Monday, March 31, 2014

Artistry Cafe

Levon recommended a visit to Artistry - a cafe x art gallery concept.
We woke up at freaking 10 am on a Sunday to meet and go early. 
Which was a lucky decision cause the tables were full not long after we got there.

Artistry is located at 17 Jalan Pinang, Singapore 199149
The easiest way to go there is from Bugis MRT. 
Walk towards the haji lane direction, and you'll see a warehouse building which is named chemistry.

accidental sunlight-streaming-down-you-raise-me-up photo.
i quite like it.

my two brunch buddies ! :D
very obvious we havent totally woken up yeah.

Levon's Flat White.
her favourite drink - die die must order hahah.

Truffle Fries with Aioli
seems like a must to order truffle fries whenever available. :x
these were average - i still love the ones at stranger's reunion best.

we ordered different breakfast sets to share!

the scrambled eggs were deliciously fluffy, and the toasted bread was damn good!

um but bimb disagreed cause hers was really hard.
maybe they need to work on consistency.

I actually wanted my eggs benny, but weirdly their version contained beef.
our request to swap to poached eggs was denied as well. ):

hmm limited choices.

lychee martini cake!
moist and not too sweet. 
each lychee was infused with the alcohol taste. 

I would revisit for its soothing ambience, because it really gave off the laid-back vibe.
Perfect for just chilling and chit chatting.
For the food? Not so much. 
To be fair they're better known for their coffee, and Levon loved hers,
so if you're a coffee drinker, Artistry may be worth a visit.

For the more artistic souls, they have a display of beautiful artwork on the walls, 
and i believe it is updated from time to time.

P.S. If you're visiting during the weekends, try to arrive earlier to get an indoor seating!
They have outdoor seats too, but it can get slightly noisy cause its near the main road.

Artistry is open Tuesdays to Sundays, 10 am to 7 pm.

We went singing after that !
Bimb had this totally random idea of selfies with numbers,
so we did this series of photos on the way to Bugis+

we started off perfectly normal.



HAHAHA i love levon's face in this one.
and the hand to face ratio comparision for me and bimb. 

call me maybe.




imma genius cause i only had one hand and i managed to do ten!! #selfpraise
levon twiitface beli cute hor.
and bimb's punching herself, ooosh!

love my crazy bffs to the moon and back.
even though they are both disowning me now HAHAH.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Food Review: Wingstop !

Wingstop is located at Bedok Mall, #B1-53, right beside Tim Ho Wan.
Calling themselves the wing experts is so fitting, because they are really good!

There's quite a variety of wing types and flavours to choose from !
For me, i love the boneless wings cause its more convenient to eat. :B
The flavours i've tried so far are :
Garlic Parmesan (), Lemon Pepper, Teriyaki and Hickory Smoked BBQ.

P.S.: Order their Ice Lemon Tea! 
Its the homemade kind which i love.
KFC used to have that but it has since been replaced with the stupid Nestea one. worst ever.

we ordered a 6 pc boneless wings set to share! $10.15
inclusive of a drink, and a choice of sides + dip.

both times we waited approximately 10 -15 minutes, 
but it was worth the wait as the food was steaming hot!
they prepare it fresh only when orders are received. (:

to be fair it wasnt very crowded,
but i think this should be the way to operate especially for fried food.
its so annoying when fried stuff arrives only lukewarm and it usually disappoints.
soggy fries anyone? >:/

not a false claim.

first visit: Hickory Smoked BBQ and Garlic Parmesan.
Generously coated.

Hickory Smoked BBQ was yummy; the right amount of smokiness and slight sweetness.

Look at the giant amount of Ranch sauce! :D

not as coated as the strips from NeNe Chicken,
but the combination of garlic and parmesan kicks a punch !
i love this more, and added points cause its hot.

second visit: Teriyaki and Lemon Pepper.

Lemon Pepper was an awesome combi !
really fragrant and the lemon taste was not too sour.

However, Teriyaki was slightly too salty for me and pok.

What's also good is their seasoned fries! 
the fries are the straight cut and skin-on type. 
dipped with my favourite Ranch sauce.

Verdict? I'd definitely come back for more visits.

photo credits to Wingstop.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Nailpolis: Spring Nail Art Contest !

Nailpolis is 'is the world's first online museum dedicated to showcasing and celebrating nail art, with a mission to celebrate and empower nail artists and their mode of artistic expression.'

Its quite an awesome website, perfect for polish addicts like me !
as a member, i'm able to create my own profile page and upload all my nail works.
you could call it a nail resume :D

As the main function of a nail museum, Nailpolis curates many manicures.
they have sections for top 100, popular this month, new this week & special feature page.

what's even more amazing is being able to search for swatches !
when you wish to know how a polish would be like, before buying (implusively).
using swatches contributed from all other polishers,
you're able to get a more accurate presentation,
as well as advice on how many coats, type of lighting, etc.

Currently, Nailpolis is running a Spring Awakening Nail Art Contest! 

