Saturday, May 24, 2008

photo updates!
A8G3 grp photo
sok looks like a tcher ;P
scribbles ! x))

camwhoring in the toilet ;DD
amy- the new stamford! ;DD

qhai and fatihah's lope-sided hat xD

its hard to imagine how a small thing like that makes you swoon ;D

outram rd. memory of my wallet collection ;)

fisshhhhhhhhhhhy ~

syad the boy scout! with fatihah's hand (:

amy fatihah and syad! xDD

somewhere near my hse. thats jh waving!
if i din read jh's blog, i wouldnt have to do this ._.

1) people who have been tagged must write their answers on blog and replace any question that they dislike with a new question formulated by themselves .

2) tag 8 people to do this quiz and those who are tagged cannot refuse . these people must state who they are being tagged by and cannot tag the person whom they were being tagged by . continue this game by sending it to people .

; tagged by jinghui! baka sister ;DD

#01 . if your lover betrayed you , what will your reaction be ?
heartbroken, but i know mini zkm wont do that. ;D

#02 . if you have a dream to come true , what would it be ?
i want to exceed 160 in height!
but thats like impossible. so forget it =="

#03 . what would your dream wedding be like ?
hmms. simply walking down the aisle with the person i love would be sufficient (:

#04 . what would you do with a billon dollars ?
save some, donate some, give some to parents

#05 . what is your ideal lover like ?
has a sense of humour. caring. loving.
exactly you :D

#06 . which is more blessed , loving someone or being loved by someone ?
to love someone and to be loved in return x))

#07 . how long do you intend to wait for someone you really love ?
time is not a factor here :)

#08 . what is the cutest thing you know done by someone ?
hmms. nearly bringing his CORDLESS hse phone outta the hse ._.

#09 . is there anything that has made you unhappy these few days ?
he fell sick ;x

#12 . how do you see yourself in ten years time ?
omg. this is sooo APEL. ==
erms. happily settled down with a gd career :)

#13 . who is currently the most important person to you ?
friends. family.TAUPOK. xDD

#14 . what kind of person do you think the person who tagged you is ?
crazed baka sister. who gives me heaven and hell at the same time xD

#15 . would you be single and rich or married but poor ?
married and poor.
thru health and sickness :)

#16 . what is the first thing you do every morning ?
wake up, duh!

#17 . would you give all in a relationship ?
give until there's nothing else~ ;DD

#18 . if you would fall in love with two people simultaneously , who would you pick ?
wont happen, cuz i'm faithfully in love x))

#19 . what type of friends do you like ?
people who accept me for who i am. xD

people to do the quiz !
`anyone who reads this ;DD
11 hrs of sleep is !@#$% song mans!
i forgot when was the last time i slpt like a hog ;DD

whoo wheet. ystrday i finally wore a smaller sized shirt for work!
swensen's was having this narnia promo for june hols.
so everyone was wearing promo shirts.
finally i got something in my size. and its so much comfortable! x))

but sadly. after june it'll be back to that horribly oversized polo tee.
i want a replacement! >.<

term test week in 2 weeks time!
kanchiong kanchiong. i scared biochem siaa.

cuz i still cant understand a shit ;x

Thursday, May 22, 2008

went bistro walk again today!
whoots. tried the set menu, cuz it wasnt beef :D

here is what i had!
SOD- cream of mushroom
italian herb baked fishhh + mashed potato and corn =="
plus dessert! which turned out to be a uber heavenly brownie. ;DD

sok and shirlee had the same old fav - waffle with chocolate ice cream
shirlee has been waiting sooo long for this. xD

BUT in the end, she didnt finish! =x

alrights. today's lectures was soooo draggy
time seemed to crawl even slower than a snail lorhs ._.
passed my time doodling all over my notes
plus of course. slping ! ;DD

i cant find the bluetooth thingy!
needless to say. cant upload photos ;D

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

i think. i'm a freaking pile of blurshyt today.
like so wtfiak. =x

first thing. i was like super late for MSt1 lecture today.
despite having like 4 pple try to wake me up!
my dad. lisa. my sis. and mini zkm. x_X

decided to just ponteng the damn thing
went flavours to slack with gina and waited for sok and shirlee :D

oh yeah. shirlee got terribly scared by 2 balloons.
thanks to navin ._.

second! CSAS was literally screwed up larhhs -.-
went off-topic like mad.
guess we focused too much on the crap and forgot abt being polite =x

THIRDLY. the dumbest thing i have ever done.
i left my freaking wallet on the bus!

like omg sia. i realized it only when i met up with mini zkm and reached coffee bean ._.
at first. i thot he was pranking me.
until i searched his bag and came out nil. =x

at the time i was still calm siaa.
but mini zkm was damn cute la.
he was like more kanchiong than me. xD

ended up. i called SBS to check
the irritating part of the whole thing was waiting for the damn person to pick up. =="

and guess where the hell i had to go?
new bridge road terminal. where bus12 ended up.

journey was damn long.
but at least i had mini zkm to peii me to and fro
thanks. i really appreciated that you cared. x))

went for swensens tampines to cele my aunt's birthday.
like. AGAIN! -.-
mdm rachel's friend oso know who i am le. =="

but ohwells. who's complaining? ;D

had fish in a jacket!
but the portion is damn small la. so neow de ._.

