Monday, December 29, 2008

first day back at school was.. quite fast. LOL
apparently there are no labs or tutorials this whole week.
which makes it v v slacky for us. they might as well have given 3 weeks holidays ! =/

but ohwells. holidays too long i might just rot or smth. ._.

went back to my usual routine of sleeping during lectures <3
gawd. so damn bored larhs.
even shirlee oso buay tong alr. :D

and and, amy cut bangs ! hahas.
she tried to cover it with a cap. feeling naked ? ;p

Friday, December 26, 2008

updates on my 2008 christmas !

hmm. had my birthday present included inside as well.
the red bear, with my birth date on it. ;p
i loved the whole thing, especially the uber chio white bag :D

simple event, we didnt celebrate it as much as last year.
my cousin was down with stomach flu larhs.
he was so miserable; kept throwing up whatever he ate and crying as he did so. ;x

so we spent the day playing games with him instead. but i dont mind ;D

peektures :D

the purpleee treee :Dpicture courtesy of jh ;p
my presents !
the white bag is damn preeetty! just what i wanted seh.
thanks 3rd aunt :D
birthday bearr~! i thought they really gave me a reusable shopping bag ;x
turns out to be 71% dark chocolate <3>

i HEARTS christmas :D

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

happy 5th birthday my little cousin ! :D

went school for CellB project meeting with shirlee and qai.
actually had sports fest briefing for ASc.
but i overslept, due to overdose of flu medicine the night before ;x
sok was also sick; get well soon yeahs ! x)

anyway, we were so very efficient ! hahas.
though shirlee and me had a 10min laughing fit. ;p
we finished the project today, only left with sok's parts.
ystrday's HPI also, only up to me to draw the heart diagram alr.

whee. deadlines all done by christmas. i like. :DD

met my aunts and cousins AND younger sister to cele my cousin's birthday.
went bowling at e hub again, lawls !

i just went last sunday sia, and met this horribly spoilt kid.
omg larhs. arnd 4yrs old plus i think.
he was snatching stuff from my cousin and screaming when he didnt get it.
looked like he was about to throw the ball at my cousin too.

worst thing?
his parents were arnd but they didnt bother to even stop him. tsktsk.

alrights. tata! and in advance,
merry christmas all ! xDD

Sunday, December 21, 2008

19th december. hmm
surprised him with a cheesecakeee, and a present i made.
he banned me from buying anything ! rawrs.

slacked arnd eastpoint, then to white sands.
we like long bus rides :D

i met steph on the bus ! hahas.
been so long since i've seen her, she's still as steph-y as ever. ;p
she said the same thing everyone does; " omg jt, your hair is red ! "
eye-catching. ;x

went swensen's for dinner, omg. the waiter there still rmbs my name seh!
all because of that one event. lawls ._.
had salmon mushroom baked rice, my craving for quite a long time. :D
and and, frosted choco malt ice-cream! <3 br="">took 12 home, another bus ride. ;p
and that concludes the day. keke.

simple yet meaningful, the way you wanted it. x]

Thursday, December 18, 2008

i'm officially SEVENTEEN! :D

celebration was awesome; simple yet fulfilling. x]
thanks to everyone who wished me, especially those who spent the day with me. <3 br="">okayys, i WILL elaborate on my day. keke.

met mini zkm along with jh at e hub, bought tickets to twilight at 7pm.
then, went to HEI SUSHI. :D
its actually sakae sushi, but halal; no sake wine, no pork. ohwells, w/e.
teatime buffet, so $13.90+ per person.
side orders, colored plates. all FOC. cheap right?

