Saturday, April 28, 2007

today's chinese oral was pretty much screwed
din do well bcoz of my fcuking flu

i dio luo laoshi. XD
which actually meant dat i could do okay
bcoz i think she's lenient plus kinda biased larh. XD
but i started coughing during the passage
RARR. fcuk the throat infection
plus the conversation.
i din really noe how to express myself
she noticed i kept using the word "like"
so so so screwed.

anyway danicia was late today!
damn late la
if i din call her she probably wouldn't have woken up
lazy rab. sorry yj! XD
it was kinda lucky bcoz i thot she was in school liao. LOL
main intention was to ask her where she was
o.O den her slpy voice replied.. "oh shit." hahas.

we went to popeye's after oral
ohh man i love the fried fish!
i ate it though i knew i was sick
suffering now. but it was totally worth it. XD
a freaking can of green tea cost 2 bucks
yeah i noe its heaven and earth
shld be more exp but 2 bucks is ridiculous!
i bought it anyway. XD
my addiction is too strong. RARR. must fight it.

slacked sum more at popeye's
wahh dat freaking funny show on yj's mp4! XD
damn lame lah. but hilarious.

yet another FUN day.

Friday, April 27, 2007

evelyn's edited photos! oh man she's damn good
btw dats yaqi's pretty eye! XD

our ridiculously large mountain of fries. XD
those were some photos frm wednesday.
kope frm evelyn and yaqi's blog. hahas
i suddenly fell sick today. LOL
weird sia. i was sneezing in class den borrowing tissue frm jazz
now i'm having sore throat
and guess what?
tml is chinese oral. whoots.
i'm so screwed.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

whoo~ my comp recovered frm the lag! hahas
its all my sister's fault la. RARR
she downloaded dis thingy
make the whole comp lag like shit
type sumthing nida w8 for 5 secs
den the alphabets scroll out ONE BY ONE. =.=
so bye bye to the program. XD

anyway ystrday was the homecoming syf
helpers for ystrday were me ruiting yiling evelyn mel and cheryl
siaoded six! LMAO. oh yeah and danicia! XD
cheryl was going crazy with the hair spray
and suddenly my name became U-PIN
LOL! pang unlimited la. bleaghx

we went to the viewing gallery to watch other schools' item
the first one was too simple la. den din have the energy oso.
surprisingly most schools din hav alot of techniques
they were mostly hiphop/freestyle items. weird.
but anyway bgss de item was damn nice
they were like super energised. screaming like siao onstage
i liked the part where they bounced all the bballs backstage. whoo~

i don't really know wad to say regarding homecoming's item
but they were disappointed.
nalina cried on my shoulder.
and now there's a beautiful splatter of foundation on my uniform
bryan owes me a shirt now. XD

btw. i gotta say sry to the homecoming pple oso
sorry for making too much noise in the bus
and being kinda insensitive to your feelings
i guess we forgot in our high-ness. SORRY

danicia chased me arnd the upper sec block
total madness lor. just bcoz of yj
i ran up to 4L den up to 3L
den down to 4E and back across to 3A
wahh really mad sia
i was damn tired at the end
but not tired enuf. XD

mhui yaqi ruiting yiling evelyn cheryl and miaoqian plus ME
we went to makan at the airport. XD
me and my bright idea. hahas
mcdonalds! XDXD

on our way to mac
we saw pple filming a show there
huang junxiong and guo huiwen were there
and okays i dun mean to be hua chi
BUT huang junxiong was damn shuai in person la! XD

i'm not the most "agitated" de
melissa and cheryl were worse. ^^
they actually ran back to the set after they finished eating
too bad they left la. HAHAS.
but they came back wif dis story on police, lizards and ants. ROFL
i laugh till stomachache la. =.=
i guess its probably bcoz of our ridiculously large mountain of fries
oh my gosh. the silly game we played! hahas

and i'm proud to say that i had 2 bottles and 1 reg cup of green tea
plus 7 packets of chilli
my addiction is well controlled. XDXD

hmm oh yeah we took a grp picture!
in front of the colourful board dat i think pang wanted to bring home
yaqi says shes gonna deco her hse dat way in the future
i bet ruiting wouldn't wanna end the hsewarming party. XD