There are two prize categories:
Most votes, - Essie's 2014 Resort Fling mini collection polishes.
Based on judge Kelli Dobrin - Essie's 2014 Hide & Chic mini collection polishes,

so for my entry, i decided to feature cherry blossoms !
Cherry blossoms, or sakura, are delicate and upon blooming, only lasts a few days.
I have always dreamed of going to Japan to view the sakura in bloom during spring.
imagine the serenity of the garden; surrounded by softly blooming flowers.

I did an instagram search on sakura for inspiration and was blown away. 
all so gorgeous !

My entry. Vote for me here ! Thank you :D

Inspiration photo credits to @princepelayo on instagram
I dabbed on the flowers with a semi dry brush. 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Review: Pretty and Polished Love Bytes

Review: Pretty & Polished Love Bytes (LE)! 

Love Bytes is a limited edition polish from Pretty & Polished, from its Valentine 2014 collection.
It is described as 'a gorgeous red and purple glitter topper' by Pretty & Polished.

That description is just wrong, 
because its so much more awesome !

I wanted Love Bytes ever since I saw the preview, but they sadly didnt ship to Singapore.
BUT! My favourite supplier Mei Mei's Signatures managed to get her hands on the stock.
Needless to say, I'm now a happy owner.

Formula was good.
Each coat was chock full of glitter, and distributed over the nail easily.
I reached full opacity in two coats.

bottle shot of Love Bytes.
look at the gold micro-shimmer under direct sunlight.

two coats of Love Bytes, without Top coat.
red glitter and the contrasting purple and indigo hexes.
i love the combi.

with top coat.
I'm in love :D

Love Bytes is no longer available for purchase at Pretty and Polished, 
but if you love this beauty, it is still available at Mei Mei's Signatures !

Mei Mei's Signatures offers free local shipping in Singapore, and she ships internationally. :D

Nail Polish: My history

One common question people asked me was: how come you're suddenly so addicted to nail polish?

Actually i've been into nail polish since secondary school.
My toenails were always painted, and i was using thefaceshop polishes then.
During the holidays I would definitely paint my nails, heheh.
I guess it was something me and my sister loved about the holidays since young.

When I went on to poly, woah even better. There were no rules on no polish, so hehehe.
I'd be painting really bright colors, then laughing like shit when i saw it under my gloves in lab LOL.

my polish collection's humble beginnings. 

pastel rainbow skittle nails. say no to pink hahahah.

Levon was the one who introduced me to China Glaze.
after hearing her raves i decided to try them. bought it from a sale on gmarket and poof.
the rest is history. :D

first purchases:
Beach Cruise-r , Re-fresh Mint and Manhunt.

My maternal family aggravated my addiction when they bought me 21 bottles for my 21st birthday.
so much win :D

oooOOOOooo nail polish.

nail polish stash as of Feb 2013.

I tried dabbling in nail art, using only dotting tools. 

i started really simple.

first time attempting roses.

i'm proud of my ability to do both hands.
yes these are my own hands.
#ambidextrous #ftw

i still cant write with my left hand hahahah!

nail polish stash as of August 2013.
they're multiplying like rabbits LOLOL.

my favourite designs of 2013.

"my nail polish collection is enough" 
said no woman, EVER.

its really therapeutic to me,
and i love to challenge myself to do more complicated designs,
based on requests from my friends/family.

in fact i did a total of ten sets for CNY.
it was a fun experience. :D

ahpok has even encouraged me to go for a manicurist course,
so that i can actually freelance and charge people for it.
why waste my talent, he said.

i shall consider his suggestion, but for now i'm busy enough. :B

looking forward to more in 2014 ! :D

Monday, March 17, 2014

Food Review: NeNe Chicken

NeNe Chicken !
Available at Bedok Mall, Star Vista and *Scape.

Tried this some time ago with ahpok, cause he thought the name sounded cute. :D

We ordered at the counter and were given this timer to collect the food later!
i noticed alot of places are now doing this.

Personal Protective Equipment for the job.

I was actually wondering why they would go the extra mile to provide a glove and mini skewers.
Until i saw this.

our order !
Classic set- Freaking Hot and Tenders set - Snowing Cheese.
Each set comes with a drink and pickled radish.

Still dont see why gloves are needed?

Cause each piece is drenched in super spicy sauce, thats why !

Can you imagine the mess it could have been? :OOO
not to mention the stinging sensation on the skin.
freaking hot was really super !@#$%^* hot.

just look at ahpok's face. HAHAHA.

on the other hand, i love the snowing cheese ! 
cheese is forever my pick if its on the menu.
unless its something weird like cheese and durian. walao i will faint. ._.

covered in cheese powder. me likey.

cajun fries ! v similar to popeyes, but more crispy. 
and sadly, abit too oily. ):

ahpok is v satisfied that he managed to finish the whole set.
i'm very impressed to, cause it was too spicy in my opinion !
and that's saying something, since i love my chilli.

Overall, I wouldnt go back to NeNe Chicken because:

the food was not served hot, despite the fact that we were one of the few customers there.

the tenders which i had was kinda hard to chew. lol makes the name ironic.
towards the end i gave up trying to bite it into two and shoved the whole pc into my mouth.
guess it helps to have a big mouth sometimes :B

and i found something better ! 
WingStop at Bedok Mall. wahhhhh that one is really worth the visit. 
Shall blog about that next time! :D
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