Wednesday, August 30, 2006

today was chao tiring
got dis world records thingy
den after dat still got tchers' day performance
both of them i screwed up la
when do i nv screw up anything?
but the world records thingy more screw up la
actually the wheelbarrowing was okay
ahs broke the world record.. wows.. lol
den they annnouncing each division de champion
walau they say me and mel is the C div champ
but i in B div lor.. wtf?
and call me JingJing sum more.. wtf
i think bcoz we in between the C div pple bah
but we wearing green shirt lehx!
haix wadever la..
the freaking 100 bucks converse voucher i give to sun
ask her to check wif the person in charge
she say if its given back
den should 'donate' it to dance
walao.. surely 40 over pple can use it la
10 pple cannot even get 1 shirt each la can?
hahahahhahaa.. she damn smart de lor..
den tchers' day performance..
haiyo.. i 4got steps lor
but they say not obvious lor
dunno la..
but i am chao glad its over
no more rehearsals le.. haha
den can go home and slp.. hahaha

Monday, August 21, 2006

very sian these few days
always doing homework and stuff
sianded shit
last week
dance was "displaced" frm the hall
got dis bunch of "vips"
den we have to make way for them lor
haix.. what's the main school hall for then?
den instead of the usual stuff
we did physical training instead
den very tiring..
run up and down the sec1 block..
sit-ups.. crunches.. wheelbarrow..
but quite fun la.. haha
got to run arnd..
den i nearly got grp5 to do extra lor
i listened wrongly wad.. hahahax
the whole grp was like ready to kill
thnk gdness they haven't done it yet la..
den after dat took the dance photos
abit not nice la..
bcoz the evening sun.. den look very weird
the sec3s were climbing up the monkey bars
very difficult journey up ahaha..
NAL dio caught on my phone
omg nice pose siax
but hey hey.. we made it..
yup.. big accomplishment ahx..
den the getting down oso got prob
but yup.. we oso made it.. haha
sat went back to prac tcher's day item
actually quite slack la.. haha
den instead we do dance notice board
very nice.. the border..
the word like abit guai.. hairy hairy de.. haha
so i guess changing it bah..
must jiayou for the tcher's day thingy ah pple..
prac until we are more synchronised de
must make minghui proud
and dun make her shout too much k?
yup yup.. ds rocks..
i noe we can do it de..
like how we overcame the monkey bars.. haha
lol.. btw.. mrs hudd is back le
yayx.. feel like getting tcher's day prez for her..
yup.. she damn nice la..
among all my art tchers i think she rocks de most
yup yup.. go slp le.. dis whole wk got dance.. haiz
by the end of the wk i'll be so tired..
but its still fun.. yupx.. haha

Thursday, August 17, 2006

very long nv update le
busy like siao
alot of tests.. haix..
dance went for tcher's day audition la
den we sec3s choreograph de
yay.. i gt contribute
but mostly is minghui and yaqi
yay.. a round of applause!!
practise like siao.. but quite fun..
i end up in front la
den during audition do wrong steps!!
sumore is the one i created
OMG pai seh la..
but hee heex
we still got in
kinda shocked though
din expect it
but hey.. good job guys!
esp the sec1s.. they tried very hard
must still prac more
improve till we are de best!!
oh ya
ystrday was yj's bday
mus sing bday song!!
happy bday to u
happy bday to u
happy bday to danicia
happy bday to u
siao liao..
yj dio pillared la.. traditions rock!
okay siaoded..

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

damn sian la..
everyday is always the same
slack like siao
i just realised
dat the end of the year is arriving liaox
okay maybe its only august la..
but den school hols start in mid-oct
den it seems like only ystrday
dat we were all discussing the 'new' sec3 stuff
but den now
sumone is talking abt o levels le..
keep reminding us to study study study
its almost like time flies
i dun want to grow up so fast
thinking back abt the sec1 yrs
its really like a long time ago
and now when i was starting to get used to sec3
got more responsiblities liao
and enjoy bullying the juniors [wakaka]
den suddenly its just a few more months till sec4
hav to leave cca le..
den the fucking o levels
i just feel dat
sumtimes good times dun last long
at the height of everything
just when everything is turning out for the best
it all ends abruptly
i just can't bear the thought
of having to leave ahs
though i definitely won't miss the admin pple la
but my frens my memories
the place is definitely special
haix i siaoded liao
maybe i am thinking too much le
laughing makes me feel better.. lol
danicia dropped sumone de maths hmwk
into the slits behind the lockers!!
hahaha.. den the stupid dragonfly help her take out
make my hands dusty and all
dat time jazz oso like dat
she dropped dis wksht frm her physic txtbk
den she jin zhang like siao
den i oso help her
see i so hao xin.. haha.. bhb
den hav to use the sticky tape and ruler
sum more after we got it out
after a pathetic 1/2 hr try
we realised dat it was a piece of useless functions wksht!!
argh.. qian bian..
minyu de bday coming le
13 august
yj de oso.. 16th
hey 2jayers must pillar the monitor kk
actually wo bu shuo ni men ye hui qu zuo
but make sure SUMONE doesn't see it
keep up with traditions!!
dis is a free reminder frm the welfare ic
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