Tuesday, August 28, 2007

had english paper 1 today! bleaghx
no more CHINESE paper though. whees~
so shuang walking out of the school xD

the invigilator was kinda blind and blur today
viviana was like waving her hand cuz she wanted more paper
he totally din see larhs =.=
summore he collected papers halfway
missed out an ENTIRE row. LOL

Sunday, August 26, 2007

gosh he's cute. xD

so glad zhenning din win larhs.
i might have had to jump down the clock tower >.<
although as expected.. her dance was gd.
still.. i prefer keely.

i honestly say. i din really expect shawn to win
alot of pple din think he had the superstar look
and he did look weird singing wif teresa larhhs.
but seriously. he's ONLY 13 if you think abt it.
so dun burn him le larhhs.

ANYWAY i din watch ystrday's css live
went to support dance at public competition instead
EVEpok and pang unlimited went along too :)
suntec tower5 there.
amber>> isabel. shermaine. tracy. may. audrey
stardust>> nicole. huifeng. peakdeng. charmaine. melissa jr.
jiayu jiaying xinhui and kaiying were there too
they queued for donuts at the DONUTFACTORY!
and each of us got 1 too! xD

i wanted to get the orange and white donut
went along with wad i was wearing marhhs.. hahas
but pang pang suggested the double choco donut
it was heaven i tell you x)

btw i captured our school's 校花 doing sumthing SUPERR unglam. hahas
shall post the photos another time ^^

Friday, August 24, 2007

And, one of the biggest topics these days are on CSS. actually, i give my support to shawn. Look, he can sing and he is cute. LOL. and jt is totally in love with him. How can you not let him win the competition? but, i do hear many voices that opposes my view. Wadever it is, i still take my stand. Shawn. (:
Then again, is there chances of ZN winning? dunno leh... this kind of things very hard to tell one. But, if she really wins, i think i'd be dumbfounded. LOL. But still it really depends. HAHA.

i quote weneng frm her blog
english oral is over le. hahas
topic was damn easy and gd to talk abt.
though i stumbled over the picture abit
cuz din noe how to explain the cooker/stove thingy

shawn shawn SHAWN! xD
he is super cute larh can?
and he has the talent oso.
not like certain contestants. bleaghx.

but then.. i dun think he'll win lehhx.
cuz he's like abit too young larh
dun have the superstar look.. like jiesi said.
my class tagboard is debating this freaking issue. thnks to guodong larhs. =.=
so let me give you my very own thoughts HERE

benjamin has a good voice
though he looks like he's super wen jing. i dun think he is larhs
i dun mind him winning :)

keely is my xing mu zhong de FEMALE CHAMPION
she really has the talent.. as proven by the high record
NOT JUST TYCO larhs guodong.
she really did work hard.
plus.. she's short like ME!
so must give her support. LOL

i dun think i nid to elaborate on zhenning do i?
gd dancing. but the singing. ermms...
*she took vocal lessons for 2 years before the competiton
hmm. wonder why she's still..
enuf said.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

played captainsball with sec1L today!
me weneng minyu kehui steph sab cindy hweeli peishan shimin mengjit
jiesi joined in l8r on :)
hahas super fun larhs
as usual i was running arnd madly
cheering for BOTH classes

the sec1s were actually kinda indecisive
hestitated for very long
then can totally tell where they wanted to throw lerhs.
make us so tense sum more! hahas LOL
they threw to the same few pple oso larhs
i noe hu is chelsea lehx! hahas
but good game anyway.
for both classes


anyway i'm glad the last PE lesson turned out soo fun
tiring but fun x)
too bad jazz din come school though
or she could have scared the sec1s wif her screaming. xD

the rest of the day was like slacky
its always liddat after PE larhs
i'm all burned out le marhs
plus my legs were like jelly. >.<
but nvm. nothing HnE can't cure ^^

played arnd wif the piano during 2nd recess
1st recess oso.. for awhile.
i practiced ellinia's backgrnd music.. LOL
danicia taught me dat ystrday after school. xD

steph played wo ke yi and goong's theme song. plus secret oso
listening to steph play is such an enjoyment :)
weneng played SECRET. hahas.
plus jay's qi li xiang.
music pros. ^^

Friday, August 17, 2007

today was another slpy day!
due to the weather. hahas.
raining and strong wind today. sooo nice to slp larhs.
so comfortable dat i fell aslp during emaths mock exam
my symmetry de 'y' totally long line. hahas

anyway i was ji siaoded THE WHOLE DAY
subject of jokes. RARR

steph showed me dis trick
using handphones and stuff
ask me to guess hu's face she's trying to make
i kip getting it wrong.
but the rest know wads the thing abt le.
all of them enjoy seeing my pek chek face >.<
kehui says i look constipated =.=

in the history room
dunno hu's smart idea to start it
but we took on a bet
or else have to buy green tea for everyone.
obviously dis thing is set against me
god noes i can't last long without saying vulgarities
even walao and shit oso cannot
how to tahan?

