Tuesday, September 29, 2009

went for my much needed haircut today :D.
now i look like a mushroom head, according t coconut.

tutored mini zkm at white sands mac, and i saw weneng&wenjuan (:
omg la, his maths is damn careless !
6 x 60 = 120. LOL. ;p
who am i to comment oso la horh. HAHA.

just ask pb about the classic thousand bars of chocolate a pilot has to take before flying :x


anw, working at F1 was fun (:
was stationed at the western food section. WALAO so busy until i want t cry. D:
didnt really bond with my team, but with the hokkien mee + thai rice side instead.
how close?
till the extent tt a bunch of us hung arnd raffles city mac till first train arrived :o

edwin, edison, hongwee, hupseng song seng, wara and me. <3
damn epic la, keep gossiping and laughing abt ahseng.
his love story is super zai la. HAHA.
even better than mine, so boring. LOL LOL.

oh ya. ahseng's top icebreaking question is this : ' you got boyfriend/ girlfriend anot?'
and if the person is a girl and is single, next will be : ' where you stay? '

Monday, September 28, 2009

random things i learnt at F1.

angmohs hate it when we run out of ketchup.
"how am i supposed t eat my freaking hotdog without any KETCHUP?"
"this is ridiculous, you got to be kidding me. NO KETCHUP?"

seriously, they cant live without it.
and before they want t blame us for running out of it,
they should think back on the amt they take.

1 handful into their bag, and another handful onto their tray.
just for 1 bloody hotdog ._.

ditto for tissue paper. they take soooo much of it at one go.
if singaporeans are kiasu, i wonder what they are :x

angmohs love t drink drink drink and drink
- a guy climbed over the table into our stall and headed straight for the beer tap.
after being ushered out by our manager, he climbed back in from the other side. =/

- this drunk guy bought another 2 beers for himself.
and he started pulling on my whole roll of receipts from the cashier and laughing t himself.

f&b staff are not as nice as they seem :o
this lady came over and asked my manager if we served wine. we didnt.
so, she said this. " you shld be sorry. next time please learn the demands of the customer "
my manager smiled and apologised again.

after she walked away, he muttered : asshole.
epic shit :D

photos on fb by tml :x
i find keyboard warriors so disgusting.
do nothing but to make empty threats and mix personal issues with business.

i DEMAND that you fuck off if not i'm gonna blah blah blah.
make themselves sound so self-important sia !

Friday, September 25, 2009

went for orientation at padang tday.
again, extremely unimpressed at their organisation.

was practically stoning arnd waiting for things t arrive.
and when things arrived, stoned somemore waiting for them t DECIDE where to put it.
finance only know finance, anyhow give us instructions tt sounds totally weird.
so irritating -.-

reporting tml at 12pm when my shift's starting at 1pm. lagi best.
you know, sometimes i think i'd better shut myself at home or at work. (:

just rot there la.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

was talking t mini zkm on msn just now (:
he was trying t tell me not t waste my efforts in achieving a goal.

i laughed like a hyena.
i'll give you the reason why :

i like his theories.
they're HILARIOUS :x

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

absolutely hate extremely racist freaks.
they do nothing but to comment on things tt they dont even understand. _l_

you dont even know him, NOR me. so who are you to fucking judge US?

on another random note.
mee goreng is also known as 印度炒面 ( indian style noodles )
this uncle came up t me and said "黑人面"
loosely translated t ' black person noodles '
ROFLMAO. wanted t laugh so badly :x

Saturday, September 19, 2009

so tired from work, its nt helping my pimples go down. ):
somemore lack of sleep siaa. ytd night slept at 3am, the day before was 4am?

i want t chiong sleep after finishing the F1 job. x_X

back to the same old thing, once again.
neglect and nonchalance.
i wonder if you know tt it hurts to see you spiralling down?

