Saturday, February 27, 2010

retail paper was absolutely nerve wrecking.
couldnt think of enough points to write and elaborate about.
just hopefully tt its enought t pass me and not get supp :x

went t tanglin there t help them collect YOG shirts.
omg nearly got lost and walked v long distance.
then walk somemore and waited v long for bus.

walao we were all so hungry and super delirious then laughing like mad/talking rubbish
levon teo especially. hahah.

had dinner at fish&co, which i have been craving for sooo long !
i think i've been craving many types of foods.
like after fish&co i suddenly said i felt like eating subway, cause smell bread =/

going grow fat this holiday if i'm not careful D:

stay strong and cheer up,
cause your family and friends are all here for you. (:

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

end of all major subjects !! mbio, ddct, bpharm done.
only left with retail management.

which is at a stupid timing cause its 2.30-4.30pm. =/
cannot go k or sushi buffet after tt sia, timing so wrong !!
so bo bian i think we go collect YOG shirt then movie and shopping uh :D

today's bpharm was gg-fied.
highly doubtful tt i can score a good grade. even scared tt i'll fail sia.
alot of things i spotted came out, but i missed abit here and there.
mixup alot of stuff. haiix.

nvm shall wait and see what th sms says =/

went for lunch, mcspicy again !
seriously my type of heaven. eating sinful food after exams. hahah.
was w von bimb sok and von's sister.
the two teos left later, then 3 of us were sitting at mac for v long t gossip.

oh and von's sis said tt we got aunty potential cause we gossip alot.
imma like thinking omg her sister is much more talented than us.
as quoted from bimb, we're completely 班门弄斧 lorhs !!

met ahpok, walked arnd popular, then sok dont feel like going home yet.
so went t my house ! visiting part II hahah.

jh was at home sleeping, waiting for her stickboy t buy her lunch and fetch her t school.
finally get th honour of meeting th much acclaimed stickboy. :x
first meeting and jh's paiseh videos got exposed alr.
better be careful ah. *diudiu.

re-watched and re-laughed at bimb's huh video, itas and sok's dong dong chiang video.
sibei epic, now both of them v paiseh and want t film my tak glam moments alr.
i think they can wait long long.

cause i got style yo. seldom have so many classic moments :D

watch 宫心计 till i happy, then sleep till tml till i happy.
tml then wake up chiong retail.

for now its just enjoyment for me. <3
and ps, dont try t suan me, cause it doesnt work tt way. dumbass.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

ahsai aka pearlyn. police jiejie. LOL LOL.

hi i know you for 9 years alr.
9 years before you so small.
9 years later still quite small.
growing longer than me but still v thin.

super crazy, super high.
v good when it comes t taking care of little kids.
next time shall hire you as my nanny. :B

you so small but eat so much sushi when it comes t buffet.
so small but ahyong uncle thinks tt you're same age as us.
omg look 4 years older than you actually are :O

you go ASDNSKGBANALNSDLSKL over k pop stars.
smth tt i dont really understand but i support you anyway. :D

only if you were more hardworking and willing t do my homework.
face the toilet and say awww cute sai more often.
then you'll be perfect alr.

sorry i cannot meet you today !!
go blame my exam period always during your birthday.
but i promise you after this week i bring you out go gai gai okay.
eat sushi buffet, make sure you sing K. bring jj in a box t see you. :DD

4 more years till you can dye hair/go clubbing.

Monday, February 22, 2010

mbio exam today was nuts.
everything he hinted came out..
and so did stuff he mentioned was FYI.

what the hell.

went for double mcspicy, shared it w von cause she's broke.
see i do share my cravings okay.
repay her for sharing mineshine w me ((:


going clubbing next wed, and parents not gonna be in singapore.
still, i have my beloved ahma t report to.
and and she lets me go clubbing LOL.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

bth my mum. she keeps nagging th moment she reaches home !

walao at first mood so happy. cause dad won 4D.
say wanna go out supper.

wtf all cause the small one nvr do hmwork again.
come and scold her nvm, blame me for not checking sia !
hello she has t be responsible for her own work.
pri4 alr still dont know how t be responsible meh.

like my future depends on whether she wrote her chinese compo or not. tsk.

then jinghui sleeping she also scold her and take away her phone.
ransack her bag smmore wtf. dont know whats the point.
sibei bth laaaaa.

