Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Food Review: Pompompurin Cafe!

So happy that this is a permanent fixture!
I actually didn't know that Pompompurin was popular enough to get its own cafe, :x

Came on a weekday evening with Levon and Bimb!
The queue formed just right after we joined, damn heng hahaha.

Pompompurin Cafe
181 Orchard Road #04-08, 
Orchard Central

Opening hours: 
11 am to 10 pm Daily

Sneak peek at the menu ! 
I think its a good idea for them to place it there - at least customers can decide what to eat while waiting.

Also, there's a special menu which changes every month, and right now its Christmas!
Ahhh so adorable, I want to go :B

Topiary of Pompom and his hamster friend Muffin!
Got Levon to "siam" so that I could take the photo HAHAH I kena scolded for that word.

Grand menu sia :B

Each dish is around $20, more or less.
Some of the items had beef so I couldn't try it :x
I haven't tried the desserts so far!

This is more or less the fixed menu.

This greets you the moment you walk in!

Introducing.. Whip the Penguin.
I mean, I get it that they're named after desserts but whip?!! that's just cruel.

I am not paiseh to admit that I brought one of the place mats home HAHAH.

Moment of truth is when the food arrives.. which on average, takes 20 min.
I guess it's expected cause more time is spent on plating the dishes?
But some of them dont really require that much effort leh.

Both Levon and Bimb ordered the same thing, Mushroom and Bacon Carbonara - $26.99
Comes with the cup! They'll give a clean one la duh hahaha.

Taste-wise, it was quite decent, but just not damn awesome.
Bimb was disappointed with the calamari/onion rings. #cannotrmbwhatisit

Mine was the Goodnight Purin! Omelette Rice - $19.99

And not that I am biased, but seriously this was good.
Omelette was just a piece of fried egg?
But the cream sauce and rice was awesome.

Annoying Levon trying to wake Pompompurin up. *teehee*

Eeeehee selfie with my favourite yellow fatty!

#bitchstand with Pompompurin's butt hahahah!

Second visit was with Pok!
Dawwww he insisted on going with me even though I was worried there's not much choice for him.

Halloween menu!

And a new place mat for my collection mwahahaha.
The white poodle is his girlfriend Macaroon. 


I love how they make time to re-decorate and design new menus according to theme.
Gives me a reason to keep going back - cause the food is quite decent.
#callmebiased but really is awesome compared to Pokemon Cafe :x

Pompompurin's Mushroom Stroganoff - $19.99
The sauce is like mushroom sauce + tomato sauce hahaha. Not bad!
Again, I love how the rice isn't sticky or nua nua although it has been molded into shapes.
Absolutely hate to 吃软饭 LOL

I dont know what the cream is supposed to be, so I removed it after failing to blend it into the sauce HAHA.

Pumpkin and Cream Halloween Plate - $15.99 for Pok!
This was similar to the first dish I tried, so I recommended this for him hehe.
He loved it.. but quantity not enough hahah!

We shared the Royal Milk Tea with Shiratama and Azuki -$9.99
Not too sweet so it was good. 
I love shiratama too! Thanks to Levon's influence hahaha.
It's actually mochi balls.

Oh and now they provide plushies at every table to allow us to snap photos!
Word of caution though, please dont hug them for obvious hygiene reasons hahaha.

If you're interested to give Pompompurin Cafe a try, 
Lunch promo is  between 11 am to 5 pm; Order a main course and drink, and get $3 off.
For dinner, it's 5 pm to 10 pm; Order 2 main courses + 2 drinks + 1 dessert and get $10 off.

I'd recommend the lunch deal if the drink is interesting!

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Hong Kong Travelogue 2016 - #ZouSanKitties: Day Five

Last day of feasting!

We decided that feck it, we shall eat everything we're gonna miss cause its the last day!
So instead of Aust Dairy Co., we went back to Capitol Cafe for breakfast hahahah.

