Friday, November 27, 2009

went out with bimb, wara and syad for fieldwork.
supposed t check thefaceshop for our retail proj.
take note of the store designs and layout.

we ended up taking note of the products for personal future reference instead.

helped my aunt buy face mask, eye mask, foundation + sunblock.
cant believe that she has the bad habit of nt using sunblock.
she loves t go under the sun somemore. tsktsk.

spent money on foood, pamper myself abit with apple pie, takopachi and milk tea.
i like eating. love it absolutely. (:

watsons sale, went in kaypoh and see.
then the host or whatever, come over and ask us wad we're doing sia !
syad and wara suddenly disappeared, and me and bimb were stunned. LOL
ended up, she didnt get anything out of us. hahah.

then wara went for work and syad had enough of makeup. HAHA.

me and bimb continued on t sasa.
and she did smth damn tarded, hahah.
she got on t the escalator, and threw tissue into a bin while on it.
like, chen ji faster throw tissue. LMAO.
i dio stunned sia. :x

she bought cyber colors brown liquid eyeliner, same as what i'm using (:
stupid sia, i couldnt rmb the brand and we took so long t find it. =/

bused home t grandma's hse and had awesome dinner. :D

tml is study date with mini zkm and nazzymulleh!
and chicken rice and L4D afterwards <3

Thursday, November 26, 2009

school as usual today, got pissed off cuz the bus made me late.
seriously, 20mins wait for bus38 is fucked up.

and i think i need t stop ranting here cuz i'm starting t sound like a delinquent.
nt t mention a mad woman.
need i remind myself abt th no. of people who asked me t chill? :x

only ahsai loves my rantings. *thumbs up*

okay anyway. (:
- i died on the sofa ytd night and only revived today morning
- i love t poke amy whenever i see her
- mbio lec is full of faster-draw-it-before-its-gone diagrams. as usual.
- ms pharm hor let us off an hour early today
- syai made me extremely paiseh with the wedding card
- cliff had a 1 hour break and we got t go home.
- went sitex + john little sale with von, bimb, sok leng and mini zkm
- spent on nothing but food
- i now owe mini zkm 7 bucks for spending on food :x
- i like cheese bread & chocolate mochi ballsssss
- i love t say hi t rachel when i see her on the bus (:
- boss is broke and alr planning on how to spend money next month
- von nvr came back from dinner
- top scorer in PSLE got 290. OKAY THIS IS V V V V RANDOM.
- mini zkm was scared of me :x

thank you and goodnight :D

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

only people who have done a shit can say that they have.
people who didnt even contribute shld just keep their pieholes sewn shut.

seriously, if you cant cope, dont pretend like you can and affect everyone else.
the world isnt all about you and your awesome capabilities.

for me, i dont even give a damn about it.
you're just an annoying little prick in the arse.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

i feel so cheated that i regret saying yes in the first place.

package deals normally sound great during promotion,
but you find out that it is usually just a scam.

and it disappoints you that badly.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

patrick lim does NOT deserve any bit of respect.
its only for the sake of passing this core sub that i even bother.
if it was smth OPTIONAL i wouldnt give a fuck.

seriously he is such a fucked up person, fucked upside down.
ask for respect, make sure you do smth t even have the balls t request for it.
so far he has done nothing but to interupt, kick doors and make us late for lecture.
need i mention tt he is a horny bastard?

" off yr monitor ah. luckily none of you are watching porn in the lab"
" wads yr name? you're nt singaporean right?"
happy birthday jingxuan :D

its 3.45am in the morning (:
and i'm currently over at jiajie's hse now :D
hahah, had steamboat and were overstuffed sia !
5 bowls of tomyam soup + stuff and 1 bowl of rice.
damn full.

fried dumplings and jap crispy chicken for them oso. hahah.
but so sorry t jiajie sia, cuz she had t mop the floor ><

anyway. havent been slping alot these few days. like, 3 hrs total over 2 days? =/
hahah, but nvm ah. i'm just glad tt he loves the present so much (:

16th nov 2009.

finally we've reached 2 years.
its very significant to both of us.
we've defied so many odds and fought tt many doubts.
yet we still perservered. :D

recieved a single red rose, like last year.
got scammed as well, hahah. L4D on such a day?!
nvr believe at first, then trust you and you scam me ):

watched a movie at j8, my gf is an agent. hahah. quite funny sia.
mini zkm enjoyed it alot. frm the laughter i heard. ;p

then he showed me his video. damn touching pls.
i appreciated all the effort he put in for tt short 4 minutes.
shall post it up soon when i have th time (:

dinner at vivo, barcelos.
i'd rate it 2/5. cuz its damn exp for the amount tt they give.
2 pieces of grilled chicken, 2 freeflow drinks and 2 servings of sides for 27 bucks.
okay la maybe freeflow drinks still fine. =/
and the 4 sauces available, only 2 of them were nice moderately
1 of them was super gross; tasted like rust. x.x

mrt-ed home, was so freaking sleepy.
think i muttered incoherently for 1 minute. hahah.
cuz mini zkm looked quite blur at wad i had t say. paiseh :x

i think that mini zkm, you'll really be glad t know tt your theme went as planned.
memories (:

Friday, November 13, 2009

went out t meet ahsai, coconut and jiawen at cineleisure.
mini zkm tagged along too (:

dinner was at bbq chicken,
damn enjoyable, but not the food :o
cuz i was making fun of coconut's bimbo blondeness and ahsai's smallness.
both of their reactions are super epic. :x

and coco ended up tracing the wall graphic's underwear.
ahsai even more epic, she thot its cheese cuz got circles printed on it.

short meetup, but really fun :D

p.s: bimb, your husband is still looking for you . :x

3 more days to 16.11.09, cant wait <3

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

hope you liked your surprises today, hahah.

no bloody CSAS4 today, school started at 11am.
mini zkm gave me wake-up call at 10am, which i saw as 10.10am on my phone.
panicked and ran out of the hse damn fast,
then realised tt i was still early :x

and then i realised i forgot t bring bpharm notes when i sat in the front row.

was damn disgusted at the whole row behind me.
cant believe that people can be that stuck-up and rude.

you are what you eat? fuck you la, dont jealous la. _l_.

anyway, surprised elora at the lifts, by singing happy birthday t her when she stepped out.
then i think our present scared her also. HAHAH.
leopard prings nightwear. sexy like ris low. :DD

we asked her t wear it for lab later for dr chang. *teeko emoticon*

went for mac, i had apple pie and some fries.
from von and bimb again lorhs. they forever cannot finish de lehs. hahah.
slacked awhile more, then went home.

went t meet wara and syad 45 mins later t buy elora's surprise cake. LOL.

bought 5 mini desserts at emicakes, T1.
its damn pretty la, the colours ! especially the chocoberry and the mango one.
syad bought 1 for himself as well, oreomisu. (:

and there's another store, yamakazi.
omg they have so many types of bread, especially cheese baked stuff.
looks absolutely nice, and damn cute! <3

wara likes tt stall also. hahah.
she bought this strawberry cream puff, which bimb oso went gaga over.

i'm gonna try smth frm there, when i am not broke =/

when we were waiting for 23, bimb suddenly smsed me.
omg panic sia, cuz she say tt elora's class ended alr, and we're still at inter!
we originally still wanted t slack at tm sia. heng didnt x.x

thanks t wayne, cliff and sok leng, who were our spies and time-stallers. hahah (:

oh, and cliff & wayne v telepathic sia.
both sms elora happy birthday at the same time, though in diff place :x

slacked for awhile in th comp lab, no tefal alert, thank goodness.
i think only boss is tt suay la. hahah.

oh yeah, and successfully scammed bimb into seeing boss again. HAHA.
she got this phobia of seeing him cuz he will disturb her relentlessly.
which is good, cuz i get free entertainment. :D

went t A1 bbt shop, which we've been advertising during retailmgt. LOL.
everything fav retailer oso mention A1 .

had macadamia nut. <3
boss give me face by not drinking durian smoothie. arigato and bless my nose =/

bus-ed home, and bimb dio laughed by some unknown passenger. :x

Monday, November 09, 2009

find it so hard t concentrate on my revision !
bloody hell yes, i've started. :x
but bloody hell, keep getting distracted. roar.

went out with mini zkm today, slacked arnd eastpoint
wanted t watch a movie but changed our minds.
so we ate at eighteen chefs instead :D

levon is right, the food has really deproved.
th service staff is even worse.

in th past, they would be really friendly,
but walao, th new staff only know how t slack and flirt sia. seriously!
i only saw 2 of them really working. the others were chatting in a corner.

random notes
- my boss is damn obsessed with tefal alerts :x
- i'm gonna copy bimb's style and buy a blank notebook t scribble in my revision. (:
- i'm hooked onto watching bleach <3
- i dont like people who dont stick t deadlines.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

went out with the F1 people ytd, like finally (:
its actually been v long since we've seen each other. hahah.

