Saturday, January 09, 2016

Lyrics Therapy I

I love my phone and laptop shuffle nowadays, because they seem to be playing songs which resonate.
Haven't done this in a long while so I shall !

你的想法我都 OK 還不夠 , 更愛陪你去做
我的心思你都 OK 不用說, 甚至對號入座
Ooo~ 最完美的互動

I used to be so in control
No one could ever touch me
I'd tell myself I'd never fall
And nobody would catch me

You shot your love through my defenses
And left me wide open
Feels like my feet can't touch the ground (the ground)
That's what you've done to me

You can keep talking, but baby I'm walking away~
Listen. I got the emails, I got the texts, the answer's still the same.
That's the way it is.

一切都在變化 在那些陰暗的地方
人性漸漸散漫 活著只求好玩
我的人生追求 絕對的感受
世界走到盡頭 還有一些收穫
留著一朵玫瑰 在妳的枕頭
不問後不後悔 這一刻最美


If anyone can make me a better person you could
All I gotta say is I must've done something good
I came along one day and you rearranged my life
All I gotta say is I must've done something right

終於作了這個決定 別人怎麼說我不理

愛真的需要勇氣 來面對流言蜚語
只要你一個眼神肯定 我的愛就有意義
我們都需要勇氣 去相信會在一起
放在我手心裡 你的真心

我雖然心太急 更害怕錯過你

OMG raining !! Goodnight :D

Saturday, January 02, 2016

JGR - Reflections for 2015

I prefer reflections to resolutions, 
because you go through the thought process of what you want to improve, not just achieve.


Another awesome year for travels.
Managed to go for 2 trips in 2015, 
one with Levon to HK - eat and walk and eat and eat - #gluttonsgoHK,
and Taiwan with Levon and Bimb - #radiostand2TW. we're also known as #bitchstand HAHAHA

Graduated on 16th November 2015! 
With my parents and ahma witnessing me going up on stage, 
I can say that this is not only a milestone in 2015, but in my life too.
Cause ahma finally got to see her grandchild graduate.

And I'm sure ahgong will have seen that moment too. ;)

Reached 8 years with Taupok :D
To infinity and beyond !

Family members all okay. I'm grateful.

New job - Medical Technologist at KKH.

Okay, so I didn't manage to get the Crime Scene Specialist job, but I'm also happy with my new workplace.
Working in a lab environment might be boring and monotonous to some, 
however for me, I like it that right now, there's always something new to learn.
For KKH, its also slightly different because we have so much more children than other hospitals,
hence we have to be extra careful when handling specimens, and interpretation is not as straight-forward too.

Its a challenge, but I love it.

And my colleagues are mostly v nice! They're around the same age, and there's no politics - so far.
My greatest fear :x - but okay la even if have I'll just deal with it - 對事不對人

Managed to take time for myself :

80% successful in my attempt to form a water drinking habit. 
Seriously not easy sia, because there's no time for water breaks,
then if you drink water, you need to pee also, where got time for toilet break then?

Went for a total of 3 months exercise ? 
Two months of Sunday Kpop Fitness with Bimb and Jh,
then I also signed up for one month of dance sessions. 
I loveee the Barre Method classes best!

Decided to cut off unhealthy friendships, which included 3 from my clique.
Looking back now, I realised that this was coming sooner or later - the signs were there.
There are just some people who are not worth saving my precious time for, so I shouldn't try anymore.

Initially it was upsetting, but now its just a part of growing up that everyone will go through.
Life is a journey, with many stops - new passengers at every stop, and people who will get off.
I have to cherish the people who are still there, and that's what I will focus on.


Career wise, I'm hoping to achieve a good performance appraisal,
because it's important for company sponsorship for Masters, hehehe.

More moments to enjoy - more dance sessions, manicures, and time for my loved ones.
Levon is starting shift work next year, hopefully all three of our schedules can still clash for off days!
If not there's always #pratachallenge. Hahahah.

Weeeeee already got 3 trips confirmed - HK with #saibeanpok, Japan (!!!!) with Bimb, and family trip in Dec!

For my loved ones to stay healthy and happy.

2016 will be a defining year for me and ahpok, so I'm hoping everything will turn out for the best.

With my shift work schedule, it is not easy to always have my weekends off for him,
but he's always ever understanding.

Quality time doesn't matter in terms of length, just the moments. (:

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