Sunday, January 26, 2014

Food Review: Kith Cafe at Park Mall

Had brunch at Kith Cafe, Park Mall branch.
Actually intended to visit wild honey but it was fully booked, so I found another recommendation for good cafes in the town area.

Sorely disappointed. Sorry bimb and manlin! :(

Service was super lousy.
When we approached the place, two staffs pretended not to see us and treated us as invisible. 

One guy was placing the menus back into a mobile station, right in front of me, and after doing so he promptly turned away and walked off. Such a turn off. The least he could do is direct us to the waiting list form at the entrance, which we ended up finding ourselves.

Oh and thank goodness my two friends had the common sense to enquire about the waiting time. Cause the moment they asked, the staff (a different one) looked into the cafe and offered us a table. And guess what? Actually there was another group of four before us, but she didn't give them a call. What is the waiting form for then? :0

Thankfully there were still two staffs inside who were quite polite and quick to respond, so they kind of validated the service charge. :x.

the food wasn't awesome either. not disgusting, but just not worth the price. Maybe it's my higher expectations. :B

Carbonara - $18
Full of bacon bits but wasn't served hot, so the cream was slightly sticky already. 

I've been searching for the perfect carbonara in Singapore ever since I had an awesome one in Bangkok! Missing it cause it's the lightest but yet most flavorful one I've had. Creamy but not overpowering. Yumz. 

Truffle fries - $9
Enough truffle taste but I'd rather have skinny fries

Bimb's big breakfast - $16.50

Manlin's big breakfast. 

Both are the basic same sets but you're able to customize the type of eggs and bread. 

Nevertheless, I had a great catch up session with the both of them! It's worth waking up so early and running to dhoby.  Also shunbian pass Manlin the CNY cookies she bought from Jh. Hehehe thank you for the support :)

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Applied to take part in a blogger program from and they accepted my application! :D 

Born Pretty Store sells A LOT of beauty products; studs and decals for nails, UV lamps for gelish, makeup brushes, etc. There are other items too, which makes it kinda similar to gmarket.

All prices are in USD, so even after conversion, it's still worth it.

The best part isn't just the wide range and variety, it's the free worldwide shipping! And if you'd prefer registered mail, just top up USD$3. It's that cheap :D

Needless to say, this section is my favourite. Nail art!!!

Awesome variety of nail art tools, especially the brushes. A good nail brush is always important to me cause I love doing hand drawn details, so finding this was like striking gold.

In fact, I just ordered a set of 12 fine detail brushes yesterday. Hehehe.

Other than selling really affordable items, Born Pretty Store also has periodic sales going on.

Right now till 25th Jan, they've selected 24 sets of water decals for nails and each is only for USD $0.88! Fyi, water decals are the same as the temporary tattoos we used to apply as kids, so it's pretty easy to use. I'd say its good for nail art beginners who want to add an extra bling to their manicure. :D

Link to the sale here !

On top of it all, Born Pretty Store has kindly given a 10% discount code for use! Key in JNJX31 at checkout, but please note that its not applicable for items already on sale. :)

I'll update more on my products when I've received them, so you guys can know the estimated waiting time for delivery! 

Thursday, January 09, 2014

Let Me Go - Avril Lavigne

Love that once hung on the wall
Used to mean something, but now it means nothing
The echoes are gone in the hall
But I still remember, the pain of December

Oh, there isn't one thing left you could say
I'm sorry it's too late

I'm breaking free from these memories
Gotta let it go, just let it go
I've said goodbye
Set it all on fire
Gotta let it go, just let it go

You came back to find I was gone
And that place is empty, like the hole that was left in me
Like we were nothing at all
It's not what you meant to me
Thought we were meant to be

Oh, there isn't one thing left you could say
I'm sorry it's too late

I'm breaking free from these memories
Gotta let it go, just let it go
I've said goodbye
Set it all on fire
Gotta let it go, just let it go

I let it go (and now I know)
A brand new life (is down this road)
And when it's right (you always know)
So this time (I won't let go)

There's only one thing left here to say
Love's never too late


Avril Lavigne never fails to disappoint. :D

Wednesday, January 08, 2014


Getting my hair dyed, finally!

Last time I dyed was four months ago, but actually I'm still quite happy with the color. Reddish brown but still more red than brown. Makes sense? :D

Ugly black roots hahahaha. And I've a spaceship circling around my head.

At my third round of bleaching already, cause I'm doing blue hair! And they need to get the stubborn red dye out if not it's gonna be purple. :x.

Gigantic head is gigantic. Guess who?

After five hours of bleaching, dyeing and treatment, here's the final color! Taaadaaaa!

Must thanks my awesome and patient stylist Zenn from Shunji Matsuo 313 for the masterpiece! 

She says it was a challenge for her to do this color combi, cause these two colors are at the opposite end of the color spectrum.

Initially she didn't believe in the combi cause it's too clashing,
and she didn't want to do something which may disappoint, 
but we're glad the final product was so successful! :D

More pics of my two favourite colors intertwined. can't believe I finally have blue hair!

Mandatory photo with @shirleelim . Under some lighting it seems dusty blue!
Gonna brighten the color even more at my next visit. 
Zenn says she wants to see how my hair will take the blue and test its fade-ability, 
before she decides on the shade of bright blue. cant wait ! :DD

I've been going back to Shunji Matsuo 313 ever since my first visit there, 
cause they have never given me a reason not to return. 
Their service is always great. 

Additionally, I'm so thankful to have found such a awesome stylist like Zenn. 
Love her professionalism cause she is really insistent on protecting her clients' hair,
and will not do slipshod work just cause the client insisted on doing so and so. 

She would patiently advise me about the procedures, feasibility and explain clearly the costs, 
so I wont suffer a heart attack at the payment counter, LOL. 

Oh and thats the good thing about Shunji; their prices go according to hair length and are stated clearly on the menu, 
instead of just quoting you a price range i.e. from $108 up. 
in my opinion such fuzzy pricing just means that I always get a varying cost, 
even when the hair length is around the same :x 

For my hair length, its $123 for matrix color and its damn worth, cause the color lasts really well. 
For this time, I did the basic matrix hair treatment ($91), but the CareTrico treatment ($128) is worth the splurge too. 
Usually I'll do that but I kind of spent enough already today. :BB 
They also have packages for their services, which are quite affordable. 

Cant remember pricing though! 
The stylist will go through your needs and suggest the appropriate package, so no worries :D

Right now Shunji Matsuo 313 is having a promotion for DBS/POSB/OCBC Cardholders! Use those cards for payment and get 10% off total bill. Not applicable for packages. (:
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