Friday, June 23, 2006

going back to school liao
chao sianded lor
the hol hmwk haven't finished yet
den still not past 1st page of ding zhuang meng
stupid book
wasted 10 bucks sumthing just for it
den haven't gotten the other one yet
damn it..
i am so screwed lah..
anyway got nothing to do..
and dun feel like slping either
so i shall do the test dat gracia asked me to
give her face lah.. lol
sum of the qns abit lame though
so i'll skip.. haha..

three names i go by:
1. jingting [duh]
2. dragonfly
3. qingting [abt the same.. lol..]

three parts of my heritage
1. chinese
2. teochew
3. bangla [i am related to kewei.. haha]

three things dat scare me
1. embarrassment
3. my parents [ sumtimes..]

three of my everyday essentials
1. handphone
2. friends
3. crap

three of my fav music bands or artiste
1. jj lin
2. s.h.e
3. JOLIN. [ HAHA.jking]

three of my fav songs at the moment
1. i believe
2. bu xiang zhang da
3. any song dat is played during prac [bullshit]

three lies
1. i am TALL
2. PIKACHU rocks
3. i got 8 for my L1R5

three of my fav hobbies
1. crapping
2. talking
3. slacking

three pple i want to do dis
1. mel dan yj kiwi
2. 2jayers
3. 3lmos

thnks gracia for wasting my time
not dat i had much to do anyway
didn't go for dance on monday
yay.. bcoz got bio
first time i like seeing mrs lee
den wednesday oso dun have
so shuang
dis week no cca at all.. hahaha
but den aiya
next week have to see dat PIKACHU liao
my ears are gonna suffer again..
and i thought 2j was bad enough

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

very tired and aching
bueh tahan liao
mel shuang la..
stupid ripples dance..
i so much prefer bangla dance la..
yay world cup start liao
not really a fan la..
but a very good excuse to stay up late..
my sis lost $5
on the australia vs japan match
she bet wif my uncle ..
den she down there chui xin gan when she saw results
but den my hse dun have the channel la..
dis hols very slack like dat..
feel like going back to school lor..
but dun wan studies lar..
just slacking and playing cards
i like it lor..
haven't touched any hmwk yet
oh its TOO SAD
i am not gonna care
last week den bia..
gonna watch van helsing dvd..
shiok sia..
i love dat movie like siao..
i think i am sleep deprived
bcoz i am crapping and blogging shit..
dis post is just for fun..

Friday, June 09, 2006

went for bbq on wednesday..
mel's hse.. HOUGANG there
yj danicia kiwi glenn michael and frederick
had dance b4 dat..
den very tired lor..
no more bangla dance le..
but doing ripple dance for syf next yr..
very qian bain la..
rolling on the floor and all dat..
gracia the turtle.. haha
den went the bunny's hse there
to change and blah blah
met the reindeer and glenn at BI mac
walao they eat damn FAST lor..
den got off at the wrong stop..
pai seh.. sorry ah..
yj oso got lost sum where..
shld hoist the bunny up on a pole..
den he'll run in the correct direction..
wls oso came..
wif mr soh and sasha
sasha finally stopped running away frm pple liao
she licked my hand!
den wls say dis means i am food..
hahaha lol..
glenn and reindeer start fire and cook stuff..
the fire was fine..
but den the food..
erm.. look like them lehx..
dark dark de..
no offence hor..
so me and michael took over..
lesser chao da food.. yay..
den mel's parents help us..
very pai seh lor..
but thnks alot. =>
so much smoke in my eyes ah..
frederick got wet!!
but not ponded lah..
bcoz the security guard down there
looking chao fierce la..
so drag him into the showers there..
must get wet b4 getting into the pool mah..
den the bunny's turn..
but den she like turn arnd b4 the taps on..
den chase me arnd the estate..
in the end neither of us wet la..
but very breathless lor..
den yj got pushed in by frederick oso
for the first time in my life i think he rocks la..
after dat sian liao
go the bball court there to play
very small space only..
okay i didn't join in la..
i am too TALL liao..
den play pepsi cola.. lol..
but den the guard chase us off..
aiya den needa go home le..
very late liao..
thnks for letting me have the 1st cab guys..
supposed to reach home at abt 9
but den reach at 10 plus..
kinda grounded now..
but nvmind..
it was quite fun anyway..
next time must do again..
but pls no more hougang
abit too far..

