Tuesday, March 27, 2007

my blog is like dead lahh..
exactly like how i'm feeling now lor.
tired and sick of everything.

SYF is only 3 weeks away.
dat might seem like alot of time to some pple
but its not.
not when you have juniors with attitude problems

no cca is perfect.
and dance is always tiring.
but hey at least it used to be fun
i din have to worry abt anything in the past
even when i became sec4 i din really have to
but i dunno why dis had to happen

its not as if sec4s want to scold and push blame or anything
like who the hell would wan to do dat?
but somehow pple just mistake us sec4s
they think we treat them like our punching bags
OMG i'm so stressed i wan to pump someone today

i'm SORRY but we never meant to do that.
i'm not gonna say u deserve it
bcoz no one should be punished
no one except sadist freaks would enjoy pumping pple for no reason
NONE OF US gayshits are.

but its you all who drove us up the wall
if you have any opinions you shld have the guts to say it
and not complain and post abt it.
do any of you understand the shame of having internal conflicts in your cca?

its like the whole school noes dat dance has problems
sure.. every cca will have some problems
but not to dis extent.

its not as if we are sec4s den you can't communicate wif us or sumthing
and its okay if you are unhappy over sumthing
just spit it out
is it really dat hard?

i dun wan to see dance be destroyed liddat
its all bcoz of nothing
so dun blame us anymore
and listen to wad we say
its not much.
and its alot less painful like dat.

and btw.
liaolaoshi wasn't pissed of at us
she was disappointed.

which makes it even worse.
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