Monday, June 30, 2008

for what seems like a v long time, i finally had maths tutorial.
either i've skipped the last one, thats why i cant rmb
or they've cancelled many of them. hahs. :D

somemore, i was EARLY
seriously. i dont think for once i was. =x

fatihah was on the same bus with me :D
but didnt notice, probably cuz i was slpwalking

due to the blurness. didnt see my welcoming committee either.
aka sok shirlee amy and gina. ;D
they came later cuz they were actually waiting for us.
sorry guys! =x

hmm. got a huge shock for my MSt1 results!
85/100. i totally went 'OMFG' in front of shirlee. x_X
how ridiculously ironic.
the subject i've been fucking bad at in sec4 turns out to be the best here

today was extremely short, nothing much is exciting.
except for that plastic-burning smell thing in the PIPC1 tutorial room,
which basically sent everyone running out. ROFL.

wonder why i could hardly smell anything after awhile?

she looks like a blur toot more than ever :D
my theory is that, the lesser hair she's got, the more blur she is.

and guess what. she proves it RIGHT. xD

Saturday, June 28, 2008

damn the weather.
i feel like i'm in a microwave today. x_X

saturday seems to be only day i actually have time to blog. =x
i dont rmb touching the keyboard much. which is weird ._.

alrights. majority of my term tests, i alrdy know the results.
hmm, i dont know if its bad or good larhs.
cuz well, my standards and expectations are like so different frm others.
as proven ever since sec3.

i learn never to compare myself with the rest.
but instead, to just judge and see if my effort deserves the results.
which is why sometimes, i nvr feel sad for wad i get

as usual. i'm not afraid to post my results here :D
PIPC1. 74/100 B
HAP. 65/100 C+
BCHM. 51/100 D
OC1. 48/100 F

i still dont know maths yet. =x
the grades dont look too promising yeahs. esp the bottom 2. -.-
if you still use the A1-F9 thingy, it'll probably look better in the term report ;P

biochem was like so expected. i didnt even expect myself to pass actually. =x
but its OC1! i was like, omfg. i failed ORGANIC CHEM?
there i was, thinking it was relatively okay except for the KMnO4 crap thingy.
then in the end, i failed by 1 mark. x_X
i admit though, i didnt really mug hard for OC1.
so yeahs. at least its marginal =x

ohwell, there's still the MYE to mug for.
i cant bring myself into depression just yet rights? x)

hmm. ate lunch with those usual 2. ;)
plus fatihah, amy and hornaye gina :D
for the first time, i actually saw amy eat something other than a sandwich! :D
she ate yongtaufoo. but didnt know she could ask for just soup only, w/o noodles. ==!

ended up struggling to finish the bowl, which she did in the end.
and in doing so, she avoided me and sok's lecture on wasting food. hahas


oh, and she's got another name.
amy TEH C BING! ahahas
its due to her addiction for the drink. influenced by me ;D

gina's egg yolk. which was referred to as a MOON by sok. x_X

amy's finished bowl! cleaner than shirlee's. ;P

gina attempting to cut the can in half.
i dont know how she does that! *blinks*

ta-daaa~! miniature can of greentea. :D

fatihah's cut-up can.
its a garbage bin ;D
amy's scribble of spongebob. its on th LT table :)

guess who..?
its Llyod George Silver by fatihah ;D
and this. is mini zkm's MINT GREEN PSP SLIM! :D

its like, damn chio can! zomg mans.
he just bought it ystrday, but the day before he was alrdy dl-ing games madly online ._.

has 8GB memory space and alrdy contains
DJmax2.dynasty warriors vol2.wipeout.bleach.FF crisis core.
AND audition. *screams and snatches* ;DD

Monday, June 23, 2008

first day back at school! x)
started at 12pm today, shiok sia.

still, i almost couldnt wake up ._.

met shirlee on the bus, hahas so qiao!
at least i had someone to talk to
if not, i confirm fall aslp derhs. bleh.

had PIPC1 tutorial, blah blahs.
ate and slacked at ITAS canteen, talked cock with sok and shirlee
i missed the spaghetti with chicken chop there! so i had that :D

then, something really random happened. =x

these 2 guys came over to sok and asked her if she could give her no. to their friend
wahahas, sok was like stun dio.
in the end, of course she declined larhs.
dee siao-ded her retentlessly after that, hahas.

OC1 lab was model making, like wtfiak boring.
only source of entertainment came frm navin and mark.
giraffes and poodles. =="

this old ahpek and his wife, woah like fuck mans.
i was standing at the bus exit with shirlee, then they wanted to get off
the ahpek was like " eh, you wanna get off or anot, if not then let us get off larhs"

sibei asshole, i went "chey, i also nvr say dont want let you get off"
they still wanna stare at me!

stupid shiats. !@#$%

Friday, June 20, 2008

19th june came finally~
and went by so soon =x

ystrday was damn fun siol!
though there were like so many last minute things
but it was still okay in the end. x)

jh and i met up with pearlyn and mini zkm first, took bus to downtown
the 2 hungry beanies then zao-ed off to mac. F3

spotted nazmuuuuul at the bus stop!
waited for mel, kc, justin and his mysterious sister.
she refuses to tell me her name and age! ._.

christine, aged 12.
that i found out afterwards. xD

went to the lockers, got changed, blah blah.
fun part was when we hit the water. ;D
then. the splashing begun ._.

its weird, how come we're all addicted to drowning splashing
i think half ALL of the guys dio lorhs. =x

after shiok river, went up to ular larh
we were all betting that jh would 100% stamp chop gurantee scream
if she did, whoo-hoo. free ice-creams for us!