Thursday, June 08, 2006

already 1 plus le..
but still haven't sleep
shall continue abt night activities
i crap too much le la..
i go other pple de blog hor..
den they few sentences finish liao
but den i 2 posts oso dunno if got half not..
so 2nd station was at the old pac..
dorita was there lor..
i think supposed to be acting as a emotional affected girl
erm.. okay..
not very scared lah..
laughing to myself instead..
dis happens most of the time la..
esp when most of the scarers are sec3s
den u noe them ma..
k next station was at the stadium there
2 pple went in..
i think it was.. uh..
shit.. forgot..
aiya the whole place dark dark ah..
like kiwi like dat.. haha
so pls dun blame me hor..
for not rmbering the names..
i will rmb you all de.. but exact details abit lack le..
i think jessica..
hahaha.. suan le..
anyway they went inside the indoor stadium
chin meng led them..
door slamming again..
den chasing them out of the toilet..
there was some poster inside lor..
of dis girl quite creepy..
they say its dorita..
i dunno ah..
den whole grp go field there..
the old climbing wall..
there was dis bag..
den we open..
inside got dis fake human dummy
not scared la..
den we count 123 den scream
just to get high a bit..
hahaha.. den dio scolding by rachel
actually some pple a bit pissed la..
but den i explain lor..
bcoz aiya.. rachel shldn't be like dat one ma..
see she look not fierce de..
hahaha.. crapping
whatever la..
den i think go parade square
wait very long for jiahao to find a bag
which SURPRISINGLY contained another dummy..
den went to 1H classroom
den there was dis wizard's hat or sumthing spinning and floating
as described by cheryl..
walao how to sleep?! haha
den main sch hall
dats the worst..
most freaking station la..
dis sc.. was standing at the door there..
asking us to give password..
hinting dat is council mission..
i dunno den thinking dere..
nv really pay att. to the sc info la..
den sum one say open sesame..
wanted to laugh la..
but very bad leh.. sorry..
den i saw rachel's shirt..
so painfully obvious la
so dis small little voice saying it out frm the crowd
finally got us thru the door
den chen yu was actually dere
like a ghost..
den aloysius behind
saying we useless and all dat..
chasing us all over the place
den the damn bloodied toilet an the leg..
hahaha think sick..
then whole hall dark dark de..
only 1 hp light allowed
so no one dares to move too fast..
then all the creepy pics there..
sadako.. ju-on..
den aloysius chase us out
my shoe like damn loose like dat..
so after dat went to dnt rm..
victor and bryan toh dere la.
me and jiaye supposed to follow them
sum where dis bloody hand or sumthin drops out..
den they screamed and ran into a corner..
we trailing behind
den they suddenly turn arnd and scare us..
jiaye scream like hell..
den i stun dio
sum more leonard ask me victor scary not..
hahahaha.. no comments
den spent long time figuring out next clue..
rachel gave lots of hints b4 we got it..
half dead liao la..
den dere actually not much la..
it was at the vending machines dere..
den air con hall..
no lights
no talking
sit in dis chair.. den sum one tok tok tok
den start chasing the whole grp out again..
den very funny..
i think wenjie started doing head count
den discover sum one missing..
kinda panicked..
den he was like oh..
i forgot to count myself..
walao eh..
chao funny..
i nearly wanted to pillar him..
aiya always kena chase here and dere
in the end reveal..
walao.. qian bian
den yay.. bath time..
activities ended at abt 12.30
lights out 2.30
didn't sleep..
sit on the stairs talking to yj..
both of us calling danicia..
trying to kajiao her..
wake her up at 2 plus..
but dat freaking rabbit sleep like dead like dat..
nv pick up..
so go back room dere
talk to jiaye.. listen music..
den 4.30 finally falling asleep..
rachel suddenly waking us up at 5am
thot night walk or wad..
in the end go for interview..
wad the hell..
chao tired and sleepy..
den the rm very cold..
ask basic qns la..
den the freaking part
aloysius and the L1R5 qns
at first he say he wanted average..
bcoz except me all lower sec ma..
den i very happy
but he went..
i could have pillared sum one right there lor..
den 2nd day actually not much
supposed to be station games den dance
but den wait and wait for the other grps to finish
until we play halfway
den have to go for dance prac liao
supposed to be closing ur eyes inside..
den they tickling me..
other places not so bad..
den nalina sabo me
pull me in front to dance wif her..
at the parade square sum more..
walao so pai sei..
jiayu dun wan pei wo men lor..
lead dancer leh..
nalina vpres.. hahaha
den i am the fucking treasurer..
dunno how dat happened..
i am always running away frm treasurers la..
den ironically i am now one..
after dance everyone warm up den actually quite high liao
den say break camp le..
what the hell..
den today got mini cls gathering
got improvement la..
but i am too tired to crap sum more le la..
next time den i say.. hahaha
gtg slp le..
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