Friday, September 18, 2009

went t henderson rd again for orientation.
omg, extremely sick of taking a long 1 & half hours bus ride just for a short briefing. =/

anw, was divided into teams for the job.
i got the role of cashier. though i wanted waitress. ):
more fun wad, can move arnd.

in the same team w von's bro, hup song. he got thru too (:
wara was in another team, but still same area. hahas.
at least we wun have prob going home later on. :D

went down t work after tt, then t school for OCP rehearsal.
this time was much much smoother, both the presentation and role play.
and we did damn disgusting noises. HAHA.
poop poop prek prek poooooooop.

cant believe i'm gonna have diarrhoea in front of a video cam on 1st oct. :O

ended unexpectedly early, so i walked bimb home.
took 14, and i was so damn tired tt i nearly missed my stop.
windows were dark and slicked w rain ma =/

serves me right for sleeping at 4am ystrday when i know tt i needed t wake up at 7am. ><

mini zkm is feeling guilty.
he thinks he's neglected me just cuz he needs t stay at home t study for Olvl maths.
aint he silly? ((:

dont feel guilty alr larhs. its not yr fault at all (:
and i'm not even angry or disappointed. you're just thinking too much.
focus on yr revision and jiayous okay ? :D
went out w mini zkm today (:
wanted t go plaza sing, but ended up going vivo.
oh wells. havent been there since a long time anyw.

kept walking round and round, browsing in stores.
for me, its WINDOW SHOPPING ONLY. sadshiet.
no moneh to buy things alr. $_$

thank god for the F1 job, at least.
though its kinda nt worth it la, make me cab home w/o being able t claim.
midnight surcharge smmore sia !

still, planned t take night rider bus on fri and sat.
and bribe my uncle t fetch me home on thurs and sun :p

mini zkm bought a pair of shoes from everlast. quite nice uh (:
and he was so blur when trying them out ! hahas.
okay la i be nice t him, dont blog out wad he did. :DD.

but anw, everytime he buys something, he just looks sooo happy.
like he strike lottery or smth. ;p

and oh, boss reminded me t post his hard work up. (:

we saved ms hor the unnecessary job of plotting the bimb chart :D

best part is, bimb thot her didi wayne would help her.
but he threw her t the sharks too. HAHA.
epic pawnage by the nice chart (:

and i bet i'll get scolded by her for putting this up :o

and the love of two becomes eternal :D

Monday, September 14, 2009

currently very addicted t vampire knight ! :D
bimb introduced the series t me, and she helped me find the videos too.
thanks bimbo lim <3
zero, yuuki, kaname. vampire knight FTW :D

th storyline is quite intrsting, alot of conflicts and twists.
and i'm quite slow with watching :x

at first, preferred kaname, but then realised zero is quite hot too. HAHA.
the principal best la, so drama sia ! unlike any other (:

but but, mini zkm's still the one for me. aww.
and i have t say this if not he's gonna slaughter me ;p.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

went t watch final destination today (:
ended up only few people could make it, cuz alot of last min changes.

thank god for tt oso, cuz the movie was horrible :x
i expected much more gore for something rated M18.
all the ways tt they died, so fake can !
and the ending was so bloody wth.
i'd rather they give me final minutes of blood than just show the skeleton :x

but bimb felt tt its was disgusting enough. hahas.

anyw. she went off after movie cuz went back t the chalet t peii jiajie (:
OH. and she forgot t bring her specs. HAHA. ;p

hmm. went t walk arnd orchard w naz and mini zkm.
supposed t try and find our way arnd ion orchard, but failed quite terribly. hahas.
cant help it la, LOL. the whole mall so big and luan :x

naz went home t change for the wedding dinner he was SUPPOSED t attend.
and he ended up falling aslp on his powerful bed. LOL
see la, dio seduced by the pillow. hahahas ;p

had dinner at thai express with mini zkm, then walked arnd orchard central.
more worth it than ion ! cuz didnt get lost inside. hahas.
i wanna visit this store which sells jap style clothing when i get my paycheck :D

mrt-ed home after.
today was simple (:
i suddenly have a weird craving for icecream. and its 3:03 am in the morning !
its probably cuz of jiajie's cookies&cream icecream cake from swensens. =/

i wonder if i'd be called aunty if i actually get the buffet voucher from cliff's blog. HAHA.
immerse myself in ice-cream heaven (:

Friday, September 11, 2009

happy 18th birthday sim jiajie ! :D

just came back from jiajie's chalet (:
enjoyed myself there, so fun sia.

bimb found this friend, same level as her. HAHA.
jiajie's younger sister, jia ning.
omg they only knew each other for like, few hours and they are so mad alr.
really made us all go rolling. :3

anyw, jiajie was really touched by wad levon helped her t do.
this photo scrapbook with all of her photos.
where she passed t jiajie's friends and asked them t sign and write stuff.

