Saturday, September 29, 2007

feeling better these few days abt my results and everything
thanks to everyone for encouraging me :)

all of you are right. there's still my Os. x)

alright! went out to ljs with rab and pb.
on the way out i saw chm behind us. walked faster.
si pb. he was like shouting.
eh dont run away frm ur form tcher larhs!
i was like. damn it. -.-

think chm heard someone calling him frm the classrooms.
he actually turned arnd. put his hands on his waist and did his signature pose
dat "i'm looking for sumone" pose
its in my class photo x)

oh yeah. anyone ever seen the way chm runs down the chang cheng?
sibei gao xiao! hop and hop and hop down.
faster than the rab. hahas xD.

anyway i got my drink stolen at ljs. damn.
i was like doing my freaking emaths. den pb took the damn cup
proves dat i'm concentrating well. x)

still din realise half of it was gone when i drank it myself -.-

i'm not gonna stop. thats who i am
i'll give it all i've got that is my plan.

i wanna make it right. that is the way
to turn my life around today is the day

i'm not gonna stop. not gonna stop till i get my shot.
thats who i am thats my plan
i will end up on top again :)

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

got back hist ss and english today
kinda better than i'd expected

hist was 26/50
super surprised i din fail larhs.
i noe i din do qns(d)
and my japan was kinda screwed oso
at least i passed x)

english was idk
mrs chew's section i only got 3 marks. zzz
so my compre 15/25
summary was shocked! i got 16/25
din expect it larhs. normally 13/25 de
hopefully paper1 can pull up the marks. xD

ss. 31/50!
i FINALLY passed my combi humanities
if get moderation shld be b4 le.
nv thot this day would actually come xDD

had part 2 of no apologies workshop by mr yeow today
skipped assembly for dat. hahas

mr yeow played wif fire x)
and showed us his wedding videos
he was like pole dancing in dis yellow bra and pants -.-
super gao xiao larhs

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

consolation of today. passed emaths

chey i thot i got 55/80 for paper2.
got scammed instead cuz its 55/100 =.=
si paper. qi pian wo de gan qing! f5

anyway i nearly lost it today
dunno why. for a moment got totally pissed at myself
i was like thinking.
moderation. moderate le i oso cant get any better

i rmb i always tell myself must look on the bright side of life
must focus on the good stuff. not the bad
but cant possibly ask me to only think abt my bio ONLY and ignore the rest right?
haiix. whatever.

i lost all my postiveness in that freaking moment

well. anyway.
had no apologies workshop by mr yeow today at creativity rm with 4J
mr yeow super gao xiao larhs
showed us his childhood pics
he like nv change at all can? right frm kindergarden
always looking so xiao haii zi
hard to think dat he's gonna be a FATHER soon x)

ohh. ms chong warned us abt online chatting today.
says more and more girls are getting cheated by guys and whatever
she was like saying
if you're curious, lonely, and has low self-esteem
its better not to go online
well if dats the case
she shldnt go ANYWHERE near a modem. xD

Monday, September 24, 2007

weneng and minyu go ask for tartar sauce,
e counter person give.
i go and ask, e person say 'we don't serve tartar sauce'.
then weneng and minyu not happy, take e cup they got and go counter ask.
"backup evidence". super gao-xiao!!!

as quoted frm kehui aka LKH's blog :)

minyu and weneng's obsession wif tartar sauce
sibei funny larhs x)
today is.. not a really good day for me ;(

recieved back results
first one was alrdy GAHHS
physics larhhs =.=
51/120. 42.5%
kinda expected it frm mr lee's expression when he gave me the paper

chem was another idiotic result
64.5/120. 53.75%
super stunned cuz my chem has always been at least b3
sry mrs lam >.<

bio was okay. 76.2%
din accept the stupid transpiration stream thingy
retarded liang

amaths. BLEAGHX
76/160? i think.

first day and 2 failures alrdy
ss and history nv get back yet lehx
haiix. not a good sign

well. i noe there's no point being disappointed over it
since its alrdy over and done le.
but still i cant really help feeling a little helpless.
i'll get over it soon bahs?

i look upon the stars aloft in the sky
and wonder if i can ever touch its trail

i guess my fingers are just too numb
cuz i'm grasping at thin air

i cant manage it anymore.