afternoon, was with wara and bimb, shopping !
went arnd bugis, walao its damn crowded until v turn off sia.
i saw this bag, and shoes, tt i love extremely.
gonna buy it when i'm rich again =/

me and wara were getting v lazy,
then bimb kept dragging us arnd OG and not letting us rest.
next time dunwan go out with her alr, scared sia ! ;p

hmm, then went t find my parents, wanted t help hupsong pick up his pay.
walao end up ah seng nvr come lorhs ! basket.
he went dating with girlfriend instead.
then horh, he say i nvr inform him sia !
ming ming got add him inside the convo lehs. x.x

ah, nvm. still got the ahseng spirit in the form of his icebreaking questions. LOL.

met adison and edwin at bugis mrt, and i kept looking at edwin's leg when he said walk.
HAHAH. damn bastard of me, i know.
his leg injured and i can still disturb :x

tuanying came awhile later, then we were REALLY damn aimless. hahah.
cuz dont know where to go sia !
steamboat oso like too expensive. 20++ per head.
then dont know where else to eat also.

walk here and there and here and there.
ended up at swensens :x

i wanted the baked spag bolo, looks like smth new.
but they cannot switch the sauce to the chicken mushroom.
so bo bian, i cannot eat. ):
had salmon mushroom baked rice instead. :D

oh and i scammed bimb abt tuanying's name.
told her tt her name was qiyun, AND BIMB BELIEVED ME. HAHAH.
half an hour later then she realised. :x

and and and i also revealed alot of bimb's paiseh stuff .
like RONGRONG. and the epic way she covers and uncovers her mouth when laughing :D

really, bringing bimb is the best form of entertainment for any event.

hongwee only came later, MUCH MUCH LATER.
he said 6.30++, ended up 8.30pm then reach sia. LOL really is ++.
bimb said tt the 2 friends he brought, looked like plastic ahbengs.
which i have to agree, they do :x

went clarke quay, slacked at the bridge there.
truth or dare, zhong ji mi ma; without the food forfeit.
had to do random dares though.

i dio once, and went over t a grp of foreigners to ask where are they from.
germany. and they asked if i was japanese. LMAO.

bimb helped tuanying cover her forfeit, cuz they're both allies. :o
so, she had t grab one of the lamppost near the bridge,
and shout " help, help, the lamppost is falling! "

i got the video, its gonna be on facebook. :D

mrt-ed home with wara and bimb.
really a very fun day <3

Thursday, November 05, 2009

i think its about time i updated. LOL.
going to the next week alr. :x

went for a wet and wild OCP bbq. HAHAH.

pasir ris park, area 2. (:
shopped at ehub ntuc. damn budget sia, all pick cheap cheap stuff.
then took a super long way t walk t the pit. x.x.
the knowledgable leading the even more knowledgable. :x
hmm, then picked up food from the bbq catering, then i walked t fetch jacq.
when we got there it was drizzling alr. but still nvm, nt too bad.
THEN. it got heavier and heavier.
but we still nvr give up! LOL. drenched wet yet the umbrella is for the food.

gave up when the charcoal got wet. NO HOPE LIAO. LOL
we all ran for the nearest toilet and laughed like crazy.
ended up walking in the heavy rain back to downtown.

floating slippers, cheering for AS and faltis :x.
splashing bimb's wet pants with more rain puddles.
discussing the use of a dark pasir ris park as L4D setting.

simply the best walk under heavy rain. :D

and when we reached the rain stopped. ):

we still had fun, playing w the sparklers after dinner and spamming grp photos.
the sparklers brought back so many childhood memories.
especially of mooncake festival. always the candles and sparklers (:

and the photos are damn epic. really a nice conclusion t the outing.
though we were soaked through and didnt go as planned,
but impromptu was great as well :D

must really thank ms hor and bimb for the sparklers idea and von for the camera !
von's always not in the photos cuz she help us take sia. so touched :p.
but nvm, got her fair share of unglam emoti-icon photos oso. HAHAH :O

i brought back the sambal fish in jacket, and chionged the 10 of it with my sis and mum.
LMAO, koper. teehee. :x

had work today, damn tired and shag.
the only highlight of the day was SOKTHENG VISITING ME :D

she came by with her mum, cuz they were shopping nearby.
i was quite stunned lorhs, went t buy drinks then she suddenly pop out. LOL.
treat her mum and her t laksa, and slacked abit till it was busy. heh.

havent been talking t her for quite long, cuz of the timetable difference. ):

went for lunch with von and bimb. OMG I CANNOT STAND THE BOTH OF THEM!
damn picky about food sia. next time pls dont help them provide suggestion.
this one will reject and that one will noisy. ROAR.
make all of us stand in the middle of century square and laugh and laugh instead.

ended up. oso go mac. HAHAH.

then horh, ask them to queue, also lazy lehs ! BTH.
we sat there for almost 1 hour and 30minutes, until mini zkm finished school and joined us.
THEN they went to order. LOL.