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


我多么想陪着你 走过人山人海

我多么想走进你 紧锁的心海

我一直都在 你身后等待
等你有一天 回过头 看我
我的笑送给你 希望你快乐
你的难过 都给我
关于你的一切 我都好好收藏着

我一直都在 你身后等待
等你有一天 能感觉到我
就算我在你世界渺小 像一颗尘埃


我一直都在 你身后等待
等你有一天 回过头 看我
我的笑送给你 希望你快乐
你的难过 都给我
关于你的一切 我都好好收藏着

等你有一天 能感觉到我
就算我在你世界 渺小像一颗尘埃
stayed back in school to w8 for evelyn today!
evelyn big VIP worh! hahas jkjk.
LOL. actually is to give the juniors their presents. hahas
those who nv get frm us must claim soon ahh. XD

anyways i finally had my bio test
revision 1. rofl la. so lag
i was sitting outside the staff room
den mhui and NANApok was discussing stuff wif sunli. lucky them
sunli was suddenly like
ehh is dat jingting? ask her come over discuss dance fund
MADNESS LA. i having test sia.

oh yeah today morning
dis lizard was wreaking havoc in nalina's locker
hahas. she was damn freaked la. screaming away.
"the lizard's under my bio book!" hahas
okayys i dun mean to be sadist la.
but its kinda funny. bcoz i've nv seen her dat agitated. XD
she was emotional in the canteen oso
suddenly she grabbed me den said
"MINGpok and MELpok said they dreamt we got gold."
wahh she looked like she was gonna cry. o.O?
i think she's tired and stressed

btw dun ask me wads wif the ___pok thingy
now i'm JINGpok. LOL

anyways tml's the homecoming syf
i gotta wake up at 5am. =.=
makeup artist! hahas.
i think they'll do gr8
bcoz they've really put in alot of effort
plus their techniques are really gd

whatever the award
we are all still frm ahs dancesociety
no nid to seperate the 2 grps de
chinese dance and modern dance
its the same.


Monday, April 23, 2007

ahs HO got gold for syf. CONGRATS

o.O. which means ahs currently has
2 golds
1 silver and 1 bronze
which makes the homecoming grp very very stressed

actually i'm kinda pissed today morning
bcoz i din expect potato to announce our results
sunli told us dat she told the school to announce wif the hmcoming results
lameshyt. he said chinese dance sum more

haiz anyway it was damn demoralising lor.
bcoz its like CHINESE dance bronze and choir and guitar GWH

i felt so dead today. dunno why. LOL
so random.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

english oral ystrday was pretty much screwed
bcoz i dio mrs ganesan.
not dat i hav anything against her
she's quite nice. as i rmb frm sec2
just dat i heard she's REALLY strict

actually i was choinging for mrs hudd
i think most 2jayers were
bcoz yj was in front of me and weneng
den i think guodong and perry were behind us
ROFL. but in the end i din get her la
retarded sc. i insist you follow the rules and regulations. LAMESHYT

anyways after dat
i went LJS wif da rab and pb
my chilli addiction! LOL
i seem to be addicted to lotsa stuff

both of them wanted to catch a movie
i recommended the 200 pounds beauty larhs. XD
i din intend to watch actually
bcoz i din tell my mum i was going out =.=
but sadly sadly
i gave in to peer pressure. LOL.
they are damn good at psycho-ing
plus! i owe pb a small little fortune now. =.=

okays the movie was quite nice
the plot was sumthing like dis girl who is totally overweight
she has a nice voice but yeah. no one gives a damn
dis music producer uses her voice for another singer
hu CANNOT sing at all
so she's always lip synching
sumthing liddat.

the poor girl called hanna
due to sumthing she heard. she feels damn depressed
but den she went for plastic surgery
and poof she became HOT
post- surgery she kinda looks like shu qi. =.=
sumhow she manages to sign a record deal with the producer who broke her heart
bcoz she lied dat she was a natural beauty or sumthing

kinda difficult to explain
dunno why am i really doing dis oso. =.=
guess i'm just bored
but anyway i din noe the ending
bcoz i had to leave
my mum was calling like crazy mah. gahhhs
what a waste.

but i learnt sumthing frm dis movie
no matter how you change ur looks
you can never change who you really are on the inside
bcoz hanna still retained some of her old habits
dat led to pple arnd her discovering her past
big oops. but whatever.
i'm still kinda pissed for missing the ending.