a really simple present but v meaningful in its own thought.
i thot she was gonna cry :x

went home at arnd 11.30pm, early lorhs !
cuz bimb dunwan cab back ah. bo bian =/

took 17, walao i ran for first bus but uncle dunwan stop.
he diao me and drive away sia ! *pissed*
so waited for next bus and walked bimb home from the bus stop behind st anthony's.
saved ourselves a trip to the empty bus interchange. HAHA.
see i so nice to her. LOL :p.

on a not so nice note:
___________ is smoking.
she promised me nvr to touch another stick. but she broke tt promise.
her reason? " since you've nv bothered, nv listened to me, why shld i listen to you?"

fine. if you want t destroy your own life, go ahead.
if you think it is worth it, okay. go your own way.

make me so disgusted, to think i told people i trusted you.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

went out with bimb and mini zkm today (:
bought jiajie's birthday present, and we're like v happy with our haul. hahas.
and i found these uber cute sweets with their bright and colourful packaging! :D

bimb says its the first time she sees me going 'omg so cute' over stuff.
and she says this is not cute at all, LOL.

different standard from her bahs :o

anyw, we had fun finding all those stuff.
and its many thanks t my aunt tt we could package it so nicely <3

shall post the pictures of the present AFTER jiajie sees them. HAHAH.

went plaza sing with mini zkm after bimb left, cuz v long nvr go walk arnd there alr.
the shops are still mostly the same, with some minor additions here and there.
tt place holds our so many 1st memories. right, pok? (:

spent some time in action city, so many cute stuff !
okay starting t get affected. LOL. but seriously !
i especially love the carebears section. HAHA.
omg i literally went nuts :3 so freaking adorable !

but, still <3 friend bear most, cuz mini zkm gave me the keychain. (:

peii mini zkm at mac, then mrt-ed to my aunt's hse at simei.
my dinner was done by her, yumyum. hahahas.

on a side note:
PC bunk is no longer there, its jcube instead.
and taking a random walk arnd, both of us realised tt no one plays maple anymore.

i used to play like. more than once a week.
not cuz of chionging levels, but more like spending time with friends.

but the whole game's changed.
people are hacking, and leeching. and being super arrogant abt it.
which i dont understand why.
no one experiences the game anymore like it used to.

live not to game, but game to live. tts their motto now.
reality and virtual life is now so mixed up, so blurred that you get stabbed at every turn.
people claim tt they can draw a clear line, forgive and forget.
i dont think they can really do so. cuz actions speak louder than fake words.

if not for vestige, not for the true friends i have there, i might have quit long ago.
vestige is like family, they're close/closer than friends.
they're not just online friends either.

weihao, yijie. they havent played for a year, yet they make an effort to turn up.
sikiee and hunchie, havent seen them for a year, yet they still care.
que and r0ckr0ck, nvr even seen them, yet they are still good friends.
naz, justin, ziq, mel. always my gd brothers.
efan, ly, kc, jiawen. always gd entertainers.
of course, mini zkm, my pillar of support.

and coconut, jinghui, for being my crazy sister and bimbo at home :x
and pearlyn iMENAprink for being another crazy sai.
and many more of them who make up my memories.

these people have nvr wavered in our friendship (:

which is why i smtimes get pissed when people comment
tt i'm taking maple too seriously.
only vestige is serious t me.

those who love to play politics like some drama, can just fuck off.
seriously, the forums is a gd example of mapletards. warping virtual world and fact.
they really love to think tt their actions and words can devastate someone.
act seh and talk like they own the world. omg eeeeyer.
tts extremely pathetic. low-life.

i miss the good old days ):

moral of the above rant: NOTHING. its just a freaking rant. LOL.
however, if somehow or another you actually feel offended by all this..
too bad, you're just being a sensitive cow. HAHA. :D

okay since i'm sounding emo, i shall leave with some EMO randoms.
  • when you leave jinghui and levon in a room, levon dies.
  • zebra + rabbit = zebbit or rabbra.
  • save the zebras by offering grass at http://www.savethezebra.com.sg/
  • zebras love the great taste of recycled shiet :o
  • levon likes to spam 19 emoticons
  • justin is a bobian zebra.
  • he cannot shut up either.
  • jinghui is experiencing pain. mental/ menstrual?
  • i have a sad life cuz i'm surrounded by bimbos. :D
i is emo shit right :D

