Wednesday, May 27, 2009

on hiatus until term test week is over (:

Friday, May 22, 2009

let me be straightforward here.

we were originally friends. not v close but nt total strangers either.
i thot you were smth like my older brother.

at first i didnt mind talking to you.
but after awhile things became weird.
i found out tt you were actually lying to me.
you even faked someone's death to make it seem real.

and that lie was quite unnecessary.

i began avoiding you.
not just because of the lie. and definitely not because of HIM.
its because you were lying just to keep me as a friend.
and i dont appreciate that.
and, it freaked me out.

then comes the big drama.
why did you even have to fake a tag on HIS blog?
did you have to try and fake yet another lie that would be exposed?

i trust HIM inexplicably.
tagging as an unknown person from his school, accusing him of two-timing me.
thats not gonna break us up.
cuz there is no evidence to prove your claim.

and even better, you tripped.
faking his identity and calling crist by the wrong name is so obvious, again.

if what you were trying to do was to get attention from me, FORGET IT.
if what you were trying to do was to make him look bad, FORGET IT.
if what you were trying to do was to break us up, FORGET IT EVEN MORE.

you have lost every single credibility in my eyes.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

csas3. boring as usual.
slacked for 4 hours while waiting for MGen lecture. which turned out t be a waste of time.

but i still had fun deesiao-ing bimbo lim. keke.
she kept seeing her X today can !
everytime see alr face oso must red.
bimbo arh, when are you gonna stop overloading the blusher. :x

had dory fish w citrus sauce at mensa tday.
whoo i miss the fish. LOL. and its been long since i've pampered myself in school.
went t bistro walk to peii bimbo lim for her dessert craving.

' um, i want choc ... huh no chocolate ice cream arh? '

she ordered the belgian waffles, which amazingly shrank in size by half over the sem break.
as soksok put it, ' shuo shui ' :x

cookies&cream icecream on top (:
bimbo lim. happy with her fork :x

she said she wanted t share with me, and i said yes cuz i know she paiseh t eat alone ._.
but i was feeling quite full, so i ate like only one row of lil squares.

later on she told me tt thankgod i helped her t eat if nt she couldnt finish .
but actually. SHE CAN. LOL.

bimbo uh?

and while waiting for FPath test t start, we went back t camwhoring !
been damn long since we've done tt.

my front camera quality has sucked ever since i dropped my ph too much.
so i bloody hell edited all the photos just for fun. (:

rmb when we used t sit by the corridor t spend time away? x]

and i got into the sheer mood of editing.
so i decided to dedicate it t coconut and ahxiao too :D

these were taken like last year november 17th laa .
my uncle's wedding dinner .

of course, i didnt forget mini zkm.
but for my privacy's sake i put it up only on fb. (:

t ahxiao;
you toot, i hope you bloody hell read this.
your results is like dropping faster than a chicken out of the window.
dont wait till the point of no regret then you start studying laa.

know how t control ur time , if nt i send coconut t roll all over you.
squeeze your bean juice dry, LOL.

Monday, May 18, 2009

she is really quite a bitch.
i totally didnt expect her to be like that, cuz she helped me and all.

but this seriously just shows,
that appearances were meant t be decieving.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

officially ONE&HALF yrs with mini zkm (:
its been a long and trying time,
but i still love you deeply, all the same. <3

went t plaza sing for a movie; angels&demons
hmm, the show was nice , but the story was quite different frm the book.
and i thot it was quite speeded up they way they introduced the situation.

andand they shldnt hve removed the relationship btwn vittoria and her adopted father.
just plain colleagues doesnt give her a purpose t run all arnd so enthusiastically. LOL

anyway. we didnt go for dinner though. :x
cuz i had t go t work. sadded.

but hmm ya. we still enjoyed each other's accompany, even if it was for awhile only. <3
and he is damn cute, to plan t go back t the place where we had our first date. x]

oh and i saw ivysoh !
super funnyaye~ i called her name, and she went woaah!
macham chua sai. HAHAHAHA.

t fariza;
thanks for taking the effort t clarify with me .
maybe i am indeed mistaken about the situation.
hope no one would mind too much what i've said. but just writing down how i felt ya.

i'm sure that you have definitely made your choice correctly.
dinee is a great leader, i've seen her work and worked with her during week0.
so if given the choice i wouldnt have even wanted t go against her.
but sadly i wasnt.

