Tuesday, June 22, 2010

started work at SGH histopathology lab ((:
its just right above th mortuary, and th building's quite creepy too :x
oh well, th old pathology block, whatcha expect.

some techniques are quite different from what i've learnt.
though theory is almost th same.
and this senior says AP is a very good teacher. :O

dinner with von, bimb and cliff at mos burger on monday.
actually supposed t have tauhuey but was too full. hahah.
and von said its weird going there so early.

so instead, will be me and pok on friday :D

Friday, June 18, 2010

supposed t sing k w boss, ahsok and cs.
but apparently friday night isnt good for k.
cause everywhere is expensive or fully booked =/

and boss laughed at me when i said i was gonna stay home and sleep.
become no life like tefal. :x

sooo, i watched toy story 3 with pok, and its awesome !! <3
absolutely loved th movie, so touching at th end.
and pink and fluffy doesnt mean tt its nice. :x

super long since i last watched movie w pok.
last one was alice in wonderland? LOL. i think so.
actually wanted t catch prince of persia w him.
but sad, tt day no other movie which could fit cliff's timing :x
and then today's timing was too late for us.

dinner w danicia and yj tmr (:

Thursday, June 17, 2010

marina barrage outing on tuesday! first time there :x
corridor people + wayne, cliff, von and cs.

th view is awesome la.
but then cannot take photos properly cause too bright.
then evening became too dark. lameshit.

cliff had new scandal again. everytime princess style sia, lolol !
keep looking at him and.. tie hair. epic.

rochor tauhuey after tt. tapau 2 for ahgong and ahma. <3

wednesday was project day, back t tp.
super sian i swear, cause th weather's perfect for sleeping but i cant sleep ! D:
plus th fact tt, if ms chew didnt require a hard copy instead of soft copy,
i think we wouldnt need t go back. just indiv parts and collate can alr .

and then i wouldnt need t smell smelly sewers and get this runny nose.

dinner w rachel, eric, boss, von and bimb. pasta de waraku omg <3
but then th food like disappointing uh :x
doria turned out so hard. like one lump of uncooked rice.
and th service is sucky, cause they nvr inform us abt promo.
walao 25% discount for students leh !

okay i'm not aunty, i'm just bothered by th service ;p.

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

awesome day w sok and bimbo lim ! <3
total damage for today; 79 bucks.

shopping spree w abit of gossip, alot of camwhoring and fun. :D
went far east, 313 and OC. and kbox !
super last minute decision to sing k actually.
but cause got nothing much t shop alr. :x

lunch was at sin wang HK cafe, th thick toast w condensed milk. first time there.
surprisingly i couldnt finish it, though bimb's worse. 1/2 left LOL.
and th iced yuan yang, i think nicer than central HK cause it seems less sweet.
more coffee than milk tea. :x

i think OC's deco is worth snapping photos of !
best would be th mural. bimb and sok sit there really macham watching sunset.
or sunrise, if you wanna feel positive abt it.

bimb says if i want t take photos i shld tag along w von.
i say no thanks ! omg von is a professional and i'm just a satio lover.
there is such a big difference D:

v not happy with th kbox counter staff.
fucking contradictory and nvr answer to our qns. CRIMINAL.

room super cold, freezing inside.
stare at th screen and refuse t entertain bimb. HAHAH.
shall cont this tactic th next time.

IF there is a next time i can actually go k soon. D:

then, saw cliff's idol at th lifts !
actually is sok and bimb see. i only get t see th back of th head wtf.
cause i was soooo irritated at th amt of people.
then i squeezed out of th crowd first. 擦肩而过, sad max.

wanted t stalk him but decided to give him privacy. heh see i so nice. :x

Monday, June 07, 2010

finally felt like i'm achieving good results,
cause i passed LMQA term tests and got above expected marks for 2 quizzes.
gives me th hope, finally ! :D

and i managed t get into SGH histopathology. <3
quite unexpected cause only one slot.
despite mr poh saying tt he try t arrange, i still doubted it.
cause he dua us for quiz before, LOL.

but ya la, quite thankful for th chance (:

bimb and cliff got into SGH too ! haematology and virology.
every morning train ride tgt ;D
though bimb will be in blk 6 instead. :x

anyw, lunch at mensa.
wont get t eat dory fish for another 5 months ! sad.

then th stupid up your service workshop. 20 bucks wtf.
practically laughed throughout cause th guy's actions are damn epic.
desired siol. shld see elora's version of it. :x

walked arnd tampines area w bimb and von, then headed home.
saw this pair of shoes similar to bugis one, but nicer !!
if it fits and doesnt hurt, i'm gonna buy it :DD

shopping trip on wednesday with sok and bimb ! corridor peeps <3>

Saturday, June 05, 2010

and HAPPY 19TH IVY ((:

sentosa outing w vestige today !
lols, everyone came late and made me wake up early. rawr.
but nvm cause i had subway for breakfast + lunch to make up for it. hahah.