then wanted to order create-ur-own-sundae!
sticky choc mix + frosted choc malt with marshmallow and butterscotch toppings
sounds so heavenly rights? i know!

but somehow. i didnt order that.
cuz i kept thinking how mafan it would be for the waitress taking the order.
i know how it feels alright! =x

craps. had white chocolate blondie instead.
woooshhh the buttersotch ice-cream
equally heavenly! ;DD

shall update photos tml. too lazy :D

once again. THANK YOU MINI ZKM! <33

Monday, May 19, 2008

whee. feel so tired yet i cant slp after work. x_X

suddenly missed 4L so much siaa.
dont know why, maybe its cuz i hardly see anyone frm ahs arnd in tp ._.
okay. excluding jovan and crystal frm my list =="

oh! i saw jasmine C. though.
she's in design :DD

anyway. its like. classes in poly are so different, the way things are carried out.
people cant really bond like in sec sch. =x
but. dont worry A8G3!
i still enjoy hanging out with you all ;DD

esp. shirlee and sok
feel honoured la, the both of you! xDD

wells. i got soo bored i went to update all my links. =="
plus. felt so damn random, so i tagged almost everyone as well ._.


oh. and i got pissed off during work today.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

went swensens for breakfast today!
wahhs. like so random lorhs ._.

but. its the tampines branch larhs.
mini zkm would have fainted if i went T2. =x

anyways~ was there with my aunt. uncle. sister plus my uber cute cousin :D
mdm rachel and mdm diyanah were working at the time. whee. ;DD
i sorta miss them siaa. ;x

ordered sunny side up eggs, plus FCM sundae!
its frosted chocolate malt :DD
switched the ice cream to STICKY CHEWY CHOCOLATE
mdm rachel threw in more malt balls for meee~!

thanks for the balls mdm! xD
it sounds abit wrong though ;x

after that. went shopping with my aunt and jh!
lalalala~ bought a new pair of black shoes :D
plus shared 2 eyeliners and 1 bright blue mascara with jh.

thats so unlike me. i know ._.

jinghui and mee. :D
jh's choco crunch sundae.
with extra choco pops courtesy of mdm rachel :D

my FCM sundae! ;D

staff privilege! 10% discount. sadly they got my name wrong. T.T

my new black-gray flats! xD

*all photo edits are credited to jinghui :D

Saturday, May 17, 2008

wheets. one whole day of slacking and partial revision.
finally that one saturday where i dont have to touch the swensens shirt. =="

anyways! friday was partial torture.
not cuz of the lectures.
its all because i had to wear a skirt ._.

agreed with sok and shirlee to wear that marhs.
alot said i looked like a little girl in that jumper. =="

oh yeahs! friday was CCN day. campus care network :)
pple frm business and design had to set up booths to sell stuff
proceeds would be donated to CCN fund.
reminds me of ahs food and fun fair. =x

amy and fatihah bought red and purple balloons!
matched their shirt colours ;D
they even named it after each other. cute seh :D

but sadly. 'fatihah' burst cuz it was too excited. =="

i was the owner of 2 red CCN balloons!
actually. i only wanted 1
but since i had only 2dollar notes with me, i donated it and got 2.

passed one to sok and took a photo with her
i thot she would take it home or smthg. since shirlee was so scared of it
who knows she just took it for the photo ._.

in the end. i looked like a sec2 xiao mei mei carrying 2 red balloons.
or even worse. x_X

met up with mini zkm at tampines mrt!
our 6th months anniversary :DD

went parkway to have dinner. plus play TC4.
omg i miss shooting stuff.
but sadly the darn gun calibration sucks.
he actually died so much earlier than me! *gasps*

sat under the sky. watching the stars at ECP
you know how beautiful the night looked that day yeahs. ;)


camwhoring outside the lt ;D

me and sok. red balloon mania!

my camouflaged orange file =="

"hi. i am amy!"

amy and her PINK rose :D

my CNN balloons! close-up :)

and i just wanna say again. i love you <33

Thursday, May 15, 2008

highlight of the day
random poking clsmates! :D
okayys. sounds so bad
but their reactions are like damn funny larhs ._.

i thot amy and fatihah were gd targets
but turns out jovan's even better!
he was like. jerking like he's dancing. =x
-no offence intended-

so dont get mad! ;DD

navin's another one.
dont know if he was pissed off or what.
but when shirlee poked him,
he literally hauled her towards the guys' toilet!

thank gdness i pulled her back
*and on the way tried to push him into the girls' toilet. :D
shirlee says its like magnet attraction and replusion =="

oh yeah.

me and wara :D

random scribble on a tissue paper
frm biochm lab! :D

me and shirlee's combo attk shoe! :D

她们刺激我、我还吃鸭 lehs!

my sexyaye lecturer.
i dont understand anything he says! =x

LT6 broken table.
mini sized for me! :D

grp photo! thuraiya hiding behind her file ;P

sok theng trying to play peek-a-boo siaa. ;P

syad's intrsting for photography! ;D

went bistro walk today!
ordered bacon and mushroom penne
plus a waffle with chocolate ice-cream to share :D

their black white combo! :D

camwhored in toilet today. :D
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