2 cups of chawanmushi, 1 bowl of miso soup, cha soba, fried tofu, wakame udon
dessert was peach mochi !
hahas. didnt take much sushi, cuz its not v fresh.
pales in comparison with kogoya in msia. ;x

oh yeah. me and jh, we tricked mini zkm into eating wasabi !
its his first time having jap cuisine you see. ;p

naz joined us AFTER we had our mochi dessert. ahahas, too bad. :D
they attempted to plot smth behind my back via whisperings and language changes.
LOL, so obvious. i not v blur you know. ._.

played 1 credit of time crisis4, gun calibration got prob! x_x
ohwells. for fun onlyy~
took neoprints with my beloved coconut ! hahas. shall post them tmr.

ahxiao joined us for the movie.
omg. she laughed like mad when jh gave her the mr. bean bear larhs!
bought popcorn and ice lemon tea; served by vanda, sok's friend. ;x
and naz paiseh sia. he went ticketing line to buy snacks.

but but, not entirely his fault larhs. the layout abit weird wad. bleh.

there was this guy sitting in front of mini zkm.
omg. his hair damn weird sia! spike until really like sonic the hedgehog.
somemore he act beng sia; even people from his clique tell him 'dont act cool can?'. lawls.

anyway. his hair blocked mini zkm.
and guess wad happened?
mini zkm leaned forward, tapped him on the shoulder, and said this,
' do you mind lowering yr head, its blocking the screen. '

ROFLMAO, i nearly laughed out loud in the cinema. ;x

moving on.

casting was sucky though, only bella was worth watching.
jacob and his quileute friends were so weird !
they looked like red indians or smth, seriously.

like wth. edward, hmm.
you gotta accept the fact that no actor can realistically potray him. ;p
but strictly saying, the actor IS good-looking.
much better than the poster. so munsterish ;x

took 2 sets of neoprints with ahxiao and coconut.
ahahas. damn fun larhs. we take until really siao sia. xD

and and, i met up with pb! so long nvr see him alr larhs.
he bought me a prezzie!
last minute, and not green tea.
kiwi and watermelon rock candy. deeleecious lehs. hahas.

went to meet mini zkm and naz at pasir ris park.
they supposedly sneaked off on the pretence of going to the toilets. ;x
and.. they got me a chocolate CAKEEEEE! hahas.

we encountered problems lighting the candles. but they did it ! ahahas.
smeared some of the chocolate goo on coconut and mini zkm. bleh.
one got angry and the other got revenge.
sorry the angry one ! forgive meeeeeee. ><

OKAY. and it marks the end of my celebration.

once again i repeat.

and mini zkm's NINETEEN tmr. i'm busy busy busy!

and, i hope we'll continue this way, to celebrate our birthdays one after another.
even till we're old and toothless, we shall. x]

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

2 more days ! :D

watching twilight on thursday, i cant wait!
altho edward's not as hot as the book potrays. ._.
but but but, its TWILIGHT

i cant wait i cant wait! xD
oh yeahs. i have this brilliant video of twilight characters, animated.
the artwork is simply nice, like woah~ :D
and now. for the peeektures~

we were bored when wrapping the prizes ;p
kom doing her pole dance! :D
grace and nadiah, for volleyball :D

jason attempts to do his one-legged stand!

1st; failed
2nd; failed 3rd; success!
nice handsign :DD us, the subcomms!
and thats my freaking air horn ;x

angeline x) jeremy; ä˝ okay marhs! :D sok and her korean superstar; kim kwi ii roy :D

sok and saph
she reminds me of amy, no? ;x
kom! :D
i dont know his actual name lehs!
people call him england. ;x
us and the chicken wing! :D
ASc peeps. :DD

nadiah ;) whoo~ sexyaye lady!
saufi; everyone calls him boi. o.o saph :D jingkai :D
everyone called him kai ;x
yoshi is damn adorable can? :DDD

saph and ivy :D
my turn with the k star ;psubcomms and walkies ;D debrief at 3~4am! was half asleep ;x
reflections :) :DDD
sok and her final clash lollipopkai and his PAPER lollipop ;x
aha. sok looks sian ;xfinal clash in progress! :D
jeremy attacking saph. orh horh! xD england being a dot ._.
P10 :)

our 1~10 shots!
1st jump!
P10 subcomms <3
credits to him for most shots. except the camwhore ones ;p oh ! saw yanling and shirlee in school after final clash.

i gave shirlee a WET hug :D
yanling dyed her hair purple and red!
keke. both our heads are damn bright as you can see. ;D

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