the tail is made of biscuit.

And we arrived at a conclusion.

Have your dinner somewhere else and only have the desserts here. Hahaha.

Yes yes, we know not to expect much from a themed cafe, we can still have a shred of hope.
There is actually a lot of potential dishes for a Pokemon theme - I mean, just look at Japan's.
And coming from EwF, which makes really yummy food.. This was really sad.

I don't want to say anything else about the photobooth and the staff's photography skills either. Hahaha.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

Food Review: Dazzling Cafe

This actually happened after Monster Curry - we roamed around, (window)shopped, and bam,
I was craving for dessert so we went.

I seldom crave for dessert btw. I must have out of my mind that day or smth.

Dazzling Cafe originated from Taiwan, but sadly we didn't try this when we were there. 
Totally skipped my mind!

Dazzling Cafe Mint, Capitol Piazza
15 Stamford Rd #01-85

Opening hours:
Fri - Sat: 12 pm to 10 pm

Sun - Thurs: 12pm to 9.30pm

Tiffany Mint Garden themed - which adds to the relaxing cafe ambience.
I always love it when cafes put thought into their decor.

Hydrangeas and Unicorn Carousel.

My camera damn lousy so here's an koped photo to bring justice to the interior.

Credits: Danielfooddiary

Even the menu presentation. 
Clickable menus here

As always, classics on first try.
Dazzling Classic Honey Toast - $16.90

On the outside, and inside.
If you ask me, this is a classic case of 'It's the inside that matters'

Exterior is super thick and tough; no, it is not even crispy. Xin Wang's was.
The inside cubes of toast however, were fluffy and paired well with the fragrant vanilla ice cream.
Especially when the ice cream melted and was absorbed into the cubes.

The yellow cream was unfortunately, butter/margarine instead of custard.
Sorry but my glutton overindulgence has its limits too, hahaha.

Valrhona Chocolate Waffle - $12.90
Now this was something done awesome!

Crispy outside and fluffy inside. Perfect.
Chocolate sauce was bittersweet, the way I love it.

Despite their honey toast being the signature item, I definitely won't order it again.
I abhor food wastage - no point eating only the interior.

I'll return to try the food menu though! Spotted the word mentaiko omggg *drools*

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Let's Picnic! Blonde's 23rd Celebration

Princess Blonde wants a picnic, so a picnic she will get.
Marina Barrage is the best place!

My perpetrators :B

Selfies while waiting for the birthday girl to arrive!
We got Bowei to trick Jh into thinking there's a dog event at Barrage and she could play with them. Bwahaha.

Paint me like one of your fat French models.

Our feast!
Tiny sandwiches, Potato salad, Cold noodles, Creamy Tom Yum Pasta, and om nom nom chips.

Chips are not only yummy, but functional. HAHAHA.

While waiting, we heard shrieks and screams from other groups hanging out near the other end.
Turns out there was automated sprinklers coming on and spraying around.
We thought we v smart and heng to have picked the correct area, cause we don't see any sprinklers around us.

After we finished the sentence a sprinkler promptly emerged from the ground and started its party.
Damn I had to throw myself over the food as a human shield HAHAH.
Really no time to even grab anything out of the way without getting sprayed, because it went in a circle.

Thank goodness we had time to rearrange everything before birthday girl came.

Should have captured her face of disappointment when she saw the place devoid of dogs. Bwahaha.
Still got us bitches though. :B

Cake got horrendously melted under the sun!

Group photo! 
With Vivian who came laterrr.

Siao one siao one.

We even bought a kite at a whim - cause we haven't flown one in so long!
It was really heartwarming to have other people try to help and guide us when they saw us struggling.
Singapore still has that kampong spirit afterall - and I hope it never dies. (:

Had to leave at 7 pm cause I was actually on night shift LOLOL. 
Crazy tired but it was worth it.

Some people deserve the effort.

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Food Review: Monster Curry

Roaming around Ion and we didn't have any idea where to nom dinner.
Bimb suggested Monster Curry, so okay! Since we haven't tried it before.

Rice is always an okay. 
Actually usually everything is an okay to this glutton.

Outlets at Tampines One, Parkway Parade, Ion, Jurong Point, Nex, Vivo City and Somerset 313

Here's their menu!

According to their website:

"Monster Curry’s sauce contains up to 14 different spices and vegetables, 
and requires up to two days to cook so as to bring out the “Umami” to its fullest.

Bravely calling it gourmet curry for the man-hours and skill required, 
the sauce is cooked closed to boiling point for six hours at each time on an open fire for a total of two days. 
It is then let to rest for another day for the acidity of the sauce to evaporate, 
so as to produce a curry sauce that is smooth, balanced and full-bodied. 

The end result is an unusual combination of bitter and salty tastes, 
and when paired with generous succulent cuts of golden-fried pork, chicken or beef, 
makes it almost addictive, as it is scrumptious.

Monster Curry is the only Japanese restaurant in Singapore to serve a “demi-glace” curry sauce, marked by a rich and deeply flavourful brown sauce."

So, painstakingly prepared japanese curry for budget-friendly price, bring it on.

Taadaa our orders!
The plates are huge, but honestly the serving is normal sized.

See the squiggles of hot sauce on the curry? 
You get to choose the flame levels of the curry, so 1 squiggle is 1 level I guess.

Cheese Chicken Katsu Curry - $14
Guess who has to eat the chicken katsu. Hahahaha

They serve pretty decent katsu - not too densely battered, juicy and not dry at all.
However, the shredded cheese is simply scattered on the hot katsu, 
and not like a melted cheese sauce as seen on the menu photo.

Pork Shabu - Shabu Omelet Curry - $14

Cheese Omelet Curry - $12

At least this was legit melted cheese.
Omelet is not as fluffy as I would have liked; actually it's almost like Bimb's omelet above, 
just with loads of mozzarella dumped on top.

The curry sauce itself was spicy and rich - I chose 1 flame for my first try.
Usually for first tries I wanna get as original taste as I can get.
Can't tell if it has been really cooked for as long as they say, but definitely not your instant jap curry paste taste.

For its taste and serving size, Monster Curry is definitely worth its price.
Guess we found another dining budget option at the Orchard area. :D

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