Wednesday, May 30, 2007

got back my report book le. FINALLY

the original copy din have physics inside. =.=
i'm guessing mr lee is ashamed to have me as his student bah. >.<

to show dat i'm not at all paiseh of my results
i shall post it here. ^^
its nothing to be paiseh abt.
i love being 2nd frm bottom
at least i'm sumwhere.
english____B4. chewy.totally sucks
chinese____c5. thnks alot ymx.
amaths____b4. got improvement liao. XD
biology____a2. love tt. XD
chemistry__a2. 74.6!!! gahhs. but nvm ^^
physics____b4. almost everyone got a. dats why i say mr lee is ashamed
ss and hist__f9. now dis killed me.

see. i'm not that hopeless. XD
and its not i heck care. its dat i don't let others affect me.
so go ahead its okay to suan my class position
i dun mind. its a record anyway. ^^

btw i had loads of fun wif danicia on maple ystrday. XD
super funny larhs.. fooling arnd in helios tower.
i shall post the pics here. ^^

angry rab! hahas

she tried to hug me!! gahhs. XD
danicia bankai me! RARR

yay i got my revenge! *bankai*

eeek! danicia les! XD

dis proves how fun maple can be. ^^

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

in honour of cindy and viviana! XD

dance to the beat cindy! hahas.
lol lameshyt. ^^

ystrday's o level chinese was... i dunno
i'm not sure if i can escape ymx. T.T
but heck la

i forgot to bring my IC and ezlink card. LOL
den bo pian had to use my pri school concession card
PRIMARY ONE de lor. =.=
the guy who checked my card was giving me dis weird face larhs. lol
damn paiseh

Thursday, May 24, 2007

today was absolutely fun! hahas XD

same thingy larhs today. career fair
feeling extremely squashed in the tower hall again
me and jazz kept taking turns to stretch our legs. hahas

the interview thingy was kinda sian
summore none of the jobs interest me
but i enjoyed ben tan's story abt his bus driver dreams. XD
plus his spastic skit with mr yeow. damn ROFL lorhs.
towkay tan and johnny yeow. ^^
the job shadowing thingy was okay too.
oh yeah and claps for kehui! whoots~

LOL cindy din come today.
no more heart attack and buttons dancing le. aww.
instead me jazz minyu viviana shimin played an extremely long game of cheat
weneng and peishan finished early or sumthing. only we were stuck
i discovered dat shimin blushes when she cheats! hahas XD
and my ears CAN go as red as my specs. wow.

after school me jazz minyu and ruiting went raffles place
minyu wanted to collect sumthing for her brother
o.O den we were her bodyguards! hahas
we felt seriously out of place there larhs.
like we were there for a JOB INTERVIEW. XD

anyways we went marina square
had jap food again.. yoshinoya! XD
den just walked arnd till pang saw dis sign "BOWLING"
hahas we went to try playing lors.
rolling thunderstorm! hahas.
damn fun lors. kept laughing at our longkangs. XD
minyu and pang hurt their fingers la. =.=
and jazz laughed till she dio stomach pain. LOL
i lucky larhs nothing happened
now dis happens when you drink green tea everyday
told ya green tea is gd for health le. XDXD.

met my mum at bedok inter.
she kept calling me larhs. den i was like so irritated.
who noes she was actually ji siao-ing me. =.=
so fun la i got ji siao-ded by my MUM
she's in a gd mood today. ^^

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

happy birthday viviana!
hahas. the siaoded screamer's bday today. XD

today was career fair day one oso.
kinda sian larhs. listening to SMU VJC and MJC talks
we sat in the hall for like 3 hrs lor. pro.
but better than listening to ymx. eeekk.
den wad booth and quiz thingy in the stadium.
perry was 4L's rep again! hahas.
he's like our mascot lorhs. =.=

after school me and jazz went for a walk arnd the airport! hahas
we walked 1 round arnd t1 den went t2 viewing gallery
watched the planes take off and land. LOL! hahas.
i realised dat jazz travels arnd the world alot actually. so fun larhs.
not like me. i forgot the last time i went on a plane liao
aiyo so malu! XD
the view frm the viewing gallery! LOL

guess where? XD

afterwards we went white sands to eat!
i wanted to eat jap rice again.. hahas.
so jazz mentioned dis store at the food court there
wah the teriyaki chicken very nice lor.
the fluffy rice oso. hahas.
$4.30 nia lehx! not bad le.
sry larhs i going crazy over food again. =.=

the yummy teriyaki chicken set! hahas
jazz said i was crazy when i took dis photo. =.=