AY 09/10 main comms have alr been selected.
so now, dont worry abt whatever people are saying.
prove it to them that you guys can do it and do it great.

take care, and thanks for clarifying again. (:

Friday, May 15, 2009

so many things happened today !
of course, good and bad.

shall show the good stuff and you just..
highlight the bad if you're really dying t know (:

was late for school today, reached t LT 20mins after lecture started.
but i didnt miss anything worth listening cuz she was reading off the slides :x
then went for tutorial; open book quiz and i forgot t bring the book.

and shirlee still didnt get t see her e_e_wiwi. aka X for short.

oh and at this point i realised tt there are some girls in class, besides sok and bimb.
who love me and support me.

shall nt put their names down in case they shy :3
but know tt i love you guys okay !

okay, then slacked with shirlee after htech.
as usual, walked t cheers for her bottled milk tea. hahhas.

met xx boss, then got distracted and ran off again with shirlee and vonvon t change ez link
damn funny, tt shirlee dio her PRIMARY SCHOOL PHOTO.
vonvon see alr jitao laugh and bang wall .

like whatthefuckingbbqfishsauce. primary school photo.

met grace chan cuz she wanted t talk t me and vonvon.
apparently she knows tt we intended t run
and therefore she asked us t come for main comm meeting later on
why? so tt we can make a speech for the 14 new main comms t vote who deserves t 15th.

candidates are me vonvon and dineesha.

when i heard tt, my heart dropped.
i mean. i had no intention of running alr whatsoever.
and somemore look at the person i am competing for.

whatever i say doesnt make a difference no matter how gd it is.
and morever, i am clear what reception i will recieve.

i wanted so much to just leave school. to run away.
but then i thot, since i am given a chance t say smth to the new main comms,
be it i get mocked and insulted. be it tt they accuse me of being power hungry.
but at least i say my piece and leave it at that.

so, i stayed.

and in case you wanted to know.
my key phrases are ; improve oltc. work as a team. JUDGE ISSUES, NT PEOPLE

short and sweet, just the way i wanted it.

and also. the courage of one made me feel tt there is at least hope. (:

went for lunch with xx boss and rach buspartner :D
shunbian claim my lunch treat tt boss owes.

practically stuffed myself with tt freaking creamy chicken pasta + lots of tabasco.
freaking creamy it was. but it left me full even till now; 2pm - 2.45am :x

then after meeting, was dinner !
omg damn fun. first time sitting on the floor and talking/eating in a circle OUTSIDE of school.
on a damp and wet floor cuz it rained oso. hahas.

AND YA. rain is caused by boss wearing his sunglasses out (:
he has like alot of theories; another one is his slipper breaking theory. hahahahas.

played bumper cars after dinner.
so damn nostalgic ! and a form of stress relief siaa. keke.
i was in the same car as dennis.
he's a monster driver sia, omg. hahahas.

and orh, say wanna all knock eugene la horh !
end up all knock each other and he come bang all of us like mad. LOL.

at least, the last day of AY0809 still ended on a fun note.
now, t move on to t new chapter.

but lessons learnt will nvr fade away (:

thanks grace, for recognizing me. cheer up girl.
there are sometimes when everyone misunderstands you,
but the few who understand,
are the ones who'll truly be with you thru thick and thin.

thanks eugene also, for being a gd leader thru ay08/09
you helped me alot in oltc and week0,
plus advised me alot regarding matters .
dont stress too much anymore, concentrate on enlistment la (:

thanks boss. for guiding me thru stuff.
you taught me alot besides oltc.
thickened my skin, told me stuff abt luchini tt i didnt know was more than a joke. :x
but ya, still valuable lessons (:

thanks rach buspartner, for accompanying me home !
and helping me , encouraging me.
we're each others listening ear horh.
bus69 to bus38. hahahas.

and jiayous dennis. in hope tt you'll achieve what you want for asc ay 09/10.

happy 18th month taupok!
thanks for supporting me thru these tough times no matter what. <3

Thursday, May 14, 2009

in life.
when you normally think you have it all,
you turn around to find that its just dust and shadows.

poof and it disappears.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

maple is STILL undergoing patch since 8am. roar.

so i got bored and watched videos.

this is extremely cute.
whohoohoo, kbye. :D

and below are the orientation videos i got from eric and aaronOLDBIRD :D




memories are always with me (:

went out with coconut just now for lunch :D
bugis swensens, hahahas.

i had fish&chips, coconut had breaded chicken meuniere.
plus the dessert , was this scoop of ice-cream with pastry, cold fudge and almonds on it. x]
we took advantage of the executive lunch promo :x

anyway, the service there was quite sucky.
both of us were left waiting at the door though the MANAGER saw us.

and it wasnt even rush hour by the looks of people inside.

the table next t us also, jitao nt happy with the service.
first they didnt get their SOD. then the glasses were stained.
then when the lady asked for her tea to be served, they forgot to serve the ice-cream as well.

if it had been at swensens T2, tt wouldnt have happened. no kidding.

anyway, they downsized their water cups !
using the kid meal drink cups instead.
and they dont go arnd refilling iced water anymore.
they just throw a tumbler at your table and expect you to refill it yourself.