Friday, February 19, 2010


met up w wayne, cliff, von, sok and amy at bedok inter.
name listed in order of TIMELINESS.
sok and amy cannot blame cause they got test.
the last person.. tsktsk ;x

shall not publicly name her too obviously cause she got offer me mineshine. :D

anyw, went over t bimb's hse.
camp downstairs at kopitiam to blow up the 19 balloons and put the msgs inside.
all wayne's idea. make his jiejie suffer before getting her birthday wishes. *diudiu*

amy folded hearts and stuffed them in. aiseh.
then cliff blow until head dizzy, and von try until give up. hahah.
super funny uh, laugh like mad downstairs !

and sibei miracle, cause none burst and we managed t carry everything up successfully.
only 1 2 times sok and wayne performed stunt la. :D

bimb was super stunned and v gan dong, and i think we cured her of balloon phobia.
pop 19 balloons t get wishes + some funny stuff sia !
what ROFL try again, 初六快乐, HEEHEE.

luckily her neighbours nvr complain.
oso v lucky tt she's awake and watching drama. hahah.
imagine if we'd found her sleepy eyed. :x

anyw, slacked at her house, and her ahma super hospitable.
fry sotong balls, take out alot of things for us t eat. stuffed us full, LOL.

did some exercise by walking t market t buy stuff.
and walked back t my hse somemore.
dump things and ran t sch for bpharm.

now they understand how hard izzit for me t go school D:

2nd part of surprise, wara and elora's cake!
hahah, i super blur sia. wara ask me bring myself t meet her i brought bimb along :x
then bo bian elora had t divert bimb by asking her weird stuff .
but nvm la, still got surprise yo !

she gan dong until wanna cry :x

went back t bimb's hse for cake cutting.
managed t psycho jiajie into joining us for steamboat also. whoo :D

then steamboat, v fun but v bloated.
i think i eat super alot. till now still feel full. green tea oso cannot help ):

and must thank cliff !!
omg ask him come my house makan steamboat.
he helped me wash everyone's dishes and utensils pls !

walao make me and liza so paiseh, guest wash dishes. :x
ah but thanks thanks ah cliff. :D

his future wife v lucky, no need do everything herself. *ahems, looks at ___.*

played blackjack without th money.
but nvm i good girl okay.
know my parents coming soon cannot gamble.

loved today, and i was super glad tt my bimbo best friend enjoyed th day too.
so did von, jiajie, sok, amy, wayne, cliff, elora, wara and syad ! ♥

okay off t sleep . :D

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

hello super pwnage no need listen t ms shahedah say her ddct v easy alr.
not tt i dont like her, is i dont like tt sentence. ):

went tm t meet my aunt, then zao grandma hse for dinner.
folded gim zhua for sunday.
spammed bejewelled w my aunt's laptop.
then dio accused of appearing offline in msn !!

hello bimb and von i really offline okay. D:

i love mineshine milk tea, and i'm gonna watch one episode of my beloved 宫心计!
yes i know i said i start during holidays but doesnt hurt la horh.
not as if i will chiong the whole set in 2 days like my bimbo friend :DD
everyone is stressed, though sources and extent may be different.
everyone is misunderstood at one point of time or another.
different people handle things differently.

offering you my opinion is wrong, or offensive or a form of misunderstanding you.
you even go t the extent of insulting me to express that dislike.

so now i simply dont bother to comment on anything related.
casual topics i can still laugh and joke and say smth abt it.
but work, school, family.

please dont expect me to say anything.

after all, you have your friends to rant to and understand you.
so why should you tell me?

saves you the trouble of feeling angry and misunderstood anyway.
i also dont want t feel irritated. not worth my time.

but take a step back and see who you havent been trying to understand.
you'll realise tt the list is quite long.

maybe you might even realise how self-centered you've become.
CNY was awesome, love my family (Y)

yam seng during reunion dinner with bowls of yummy sharkfin soup.
major mani/pedi sessions with all the women at home.
camwhore for 1 hour w almost everyone, using my beloved satio :D

aunts being super cute,
cousins pretending t run away from camera and smiling happily when they get caught.
and my grandfather having identical smiles w me ! x]

i love family gatherings at bedok sth block 40. ((:

tried 3 different sets of clothes and 3 different hairstyles over 3 days. LOL.
everyday send one t ahpok for review. hahah.

which reminds me of ddct.
which i have been trying t study during visits.
which is EPIC FAIL.

cause everytime i take my notes out they shout blackjack.
and i have epic cards . whoo.

ace, two, three, four, five; all in red.
double ace, queen and ace of diamonds.