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

today was fun! XD

okays in the morning not so larhs..
bcoz of the extremely long assembly. =.=
plus the retarded chinese mock exam
damn sian la. had to spend time wif my fav tcher summore
the fcuking retard.

i scared danicia in the toilet today!
hahas so fun. sadistic me!
she din noe i was inside lorhs.. den i was calling her name
so freaked out la. she was like omg. XP

anyways she wasn't feeling very okay.
due to sum misunderstanding that i shall not gossip on. hahas
i learn stuff frm devotion okays?
i learn not to gossip abt my principal being chio today. XD

redirected. =.=
i kinda dragged her to the canteen to get my green tea. hahas
den walked arnd wif her den talk talk lor
sat by the stairs and talked oso. learnt dat frm yaqi. ^^
hmm i seem to have learnt much today.

went back to 4L for crazy game of heart attack! hahas
kinda the main highlight of the day. XD
viviana cindy jazz and me
i think we were all contributing to noise pollution lorhs. =.=
esp viviana and jazz
wah they scream damn pro-ded sia.
wad a silent game. ^^
sum more jazz has the tendency to throw away her cards. LOL
all the hello kitties and the floor. hahas
cindy heart pain liao worh! XD
plus i found out today dat vivanna likes the song buttons!
and LOL cindy is supposed to dance in front of the class.
we are waiting! XP

tried to play stress after dat.
at least can let 4L be ABIT more quiet
bring temporary peace to their ears. =.=
but i was like chao lag today larhs
i totally din concentrate lorhs.
jazz and viviana pun me. SAD.

after school went to airport for POPEYES
wif jazz minyu wenjuan
super nice larh the fish! hahas crazy me.

they wanted to song4 their juniors who were leaving for beijing
viviana was there too. wif her parents.
her sis oso going beijing wad..
not unexpected larhs. she told us liao mah
ji siao her ask her for cigarette.. in front of her parents! hahas jkjk.
we not so bad okayys? XD

tuition at tampines after dat.
w8ed for almost half an hour for yj and danicia
next time must roll out red carpet liao
den maybe they'll come faster. =.=

Monday, May 21, 2007

din go school today bcoz of headache again
think i'm dying of brain tumour le. XP
dun miss me! hahas.

actually i was quite lucky to miss school oso
bcoz ymx kinda went mad today
if i'd went i'd probably have dio oso.

but i missed CIP today! haiix
sry jazz minyu and weneng.
haii nii men have to carry all the heavy stuff
i'm such a bad person. =.=

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Create your own Friend Test here

LOL. nothing to do.
nalina influenced me de. XDXD

my results came back liao.
not very good. compared to the rest of my class
but not dat bad either. ^^
its either expected or beyond expectations
except for my english larhs.
i really suck at summary
thnk gdness i don't have to do it for chinese. XD

anyways i'm like having chinese o levels in abt 9 days
got 4 compos to prac. bleaghx.
sum more monday and tuesday got mock exam. T.T
wad kind of post exam activity is dis? LOL-ness

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

exams are FINALLY over le
no more newtons. no more mao mao's china

today morning was horrible
it was pouring like shit larhs
holding an umbrella was totally useless la
bcoz the wind was like blowing heavily den whoosh
all the rainwater on my shirt and skirt. RARR
dripping wet and cold. hurr.

went for CIP part 1 today
hahas we were supposed to give out flyers
informing the residents abt the recyling project
jazz they all sabo me larhs
i wasn't in school the day they decided on the grp arrangements
they put me as the freaking grp leader. RARR
okay la i din have to do anything. LOL
just get the block no.s frm chm
lol he super maths freak sia
"you go blk 156.4 to 157" LOL-ness
got decimal points de. zzz

anyways peter ciyi and chenyu were in our grp lor.
danicia oso came along.. bcoz she din go wif her class
damn lame sia they lag behind
we walking down liao den realise dat they were nowhere. LOL

at the first block
the lifts were like damn small
so only got enuf space for the 5 of us mah
den we made the guys w8 for another lift
lameshyt they went to ji siao
they keep pressing the button before the door could close
so open close open close abt 5 times?
childish sia! =.=

met the rest at the bus stop after the thingy
cindy vivanna sabrina hweeli yirong jazz minyu weneng dancia and ME
we went to eastpoint kfc to makan. XD
kinda like a mini class outing. hahas
sabrina suggested watching spiderman3 together
but i watched it ystrday liao.. wif yj and danicia. XD

woah its nice lorx. got sum random funny parts
"peonies" and "i loved your father"
hahas. it wasn't phrased correctly lor. ROFL
venom was kinda scary oso. creepy larhs
and when peter parker wore dat black suit. i think his attitude really sucked
damn arrogant larhs.

