Sunday, February 27, 2011

havent been updating this blog since dont know when. super lazy uh !

finished all 5 crazy PBLs, as well as exams. even ASCPi is also done. :DD
so yes, i've unofficially graduated!
sth i've been looking forward to, but dreading it at th same time.

those awesome times spent in TP with clique, i miss them alr. D:
so, special mention to them <3 div="">

also known as my super bimbo bff. :D
thanks for being such a great listening ear, gossip partner, shopping buddy.
i never regret getting scammed by you for one sem. HAHAH.
i scared your niam-ing, wun let you have tt chance :D

ahsok jiejie ;p
though we didnt have much time tgt ever since year 2,
i'm still super glad that we can talk so much, and i can still trust you with my stuff.
you're another great person who listens and gives advice.
will never forget your super aunty ways also. HAHAH. :D

another one with aunty spirit. discounts and gossips are your life sia. not to mention 23.
and we both love our phones more than th bfs. HAHAH.
thanks for sharing gossip, as well as ganging up against bimb ! :D
dont give up your dream of being GP okay, i believe in you.
if not i no free mc alr D:

cliff th mountain siol. :D
we have alot in common, except th love for cheese. heheh.
thanks for being a great buddy, for listening t my randomness/probs
plus constantly encouraging me. (:
its awesome t have you as my friend.

geng leader, thanks for motivating us through pbl !
and being another good ally heheh. bullying bimb ftw.
i have your address hor, dont always think you can hide in woodlands forever.
make us take imba 168 and knock on your door. :O

and not forgetting th rest of th awesome friends i've made while in tp.
th memories are always w me :D

and yeah, bye you motherfuckers. you know who you are if you feel offended. _l_.

what? th world is realistic, and so are you. (:
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