BUT wtf bbq ass. i lost th money i won. making me break even.
next time i know t run when i start winning big :x

Sunday, February 14, 2010


its once in 57 years that these two days have since clashed. LOL.

you know i love you , you , you and YOU <3
i have many things t thank you for, but most of them arent good. (:

just admit it, you dont need me anymore.
not that i dont bother.

and many people also agree tt you've changed.
only you dont agree.

people can be brutally honest w you, but not me.
so why do i even bother?

good luck have fun by yourself. not gonna bother abt you.

Friday, February 12, 2010

last official day of year2.
when we go back, we're gonna be seniors !
omg feel so stressed wtf D:

was randomly taking photos w bimb and sok, hahah.
miss those days at corridor suddenly. LOL
i love how the sun makes my red hair redder. <3

and seriously i think its fucking childish to think tt bright hair is only for ahlians.
the term ahlian is so insulting.

i'm not a hot shorts wearing bitch who thinks she's innocently pretty,
or has COLORED extensions cause they have no guts/ money t actually dye their hair. _l_
and i may be vulgar but thats only when you piss me off.
at least i dont go knnccbfuckyou at people who just look at me.

anyw, this cat followed me home today!
somehow i have th feeling tt its the same white kitten 2 years ago.
cuz it kept rubbing itself against my leg. and keeps meowing when it sees me ((:
dont know leh, even liza says its probably th same !
its v tame. and loves t visit my house :D

ahh if only jh and jx werent so terrified of cats.
i cfm adopt it. ):

Thursday, February 11, 2010

went t aunty helen's t dye my hair today.

omg i love it ! uber red hair again.
red-brown base . w one streak of magenta-red.
cheryl said i looked like i was practically glowing,
and SOMEONE said really CNY mood sia. LOL.

anyw, i dont care if they call me red haired girl cause i love being a redhead.
better than being blonde anytime :D

last lecture w miss pharm, with another round of inspirational stories.
which made me even more depressed actually. =/
cause people is got grades no money but persevere.

i is no grades no money. die.

anyw, after lecture we went SAA t collect i-guides cert. as per instruction by the email sent.
we actually went there ytd alr but they said it wasnt ready.
then we thought maybe cause so early in the morning 10am.
the cert havent arrive yet or what.

end up today 5pm still not ready.
and th kp lady dare say what, another email will be sent, special instruction from advisor.
super pissed, swore at the i-guides and their lousy organisation skills.

when th log head and admin head of i-guides were there. HAHAHA.

walao seriously, i think i-guides main com damn fucked up this year.
first th whole fucking delay in LOA applications.
people get LOA before event starts, we got it 2 weeks after event. _l_

then cert nt ready yet, but still tell us BY FRIDAY 6PM must collect.
wow set us deadline yet they cannot meet their own. -.-
next time double check before sending la ! waste our time sia.

dunwan t even repeat my complaints abt their event planning.

went out w ahpok after school, parkway (:
helped my dad get his stuff.
then went for dinner at pepper lunch express .

ahpok was seriously fascinated by the cooking on hotplate concept.
and he got scammed by me, and failed t scam me in return !

see la, ask me t watch bleach and make me get hooked,
still want t try luck and scam me like last time meh !
' orihime is on the bad guy's side, see she wear their uniform! '
basketttt, ROAR.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

my bimbo best friend is finding a bf these days.

she wanted t buy a keychain, but it comes in a couple set.
which me and von refused t share w her.
so she said this:
" dunwan la, big deal ! i go out find boyfriend now, buy the keychain w me then byebye liao "

okay then now she's hooked onto drama and not revising.
which is all my boss' fault cuz he told her tt th drama got leaked out.
he blames her ahma for wanting t watch, wtf !

