Thursday, December 31, 2015

Taiwan Travelogue: Day Ten - Back to Singapore!

Finally done with the whole travelogue!
And omg I'm already going for my 2016 HK trip soon HAHA.
This time it's with jh and pearlyn, our first trip tgt - #saibeanpok :D

Last day in Taipei is nua day, basically eating everything we can before flying LOL.
Actually planned to do some last minute shopping but our luggages were packed and super to the brim alr.

Went for brunch at The Pasta Bar -  smth we've seen and been wanting to try!
Unfortunately I think it was a lackluster last meal in Taipei la.

The Pasta Bar
No. 59, Section 2, Wuchang St, Wanhua District

Menu - quite an array of flavours available, some very unique.

Their combo meals complete your tummy.

I ordered Mentaiko Pasta - and I was expecting the usual creamy kind.
What I received was the complete opposite.
It was a refreshing, zesty type of cold pasta, and I would say that it was pretty nice !
Just not what I was craving hahah.

Tomato Vegetable soup, which is Minestrone with the funny barley and beans, 
and Corn Seafood Soup - which I promise is covered like this in black pepper, only cause Bimb spammed it.

Bimb's Tomato with Mushroom 
Creamy tomato sauce looks awesome.

Levon's Butter Bacon Chicken

We also completed our last minute dash to get all the street foods we craved.
Yup, we tabao-ed ah zong mee sua to the airport LOLOL.
Our love is that strong.

Levon also! She brought out her tupperware to tabao her beef noodles hahah.

Oh ya notice the Ajitsuke Tamago? Yup its legit.

Levon has an obsession for egg butts, thanks to gudetama. 

Our initial plan was to make our way to the airport via public transport.
But when I saw the way Levon was struggling with her ginormous luggage.
and the mere thought of the super packed Taipei Main Station..

I was suddenly on the hunt for the nearest taxi driver :B

Which actually gave us additional time to burn at the airport LOL.
Von wanted to kill me, but I'd rather not get murdered by my heavy luggage :x

Day 10 selfie!

Stupidly I also fell in love with the milk tea just before I left Taiwan.
I originally planned to buy two bottles just for the packaging, because jh will love shit like this.
So of course buy on the last day, and keep in my hand carry la.
I didn't expect to love the contents omg.
Regret nao rawr.

Checked in ASAP because we wanted to see the Hello Kitty themed boarding area!
Bimb was so excited and kept niam-ing about taking EVA Air next time. Hahah.

Unexpectedly I also went gaga for Pompompurin at the Sanrio store.
It's not that popular in Singapore, and I loved it when I was young. Teehee.

Bought this tumbler ! :D
Best non-edible buy from Taiwan.
The two bffs were so shocked at my outburst of excitement hahahah. whaaaaat don't judge :p


It was an awesome trip (as usual), with all the jiao whey, selfies, and bouts of gluttonness.
And the local production videos LOLOL.

Of course there were times where we disagreed with each other.
We're not perfect but we can accept each other's suay kuan perfectly.
That's why we're bffs what. :D

Okay maybe Bimb still knows how to deal with my moody attitude best HAHAH.
I'm just the kind, who will rather keep it all inside and brood and try to suppress and ignore,
until I just can't anymore.
Then I'll need a listening ear, OR I'll make sure you know why I'm being pissed. Heh.

Oh yes, and my rant about the freaking Hotel Midtown Richardson:

Hotel is clean, beautiful.
Staff appeared friendly, but had lousy PR skills and no idea how to follow up cases.
Absolutely horrible.

They demanded that we pay laundry fee to clean their bath towels due to some hair dye stains,
EVEN before trying to clean it off themselves - wow, towels that cannot be dirty after use,
I wonder if they're human at all.

When we told them there was no issue with the previous hotels we stayed in, guess their response?

"Oh they dont even try to wash, they will just throw away the towels.
We use good quality towels so we can't throw them away.
Anyway you cannot compare our hotels to others, we are different"

WTF they think they're some kind of premier world class grade hotel? What nonsense

After we requested them to try cleaning it first,
they actually told us to follow them to WATCH THEM TRY TO WASH.
Definitely didn't fly to Taipei just to watch staff wash laundry -.-

And after they 'tried', the stains were still there and they told us if we could wash it off,
they would waive the laundry charges.


I guess they were using top grade towels but not top grade washing agents. -.-

After we returned the clean towels, we thought everything was settled.
Says who? Upon checkout the dumbass reception tried to charge us the laundry fee,
showing that they are inept when it comes to passing messages after their shift and following up on cases.

Oh and on one of the nights, I discovered that one of their freshly issued towels were stained,
which of course earned them a complaint from me.
Good quality towels my foot.

Last but not least, their toilets choked every night - seems like you can't even take a good quality poop either.

Even the taxi driver we hired nearby the hotel told us he had many complaints from tourists.
He told us that the hotel has a service to help their guests to hire a cab, but for an expensive fee,
which they charge to both taxis and guests.