next time i dont dare to ask them out for lunch alone alr :x

went t meet naz at xfire for L4D! i think i am seriously addicted alr. hahah.
ever since the first L4D experience at jcube, my hands are itching t play.
no wonder mini zkm keep pestering me t peii him. hahah.

had cheese fries at the corner stall, naz treat sia. HAHA
but its disgusting. worse cheese fries i have EVER eaten.
the cheese is sour la pls !
wtf we ask the chef if its supposed t be liddat,

mixed it and swallowed it with loads of mayonnaise.
too gross on its own. x.x

rebonded my hair downstairs, its effect is extremely natural. whoo i like. :D

finished damn early, went for lunch at mensa.
dory fish with spaghetti FTW!

but wasnt feeling well, so i didnt join them for movie.
slight fever and headache. bleh.
damn shuang, i seriously lack sleep.

oh, and i learnt tt we forgot t pay for the cheese fries ytd. LOL.

went t ahma's hse for dinner, and 2nd aunt was quite mad, as in crazy.
she kept saying random stuff and ignoring jh until she got irritated. HAHAH.
then keep asking me t join KKH as their med tech when i graduate. :x

but, being random has its price.

cuz her room dio this huge mouse at 2am in the morning.
omg the damn thing nibbled her fingers and she thot it was a hairband,
so she brushed it away. then she keep hearing the skritch skritch sound.
on light, cannot see anything.

3am, my ahgong, wake up oso cuz he thot got burglar :x
but he oso cannot see anything!

4am, my ahma wake up. aizai, she switch on th light and the mouse was discovered.

at 5am, it was killed by my mouse-busting grandparents.
rest in peace, mickey mouse. LOL :p

didnt go t school cuz i was both late and sick
slight fever and headache again at 7am, then wanted t wake up later and see how.
8.45am wake up. HAHAH, FORGET IT SIA.


but hor, bimb was actually depending on me t bring painkillers for her sia.
luckily she managed to find some way of killing it herself. LOL.

fever subsided after medicine, then went out with coconutty.
tampines st21, to get her contact lens cuz she thot she needed it.
some optician told her tt she need specs for her serious astigmatism.

WALAO. end up her astig is like damn low until contacts dont even have tt degree.
either is her eyes auto-heal or the guy scam her just t get business. LMAO.

bt she still bought colored cosmetic lenses though. purple and green, freshkon monthly.
so damn envious, cuz i cannot use sia. unless its the permanent kinds.
which is damn fucking ex i might as well forget it. ):

went t cityhall t meet ly, been so long since i've seen her.
starbucks at marina sq, gosh i was so sleepy cuz of the comfortable sofa chair.
was sketching random things t keep myself awake.

walked around suntec and marina, and i finally bought my flipflops!
walao after waiting for the stock t come in . everytime dont have my size lehs. =/

instead of buying white i bought this chio color called perry purple. :D
its indigo; purplish-blue. absolutely love it!

but, i will still keep my havaianas - cuz they were from mini zkm (:
its his penalty after stepping on my new slippers in the middle of the road lorhs, LOL.

woke up late again and cabbed down t school.
the taxi driver damn kns. ask him go faster way he go longer way _l_

had a ridiculously long 5hrs break after bpharm tutorial, so we went tm t eat.
i had takopachi ! and fries koped from von and bimb's tray. :x
they are the kind of customers who leave excessive amt of fries uneaten on their trays.

what me and coconut call, the lang fei shu tiao de ren. LOL HAHAH.

sweet talk aunty at tampines mrt gimme attitude sia.
i ordered pearl milk tea, then i wanted t change t mini pearl. BEFORE she made th drink.
walao i ask damn politely IF i could change.
she shouted at me sia ! " say earlier la!"

wanted t walk away but saw bimb calling wayne t take order.
if she didnt i cfm dunwan buy alr sia. !@#$%

so, the only thing i could do was complain t jiajie.
hahah i think she v scared of me cuz i sound so ji dong.
i took th opportunity t suan the aunty oso lorhs.
" jiajie, dont worry la, i wun beat up old ahma de" :D

back t school, sabo-ed bimb by setting her up.
she dunwan see boss wad. but boss in school lehs.
cannot let opportunity t continue reminding her abt rongrong go t waste. HAHAH.

bpharm lec, first time in so long tt we resumed our year 1 seating position !
me bimb and sok at one corner. hahah.
missed tt kind of feel sia. <3

oh, and i kept scaring bus partner today.
sorry ah, forgot you got weak heart. LOL LOL ;p

i prove tt i'm not lazy okay. :x
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