Mongkok for our last daily serving of cold noodles.
I made sure not to go back to that stupid old aunty ._.

And finally finally I could try smth new on my list - LKK North Point Egg Waffles 利強記北角雞蛋仔 !

LKK North Point Egg Waffles 利強記北角雞蛋仔 
178 Nathan Road 178彌敦道

Opening hours: 
From 11.30 am (Mon to Sat),  12.30 pm (Sun)

Nearest MTR: Jordan
Exit D, walk down Nathan Road 彌敦道
Turn left at second street Hillwood Rd 山林道
Bought one to share cause we were still quite full!
This two always wanna try stuff liao then cannot finish and throw to me, kns, so I put my foot down.

Crispy on the outside, and chewy on the inside.
Quite shiok, though I'd recommend getting flavours other than original so that you wont get sick of tasting dough.

Went back to Mongkok after checking out of the hotel cause we needed to try this!

Candy Shake
55 Dundas Street 登打士街55

Opening hours: 
Sun to Thu: 12 pm to 12 am
Fri to Sat: 12 pm to 1 am

This store is originally famous for its Candy Shake; literally - you can choose candies to blend into a milkshake drink.
Omg sounds too sweet *cringes*

These cheese tarts are probably inspired by Japan's BAKE Cheese tarts, but has a HK spin.
They have this flaky version that is somewhat like Portuguese egg tarts, but with a cheese filling instead.
Original/Flaky/Blueberry/Matcha ones are HKD$18, while the durian ones are HKD$25

Bought these to try! 1 Matcha and 2 Flakies.

Omg look at the oooooooze.
I'd totally recommend the flaky tarts, because it was less jelat.
Jh found both too combis a tad dry though, so dont eat too many on your own!

Oh and definitely either eat it while hot, or at least reheat before nomming.

Found this at the airport 7-11!
Jh is in love with the packaging ever since I brought it back from Taiwan.
Can't wait for Sg to bring in more flavours, and especially my favourite original milk tea T.T

I need to be completely honest though; I'd expect the taste to change somewhat, 
cause they'd probably have to remove the L-theanine to get it approved here.

Selfie with my pretty green kat!
Its damn heng I decided to bring my thick felt coat from TCL overseas, seriously.
OH and it was 4 deg Celsius HAHAH heng we otw back liao !!

Jealous kat butting in hahahahahah.

Okay la take one with you.


Back to our warm and sunny Singapore!
Spot my stupid pok in the background :3

He's the one I always long to see the most when I get back from overseas :3

#jhstillcannotfindcamera #igiveup

Look at this crazy monkey hahahahahah what an embarassment.

Had loads of fun, food and selfies during this trip!
These two kats also almost drove me mad with the lipstick and makeup issues omgggg.
Watching them do their morning routine makes me so tired, I wanna go back to bed hahah.

Can't wait for our Korea trip in 2017 !

Monday, December 05, 2016

Hong Kong Travelogue 2016 - #ZouSanKitties: Day Four

Ready to face the cold temperatures today! Actually, bwahahah NOPE.. 
According to Google, it was around 10 deg Celsius.. but we forgot to check the area we were going to.
Lantau Island was only a freaking 6 deg Celsius

Nevertheless.. I think I'm more game with trying outfits when I'm overseas.
Definitely wouldn't wear knee high socks in Sg!

Like how it elongates my legs though.

Changed our plans to walk up this steep slope for breakfast (Sing Heung Yuen 勝香園)
because it was too cold hahahah

Decided to go back to Kam Wah Cafe 金華冰廳 - rmb the one with the really good polo bun? 
We wanted to have another traditional cha chaan teng breakfast; 
and I was vehemently against going to Aust. Dairy Co. :x

Nothing beats simple and filling fare for breakfast.
Especially when its so cold out there and you're slurping macaroni soup.

Club sandwich - ordered for one, finished by three kats HAHAH. serving so big!