danicia and yj were passing around the nacho cheese.
l8r you see one trail of cheese on their laps.
"please do not step on the yellow line" hahas! XD

fun and fulfilling day. XD
* plus. i'm broke now.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Miracles happen
miracles happen
You showed me faith is not blind
I don't need wings to help me fly
Miracles happen
miracles happen

I can't imagine living my life without you now
Not ever having you around
We found our way out (on you I can depend)
Don't have to look back to realize how far we've come
There are million reasons
I'm lookin up
I don't want this to end

Nothin Nothin should ever bring you down
Knowing what goes around will come around

You showed me faith is not blind
I don't need wings to help me fly
Miracles happen, once in a while
When you believe

You showed me dreams come to light
That takin a chance on us was right
All things will come with a little time
When You believe

There is no question we found the missing pieces
Our picture is complete
It's fallen into place
This is our moment, you and I are looking up
Someone is watching over us
Keeping me close
Closer to you everyday

Nowhere Nowhere on earth i'd rather be
No one can take this away from you and me

You showed me faith is not blind
I don't need wings to help me fly
Miracles happen, once in a while
When you believe

You showed me dreams come to light
That takin a chance on us was right
All things will come with a little time
When You believe When you believe

The soul is a shining light
When you believe
The heart has the will to fight
You can do anything, don't be afraid
We're gonna find our way

You showed me faith is not blind
I don't need wings to help me fly
Miracles happen, once in a while
When you believe

You showed me dreams come to light
That takin a chance on us was right
All things will come with a little time
When you believe
now most exams are over liao. hahas
can actually relax den not chiong as hard

lol i wanted to go watch spidey3 today
but den RARR yj's phone spoil
cannot reach him
zzz. cannot expect the rab to pangseh him larhs
gahhs. i still so happy my mum let me go lor. =.=

but oh well at least ystrday we had fun at mac
went airport again. hahas
its kinda becoming my fav place liao. LOL
i went to squeeze chilli on my tray to form my name! hahas
so zi-lian larhs. but fun!
its nothing compared to yj's curry and bbq sauce thingy
hahas. LOL-ness
danicia was eating that mcflurry INNOCENTLY
according to her. its 吃的很纯真
hahas. i think she looked like she wanted to jump into the container
i'll post the pics another day. ^^

i had a total of 3 green tea doses ystrday!
plus dark choco and chilli oso. hahas
its a wonder how come my tummy can handle it. XD

went shopping with my mum oso. hahas
she was in a good mood ystrday. bought me dis new wallet. XD
pinkandwhite de. nice nice. ^^
thank you mummy! hahas LOL
actually is i supposed to buy stuff for her la. zzz

miracles happen once in awhile when you believe. ^^

Thursday, May 10, 2007

my hand is soo tired!
4 hours of writing non-stop
amaths den 15 mins rest den history
gahhhs swollen liao
LOL okay larhs not dat dramatic. XD
but sumwhere there

i din finish history again!
but thank gdness its the SBQ last qns
not like dat screwed up SS paper. rarr
but den but den. i din do as well bahx.
i really suck at humanities

anyway. i went 85 wif danicia hc and yj
lol we spent like 1+ 1/2 hr there
talking and laughing. hahas.
the rab and hc were like tching me how to play dis game
sumthing like concentration
but den i was like so distracted
every time i like stun dio and mess up their game
started laughing like shit
till my ears were the same colour as my specs
LOL. but damn fun larhs.

i dio green form for ARSON. given by danicia. hahas
guess why? bcoz i 杀人放火
you want evidence?
nehh.. just look at hc lor! hahas. XD

okays larh i noe i shld be studying for physics
lameshit i hate dis

Monday, May 07, 2007

ss paper was screwed
and i mean it dis time.
bcoz i completely din write a single word for SEQ part b
not even a full stop
i din finish part a either
so bye bye to.. hmm lets see
abt 25 marks?
plus the fact that i don't think my SBQ was perfect
so harlo bridging programme

oh yeah they had dis retarded uniform check today
after the ss paper
chm was SOO slow when doing the check
eh c'mon lets just get on wif it
den you can run back to slack wad
but he walked slowly down the row
den we were the last class to sit down la
LOL i sat down before he even checked
dun really care. XP
like he'll do anything liddat.

anyway i stayed back in school wif yj to w8 for the rab today
damn sian larhs w8ing there for 1 1/2 hr
hahas her macbeth holding a green knife
ROFL. thnk gdness for history.