summore kehui and weneng came up wif dis sure-fire idea to make me lose
i have to admit. they are really smart sia.

anyway i lasted only till maths
which is hmms. abt 10 mins after hist? LOL
in the middle i was sooo unusually quiet. din dare spea
but CANNOT take it larhs!
wan talk but cannot talk. very xin ku de lehhx.

weneng was the next to go. hahas
followed by kehui.
so MINYU wins! 3 packets of green tea. >.<
lucky her. i want GREEN TEA oso!
anyone wants to treat me? ^^

the object of my obssession. HnE GREEN TEA! yumms

Thursday, August 16, 2007

bankai and pillaring day. hahas

today was yj's bday
suay for him it was CHEM COMMON TEST oso.
me and the rab passed him his present after the test
he thot we totally forgot abt it =.=

anyway 2jayyohhfive monitor got pillared by the guys after school
once at the metal grille. sumwhere at the PA rms there
second time courtesy of ME
pillared the rab against him. hahas
weird. both pillars are movable this yr. xD

other than dat today was quite sian.. due to sooo many chem tests
besides the common test mrs lam gave us another one too.

OH YEAH i wanna complain abt chewy! >.<
she was returning english papers today
called my name and walked HALFWAY to my seat to pass it to me
guess wad?

she suddenly stopped and said.
like wth. i was sooo irritated larhs. f3
the class was laughing at it oso.
halfway le den walk back =.=
reminds me of dat freaking joke though. lols

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

played soccer during PE today! hahas.
wasn't as high as last week.. due to the lack of dark choco.
plus was feeling tired after the 4 rounds running arnd the field
oh yeah and climbing ON TOP OF the monkey bars.
first time weneng has to look up to see me. hahas xD

frm today onwards
i'm supposed to spend chinese periods in the library revising other subs
bcoz a2 no nid take chinese le.
though dis is wad i wished for.. its kinda not as enjoyable
it totally feels like triple S =.=
have to keep quiet and all. CAN'T STAND IT. >.<

Monday, August 13, 2007


Went yoshinoya to eat as part of cele
Needless to say.. NO SSS for me. hahas
WHATEVER larhs. SUE ME! ^^



在荡着秋千梦 开始不甜

你说把爱渐渐 放下会走更远
又何必去改变 已错过的时间
你用你的指尖 阻止我说再见
想象你在身边 在完全失去之前

你说把爱渐渐 放下会走更远
或许命运的签 只让我们遇见
只让我们相恋 这一季的秋天
飘落后才发现 这幸福的碎片

the song i'm currently obsessing over. ^^
i love the movie and the song SO MUCH <3

weneng has dis song on her phone
tried to get it frm her 5 freaking times.. but still failed
thrice was accidentally disconnected
once on purpose due to my new phone having dis fault i can't help abt
it plays the song after recieving it so cannot send during lessons. LOL
last try den i found out FILE FORMAT NOT SUPPORTED
like wtf man. took abt half an hr to load summore =.=

btw my old nokia6111 has retired. BLANK SCREEN T.T.
now borrowing phone frm my uncle. motorola itunes phone =.=
i swear i'll nv take slide/flip phones ever again.

oh yeah! i got back my freaking chinese results today
so much better than i had expected
bcoz i GOT A2! xD
listening + oral= distinction ^^
so unexpected. but happy larhs
i dun have to write freaking zuowens anymore
not to mention read compre passages and all dat
to all those who din make it.
dun be too depressed. JIAYOU JIAYOU ^^

Thursday, August 09, 2007

i'm so patrotic. hahas.

okay. in honour of singapore's bday
i shall put sum photos here

me danicia yj and danicia's cousin celebrating ND in deep dungeon

standing on top of the esplanade is sooo painful.

hmm. dis looks like ciyi's hse

me and raffles. so shuaii.

R3veLati0ns family at shophouse in boat quay. ^^

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

today was like the BEST! hahas

woke up early to report for face and t-shirt painting >.<
we had to piak our hands over the elmo
and write "this is where i belong" over the 3Llion thing
which btw. means trillion. dots
anyway i din get the handprint
bcoz no time liaos. =.=
i still got my face painted though. hahas
nice design by aurial. x)

anyway i was pretty much zi highing as usual
due to dark choco AND green tea ^^
powerful powerful stuff i tell you.

i was like swaying along to the melody.
and singing along too. which i usually don't do.
but oh well. minyu was infected too.
so nvm we were getting high together. xD
i even stood up on the benches dunno how many freaking times
yes i noe i'm short. ^^

the cheering thingy was kinda messed up
bcoz most of us were laughing too much. like me for example
BUT 4L still got 2nd prize. WHEES

anyway.. for does who din hear properly.. the cheer went like dis.