Friday, September 21, 2007

here are the photos! like i promised xD

our shoes! mine is the bright orange one ^^
anti-clockwise>> kehui weneng minyu steph and jazz

i'm looking up at jazz.. who's suddenly superr tall

bet she's wondering abt it too x)

me and jazz. the great leap SIDEWAYS! xDD

do re mi fa so la! xDD.
i'm the TALLEST one!

looking down. funny faces all! xD

the L we made wif our bags!

me and jazz sitting on the railing x)
actually there are sum more..
but couldnt find the external bluetooth thingy to upload >.<
another time bahs? xD
loving every single minute of temporary freedom :)

alrighty. physics was both a pain in the butt and a joy today x)
killed my brain cells but probably revived some of it too
anyone noes how happy i was when they said TIME'S UP?

anyway i went airport wif jazz minyu steph kehui and weneng
ate popeyes after a superrr long wait for it to open
hahas 6 sets of 2pc fish meal!
totally worth the wait x)

oh yeah while waiting..
we were playing arnd with steph's phone cam and going trigger-happy
many many shots of randomness xDD
mostly with steph and some with me
too lazy to upload though
shall do it another day. xP

went ntuc to guang jie oso. buy my addicitions!
got my HnE GREEN TEA and dars DARK CHOCO there
one fine day i noe i'm gonna die frm it
but its a happy death xDDD

oh yeah! i introduced HnE to steph
yet another one who now apprc8s the jasmine xiangness

HnE shld totally hire me as their spokesperson x)

after popeyes went kbox with BUTTON FAM :D
kehui and steph had to go marhs >.<
too bad they couldnt join us in crazy singing

first few songs were MADDD
totally all those zi high songs
basically screamed our lungs out and went nuts

probably thats the reason why we lost all our voices after 1 hr in there

oh yeah. sports class pple oso went there
sibei lame larhs. they knew we were in there oso
den some of them peered into the glass door -.-
wonder wads their prob
anything weird abt going there mehs? see wad see?! =.=

anyway today was a superrr fun day
shall post the pictures tml bahs xDD

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

went airport ystrday
my grandparents were flying to shanghai for holiday marhs

i was alrdy worried abt the both of them going overseas le
den shanghai had to have a typhoon thingy =.=
totally hoped the flight would be cancelled >.<
but no such luck.

well at least they're safely there liaos :)

went for mac at 12am plus. hahas
had green tea and choco sundae! xDD
sugar rushhhh~

its the LAST paper tml!
i just love cancelling out all the papers on my list
gives me a feeling of satisfaction x)

anyway today's emaths was okay bahs
at least i finished it. hahas.

chem was abit tricky but still okay.
hopefully can score bahs? lol

going out wif jazz minyu steph kehui and weneng tml!
still dont noe wad to do yet actually
but i know its gonna be fun ^^
zi highing after prelims! hahas

well you dont know wad its like to be like me
to feel hurt to be lost to be left out in the dark
happiness xDD

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

3 more papers to go!
i'm getting happier day by day
yet more worried larhs >.<

the school came up with some retarded scheme
we dont nid to come for school
ONLY if our L1R5 meets the expected target
10 for special and 12 for express
like seriously. WTF

liddat i'll probably be the only one in 4L lerhs

today's amaths was another uncompleted one
every single maths paper oso liddat. =.=
mr chen must be tearing his hair out

anyway rotted while waiting for the rab
oh yeah ymx came by and he was like grinning frm ear to ear
must have gotten his pay rise today. hahas

Monday, September 17, 2007

sumhow or another
this song kips ringing in my head during the exams
infectious tune ^^

Work it out
How did we get from the top of the world to the bottom of the heap?
I don’t recall you mentioning the boss is such a creep
We still have the ingredients to make this summer sweet

Well, i got rags instead of riches
And all these dirty dishes
Just wish i had three wishes

Okay guys, break it up

We’ve got to work, work to work this out
We’ll make things right
the sun will shine
If we work, work
there’ll be no doubt
We can still save the summer
If we work this out!

Dude, what have you gotten us into?
Come on, we can totally turn this thing around
I’d rather face a seven footer straight up in the post
That sure beats hangin’ here
And burning someone’s toast.

I needed Benjamins, but this ain’t worth the stress
Maybe there’s a better way to fix this greasy mess

We’re a champion team a well-oiled machine
and we’ve faced tougher problems than this
I know it’s a grind
but I’m sure we can find a way to have fun while we get this job done.

We gotta work, work to work this out
We’ll make things right
the sun will shine
If we work, work there’ll be no doubt
We can still save the summer
If we work this out!

Let’s work it!
Tell me what you want
Tell me what you need
A little bit of sugar
A little bit of butter
It’s the perfect recipe!

Pay day!
It’ll taste so sweet
Pay Day!
Good enough to eat

Gonna make some motion pictures
Hit the mall with all my sisters
Get tickets to the Knicks and Sixers
Kick it with the music mixers
Buy a ride that suits my style
Lounge around the pool awhile
Make a date with my favorite girl

We’ve got it made!