turns out, she started screaming even before we offically started going down =="
justin could hear her frm the 3rd turn! x_X

went tsunami pool next, wooosh!
i love the big colourful ball. ;D
it hit naz on the head for me. xDD

another round in the river, then waterworks~
jh, pearlyn and christine didnt wanna go for it though =x
so its just the rest of us x)

once again. naz got stuck. xD

washed up after that, cuz it was alrdy 7pm! they close at that time.
the 5 guys took longer than 4 girls. xD

went white sands for dinner. swensens!
we were like thirsty travellers in the desert, cuz our water finished fast x)

i ordered fish baked rice~
plus cookie summit. like woahs! damn freaking nice siol
i love the caramel~ x)

total bill was like $168. x_X
went broke immediately, cuz paid for pearlyn and jh =x

oh yeahs. and the staff discount once again, failed to type my name correctly
this time, i'm ANG JINGTING. -.-

and.. we forgot grp photo! T_T
say say say until forget. haiix. =x

Monday, June 16, 2008

photo updates! xD

[ friday; 13th june08 ]

went to meet up with buttonFAM at airport T1~ xD
then ran back to school for project with sok and shirleee
THEN. back to airport for work =x

the humongous pile of chilli sauce popeyes gave me! =x
i dont have "chilli addict" written all over my face bahs? ._.

me and jazz LAOMA :D

once again, our reflections in the glass
any different frm before, i wonder?

camwhoring in the toilet x)

[ monday;16thjune08 ]

celebrated father's day!
i know its belated. =x

jh's cardd. damn cute larhs the wok! xD

prep stuff for his mee sua x)
woke up at 5.30am in the morning to do this =x
ta- daaaa! the finished product
he said it was nice okays! ;DD

oh yeahs.
7th month anniversary for me and mini zkm :D
and we're still so so in love <3

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

surprisingly, ystrday wasnt bad at all ;D
i didnt feel as tired and burned out as i thought.

alrights! ytd we had this new staff ; abhid or something =x
he was like damn funny siol, with his expressions and stuff

like, mdm irene told him to follow aishah arnd and learn the basics
he literally followed her EVERYWHERE.

he asked shumei, " are we supposed to just walk arnd the place if there's nothing to do?"
answer was yes.
then, he said " how come the customers end up staring at me like i'm doing something wrong?"
shumei ; "cause you nvr smile at them, thats why they stare at you!"

ROFL. he looked so blur larhs ._.

oh yeahs. i finally got my S sized tee! xD

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

ystrday was woooosh shuang mans!
cause mdm irene let me off early.

so, instead of 12-5pm, i only worked 12-3pm ._.

but today OT larhhs.
12pm-11.30pm ><

anything, just leave a sms! ;DD

Sunday, June 08, 2008

wahhs. today, i met 2 retarded customers.

this indian lady. she was like.
excuse me, can you give me 2 glasses of warm water please?
i got it for her, and she says
"this water is lukewarm, i want it hot "

alrights. nvm abt that.
later on, she goes.
"i'm done with this." and just looks down on her plate.
looks back at me expectantly and says "do you mind?"

i cant read minds woman. next time make urself clearer ._.

and. i'm no racist freak.

this chinese family sitting at a corner
everytime i go over to refill ice water, the father always has something to complain abt
i just keep quiet and smile, cuz some of it was ridiculous

now this time.
apparently, his daughter found something in the fries, which shouldnt be there
a strand of hair ._.

he says in chinese "我在食物找到了一根头发"
then, "eh, 怎么用英语跟她讲?"

i was so pissed off!

cheebye larhs.
do i look like i'm not chinese?

Friday, June 06, 2008

this shall once be another photo post. ;D

gina's uber cute elmo! i wannnnnnnt ;D

donut craving was satisfied.
however, i want MORE! xD

shirlee's bball score.
its so amazing, how she practically tossed without looking

scribbles on the disney boards! ;DD

i want this phone as my next! ;DD

sok acting emo! ;Dthen totally nuts. xD
shirlee with pooh bear. sok with my bday elmo!
wahahas. the thing is lying on my bed ;D

shirlee's family! x)

me and the uber cutee tigger!

bunny sok. with spongebob and piglet ;D

bunny shirleeeeee~ and her addiction xD

we're all bunnies!

mdm jt reporting for duty. ;D

the shirleeeeeefireman, the sot sok construction worker and the policezhabor. ;D

school bus scribbles this time! xD

met taupok mini zkm after that whole bunch of crazyness in toysRus

oh! and shirlee bought a bottle of PINK nailpolish
i want the bright green one =x

had lunch at ThaiExpress!
wahhs. the steamboat tomyam was DA BOMB!
yumyummms. ;D

waited for shirlee's friend sokchin.
supposedly soktheng's sis ._.
pangsehhed shirlee after she came!

hahas. too tired siol. i wanted to slp~
sok and taupok mini zkm also pooot fly. xD

i discovered sok's secret!
apparently. if you dump her somewhere in the city area and tell her to take the mrt
she wont know where to go ;DD

pssst shirlee! let's try it on her next time xP

you know. i dont care what you say.
cause its the opinion from those whom i care abt that matters
so peace out ^^V

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

photo updates!

random shot of the singapore flyer
i wanna ride to the top with you! ;DD

random shot outside lt14
2 identical blue cars and 1 wanna-be imposter :)

M&M cookie! my mum bought it for me x)

shuai ge on design wall ;D

my cousin sticking to his mum
he's like emo after getting scolded ._.

my traffic light ice lollipop! with sok's ;D

guess wad game..? ;D random funny faces frm my cousin. and that freaking sis of mine

jh's crownedheartwithwings ;)

amy looks like she's caught vandalising! xD

found this scribbled on a table :)

zaru soba frm mensa canteen! its cold noodles x)

2 sesame seeds and a noodle! so random ;)

pink guava juice! mistaken for fruit punch ._.

term tests are like the bomb!

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