anyw bimb agrees tt she shld try and get back her mood t study.
she tells me this.
" i noe liao, i need go find a bf now. then break up. then i will have the mood to chiong !!! "

hi, any gentleman w a letter J in his name wanna sign up? :D

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

happy birthday t my dear mother.
you always nag at me and make me pissed when you have mood swings,
but you're still my beloved (un)reasonable mother okay. <3

bought a durian cake for her, th only type she eats.
funny sia, she loves durian but hates cake but loves durian cake.

and its not cheap, bloody 36 bucks from angie th choice !
ah nvm she got eat and say its v nice can alr.
not like last year she dont give me face, die oso dunwan eat th cake we buy. ):

ahpok helped me guard th cake v v v carefully. LOL.
sibei funny cuz he run for bus still hold the cake so well.
thanks pok :D

anyw, today was another round of shopping, but for von's shoes !
wahhh went t so many shoe shops but cannot find any tt suit her dress.
its floral print and black background. so she's looking for non-dark shoes.

can say she is quite suay cuz alot of her choices either no color or not as nice as imagined. =/
spent arnd 5 hours before deciding on this chio pair of heels .

which th three of us really liked but said the sole was slippery.
bimb: " wear alr, later you fall down and die sia ! " HAHAHAH.

BUT luckily von insisted cuz i think she alr left her heart w tt shoe. :x
then th pair she tried, had different sole! wun slip or what.
the person say its same design but different batch.

okay so after tt she bought it and lived happily ever after.

leaving me tempted t buy another new pair of heels. D:
only wear one time, cannot betray it so soon.

unless anyone wants t sponsor me ^^
okay so ahpok showed me this link and i laughed my ass off.

for epic photos.

one of the people involved.

their homepage. LOL LOL.

whole bunch of 13-14 year olds trying t act paikia.

its not like th borntobeyourtaoeh.blogspot one.
tt one is for serious entertainment.
i provide one quote. :D

Sibei dulan ah your tao eh today tio daiji and suay suay today Saturday my Ai Pia with me that time knn one got nerd keep beo my Ai Pia zzzz. Knn that nerd wear black specs carrying so many books with him still dare to beo my Ai Pia zzzzz.

I know big daiji going to happen to him I faster ask Ai Pia zao. But my dear Ai Pia just don't want to zao. I begin to feel very scared I ask her is it that nerd her gan stead again? She say not her gan stead,

is her maple stead. zzzzzzzzz

he imitate ahbeng until seriously damn funny ! bth.

okay but for the above 3 links,
they organized themselves into a brotherhood and got hierachy and everything.
walao what this guy snatch his stead then he dulan buay song what shit.
went t scold and post his details down and say want t dio the guy's daiji.

*no offence meant t anyone else named jovan :x

♠¹⁴Jovan Aku ¹⁴Fighter taoeh♠ His age:14 Fighting skills: Muay thai. Don play with him_l_ or his gang will come find u...

super dumb la, you read alr you dont know whether t feel sorry for the small guys or what.
i was tempted into tagging tt guy and asking him t grow up :x

okay shall sleep alr.
yong bu fen li.


Monday, February 08, 2010

had bpharm test in the morning, first time i felt such hope for it.
but th sem is alr ending w exam coming up. so its too late =/

anyw, von me and bimb ended up wearing stripes today.
thick and thin, black and white, multicoloured. LOL!

went t tampines w bimb t find my bag.
she was trying t tempt me into buying skinnys from uniqlo. :x
but i dunwan leh! though th cut and color quite nice.
cuz i think i have too much skinnys alr.

trying t break away from my usual clothes. (:

walked arnd T1 and couldnt find any tt i liked.
then had macs before continuing.
WHOO MCSPICY. levon teo see this! :DD
but then horh, the fries tasted weird.
like they're not fried enough lorhs!

supposed t be golden yellow and that type of texture.
it was pale yellow and inside was squishy.
was thinking of doing a levon and complain for exchange.

but didnt la. we not tt aunty :x

long story short, i managed t find my bag.
yay no more bag-less life. LOL.

but wth i didnt manage t get the shorts i was looking for !
really no size smaller than 10. emo siao. ):

bimb oso didnt manage t get her concealer cuz no sample and she didnt rmb the color.
then missed out on a 20% discount LOL LOL.

bought earrings. shared one pair of black hearts.
then we got braided anklets too! :D
mine's blue and bimb's purple.

cuz the ones we got in cambodia, too short for her, then ahsok nvr wear )):
end up 3 of us only i faithful sia. walao emo. hahahah!

