Monday, November 16, 2015

Eighth anniversary - Infinity

Again, I'm gonna try to clear my backlog of posts from last year HAHAHA.

Anniversary celebration on 14th Nov 2015

Planned by pok - as it is every year, wahahah.
Monthsary we used to alternate and take turns, but nowadays where got time ~

Like Bimb said, aiya we're 老夫老妻了- no need to do such elaborate shit.

Every day is another day together, after all. (:

As usual, Pok is always late hahahah.
Sometimes I really feel like strangling him, but today's not the day - heheh need to be good gf :B

Heng I waited, because he was actually running around finding a single stalk of blue rose for me (:
Every year he does this, and every year I say the same thing - "AIYA why you waste money! No need la!"
But take already also happy only LOLOL.

He's still unable to find the perfect shade of electric blue for me though :x

My #notd !
No elaborate design this year, just our favourite color.
Brunch was at Cream and Custard, which is actually run by one of Pok's secondary sch mates.
They're mostly known for their desserts. but we were quite impressed by their savoury items as well!

Cream & Custard 
Blk 46 Jalan Bukit Ho Swee
Singapore 160046

Opening hours: Mon to Sat 11 am to 9 pm
Closed on Sundays


Look at his silly face when I gave him his present. (:

Table shot! I have influenced Pok to take them hahahah.
He's better than this than ootds LOLOL.

I had the Baked Carbonara drizzled with Truffle Oil - $15.80
The creamy sauce is not overpowering, flavoured with fragrant bacon, chicken and mushrooms.
The baked crust also gives it a slightly crunchy texture, preventing it from becoming too jelat 

Pok had Oozy Baked Eggs - $14.80
Two of em runny eggs swimming in a spicy tomato sauce, with mushrooms, ham, and mozzarella cheese.
He choose croissant over toast to dip. Wahh warm and nuaaaa, like comfort food only.

Ordered one dessert to share - eh not easy to choose because all the desserts look so tempting!
Or as jh would say, Insta-worthy hahaha.

Damn torn between the recommended choices, and after some deliberation,
we decided to get the Strawberry Watermelon Cake - $6.80

Layers of cream, strawberry, watermelon, and chewy biscuit.
The combination is quite refreshing, with the cream not being cloying or too sweet.
The biscuit layer is a contradiction though..
Its supposed to be a chewy layer, but it tastes slightly too hard to be termed chewy, and a bit lau hong.

I'm not a fan of strawberry, but pok loves it.
We both love watermelon though! So okay la compromise abit la. :B

Wooden spoon ! Cute but not very functional for cutting the cake, especially the base.

I'll be back for you, Black Ball

Next stop, omg CAT CAFE!!

HAHAHAH I've been crazy over that Neko Atsume cat game, and Pusheen wahahah,
until I think Pok is like aiya okay la I bring you to a real cat cafe LOL.

Neko no niwa
54A Level 2 Boat Quay
Singapore 049843

Opening hours: 
Mon, Wed to Fri: 11am to 10pm
Sat, Sun & PH: 10am to 10pm
Closed on Tuesdays

Neko no Niwa charges each person by the hour, and there is no complusory food/drinks charge.
A minimum stay of 1 hour is needed though - as cats take time to warm up to people.

The charges are as listed:
1st hour: S$12 , Next 1/2 hour: S$5
3-Hour Special: S$24*
Whole Day Pass: S$32*
*Reservations are necessary for weekends & public holidays.

Students are also entitled to a free cup of Hot Chocolate - just show your student pass.

I ordered an Iced Chocolate to share with Pok, cause we took a long walk under the sun, cmi..
They gave us a cup cover too, to prevent any er, contamination. HAHA.

The price of the drinks are quite reasonable, but I won't bother with it next time,
because where got time la I wanna focus on the cats. :D


There are 13 cafe cats, each with their own unique personality traits and behavior.
All were rescued and adopted by the cafe owners.

Some of the cats were having their afternoon naps - we're not allowed to disturb sleeping cats.
Typically their nap time is 3-4 pm, so try to avoid that timing if you want maximum kitty roam.

Customers are not allowed to carry cats or disturb those who are feeding too.

Oh, don't worry, the cafe owners are around to guide you how to interact with each kitty.
They're truly professional, and know each cat really well.

Like this kitty - she loves getting her butt patted, and will raise her bum into the air to express her love.
Soooooo adorable!

And this one - if she likes you and feels comfortable, she'll stuff her head into the crook of your arm (:
Pok was so happy when she did that!