we went to tampines there
wanted to go civic de mac but too many pple there
went kfc. but no air-con! super hot in there
so we went back to bedok. hahas
damn lame la. run here run there just for lunch. =.=

i ate mcwings today! yum yum.
den used up 4 pkts of chilli just for 1 pkt of medium fries
call me crazy. but wadever.
i'm happy when i'm eating. XD
its kinda hard to believe. considering my size
short and skinny. like i'm on a diet
but trust me. i'm not. ^^
life is meant to be enjoyed.
so why count the calories? XD

tml is chem and chinese
relaxing day. whoo~
chinese is like whatever la. dun care
chem is okay bcoz i hear mrs lam's voice in my head.
"boys and girls read along wif me.. " XD
though the electrolysis thingy is shyt
oh yeah and REDox reaction. T.T
but i think i can handle it.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Could it be

I know we've been friends forever
but now I think I'm feelin something totally new
And after all this time I've opened up my eyes
now I see
You were always with me

Could it be you and I never imagined
Could It Be suddenly i'm falling for you
Could It Be you were right there beside me
And I never knew
Could It be that it's true
That its you

Its kind of fun you were always near
But who would ever thought that we would end up here
And everytime I needed you
You've been there for me through
Now its clearI've been waiting for you

Today is the start of the rest of our lives
I can see it in your eyes
Oohh But its real
And its true
And its just me and you
Could it be that its true that its you
suddenly i feel so sick of everything

my family my life and all

my mum keeps picking on me
just bcoz i'm the oldest.
okayys i probably don't look like one
but i do know my responsibilties
why does she have to keep harping?!

i look at my books and nothing goes in
i just can't seem to study. don't know why either
ystrday was totally pointless
din do any revision at all

and i din want that misunderstanding
it just made my day worse
without it i'd probably be happier
at least i'd have sum one to depend on.
but it happened.

well. time to go waste my day
good luck for MYEs all.

btw if you are reading dis..
you aren't studying hard enuf. XDXDXD
* taken frm 4L whiteboard. nice quote. ^^

Friday, May 04, 2007

emaths paper was okay today
though i probably screwed it up
i always do. XD

we got scammed by the school today
kinda. LOL
i think they announced ystrday
dat we were supposed to go for flag raising
before reporting to school hall
well alot of us went to the hall immediately
den for a moment we were all blur la
standing there like sotongs

anyways it was freaking cold in there
my nose was running away again. LOL
made it hard to concentrate

Thursday, May 03, 2007

tml is emaths paper 1!
hahas lol and geog paper oso. for sum pple
hmm wad am i still sitting here for?

anyways i slept very late ystrday
at abt 1am. just to accompany my sis in her bia-ing
wad a good sister i am. XD
thank gdness its triple T today. hahas LOL

despite my 6hrs of slp ONLY
i found enuf energy to go CRAZY during PE today
most probably its the dark choco i had. XD

we had to run 5 rounds arnd the sch field
den 40 inlined pull ups and 40 sit ups.
supposedly we had to practice shuttle run
but chai was pissed den whoots~
we had our free time. hahas.
i was kinda madly rounding pple for captain's ball
"谁要玩 captain's ball?"

grp 1 dio trashed badly today. hahas
bcoz we din have tall pple to defend
but vivanna did the job well. XD
she noes how to improvise by grabbing a chair and standing on it.
smart vivanna! hahas.

there was alot of screaming as usual
mostly everyone contributed. XD
but kudos to jazz cindy peishan and sabrina!
i think their singapore spirit was right on. hahas
dis happens when you take geog.
you become a very gd tour guide. hahas ^^
i think one day they can sing for NDP. whoots~
bring glory to 4L yups.

yeah i guess i'm zi highing today
don't know why. guess i'm in an unbelievably good mood
i'm not feeling stressed for MYEs yet. hahas.
and according to the board. its only <24hrs
hmm. doesn't feel like it. hahas.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

actually i think i'm nuts
MYEs is starting on friday
and i am still online

i just find dat syf has actually taken up alot of my time
everyone has alrdy started alot of their revision liao
but we were still dancing and preparing until a few days ago

i don't know. i just don't have the mood to study right now
one whole day has passed and i've gotten no where
its not as if i don't want to study
its more like i don't noe where to start
everything seems to nid help
but when i open my books
i completely blank out

oh shit man i hate exams

dis is my handphone de ringtone. LOL
its kinda cute larh. hahas
the lyrics are meaningful. XD

plus it has a special meaning for me. ^^







想.. 简简单单爱...
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