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

went for OCP rehearsal after work, ended early !
overall it was okay, we just need minor edits. worry abt tt tml :x
1 highlight though.

ms hor is gonna make a chart on bimb's BIMBO level ! HAHAHA

walao damn epic. make me laugh like shiet.

and she got scared by insects today, in the toilet and on the road.
bimb go slam against the door, then kiap jacq sia! tsktsk.
poor quekline, shoulder pain ):

went for dinner with von bimb and cliff, ordered 1 teh si for 4 people. LOL. :p
then cabbed home with bimb zhenhan and bustaxipartner. hahaha.
happened t run into them at th bus stop (:
all the bedok people, lazy to take 69 alr. too bad ah.

working again for rush hour tml, then going out with bimb t buy stuff !
omg man, this week is v bimb&von week.
have been seeing them for 4/5 days in a row. :O

and oh i realised tt cliff actually stays 2 blocks away frm my aunt, LOL.
so qiao sia. i always thot tt area quite deserted :x
the world is just an empty shell, waiting for the right moment to get shattered.
the pieces can never come back, cuz they're gone with the wind.

fuck it.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

oh and i forgot to mention the crazy things coconut has been doing with her hair.
since SHE doesnt wanna reveal :x

rebonding + doing extensions.

now both of them have back their extended LJs. HAHAH LOL.

and then i created a theory.
" for coconuts, the longer yr hair gets, the more bimbo they get"

coconut juice is leaking outta her.
seriously bimbotic. exceeding bimbo lim's level liao :x

oh. and i wanna watch I LOVE YOU BETH COOPER. :D
si naz tempt me into watching. LOL.

and and had bitching session with boss. HAHA.
help him choose earrings for his gf in taiwan somemore. I DESERVE A PAY RISE. :x

and and and ate alfredo pasta cuz mini zkm tapau for me. <3
tts like the only dinner i ate also. too lazy t buy food.
nvr gonna play chopsticks with him anymore. HAHAHA.

okay i realised ALSO tt this post is utter random. GDNIGHT. :D
the F1 race job. walao so tsk sia.

hmm okay. went with bimb wara coconut von jiajie, and von's bro&friend (:
took this super long bus ride, which i didnt mind. hahahas.
OKAY and jh went mad when we went by orchard and far east.
she was, as usual,


hmm ya. smth liddat.

met nazzy at the office there.
see his kiampa face early in the morning. HAHA.
mini zkm didnt go cuz he got exam though :x

eh walao wadthebbqfish i dio blister from my shoe.
needed to like borrow thousands of plasters from wara. heng she brought a whole box. LOL
my life-saving popeyes-craving mum. HAHA. :D

wasnt v impressed with the way the interview & briefing were conducted.
so messy, instructions oso not clear. no mike and cannot hear sia. :x
and wthiao need wear LEATHER SHOES AND BLACK PANTS.
like. csas presentation or what ! TSK.

had popeyes at flyer mall after, cuz coco, wara and ME. we got CRAVING. hahahas
poor levon makan twice in a row, ytd and today. HAHA.

and oh ya went airport ytd t send grace ke off for her OSIP. (:
rushed there after work , laughed like mad,
and camwhored with jacq QUEKLINE sok von eunice and yuehli.


OKAY then i bloody rushed for work again. so tiring sia. =/

met mini zkm after work. see i so busy. :x
bought wireless adapter, and tt bloody salesperson v kiampa.
keep psycho-ing me t sign up membership, friendly friendly, like v helpful,
say wad if com got prob can help me analyse, servicing cheaper.
told him no, then his attitude change damn fast.

suck sia. only want commission only.

i realised tt this post i'm hell like ranting alot. :x

Monday, September 07, 2009

i simply cannot take this lying down.

aaron is harrassing mini zkm AGAIN. wtf.
making racist comments and basically making a fool out of himself.

first time, he tried to spread rumours.
saying tt he was mini zkm's SCHOOLMATE
bloody hell saying tt he saw him french kissing another girl.

too bad, he got caught via IP address. stupid.

then he tried to twist the story and say tt we're disrupting HIS PATHETIC LYING LIFE.
wth man, seriously. he started all the lies and deceit and turns arnd ?

did i ever mention tt he ever lied to me abt having a girlfriend as well?
1 week ago her name was this, and the other week its another name. wow.