This cat - Miley - looks super majestic, but approach her with care.
The owner told us that Miley will turn defensive if you try to pet her with a raised hand,
which leads them to believe that she had been abused by her previous owner.
So sad and angry; I never understood why people would choose to have pets and yet mistreat them.

Another beautiful cat - Emma, with her pure white coat and gorgeous blue eyes.
I learnt an interesting fact - 15% of all white cats with blue eyes are not deaf, and she is one of the rare few,
She is quite shy, and loves to stalk the lady boss hahaha.

Sibei jialat I've a feeling I'm gonna be like crazy cat lady in the future. WAHAHAH.

Moved on to Mint Museum of Toys - and we were sorely disappointed.
Sure, it was interesting to see the different types of toys over the times, and it was quite nostalgic.
Each floor had its own theme - galaxy, era, etc.

However, I felt that the toys were all crammed into the display cases and left there to do a self introduction.
There are little/no information provided, so you either recognize the toys or you don't.
Like huh then how are the younger visitors supposed to know what's going on, LOL.

Last stop - Dinner !
Headed for K.Cook at Orchard Central - cause Pok loves his buffet. #glutton
Ambiance was not bad; we opted for outdoor dining to minimize the bbq smell.
The wind on such high level helped too hehehe.

Awesome day with my awesome boyfriend. :3

It's another year together - and as always, he's an infinite constant in my life.
Through all the ups and downs of life, we will only become stronger, by always supporting each other.
I'm blessed. (:

Graduation !

16th November has always been a special date to me, being Taupok and I's anniversary.
16th Nov 2015 is additionally special because it's Graduation Day!

Made the mistake of not taking photos with family when I got my diploma.
Not gonna make that same mistake for my Bachelor's!

Truth be told, other than a rush of achievement, 
I feel a great relief, a burden lifted from my shoulders.
God knows it has not been easy juggling school and full-time work (and part-time too, actually) at the same time.
So many people my grateful souls want to thank.

Me and the lotuses from my Ahgong's niche.

He died 2 months before TP convocation, and he isn't here to see me don the mortarboard either.
But Ahgong, I know you're seeing this from heaven and very proud of me.
I still miss you and love you very much.

The second most important woman in my life. Ahma <3 p=""> 
She raised me up through my childhood, and scolded and nagged at me more than my mom.
Ahma has always been very worried that I was stressing myself too much, juggling too many things.
Never mind Ahma, the awesome dishes you cook with love every Sunday helps! :D

My three aunts, aka fairy godmothers.
They are an integral part of my childhood years too, 
The love they showered on me and jh definitely demonstrated to me the unconditional love of family.
More than anything they taught us the right values.

You've taught me how to care for every single member of the family, big or small.
You've taught me kindness and compassion, doing what is morally right.
I've learnt to look out for people around me because you have done so for the family too.

You were always the most strict of the three 姑姑s
I still rmb you banned us from reading ghost stories and locked my books in your cupboard HAHA
You've taught me that discipline is needed, but can be tempered with love.
You've shown us that perseverance is truly a key to success, that hard work will always pay off in the end.

The youngest and prettiest of them all. The most hiao too, HAHAH!
She's the one I turn to for beauty advice heheh.
Beyond skincare, she's also taught me tenacity; 
stick stubbornly to your beliefs and not to be easily swayed by naysayers.

大姑姑 and 大姑丈
Dr Lee has been vital the development of my literary skills, hahah!
He's the reason why I love reading.
Every evening when he comes for dinner I'd grab a book and get him to read to me.
And afterwards I progressed to reading for him.

Now he comes to me for e-book downloads HAHAH.

三姑姑, 三姑丈 and Chuanjie!

三姑丈 is super annoying cause he's sibei gl. Shit that comes out of his mouth sometimes..
But underneath it all he's really caring and looks out for his family members a lot.
Like during ahgong's funeral he helped with many arrangements while all of us were lost in grief.

叔叔,婶婶 , Ethel and Wayne!

One with Ahma, aunts and uncle.

Okay then madness HAHAH.

With the kachengs!
Aka the annoying little shits I am supposed to be an example for..
Sucks being the eldest (yup, even in the extended family) sometimes.
But seriously, everyone excels differently so I don't think there's anything they need to 'follow' lor.

Except the funny faces. that one can follow.

Graduation Day!
Omg the bear so cute.

Selfie while waiting for people to arrive.. I was so damn early ._.

Yay my VIPs reach liao!
Had to buy extra tickets for ahma and pok, but of course its worth it.

Family is the most important of all in my book.
They're the ones who give you almost everything you need from the start to the end.

My parents might not be rich or highly educated, but their love and concern for me, 
is of more value than anything else.