anyw, thanks ah bimb!
spend time w me for retail therapy. HAHAH.

waited for pok outside his school,
omg damn disgusted by some of them seriously.
one guy was spitting and smoking like no one's business.
he like, smoke smoke, then spit. 4 times wtf.

even my ahgong oso nvr do such thing outside lorhs.

thats why i dont like t wait for ahpok,
not cuz i look down on ite people.
its just th stares and smoke and spit i see tt turns me off. =/

alrighty, shall go revise for ddct ! ):

Sunday, February 07, 2010

hi today my cousin wear same yellow shirt as me.
i ask him take photo and he was damn cheeky !
make all those funny faces. hahah so cute.

then his friend come say eeee your girlfriend.
LOL LOL 12 years apart leh! stupid friend HAHAH.

then there was this cute little boy beside me at th taxi stand.
i was commenting t my aunt tt eastpoint taxi stand quite dumb.
cuz seldom will have cab which wanna turn in one big round cuz its not near main road.

then then he suddenly just commented and say
ya lorh, sometimes they dont even want t stop! and smile at me.
v cute la ! just join in convo liddat. hahah.

2nd shopping trip today!

okay la nothing much cuz i only managed t get my white jacket.
bag nvr buy cuz not worth it plus my aunts say nt v nice.

i'm beginning t think tt i'm cursed t have a no bag life or smth.
walao miss out on the bags tt i aim TWICE.
and then now cannot find the third one :x

actually aimed for 2.
one's leather, and slightly thick.
th other one is black outside and striking color inside!
got th choice of orange, light purple, light blue, or HOT PINK.

i love contrast.

walao but above 100bucks. if i no chalet i cfm spend the money wtf.
no choice have t leave the pretty wallets there ._.

went t walk arnd chinatown tt street market.
alot of CNY stuff on display, omg so red.
ba kwa queues all very long.

and omfg my aunts spent 60 bucks on the taiwan mochi and jelly.
actually they nearly spent 90 + 60 altogether, cuz one person one bag ma =/
ah but i quite impressed w the indian salesguy
cuz he can speak fluent chinese + hokkien.

he made jh feel super paiseh cuz his chinese is better than hers. LOL.

since i have no bleach t chiong.

i'm gonna re-watch autumn in my heart and cry my eyes out.
i'm gonna watch 宫心计 cause my aunt is gonna lend me th series.
i'm gonna find an anime t watch if i have spare time.
and i swear i'm gonna go edit all my songs and make sure their titles show up right.

somehow a fixation. :x

Friday, February 05, 2010

went shopping w aunts and sister today!

okay actually i was pissed w jh in th morning.
ytd ask her help me print assignment, she forgot.
until today i realised tt i dont have it before leaving the hse.
then i like, looked pissed la.

walao she angry at me tt i'm angry at her for not doing stuff for me leh!! wth.

then cuz i printed stuff i missed both buses to interchange and had t take express bus.
make me even more pek chek. roar.

anyw took shuttle bus w bimb.
then she told me wayne involved in bus accident and i dio stun.
the person beside him bleeding from head injuries and he was okay though.

apparently he was sitting on th 2nd deck and front seat.
then the bus collided w another cuz it was going too fast
only his arm dio kiap or smth. =/

anyw after school, went t parkway for retail therapy.
bought my stuff at cotton on, 4 tops and 1 denim shorts.
the colours i adore somemore. steel gray and electric blue. ELECTRIC BLUE.
walao walao all size 10 smallest. D:

nvm sunday 2nd round of shopping. aiming t buy my white jacket and bag!
then if can, shall go cotton on again and find my size.
i die oso want those 2 pairs of shorts.

dinner was pepper lunch express at banquet.
i like th super peppery taste of the hot rice. whoo.
cannot taste what butter la. =/
finished it off w dark chocolate drink. SWEE dark chocolate :D

off t chiong for BPHARM, cuz i still wanna shop on sunday.
while everyone's mugging :x

cover all my fucking white hair .
watched mtv that day, and there was this song.
one less lonely girl by justin bieber.

the lyrics are nice. the mv is cute.
only problem is, the guy singing it is too young !

like holy wtf he sounds like he hasnt even been through puberty yet.
and here he is singing about a girl and buying her expensive chocolates and what.
the girl in the mv is slightly taller and looks more mature than him.