Friday, April 20, 2007

hm. today was kinda random
bcoz i got pissed and i got high all in one day

the school is irritating me with the ridiculous attire check
everyday they oso must check for faults.
ever heard of nobody's perfect?

sure. if i tuck in my shirt i'll get 6 for L1R5
if my socks go to my knees i'll go RJC
bullshit theory.
the uniform does not determine grades.
we'll get better grades if we can stop worrying abt getting caught

its not dat we walk arnd blatantly with our shirts out
we do make an effort to keep it in.
it just doesn't. so tell me wad to do
drawstring oso cannot.

i mean c'mon.
so long as you look neat hu cares how you do it?
and i'm not gonna tuck in all the way till my waistband can be seen.
stupid standard.

anyway i really think sum pple are abusing authority
like a certain CHINESE HOD
i nv bring dictionary nia.
give me demerit for wad?

go ahead lor. give it to the principal for all i care
i wanna see wads my offence sia.
open defiance= not bringing dictionary
and if green forms are the only way for you to get promoted
den you really fail as a tcher
fcuking asshole.

anyways i was supposed to go tm wif weneng and jazz
minyu lao ba din come today
we wanted to watch 300 200 pounds. eat yoshinoya oso
but den i had to stay back for sum CHINESE thingy
stupidity. =.=

so went to eat wif pb and rab. soo extra la me.
bedok inter de kfc. but i nearly refused to go in there bcoz of SUMONE
mel joined us halfway. XD
den began our lil game of table hockey!
hahas. the container of mashed potato bcame our hockey puck
passing it arnd to prevent rab frm eating it
she totally BANKAI-ED me
and the potato nearly went all over my shirt
for sliding me the mashed potato when i wasn't looking =.=
extreme crazyness

thanks for being there for me ^^

Thursday, April 19, 2007

oh yeah.
the spastic neos

mhui yaqi mel and onezero are REALLY hungry. XD

gayshit loves! XD

paparazzi photos! XD

o.O. yiling and pang's face is covered.
i went out wif evelyn pang and onezero again. ^^
thinking back
i wasn't really close to them before syf
i guess we kinda bonded bahx. XD

anyways dis time we went to buy stuff for the juniors
bcoz we thot dat they totally deserved the reward
for putting in their best on stage dat day.
so we walked arnd for quite long
got sum ideas but we couldn't really decide.
so walk arnd sum more

okay we also side-tracked a little
hahas it was hilarious at the singtel shop.
there was dis interactive screen thingy
to "play" wif the phones
me and pang dio scammed by it larhs.
so paisehh. =.=

after buying the stuff. we had our takopachi! hahas
i got my BACON AND CHEESE. same as yiling larhs.
actually i kinda felt bad while eating it
bcoz pang oso wanted the same thing larhs.
she let me have it. aww so touched! =.=
if you are reading dis.
you should be totally honoured. XD

we went shopping at NTUC oso! LOL
yiling pang and evelyn went crazy over the tidbits
they were buying quite alot lorh
see wad buy wad. =.=
poor me. no money le so cannot stock up for MYE mugging
only can comment and let my tummy growl. rarr
lets see. their item list

PANG UNLIMITED : dat white grape gummy thingy
potato fries! TOTALLY NICE
ONEZERO : her white choco pocky
oreo biscuits. she wants to throw it into the fridge XD
i think i saw CADBURY'S CHOCO. hazelnut ^^
EVELYN! : potato fries oso. she introduced it to unlimited de
meji milk choco. i prefer dark choco though. XD

erms. i think my memory is kinda failing me
bcoz i noe they bought more than dis
crazy gayshit hoarders. XD

anyways today was FUN.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

we got BRONZE!
i know dis might not be much to others
but to me. its alrdy very gd le
bcoz of wad happened before with my juniors
i think this is the best we can have
everyone did their best le

the judges felt dat we were bronze standard
mostly bcoz of our un-chinese like dance
but if they din insist on being "traditional"
we probably could have done better
i say dis bcoz i heard some pple's comments
like according to mel
she heard sum pple in the audience say dat
" wah. dis dance confirm GWH de " ^^
and rmb the judge who viewed our rehearsal and gave comments?
he watched us on the actual day oso
he told laoshi dat we had improvement
and we shld be able to get silver.
sumtimes pple have different views

so hey pple cheer up k?
charmaine and cheryl i noe they cried
i admit i cried oso ^^
bcoz i was happy dat we din get COP
i was peeing in my pants
when the judges said they wanted "traditional yet innovative" =.=
we were totally innovative yeah. but not traditional
i was damn worried they'll say we din really qualify

anyway let me show you wads called moral courage

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

evelyn's brilliant photos. she's pro at editing

pang unlimited's ferris wheel!