seriously, then why do i still pay for service fee?
refilling water is a basic courtesy tt every restaurant should give wad.
izzit really difficult to get staff to do such stuff?
unless like, okay, maybe during lunch hour / extremely crowded then use nvm laa.

but not all the time and still expect us to pay service fee. F3

ohwells. this saturday is officially ONEandAHALF years with mini zkm (:
going t watch angels&demons. i cnt wait ! :D

pictures :Drandom. ingredients we used for the cornflakes thingy !
mother's day prez for aunts and mum (:
i like mango shaved ice. :D
ytd, i made THE important decision.

many people have been encouraging me t go.
many people have been telling me nt t put my studies at stake.

i gave it serious thought.
i even picked up the green form from SAA.

but in the end. i decided nt to.

part of me says tt i should take this opportunity.
i want to help out for orientation once more
i want to show people tt i can make OLTC better, since i've got the experience now.
i want to do something worthwhile.

but then again,
my studies will definitely suffer.
i cannot afford a drop in GPA anymore.
if not i can nvr go t uni like i want t.
and i am afraid i cannot cope with the stress.

and again, what about the inexistence of teamwork ?

anyway. i'm sorry if i disappointed anyone with the decision.
if there is anyone even feeling tt way.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

basically slacked in the lab, cuz it was damn boring.
saw luchini and jasonBENLAI in the adjacent com lab.
chua sai. me and vonvon laugh like shiet.

and 7 people in a group leaves 4 people gossiping and failing the post-lab later on.

went for dinner with grace clarissa eugene nadiah sok yuehli eunice jacq and vonvon.
swensens left me quite low on cash for the next few days :x
but worth it, cuz i got a good haul of gossip from there :D

and i got to give grace a good face mask of cream (:

understanding theatre was fun, as usual.
and my partner was sibei deesiao okay.

first bird flu of the cervix. then cow cancer, LOL .

50minutes of lab. 15minutes of actual practical ._.
and then i was free to go home .

only i didnt go; i became shirlee's highlight of the day.
peii her to try arrange yanling's surprise for her birthday.

wait for siewyin to get the cake, then run over t business to catch yanling.
we nearly had t get a knife from ITAS and smuggle over t business okay ! LOL.

today :D
yet another lab session, but 2hrs this time.
damn boring, and i arrived late cuz of stupiak 38. _l_

and shirleeBIMB vandalised my correction tape ! wthiao ):

went for a haircut today, now i have slanted bangs. ._.
but it isnt really v obvious. cuz she didnt cut tt short.

met jh to buy mum's present, and ly for coffeeeee ! hahahas.
i had fun chatting and laughing with them.
plus ly's intro of cheesecake + whipped cream with choco powder is simply delish !

whipped cream tastes nice with literally anything okay.
my toasted cream + cream cheese bagel agrees too. :D

met 2 weirdos today. seriously freak sia.

one was at starbucks;
he suddenly slammed his newspaper on the table and scolded us for being too loud.
then he was like muttering under his breath and looking at me and ly.
then still say wad thing economy and swine flu, LOL. total nonsense.

the other one was at the citylink there;
me and coconut were going down t escalator and he was smiling this teeko smile at us.
i saw and i ignored, cuz i know cfm siao lang.
coconut kept looking and was damn scared =/
he started following us and smiling throughout even after we got off.

coconut panicked and grabbed me towards the nearest toilet.

at that time i was quite pissed with her ,
cuz she didnt even think abt the fact tt toilets might have been empty
and tt he would still follow us in.
if she were alone, what would have happened..?

this is why my parents feel safer with me arnd her. ;x

Friday, May 01, 2009

went back to school ystrday for cert collection and debrief.
shall not mention anything much. ;x

on the way home, i saw smth and heard smth tt was damn.. fucked up.

i saw a whole contigent of police cars, ambulances, fire engines lined up near a block of flats.
a whole mass of people were standing at the side of the road too.
initially i thot it was some murder or homicide or what. sadistic ;x
but saw the inflatable mattress thingy, so i guessed tt there was drama occurring upwards.

i was right, there was this figure sitting on a ledge at the 12th floor.

at the moment i bloody hell prayed for the person's safety.
i was thinking; please dont jump, please dont jump.
listen to the person trying to psycho you. ;x

but i didnt stay to watch the drama. on the bus marhs.

when i got off, this cheeena couple was behind me.
the zhabor was like asking, do you think it was a guy or girl.
guess what the guy said?

" how i know. you want me to call? ' hello, you girl or guy, jump alr anot?' "

no wonder the source of all problems seem to originate from that country.

like. you nvr sympthatize sua lorhs. no need to make such comments.
save it for yourself uh. muthafucker.
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