all throughout the mv i was wishing tt they'd written the song for another older guy.
at least it'll be more suited.

dont get me wrong, i dont have anything against small guys trying t jio older girls.
neither do i have anything against young singers.

i just think tt good songs deserve better singers to stand out,
cause i would off the radio/tv if i ever hear a pre-puberty guy singing about love again.

alrights, going t sleep.
mbio tests lined up for me tmr/ in 5 hrs.
i think there is no point giving comments where i am not needed (:

so tyvm, i'll shut it at the appropriate times.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

saw grace KE in school today, with her bleeding knee.
apparently she was walking properly at tampines and just fell.
and she complain singapore streets so rough. hahah!

anyw, she handed out our presentsss (:
got a pair of earrings from her, thanks grace ! :D

had less than 1 hour of mbio lab,
and we had 3 hours break cause mbio lecture was cancelled.
apparently dr chang is not as naggy to us as to wayne's class =/

if i had known i had so much time to spare, i would have brought my notes t study.
anyw, thanks von for lending me the mbio lab manual t revise (:

and thanks boss for buying me mineshine milk tea.
though i'm actually trying v hard nt t drink it these few days. HAHAH.
sibei high after drinking cuz its MINESHINE.
ultimate dope. pwn pokka premium milk tea pls. :D

which is not tt premium cause its too sweet for my liking =/
can you imagine, i prefer ITAS milk tea to pokka ? LOL!

no offence meant t any bimbos who feel differently :x

bpharm lec ended early too.
with ms hor running thru the notes and giving out evaluation forms and sharing stories.

basically school today was only approx 2 hours of lessons and 3 hours break. wth.

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

had csas4 interview today, finally cleared the subject once and for all.
tt bastard didnt do anything t me except suan me for asking the time.
" do you ask the interviewer what time is it? "
fuck you i look like i wearing watch?

ahh anyw it cant be worse than what he said later on to jiajie.
i think she probably is sick of us repeating it to everyone. LOL.

he asked her if she went clubbing. DURING THE INTERVIEW.
she said no, and he still asked WHY and HOW COME.
wtf then he linked it to working night shift. _l_

most bastard thing is when he interviewed zul.
pl: whats your next lesson?
zul: bpharm
pl: who's the lecturer?
zul: ms hor.
pl: oh. so is she a WHORE?
zul: ... can we start the interview properly?
pl: it has alr started.

what the fucking hell.
seriously he's like sex deprived or smth.
making such comments about a LECTURER TO A STUDENT.
somemore its not the first time he makes such comments.

such disrespect he shows to us,
and he demands respect?
pui, i think my shit deserves more respect than him.

and ms hor advised us to write a complaint letter to CM
cuz she says she didnt hear this for herself, so she cannot do much.
going t take her advice. (:

anyw, went for lunch at ljs w ALOT of people.
at first i thot only ah bimb jiajie me and pok sia !
von was due for her THIRD shopping trip today. :x
then end up ah sok, wayne and cliff got 3 hrs break. and syai tagged along oso.

so we had problems finding table and it was initially a v v v v tight squeeze.
which after spreading out became a scandal table. HAHAH.

on th way home w bimb, we suddenly talked abt graduation.
then i was saying tt we have no grad hats/fang mao for us t throw.
dont know which of us said throw APEL PORTFOLIO.
then what, concussion, want to avoid oso cannot cuz thousands of it in the air,
everyone down on the floor fainted, admitted to hospital
so D&D theme is hospital.

maybe this year's graduating class can try it out. *diudiu*

Monday, February 01, 2010

sometimes its actually hard to have heart-to-heart talks w people.
cuz you dont know if they actually want t tell you stuff.

sucks wanting to help but not able to say anything D:
greatest accomplishment of this week :
finished bleach anime up till its current episode !

i chionged 16 episodes in one night,
waited for mini zkm t watch the currently new one the next day.

hi i love the zanpakutou spirits arc,
even though its not related t the storyline and is quite long.
i find the recounting v intrsting. hahah.

anyw, all 255 episodes done and waiting for new releases. :D
bimb calls me siao. von calls it a vicious cycle. D:

okay going t sleep now. considered early cuz von considered this timing miraculous.
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