bought frisbee, beach ball and food stuff w naz and ahpok.
headed back to siloso beach, near th spot where i went previously.
lesser people so more space for us, teehee.

and i saw kehui on th way there !
i thot tt girl looked like her but i wasnt sure and didnt wanna call th wrong person.
damn funny cause we ended up turning arnd and shouting each other's name.
after we had alr passed by each other. LOL.

played frisbee while th wind was blowing.
keep going off course, then have t run all over th place to chase it back. :x
ahpok's reaction forever v epic, cause he macham drunkard liddat. HAHAH.

yjie and weihao came later, and then justin.
went into th sea t play w th ball, wah damn shiok la th water!
super cooling on such a sunny day.
but its weird cause i didnt become as tan as tt time when i went w bimb they all leh.
shall see if i have sunburn instead :O

christine came after her CIP, omg birthday got such thing, so suay.
she walked t palawan beach instead . gg !
me and ahpok went t fetch her. and saw minyu and some other ahs people.

i think they were part of some camp or what uh. o.o.

stayed at siloso till 6.30pm, then washed up.
realised suddenly, tt i lost my earring ! omg super emo. ):
blonde buy for me de leh. sad.

pastamania for dinner, ziq joined us after. 7 x COMBO A, LOL.
and i love th new menu it has, cause there seems t have more items.
including cheese sticks ! exactly th same as what swensens used to serve. <3

i had dory fish baked rice, but not filling cause th portion is small.
yijie like, damn shocked t see me put so much tabasco sauce.
i cant help it, i just love anything sour or spicy or both. :DD

naz sneaked out t buy candles for christine, cause we wanted t get her a dessert pizza.
end up everyone like full alr, then she oso dunwan dessert.
everyone like staring la !! whole table laughing like mad wtf.

i thot th candles were cute cause its th numbers kind.
naz says liddat she can reuse it when her parents turn 41. HAHAH.

me and ahpok left first after taking group shot.
worse than tt time th christmas tree girl.
he take until th face so damn fucking small w th background like more than us.
wtf cant he walk further up? bth sia, no brains. :x

see if christine uploads tt photo, walao really demonstrates his skills.

so we approached this nice jap tourist instead, then she wished christine happy birthday.
super cute ! and v friendly cause she apologised for th first blurry photo. (:

NAZMUL. take care in NS, and i'll treat you chicken rice when you come out botak okay! :D

Friday, June 04, 2010

finally finished this stupid week.
mmic at least gave me some hope. except th stupid commensals thingy wtf.

went out w th usual people and caught a movie; prince of persia.
been so long since i last watched smth. :x

I LOVE TH OSTRICH OMG. can replace naked chicken alr.
its long long neck WIGGLES while running !
and it supposedly will do stupid things as it has SUICIDAL TENDENCIES.

and omg cathay cine is filled w weird people.
cause there was a whole row who were clapping at some parts !

like wtf th actors kissing oso must clap.
and sound like formal clapping at some award presentation :x

cliff nearly walked into th girls' toilet TWICE, and went for th wrong direction on escalator.
nessieria taking effect on him, according to bimb. HAHAH.

central HK cafe for dinner, took so long t decide cause cannot find th directory.
*uses hands t draw a rectangle*
i think th aunties inside there like v not happy sia. face so black.

i saw th 60 year old woman who says tt everyone thinks she is 30.
from tt totally unbelievable advert.

and guess what, she really is unbelievably old. OBVIOUSLY IS 50-60 YRS OLD.
seriously. i wonder which demented person(s?) told her tt she is 30.
hello unless you go arnd showing people your PHOTOSHOPPED photo stuck over your face.
really bloody ridiculous.

okay then went shopping arnd 313 but didnt buy anything.
quite tired uh actually, and turned off by th hordes of people.
i kinda enjoy walking arnd a semi-empty store more than if its crowded.
gg i'm scared of people? :O

went for rochor tauhuey. <3
thanks jiajie, bimb and von for accompanying me there !
though you guys didnt really want to ;x

met ahpok for awhile at paya lebar mrt.
saw this couple camwhoring w a fucking dslr. EPIC TO TH MAX.
people these days obviously dont understand what dslrs are meant for. idiots.

feeling tired now, shall shop on gmarket for awhile before sleeping.
sentosa w vestige tmr (:

ahpok recieved his enlistment letter !! 16 sept.
omg emo, means tt 16 nov is gonna be postponed D:

Thursday, June 03, 2010

extremely fucked up week involving endless mugging and feeling v stressed out.

everyday th routine is to wake up, mug, test, rest and mug and sleep.
what happened to going out for lunch after th test?
and usually i'll feel like i did well, or didnt perform or what.
dont even know how i am supposed to feel after th exam!

cause it seems like you have no time to think at all.

i reach home and i feel so pek chek cause have t start studying again.
then end up procrastinating until i finally get into th mood t revise.
like forcing myself, so pathetic.
and angry w myself cause i not motivated enough.

cchem today was ultimate.
couldnt think straight and i nearly felt like crying.
cant rmb when was i so upset to this extent abt exams.
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