Saturday, December 08, 2007

back frm aloha loyang. 4L chalet! xD

damn fun uhhs. though i din slp most of the time.
only had arnd 4hrs 20mins of slp.
i still managed to make it thru. wahahas.

first day was totally not slping de lorhs.
wanted to continue the record with sab
she won me in the end though. bleh xP

shldnt have fallen aslp on the comfortable bunk bed for 20mins. =x

anyway. entertainment is purely self created de.
cuz eeee. nv plan any games.
but nvm. playing murderer was fun too. ;DD

we're nv bored of playing that. x)

was kinda retarded uhs.
i'm always getting killed.
either that, or i'm the really sucky murderer!

cuz i dont know how to wink ><

oh yeahhs. they say i have a v scary yan shen.
i always seem so calm.

as quoted frm guodong someone in a corner
" jingting 的眼神恐怖lehs. 她每次都这样冷静的"
lols. i'm the silent but stupid killer. xD

oh ya. went ktv on the first night with cindy jasmine c. minyu and weneng
wahahas. zi high session lorhs!
i think we maybe shld have kinda stunned cindy and jasmine with our zi-highness initially

screaming rocks. xP

bbq was one word. smoky. ><
i think we overdid it with the butter smearing.

my contacts didnt MELT though.
so meiling. dnt worry. xP

oh yeahhs. i din get to melt my marshmallows. rawrs
shld have seen the pit larhs.
pple usually pengkang the marshmallows after all the food is finished
but for our class. its marshmallows first, food later.

i wonder if any of the marshmallows tasted salty. =x

ohwells. 2 1/2 days of fun with 4L
really glad that i came for it
though i hada tell my mum i went for sec4 grad camp =.=

retarded. but a little rephrasing helps my chances. xP

went out with fikky after dumping my bag at home. ;D
had a long bath before that.

kinda dont rmb the last time i could bathe for so long without getting chased ><

hmm. went down to suntec to get DONUTS
wheee~ the spicy cheese donut is damn nice i tell you.
one bite is enough to send me to the moon.
and i nid another to help me get back. xP

bought a box of 6 for jinghui.
and that. fulfills my aim of queueing for donuts.
wanted to do that for very long liaos
but too bad. had the prelims and all that.

kinda retarded cuz almost everyone has alrdy queued countless times. =x

but ohwells nvm. made my mini zkm queue with me marhs.
makes it abit more meaningful. ;DD


jazz and me. with ciyi's SUPER small camera! everyone is fascinated by it

mengjit and me

viviana and me ;) both of us look dam slpy. =x

zomg. look at all those marshmallows over the satays. and thats junliang waving tongs -.-

jazz me and mdm hidayah ohmygosh. i have eye bags!

my personalized cup! credits to aurial ;D

half eaten spicy cheese donut. one more pleeasee? xD

6 donuts sitting in a box. someone kicked the box and off fell the dark choco! bleh

not much flavours left oso. cuz we went late =x

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

went for 2j bbq ystrday~

abt 16plus pple turned up..
which was better than what we planned for previous times =x

met pb and rab at bedok inter sheng shiong.
fik darling came along oso. xDD
he offered to help carry the stuff to the pit marhs.
ended up staying for the thing. x)

watched sunset and stars on the breakwater rock.
then pb and rab came over with food! ;D

but then. pb dio dragged to get pond-ed soon after.
came back alive. but was dripping wet and his pants filled with sand. xP

poor rabrab. heartbroken. xP

oh yeahhs! i have a complaint larhs.
not enuf hotdogs =.=
tooopid pb. bought too many crabsticks but so little hotdogs
everyone knows that its the most impt thing =x

bleh. helped pb clear up the pit after everyone zao-ed.
pro larhs. clear pit = zao-ing time -.-
rabrab helped to clear the food. ;D

yay! 4L chalet coming uppp tml. whoots~
cant wait for the night cycling xDD
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