Tuesday, January 31, 2006

went blog surfing
nothing to do
den look at some 2jayers' blogs
most of them say the same thing
that their class
would nv be like 2J'05
it makes me realize
how everyone treasures 2J
but only when it is really gone
den they start to regret
not having treasured it more
i guess this is the way things work
i am very tired right now
got much homework to complete
art elective especially
looking at the work of my fellow classmates
which is freaking good
i feel so unequalified
feel like very stressed
but i shall try my best
and pass the test that mrs hudd is gonna give
at the end of the term
to determine if we can stay
so good luck to me
bcoz i noe i'm gonna need it
and the freaking classrooms are gonna be shifted
3L may be going up to the 4th floor
which means more stairs
i am gonna get an asthma attack for sure
but i really pity 3a to 3e
bcoz they are moving to the 5th floor
poor melissa and danicia
better get the ambulance ready
u gotta realise dat not everyone's perfect
when u get to noe dat person more
u will tend to discover more weak points
and tend to forgot what makes them special
so treasure what u have
this is my philosophy in life
sorry if this sounds famillar
bcoz i might have mentioned it in past posts

Sunday, January 29, 2006

happy chinese new year
to all who reads my blog
hopefully you can have a good year ahead
my sincere wishes
i was unable to send out as many smses
as i wanted to
bcoz my phone got problem
very upset
bcoz it isn't even 1 month old
many similar models are oso like dis
so the design is faulty
den my sis is being all sarcastic
say the newest isn't the best
damn it
3L came in 4th for the cny notice board deco
though i think i didn't really help much
just painted the freaking tree and 3 small scenes
and i didn't do a good job
so very sorry
but i will try my best to be better next time
and offer more help
instead of going off early
for dance and stuff
and on friday
we were allowed to wear home clothes
i wore the 2J class tee
and jeans
so actually not very 'lucky'
bcoz black from top to toe
but still got my pink shoes and bag
but not many 2jayers were wearing class tee
in spite of the sms i sent
so a bit disappointing
but the class com literally had to force pple last year
so not surprised by this year's outcome
bcoz they are not 'bound by contract' anymore
haha lol
but majority of the class com wore the tee
our dear monitor yj [no other meaning hor danicia..]
even bought the tee frm rongquan
so that he could have a class tee
bcoz he lost his
so 'touching'
den after dat went kfc wif kiwi, yj,dan and mel
sit there and crap
go library den kena kick out of 'space shuttle' thingy by security guard
den go the playground play
yj wanted to pillar the reindeer
but in the end nearly kena pillar himself
he damn smart sia
once again
happy cny
and may all dreams come true
2j'05 forever

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

i still haven't settled the problem yet
so i guess
this blogskin isn't perfect after all
nuthing's perfect
especially people
if any one knows
who to solve the problem
please help me

Monday, January 23, 2006

actually updating my blog in school
very bad
but who cares?
i changed my blogskin
guess i got tired of my old skin
found it after a while
liked it alot
but having prob with the font colour
not right
but will fix it soon
so bear wif it

Saturday, January 14, 2006

very lazy day
slacking around and blog surfing
decided not to make my posts so colorful
a bit distracting
but maybe sumtimes i will
if i am in the mood
i was actually thinking
abt sum pple i know
who are sorta dating each other
thou shall not state who
this is not really related
i was thinking
so what if u actually get to date the person u like?
what are u gonna do?
what if things don't go well
and u actually fall out
with the person whom has been a good fren
will u still be the same as b4
talk without awkwardness
laugh and joke 2gether
in some cases
if the break-up is mutual
it might still be okay
but if it ends with an arguement
there goes ur friendship
so i have decided not to get involved
in dis kinda thing
i'll rather be a life-long friend
than be a painful memory
till i have reached a more mature age
to handle dis relationship stuff
i shall not take the risk
u could say that i am pessimisstic
but i am being 'wise'
think about it

Friday, January 13, 2006

its not bad
but it was very quiet at first
now not so
the guys starting to play soccer in class
just like 2J'05
miss them so much
though still see kiwi,yj,mel,danicia and hweechen
during recess
lessons are never the same
hope sec3 bonding camp will come soon
so can spend more time with class
noe them more

Monday, January 02, 2006

school hols pass very fast
tmr going back to school
but not back to 2j
hopefully tmr will be okay
dun wan to start a new yr on a bad note
oh yeah
happy new yr
spent my first four hrs of the year
talking on the phone
with danicia and yj
conference call
but really shld have left them alone
the last day of the year
i realized
dat pple are really not what they seemed
very different once u really get to noe them
despite dat u think u noe all
there is more abt them deep down
u wanna noe someone
but when u do
u sorta realise dat
it is not what u want it to be
sorta disappointing
but also a wake up call
wish me luck for tmr
2j05 forever
but 3L06 is my present
i shld deal with it
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