We’ve got to work.. work to work this out
We’ll make things right
the sun will shine
If we work, work there’ll be no doubt
We can still save the summer
If we work this out!
yet 2 more papers down.
sweet sweet freedom! xDD

alright. today's physics and history
another 2 papers which left me the feeling of unknown-ness
cuz i felt it was okay.. yet felt it was fucked up at the same time

physics i noe i messed up abit
din have enuf time to draw the graph
sum more idk the speed of the freaking car.
so much easier if you'd just give me the MASS
.... whatever larhs.

oh yeah history
dis year i'm so SCREWED
cuz i totally forgot to bring the textbk home
only got it today morning >.<
bleaghx. memory failing.

sitting next to junhao was kinda disturbing
cuz he started laughing when he got the paper
idk why

junhao. you really scared me =.=

anyways. went mac AGAIN to study wif pb rab and hc
hahas i loved my green tea and choco sundae!
it made me mad xDD
however.. garlic chilli din have its usual effect today >.<
pluto went arnd earth! lol hahas.

played zhong ji mi ma
used the RANDOM function to get the numbers
pb and hc always dio the thingy de. hahas
smart rab and me! ^^

stacy's mom has got it going on~ x)

Saturday, September 15, 2007

chem ystrday was.. idk?
kinda okay but kinda fucked up at the same time. =.=

anyway! went to watch RATATOUILLE wif pb and rab ystrday
super funny larhs
the old woman in the house looked like she was harmless
yet she's like so fierce >.<
ren bu ke mao xiang.
oh yeah and the alien cadet. HAHAS

its just a super nice movie to watch larhs :)
who says cartoons are for kids only? xDD

hahas. just 4 more days!
at least can relax awhile larhs.

not really looking forward to the results though >.<

Thursday, September 13, 2007

You are the music in me
You know the words
Once Upon A Time
Make you listen
There's a reason

When you dream there's a chance you'll find
A little laughter or a happy ever after

Your harmony to the melody
It's echoing inside my head
A single voice
Above the noise
And like a common thread
Hmm, you're pulling me

When I hear my favorite song
I know that we belong
Oh, you are the music in me
Yeah it's living in all of us
And it's brought us here because
Because you are the music in me

You are the music in me

It's like I knew you before we met
Can't explain it
There's no name for it
I'm saying words I never said
And it was easy
Because you see the real me

As I am
You understand
And that's more than I've ever known
To hear your voice
Above the noise
And no, I'm not alone
Oh you're singing to me

When I hear my favorite song
I know that we belong
You are the music in me
It's living in all of us
And it's brought us here because
You are the music in me

Together we're gonna sing
We got the power to sing what we feel
Connected and real
Can't keep it all inside

When I hear my favorite song
I know that we belong
You are the music in me
Yeah it's living in all of us
It's brought us here because
You are the music in me

You are the music in me
today's bio paper was the NICEST paper i've ever taken
had time to slp during paper1. 30mins of zzz. ^^
first completed paper since start of prelims. =.=
and smth dat i felt i did well in too x)

oh yeah and english also larhs.
now i know why MUNSTER RABS eat evrything they see
its their natural instinct xD

as usual. studied wif pb and rab in school canteen today
din run anywhere. guaii marhs. hahas

tried to do chem june papers.
but kinda hard to concentrate
cuz the FUSSY pb was still worrying abt his bio paper
he kept going bio bio BIO =.=
rab nearly swallowed him whole x)

anyway. i now have dis serious bet wif pb
if he scores anything below b3..
i'll hafta treat rab to PASTAMANIA
its to make him shuddup abt bio
but i regret it now though =.=

please mrs lee.
or my wallet goes kapiak >.<

oh yeah.
snatched a BRIGHT ORANGE straw outta the pb's paws at bubble tea shop
pretty straw xDD
my precious~