isabel said : "stick out your heads pls! " XD

*point point*

yiling unlimited and me!

da famous five!

ruiting evelyn and yilingONEZERO

our syf photos! hahas.
the makeup is totally thick lor
tml is the syf results.

i'm so freaking nervous.
yet i feel kinda calm. LOL

i noe i'll definitely cry
regardless of whether the results are good or bad.
bcoz its OUR effort all the same.
yeah. all 16 dancers and 7 helpers. am i right?
plus the reserves oso
anyway i think everyone in dance played a part
for supporting us and all

live dance. dats VIVA DASANT's meaning
i'll nv stop dancing till i drop dead

i know you'll be there to catch me when everything falls apart.

Monday, April 16, 2007

my skin din work anymore. super sad.
i love the abstract art la.
but den cannot see the post box thingy
stupid blogger says cannot off the navbar
so pissed. =.=

bo pian now have to change to dis skin.
quite nice. sumthing like my previous shooting star de
though the words are small
but i still prefer the beautiful disaster skin!
* if anyone can help me. pls. i nid help

kkz i seem so emotional today.
i cried and laughed at the same time after syf ended. T.T
i din really noe why.
just a mixture of feelings.
like damn happy dat i managed to make no mistakes.
happy dat i smiled all throughout
happy dat we managed to put our differences aside
i bounced along the hallway wif yiling. BOING

but also. i'm damn sad
bcoz dis is the last time i'll be dancing onstage.
my last dance in ahs dance society.

still. it was more tears of joy rather than regret.
and i am happy dat its dis way. XD

oh yeah mac breakfast was yummy
total happiness la. ^^
and mhui's HUSH brown. XD

we still had to go to the parade square.
pple were so surprised to see me there.
LOL. but thnks all for the encouragement!! ^^

chm gave devotion today.
sadist la. " i read obituaries with much pleasure"
sumthing liddat. =.=

dr boon oso came by the aircon hall
we were like getting rdy for her to see
she just walked in. said a few words. den left. o.O
wad were we rushing for man?

anyway basically we were slacking arnd for 5 hrs
w8ing for makeup application.
my eyebrows were trimmed. =.=
and i got fake eyelashes which were SUPER long
they fell off after i cried. XD

basically everything went quite smoothly.
the schools before us as quite sian. according to mhui and mel
everyone was in traditional costume lor. fans and ribbons.
chinese contemp category mahh.
but only us. we were cool. but kinda out of place
bcoz we were holding laptops. XD

after washing off the war paint.
unlimited. yilingONEZERO. mel. mhui. yaqi and ME
we went tm to have pasta! XD
damn fun la. yiling eats slow man. like jazz
both of them can fight liao. ^^
we took spastic neoprints oso. XD


Saturday, April 14, 2007

just came back frm mini-outing with evelyn yiling and mel
actually we went to school to prepare syf stuff
spray the laptops yellow
when we reached we couldn't find the yellow spray paint.
so bo pian we had to use the old can.
luckily it worked.

guitar was inside practising.
made me wonder why we weren't
their syf is l8r la. 3 days to be exact.
actually we shld lor. and evelyn wanted to.
but hmm. i dun think they'll turn up.
so wads the point?

anyway unlimited couldn't go with us to tm today
bcoz she had tuition at parkway
so we went to tamp kfc. SUPER hungry.
decided to try the new meltz thingy
since my usual bandito pockett wasn't available. =.=
but its was a DISAPPOINTMENT
not as nice as we thought.
oh well at least 5 pple got scammed together. XD

afterwards we went to buy dance stuff
u-pins makeup remover etc.
even a ridiculously big amt of cotton wool. XD
but the totally fun part was buying presents for the sec4s!
hahas. not gonna spoil the surprise.