Dad gave me rides to work cause he says it's 'on the way', 
but he could have picked up other passengers if I wasn't in the car.
Mum asks me if I'm coming back for dinner everyday without fail.
It is the little things that matters most.

Happy Anniversary to us !
Bwahahaha this kind of coincidence is once in a lifetime.

My fellow graduands.

Michele is a classic example of 'don't judge a book by its cover'
Her pattern damn hilarious one, especially when she rushes for mrt seats after class hahaha.

Levon is nuff' said HAHAH. 
My favourite lab partner in the limited no. of modules we managed to take tgt.
Oh yes and my alarm clock during lectures HAHAH!

Basically my only friends in Uni LOLOL #trueintrovert 
And if not for Levon's introduction I seriously doubt I'd even know them.

It's kinda hard to want to socialize after a long day at work and you still have to attend lectures. 
Plus the fact that some people you'll basically only see for one module and sayonara..
And those who just make use of you for lab sessions and answers.

I wish it was me being too wary of people but it is actually the cold hard truth.

For example, one of my bench neighbours was really friendly with everyone across the labs.
So he always has answers from earlier sessions as reference.
He always came late to class, expecting me to help him set up, or even leech my data, 
which of course I didn't allow la!
He once asked me why I was keeping to myself and not 'trying to widen network to make lab sessions easier' -.- 
'Eh cause I'm trying to widen my brains instead' LOLOL my reply #nohecksgiven

Hello Wai Eng :D
Another semi-airhead. This one v easy to scam also hahahah.

Came out and saw my original Bimbo holding flowers AWWWWWW.
When I met her earlier for lunch I still told her not to waste money on flowers some more hahah!
Who knows, she actually got up bright and early to get them with her ahma 
Omg so touched.

The bouquet is damn love la, my favourite blue rose! 
Color combi also like rainbow.
Oh and gimme the penguin!!  

AHAHAHA the two kats bought me food 真了解我 !!
My favourite Lay's and omg Japanese Cheesecake.

Feeling all the love.

One with the family! This time with the two sisters.

See ahma smile until so happy hehehe.

With my doppelgangers.. wtf la why they both so tall one.
I'm wearing heels and the mortarboard but jx still looming over me #whatisthis

My best friends at home.
Thanks for tolerating my bullshit when I'm extremely stressed.

While family photoshoot was happening my bffs were entertaining themselves too.

#bitchstand !
Seriously lucky to have these two by my side and keeping me sane, listening to all my rants abt work.
Love how we encourage each other through simple acts like buying koi, and basically being there.

It's not easy to maintain friendships when life puts you into different stages, but I'm glad we made it.
Gonna be even more difficult now cause we're all working shifts in different labs!

Of course, at this point I'd inevitably feel a pang of sadness for the other half of my poly clique.
They undeniably played an important part in my life, cause its not like we didn't have great memories and all,
but ultimately they weren't able to balance between their new lives and their old friends.
It was tiring being the one always stretching, reaching out, only to be snubbed.
Nevertheless, thanks for the memories.

AWWWWW GREEN KAT muacks my childhood friend of omg what 16(?!) years
Legitimately watched you grow up, even though we didn't meet each other as much as we do now.
This one, instead of keeping me sane, added some fun insanity to my life :D


This one no need to say too much in case I get too sappy HAHAHA.
Thanks pok, my one and only  

Oh yeah since we're done with photos let's just mess up her graduation robe.

I'm soooo going to hell for imitating nuns.

Selfie spam!!
Tmd this Bowei so joke one. That face!

Received this bouquet and gift at my place a few days later!
Seriously my mum was saying over the phone that "wah taupok so sweet, send flowers!"
I told her it's definitely not him HAHAHA.

Sender is none other than Manlin! :D
She damn cute lor, feel guilty she can't attend me and Michele's grad, so she had these delivered.
And unfortunately she didn't have my address so she turned to my #buddingyeast for help.
So Bimb had to trick me into telling her my own address.. by claiming it's for blogshopping purposes LOL HAHAH.
Didn't suspect anything at all!! #smoothaf

My love for penguins is so widely known sia hahahaha.

Anyway super touched and extremely blessed to have such a thoughtful friend.
I only got to know Manlin better during Uni, when she became my lab partner.
We're so so different in regards to our personalities, yet we could click really well.
I guess the fact that we were in the same work-study balance situation allowed us to understand each other in some ways, 
more than other people could. (:
Oh and her birthday is like, one day before mine! So qiao.

Extremely blessed that I have so many awesome people in my life. (:
(And omg super belated or what, this is almost 1 year after graduation HAHAH)
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