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

yet another screwed up paper again >.<
din finish larhhs. haiiyo.
hopefully tml's bio paper wun be liddat

went airport with pb and rab today x)
studied bio at popeye's!
yummy yummy fish. burnt a hole in my wallet though
now i'm broke =.=

moved over to viewing gallery after awhile.
cuz it was like getting packed
and actually popeye's din allow studying there
counter guy said smth abt customers complaining
so now there are signs discouraging studying

i love those signs xDD

sat facing gallery
basically talked crap abt planes crashing and air stewardess flying
needless to say not much studying done larhhs >.<

rab and i had gossip session! hahas
pb was like sibei pek chek cuz we din let him hear
shhh~ xDD

rabbit graffiti! it reads ecology btw =.=

perfect example of pb abuse. MUNSTER RAB

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

SS paper!
today wasnt as screwed
din finish SBQ qns d.
but alot better than not doing SEQ at all =.=

felt kinda happy after the paper :D
cuz its the FIRST TIME i know i wun fail ss
UNLESS i only make sense to myself and not to the examiner >.<
hopefully not. x)

anyways. waited for the rab to finish her macbeth today
dang. everytime oso hafta wait for one of them de. soo 大牌.
but.. both owe me GREEN TEA now ^^

i caught CHM being SCANDALOUS ystrday!
staying back in school has its benefits ^^

a picture can tell a thousand words
in this case i have more than 1 picture x)

took this photo at the spiderweb behind the rab's hse.
pb looks retarded xDD

Monday, September 10, 2007

emaths paper was so so SCREWED
totally lost more than 20marks

bye bye tjc ):

anyways. today marks the return of CHM!
goshh. first day back and he traumatises me >.<
gay purple shiny shirt larhs. =.=

studied at mac wif pb and rab today
went thru ss qns dat zaza gave us
pb came up wif dis retarded factor abt korean war
couldnt think of any other factors marhs
so poof! RAMEN factor appears
the so-called scarce resource

USSR got attracted to ramen
din wanna leave N.Korea
also invaded S.Korea to get more ramen
USA bo song so DEFENDED their ramen
but they oso wanna try N.Korea ramen
china got involved cuz they got intrsted in ramen too.
watched the hypnotising ramen commercial x)
ridiculous aint it?
i'm gonna laugh if i see this qns tml.

oh yeah! watched high school musical2 ystrday xDD
superr nice song and dances. more jingbao than the previous one
sharpay is such a DIVA.
and her bright PINK carplate reads FABULOUS. wows

encore telecast dis saturday/sunday :D

Sunday, September 09, 2007

changed blogskin!
abit mad of me to do dis when i'm supposed to be studying
but i've been a gd kid these few days!
i deserve rest dont i? x)

anyways. tml is PRELIMS le.
gosh. i'm looking forward to the end of it sia. >.<
at least i'll have a temporary breather
mugging for dis whole week has NOT been fun.
except for studying wif pb and rab though x)
other than that.. its been fcuking difficult for me to resist temptations
comp phone tv
attraction is strong xD

16 hours to start of PRELIMS
12 papers to go
9 days to the end
crossing my fingers and praying hard till the end

Monday, September 03, 2007

went BI to study with da rab and pb today
supposed to reach there at 8am.
and we were all LATE. =.=
i was first though. xD
guess hu was the last one to hop thru macdonald's door?

anyway. revised bio
managed to finish a whole chunk of the syllabus
only microorganisms and ecology not really done
plus i did june paper1 and half of paper2
all in 10hrs work. not bad for me x)
though my butt did get abit sore frm sitting down
not used to long hrs of butt usage. LOL. >.<

had hot fudge sundae! :D
the additional chocolate and vanilla ice cream was yummilicious!
rab wanted to eat it up.. along wif the rest of me too
probably cuz i'm wearing dis BRIGHT ORANGE shirt [again]..
reminded her of CARROTS marhs xD

anyway i mixed the INGREDIENTS tgt
now dat combi put her off ^^
she was soo grossed out by the colour
pb's sundae got attked instead. hahas.

moral of the story
if food is ugly its safe. x)

Sunday, September 02, 2007

haven't been updating in days cuz..
i've been studying!
wows miracle miracle. >.<

anyways. let's talk abt tcher's day celebration!
supposed to be express urself day
our class was wearing white top and jeans..
i din wear jeans though. too hot >.<"

dr boon was being damn retarded
she was wearing dis headpiece
the chinese palace maid kind =.=
plus holding a piece of tissue paper and waving it abt
i think the whole school was stunned larhs
everyone was like wtf.
even the tchers din understand wad the heck she was doing.

performance was siannn
the dance by the sec2s was ermmmsss..
lets just say the one in front was trying too hard
she looked like.. nvm.
npcc had performance.. den tchers played charades
ms kartini mrs hudd MSchong mrwee and mrtham played
mschong is always messing the thing up
she looked dam spastic can?

had tchers' day dinner at PIZZA HUT wif liaolaoshi on friday
me pang onezero EVEpok yaqi mhui and nalina
jiayu came along l8r :)
i had curry zazzle baked rice! hahas xD
anyway. we learned alot of things dat day
i now know dat sunli is more of a BITCH than i ever thought
thank god i no longer have to see her
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