but evelyn me and mel ended up buying a pillow each
evelyn bought one for her sis oso
super cute la. all the baby mickey de. XD
den after we walked out of the shop
we looked like crazy shopaholics. hahas.
bcoz of the no. of bags we were carrying.

montip next! hahas.
dat was more of personal shopping bah. XD
i bought 2 pairs of earrings. though i dun usually wear.
one of then i exchanged ONE with evelyn.
so now i have 1 black star and 1 white star. ^^

yiling poured her antibotics into curry sauce!
hahas. it wasn't our tray of food la.
we went mac to find a place to sit.
our legs were freaking tired!
just nice got empty table. so.. hahas. XD
kinda bad of us.
but please sympathise our legs. LOL

i can't wait for gayshit outing! hahas
i am so freaking nervous.
i am scared that sumthing might go wrong.

i don't really hope for anything.
i just don't want a COP
certificate of participation.

i must do my best.
rmb to smile and all dat.
and lets hope everyone does.

anyway ystrday helen chew let us watch i not stupid 2
ending part ystrday.
i almost cried again lah. hahas
but i was like telling myself.. in class cannot cry la. so paiseh. XD
LOL so random.

chm let us eat our prizes ystrday. XD
we went for a mini-excursion to the canteen. LOL
bcoz he didn't let us eat in class.
aiya grace period nvm de mah. XD
anyway it wasn't meant to suan anyone la.
not showing off either.

dance ended at 7pm as usual.
nothing much la. only dat i got RICHER. hehes jking.
oh yeah sumone pissed me off ystrday.
fcuking asshole

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

omg today's assembly was SUPER fun
ben tan was like doing this global citizen thingy
his own version of the who wants to be a millionaire. =.=
anyway they got us to sit in grps. not rows. class lah.
4L was like at the back.
we got our genius perry to represent us. XD

ben tan kept calling us sec3s LOL
anyway we had to answer qns and raise placards.
we got a score of 13/15
tied with 4B and 4C.
4B dio eliminate.
den 4C and us.
double science vs trip science. LOL
btw i din say dat. =.=
ben tan did. he was like double science double science.
actually wads the difference sia.
we are all people. zzz.

anyways it was fun not bcoz we won.
but bcoz we enjoyed the whole process. XD
we were like. ehh ehh B la. no no A!
poor perry. we made him damn blur.

chm was damn qian bian
first he refused to go up and get the prize
den after he went up he sneaked out with it!
actually more like he walked out proudly.
gahhs. XD. he came back frm the back door. LOL

i want 4L de three cheers!

three cheers and three cheers and three cheers for 4L
hip hip hurray
hip hip hurray

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

i'm back in school! hahax.
today was quite okay bahz. XD

first. i got that stupid ying yong wen thingy.
gahhs dats hopeless liao.
i confirm have to copy 3 times.

den chm lesson. wahh kao surprise maths test. =.=
plus.. " at least i'm not purple and gay " XD
oh yeah i got dat right.
we had 3 maths lessons today. thank gdness not 5 like i thot.
or i'd probably just jump and die.

dance was sumhow better than i expected.
my leg hurt at the end. gahhs.
i want the pain to go away
i totally din apprec8 SUN getting us to run frm main hall to tower hall
in SEVEN mins. in our COSTUME
no makeup though. XD.
sry cheryl and yeni. din mean to qi pian ni men de gan qing. ^^

sum MOH pple came to watch our performance.
decided if they want us to perform for sum charity show or whatever.
den SDT oso wants to see us. wow
btw its Singapore Dance Troupe or sumthingy.
not STD. bleaghx. dun speak english if u can't.
anyway YOU ALL are gonna be practicing dis dance for a LONG time.
good luck man.

me ruiting yiling and yaqi went 85 after.
there was dis pri sch kid there who totally freaked us out.
he kept pestering us to buy his waffle.
i guess he totally enjoys making it. >.<
its like we order. den he's like "waffle"
"i want one green tea waffle and one milk tea waffle"
kinda irritating.
yiling and yaqi siam one side
den unlimited looked SO fierce sia.
he started pestering me instead.
"eh red specs de. waffle waffle waffle"
ERMS. weird. waffle obsession.

oh yeah evelyn got me my heroin today.
green tea addiction.