Just please, do not visit Hotel Midtown Richardson.

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Taiwan Travelogue: Day Nine - Taipei Exploring

Shopping day ! 
Our plan is to finish the underground shopping mall at Taipei Main Station, which is gigantic, btw. 

Taipei City Mall - and seriously, there's alot of shoe shops there, with prices ranging from NT200 - 400
Bought my 7th pair of shoes here HAHAH.

Other than shoes, they have clothing stores as well, but eh the designs didn't suit us.

Because we ran the risk of overflowing our luggage, 
we quit the underground shopping mall before we got our 8th pair of shoes. HAHAH.

Exit Z4 to get to this area. We're going to Daiso and Kuang Nan Wholesale!
This huge building is the Taipei Main Station btw.

3 stories of items, at wholesale price - including stationery, albums, toys, omg everything.

No. 40 Xuchang Street

There are other branches all over Taiwan, including Taichung and Hualien.
We went to the one at Taichung as well, and this Levon actually made a friend there wtf.

Who recommended us to this Japanese place for lunch.
They're known for affordable meals with good quality, especially their unagi rice, which many people rave about.

Fei Qian House
No. 13-2, Lane 121, Section 1, Zhongshan N Rd, Zhongshan District
中山北路一段 121 巷 13-2 號

Opening hours:
11 am to 2.30 pm
5 pm to 11 pm
Open daily except for Mondays

Menu for you!

Long queue means selfies !

Love this shot - Bimb dio kiap because Levon spotted us taking and she barreled over. Wahahah :D

Okay la a nice one ;p

Cold tofu 冷豆腐 !! :DD 

Stir fried beansprouts 炒豆芽菜

Salmon sashimi ! NT200 for this, 8 SGD?

Oyako Don ! 洋蔥蛋飯
Damn yummy la the hot steaming egg over rice.

Here's their famous Unagi Rice ! 鰻魚飯 - NT250, and I think this is the small one !
Levon enjoyed it so much until she hopped around while eating. Hahahah.

Yakitori ! 

Grilled squid

Can you make a guess where we're going for desserts?

Hello Kitty Sweets Café
No 90, Section 1 Da’an Rd, Da’an District
台北市 大安路一段90

Opening hours:
11.30 am to 10 pm

Nearest MRT Station: Zhongxiao Fuxing 忠孝復興 
Go out via exit 3, walk down Section 4 Zhongxiao West Road忠孝東路四段 ,
opposite direction from SOGO
Turn into Section 1 Da’an Rd大安路一段

There's a minimum spend of NT300 per person, which is easily met if you purchase a meal.

Desserts all come with a complimentary drink and a HK pudding.
Cranberry Apple Tea - omg I don't likeeeee, so sour, even 2 packets of sugar didn't help.

Pudding was awesome - smooth, not too heavy egg taste.

So was capturing Bimb's shocked expression when we cruelly destroyed the kitty's face.

Creme brulee - one of the nicer desserts.

Levon's German Pudding cake, which was meh. Crust was too thick.

"Why you disappoint me kittyyyy~"

Bimb's Tiramisu - which also didn't have a tiramisu taste. Alcohol not enough :x

Desserts were basically a flop - but what impressed us was their attitude towards feedback.
The waitress inquired for details from us, because we filled in negative ratings on their form.
Looks like they genuinely wanted to improve, so hopefully the desserts will improve? :D

Made a last minute pit stop at our favourite cosmetics store - 小三每日!

Actually we were due to visit Miramar Entertainment Park 美麗華百樂園,for the Ferris Wheel
But it was raining, meh we dont wanna view clouds only .

Our last dinner in Taipei - Mala Yuanyang Steamboat! 

2F., No.62, Xining South Rd., Wanhua District
臺北市 万華區 西寧南路62 

Lunch: 11.30 am to 4 pm - NT498
Dinner: 4 pm to 5 am - NT598
Weekends or Public Holidays: 11.30 am to 5 am - NT598

It's a really popular steamboat place, with branches across Taipei.
Expect a long queue of at least 30 minutes - we went to get a queue number and explored the rest of Ximending while waiting.

Huge array of vegetables and seafood for selection.
I think the buffet is super worth it for seafood lovers.

At least 3 mixes for the sauce is legit. 
My favourite combi is soy sauce, vinegar, sesame oil, chopped garlic and chilli!

Help yourself to local herb teas, Lipton, or Twinings tea.

There's even Movenpick and Haagen-Dazs 

Plus sukiya style meats - just request platters from the waiter.
There's quality beef, lamb, pork and chicken. (:

Slurps, om nom nom meal !
At SGD 26 per pax, its the standard price for Sukiya, 
but its more worth it because of the wide range of items available.

Packing up our buys over the last 10 days is no mean feat omg. 
But I've become quite a pro at packing sun biscuits. HAHAHA.

This is 3 boxes into one luggage mwahahahaha.

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