WTF I look damn pale and sick next to them :x

Wah the tickets are so cute this time round !
Apparently there's some Hello Kitty collaboration - too bad Bimb wasn't here!

While waiting. 
Due to the cold weather and winds, they slowed down the speed of the cable cars. 

Omg just thinking about the no. of times they checked their lipstick status before snapping photos..
it is still bugging me HAHAHAHA

Ahgong Ahma Hello Kitteh!

Two little kittens, were so very freezing,
they needed starbucks mugs to keep them warm.

Yeah I'm the crazy cat lady. 
Sheltering fat cats in the rain is ma job.

Bwahahahaha I really loveeeeee manekinekos.

Okay it was freezing cold and pouring like mad when we were at the foot of the Tian Tan Buddha 昂坪天壇大佛
Sheets of rain was literally cascading down the stairs, and it was super foggy so we couldn't see the statue at all.
So we contemplated if we should even try making the journey up.

In the end, we decided that since we endured the cold (25 min cable car ride in 6 deg Celsius weather, with unprepared attire),
we might as well go all the way.
So despite the mini staircase waterfall, we trudged our way up the stairs.

And miraculously, once we reached the top, the fog cleared.
I kid you not, it was originally a thick white blanket and you couldn't see shit,
yet suddenly everything went a lot clearer.

In general, I'm not a very religious person.
I believe in the existence of gods, but I don't believe in doing acts of obeisance just to prove/show something.

Following your conscience and being able to stick to your morals is my philosophy.
Because if you do smth just because your religion 'requires' you to do, yet you have no morals, 
it is nothing more than a farce.

However, sometimes I can't help but feel that certain acts of sincerity actually do prove that divine intervention exists.

Sad green kat, caught in the rain with this unflattering outfit hahahaha.
Function over form, woman.

Again, nothing much to buy or shout about.. 
except that I rmb Jh and Pearlyn falling in love with a sushi handroll stall in Kwai Chung Plaza

Seriously, these two taobao so much, it's pretty pointless to bring them shopping anywhere.
I was kinda annoyed cause they kept comparing prices and yet, 
still asked if there was any other shopping malls to recommend.

I think at one point I told them sarcastically that ya, please check out LOL.

Ichiran for dinner!
Actually it's damn weird, trying Ichiran for the first time in HK wtf wrong country much.

Ichiran 一蘭
8 Minden Ave 棉登徑8
Entrance Hall on G/F & Shop B, Basement

Nearest MTR: Tsim Sha Tsui
Exit N5, Walk down Mody Road 麽地道
Turn right into Minden Ave 棉登徑

Order slip, pretty straightforward.
Unlike Japan, you simply circle and hand it over to the waiter.

Lucky for us, there's a choice to opt for table seatings.

Companions to pair with my ramen!

Shikaibicha 脂解美茶 - HKD$39 
A blend of dokudaimi and oolong tea, which helps to cleanse your palate after the meal.
Tastes like your usual chinese tea lor. hahahah.

Half boiled salted egg 半熟盐煮蛋 - HKD$14
You know, after I ordered this,
I suddenly felt damn scared that they would serve me the traditional salted egg instead HAHAHA.

Taaaadaaaa Ichiran's one and only ramen! - HKD$89
For the first time when I try anything new, I'll make sure to order the original version.

This was almost perfect; the slice of tonkotsu wasn't melt in your mouth enough hahahah.
The soup is super addictive, especially with the Ichiran Original Red sauce.
Its not actually very spicy, but the taste of red peppers makes the soup not too cloying.

Also tried this ! Matcha Annin Tofu - HKD$49
Sadly this was meh; the almond tofu totally overpowered the matcha taste.
The matcha sauce had a weird texture that didn't blend with the tofu too.
It was a sticky, gelatinous clear sauce which fought with the otherwise smooth tofu.

So disappointed :x 

OMG OUR LAST DAY face. bwahahahaha.

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