Monday, April 09, 2007

i hurt my heel on saturday! LOL
kinda stupid la. i knocked it against the door
now it totally hurts to walk lor.
hopefully i'll be okay by tml.
sian. including makeup lor. eeee. WAR PAINT.

anyway. its kinda nice to be able to slack at home. XD
i missed physics SPA though. gotta do makeup le.

Friday, April 06, 2007

dis is a song i happened to chance upon on mtv last night
i thot the song was nice so i wanted to share it. XD
damn touching larh.

here are the lyrics.

how to save a life.

Step one you say we need to talk
He walks you say sit down it's just a talk
He smiles politely back at you
You stare politely right on through
Some sort of window to your right
As he goes left and you stay right
Between the lines of fear and blame
And you begin to wonder why you came

Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness
And I would have stayed up with you all night
Had I known how to save a life

Let him know that you know best
Cause after all you do know best
Try to slip past his defense
Without granting innocence
Lay down a list of what is wrong
The things you've told him all along
And pray to God he hears you
And pray to God he hears you

Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness
And I would have stayed up with you all night
Had I known how to save a life

As he begins to raise his voice
You lower yours and grant him one last choice
Drive until you lose the road
Or break with the ones you've followed
He will do one of two things
He will admit to everything
Or he'll say he's just not the same
And you'll begin to wonder why you came

Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness
And I would have stayed up with you all night
Had I known how to save a life

Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness
And I would have stayed up with you all night
Had I known how to save a life
How to save a life
How to save a life

Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness
And I would have stayed up with you all night
Had I known how to save a life
Where did I go wrong, I lost a friend
Somewhere along in the bitterness
And I would have stayed up with you all night
Had I known how to save a life

How to save a life

ohh man i cried when i heard dis.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

'What" will your obituary say?' at

OMG dis is like super lame can?
the muppets will miss me. LOL

i went out wif jazz minyu weneng and wenjuan tday
out to redeem my free meal!
but i kinda felt bad larh.
bcoz its only 15mins of my slp lorh.
precious but not exp. LOL
so i told jazz to save the money. XD
she can always treat me to takopachi instead. hahaz

we went yoshinoya to eat. tampines mall
den ended up eating all the same thing.
its kinda nice though. i've always loved jap rice
so different frm normal rice. but its not authentic.
weneng says dat we can nv get to eat real jap rice
bcoz japan refuses to export.
erms okayyz. whatever la.

Monday, April 02, 2007

i decided to update my blog today
bcoz i got no hmwork XD!
and im too lazy to study for chinese
im like super tired larh.
jazz made me come to school super early tday
okayz larh not say VERY
but she made me slp 15mins lesser. ^^
den i had to make use of lesson time to slp.
okay dats just an excuse.
bcoz i ALWAYS slp in class
hahaz. XD. its a habit.
and i can't help it.
cuz the tcher's lullaby is just too nice
whatever. =.=
anyway she wanted lipstick brushes lorh. LOL
den i had to run to school to pass it to her
now she totally nids to buy me lunch. XD
free popeyes meal! whoots~
after school we still had dance.
nida wear costume. bleaghz
the stupid shiny pants. super itchy larh!
but den the whole rehearsal was mostly okay
din hafta really shout or whatever
if only every prac was like dis
i ended up reaching home at abt 7plus
quite an improvement le lorh.
so haiz.. im sitting here feeling so sian.
oh yeah.
GOLD AWARD lehz! gong xi gong xi.
and jazz still complained abt not doing well when she came back
hahaz. now i feel so stressed.
bcoz band is next to go.
confirm at least gold de.
den its us le!
im so terrified larh. i totally dun want a COP
bcoz dats just lousy.
imagine. gold gold COP gold gold gold gold

Sunday, April 01, 2007

i've changed my blogskin again XD
bcoz i decided dat i needed a new change.
dis skin is so much nicer than dat black one
i like the abstract design ^^
sum more i am kinda sick of dark skins
so hey. why not? hahaz

im like so busy these few days i just feel like dying
sum more i got an injury! sobx
i overstretched my hamstring on friday =.=
bcoz i tried to do a split. LOL

so now it totally hurts when i bend down and try to stretch
i gotta get better b4 16th april!
bcoz dats when syf is.
OMG i can't believe we have only 15 days left.
pray pray pray dat nothing wrong will happen

happy april fools all! XD
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