Sunday, January 04, 2015

JGR - Reflections.

2014 has been a great year.

Went on a trip to Korea with my #newsstandgirls !
We've been trying to plan a clique vacation ever since graduation.
Since the guys couldnt make it due to their uni commitments,
we decided to pangseh them and let it be just the four of us.
One of my best trips ever.

In terms of my job, it has been a difficult but fruitful year.
Coping with the ever increasing no. of patients, and the admin issues I have to handle.
It's not been easy but I'm glad I am able to tackle those challenges as they come.
That sense of achievement when I was promoted, makes it all worthwhile.

Me and pok reached the seventh year milestone!
Seven years together with this annoying yet very sweet taupok. :3
I'm happy we're both able to balance our busy schedules together.
Thank you for always giving in to me, reassuring me and listening to my rants.

Grateful that all my family members are well and healthy.

Thankful for all the friendships I've maintained.
With my uber busy work-work-school schedule, its not easy to meet up.
So I'm grateful to those friends who try and make the effort.

Finally finish paying $36,000 worth of school fees by myself.
Yup I funded my own uni education.

For 2015, I hope for even better!

More trips overseas!
Actually going on a short trip to Hong Kong with Levon in a few days' time. heheh.
Still trying to work out a trip with bffs.
And of course, I want to go on a family trip !
Goodness knows how many I've already missed out - thanks ah stupid leave system and school.
But all that is gonna change soon, because..

After 4 long years of going to Tiong Bahru for lectures and labs, I'm finally done!
Can't wait to don my mortarboard.

Although my boss says I have good prospects ahead, I'm still leaving.
I desperately want a change in environment,
because I feel that it's unhealthy to be shouted and screamed at by hungry patients every single day.
Can't imagine taking over my supervisor and getting shit for another 5 years or so.
3 years 7 months is enough, thank you very much.

Crossing my fingers for my dream job: Crime Scene Specialist.
I have until 10th Jan 2015 for the application success notice.. :x

Other plans include actually joining the SPF as an officer, working in a lab without patient contact.
2015 is going to be career-defining.

I want to take time for myself.
The past 4 years have been all about school and work, so I hope to have a better balance.
Especially after the Contours Express evaluation,
which made me realise that I'm neglecting my health, especially the dehydration level.
It was kind of scary, and I don't want to suffer later in life.
So I want to aim to exercise every week, and drink more water! ;x

For my family members to remain healthy and well.
2011 was cruel enough.

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