1 no trump 2 no trump
Singaporeans love...
my hump my hump my hump my hump my hump!
currypok keropok
Singaporeans want meepok
mai hiam mai hiam mai hiam mai hiam mai hiam
Singapura very nice
Nasi lemak paradise
Aga aga pao pao cha
lion city GRARR

credits to mr chen for contributing to the cheer
btw he said pao pao cha sounded cute. erms.. >.<

guodong threw a deck of cards into the air for the final effect
wad a great sacrifice it must have been
and i'm surprised mr chen din run foward to confiscate it. hahas

went upstairs to watch tree planting ceremony
damn stupid actually. but we were in class taking photos instead. hahas
den suddenly someone suggested playing musical chairs!
so fun larhs.. but den mr tham broke us off. =.=

bo bian we guaii guaii go out see them put soil into hole
wanted to shout I LOVE MRS CHEW bcoz she was downstairs
but den got violent objection frm jiesi. SAD
i wanted to profess my love you noe? hahas

anyway we continued musical chairs after the freaking ceremony
me jazz shimin perry ciyi and kehui
perry always the first one to dio kicked. wonder why? hahas
he doesn't wanna fight larh i guess.

went to watch secret wif jazz minyu weneng steph shimin cindy and viviana
ate lunch at pastamania before
waaa all of them ordered creamy chicken sia
only me and my ham n sausage baked rice
its freaking nice i tell you. ^^

the movie was quite nice. better than wad i expected
mostly it was quite funny.. but ending was sad larhs
not gonna say wads it abt.. bcoz its a SECRET. xD
but really. worth watching.

minyu and i got a red and white balloon! hehs.
i had the red one and minyu held the white one
summore i was wearing white and she was wearing red. LOL
together we are the NATIONAL FLAG. hahas

but den but den.. her white balloon floated off in the cinema
leaving my red balloon looking up in despair. aww >.<
i'm like thinking abt wad happens when it falls
if during a horror show it suddenly floats down.. hmm.
now won't dat be fun? hahas xD

wanted to go minyu's hse to cele her bday
but den abit rush larhs. so cancelled le.
haiix sian. won't get to trash her house. hahas ^^

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

went zi high during PE today! hahas
the power of dark choco. ^^

played captain's ball
shimin kehui and sabrina on my team
weneng minyu steph and hweeli on the other
jiesi and aurial joined in l8r. oh yeah and jazz lao ma :D

i was literally running arnd the courts larhs
like siao zha bor liddat de. so unglam. >.<
anyway i managed to block a few balls away
hmms. there must have been springs in my shoes.
soo surprised dat i could jump so high. xD
and i was chasing pple arnd and trying to block them
according to jazz my face was RED. o.O

oh yeah jazz and i nearly stepped on a dead rat today
screamed super loud. =.=
but i think my principal still wins.
she made me half deaf today.
wonder how am i still supposed to listen to my tchers now.

he's like an innocent kid enjoying himself onstage
guodong and noel tried to scam me larhs.
say he nv get in. LOL
uncles i watched the results? =.=

its kinda sad dat zijie and joanna dio kicked though.
honestly i think joanna's voice is still better than zhenning
gosh. soo random.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

back to my old self without the green tea effect
high but not hyper. xD

today was pretty much a slack day..
considering that i had like 1 free period CHINESE. ^^
ymx was out being tour guide. =.=

anyway most of the day was stoning
and getting stunned oso. >.<

wah damn surprised by my results.
the class din believe it. neither did i
even thot mr lee read wrong marks =.=

first time i passed in a long while bah
qns a was L5/11 sum more
seriously. i must have been possessed dat day.
but sadly i failed qns b. >.<

OH YEAH a grp of us had toilet party today. hahas
started talking abt chewy and mohan.
den moved on the bridging activity going on in class.
pioneer IR project lorhs.
wad an innovative bunch of classmates i have. xD

jazz and i moved on to become back door guards
at first we were like guarding the front
den viviana suggested us moving to the back
she enjoyed walking thru and fro between us there. ^^
not bad larhs
everytime she walks i get to try saying welcome in 4 different languages
social cohesion. xD

assembly. hahas
one thing i have to mention
minyu didn't apprc8 the "jay chou is not shuaii thingy"
she shot needles into my back. OUCH xD

mdm sim created an effective way of removing pple frm the hall today
sibei funny larhs. see everyone chionging like siao outta the place
laughed like shyt.. bcoz i din noe sec4s had a phobia of cleaning. xD
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