or tt he is so poor thing cuz his dad got into a fake accident and he had to work or smth?
or tt his girlfriend's grandma was DYING and he had to devote himself to taking care of her?

disgusting. an old woman had to die in yr lies. how low can you get?

now, after 3 months of hiding he suddenly resurfaces from his stinkhole
and says tt mini zkm cant forgive him?
tts fucking utter rubbish.
dont think so highly of yrself to have been on our minds for so long, for fuck's sake.

this time we're serious abt it. we WILL report for harrassment.
we have a whole backlog of screenshots and bloody IP address captures tt we will use.

hah. maybe you shld get caught so tt at least you finally have some real drama to tell others.

edit: oh. and its not aaron laojiao. its some other fucking dick with the same name. LOL

Sunday, September 06, 2009

damn it was so fun :D

1 intrsting thing i saw while waiting for my aunt t knock off :
a lil kid, arnd 6 years old, trying t do the moonwalk and dance to billie jean.
hahahas, he can do it okay ! so freaking cute.

but, i was wondering how come this lil boy was holding his crotch at first ><

it was a family trip, all of us went. except my uncle, who had to stay for work ):
all seventeen of us in a hotel and in adjacent rooms. so fun.
though only 3 days 2 nights =/

anyw, i bought 2 pairs of shoes, for only RM100. whoo tts freaking cheap :D
and 1 shirt, 1 pair of earrings, and did a manicure. hahahas.

god i tell you the room is damn freaking big. freaking big !
there was this big space for performing and whoo. just really spacious.

enjoyed singing with my whole family (:
and dancing wildly along to the songs. HAHA.

eating was fun too. LOL
chicken rice balls and chendol again. keke.
oh, and this fabulous wanton mee. the wanton is damn small but v nice !
and and the sweet potato porridge.

okay i shall stop describing food in case ahsai and coconut starts calling me a glutton ):
shall upload the photos when i get them frm 4 different cameras .___.

Friday, September 04, 2009

iMENAprinkBENA dont miss me okay. though i know you will :D

and mini zkm. cfm will miss me. HAHAHA.
i am so thickskinned :x.

was at work ytd, then bimb came t find me t get the VIP card for k.
she brought suktan along, cuz they went t buy presents maa. (:
walao my mum thot i lying abt the fact tt suktan is african. x.x

anyw. bimb bought me mocha oreo bbt !
aww so nice of her. hahahas. got my dad t fry fries for them in return :D

and the mocha oreo made me damn high after work.
HAHA, i drove coconut mad with laughter making spastic faces :o

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

i forgot t update on the UP movie outing ! hahahas.
okay went with ahsai, coco and ziqMRHENTAI. or mr biscuits.

he was feeling hungry in the office :o

anw. the movie was really touching, showing the love btwn the old couple.
she's like the radio and he's the listener. hahas.
nearly cried at the start. cuz so poor thing laa. :(
he was so upset tt his wife died, and so scared when he got summoned to court.

carl and ellie, when they were kids (:

i liked the part where the two old people are fighting and they got stuck. HAHA ROFLMAO.
and the squeaky alpha voice. the cone of shame, LOL.

after the movie we went starbucks (:
poor ziq was fasting and he had to smell th awesome coffee. HAHA.
coco was drawing and taking photos, and i attempted to draw ziq.

the head and hair is mine. rest of the artworks is by PEARLYN. :D
graded by ziq himself.
see mr biscuits with his earphones and whiskers.
trying t feed mrbiscuits :xokay and then i drew pearlyn. HAHAH.
she met her new love on tt day oso. bruno. LOL. :D

and since i promised mini zkm t dedicate a post to him. i shall type.

mini zkm mini zkm mini zkm mini zkm mini zkm mini zkm mini zkm mini zkm mini zkm mini zkm mini zkm mini zkm.mini zkm mini zkm mini zkm mini zkm mini zkm mini zkm.mini zkm mini zkm mini zkm mini zkm mini zkm mini zkm.mini zkm mini zkm mini zkm mini zkm mini zkm mini zkm.mini zkm mini zkm mini zkm mini zkm mini zkm mini zkm.mini zkm mini zkm mini zkm mini zkm mini zkm mini zkm.mini zkm mini zkm mini zkm mini zkm mini zkm mini zkm.mini zkm mini zkm mini zkm mini zkm mini zkm mini zkm.
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