Wednesday, October 27, 2010

will forever rmb you as th guy i met in sub-comm camp who lived in freaking woodlands.
and also, the super geng lim xianfeng. (Y)
hope you enjoyed the simple celebration, and tt your 19th year would be better (:

met bimb and cliff at city hall first !
actually i was alr late, then mrt broke down for 10 minutes and made it worse. =/
heng bimb nvr niam so much sia. maybe cause today 吉日, cannot scold.

i acted as some kind of diversion,
cause they wanted t reveal th cake as they went up th escalator.
supposed t make sure tt wayne is really there, if not v paiseh alr. :x

we everytime surprise him w cake out of nowhere sia. (Y)
last year was at cine, with cliff as th diversion. hahaha.

dinner at suntec sakae! i didnt know such place existed.
apparently only bimb knows and we didnt really believe her.
cannot ah, sometimes must give her credit when it comes t central area. :x

chawanmushi was.. blehhh. no taste !
i think its not th place got prob alr, its me. cursed chawanmushi D:

think th highlight of dinner was trying t get bimb t sign up for lessons. LOL.
practical sessions 3 hours with 2 x mean. *teeko face*

mrt-ed home via circle line, viewing tunnel macham HoD!
makes me miss L4D too. tanks come chionging out (Y)
then just t get a group photo, we got off at dakota sia.

somehow th name still has memories, some good some bad. sentimental of me, i know. :/

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

was missing ahpok and i randomly went t read through his old blog posts.
those memories are really smth i treasure,
and i smiled like mad when i read it (:

especially when he was scolding this dumb fuck, who was stalking us.
damn funny, but sweet at th same time <3

lazy to think back about a whole week's worth of stuff la.

sorry t disappoint my fans, namely bimbo lim and ahpok. (Y)

Monday, October 04, 2010

ahpok is back from tekong, unexpectedly !
he was having a fever of 39.1 deg celsius, wtf.
and still chionged through first aid course, physical training.

damn funny, his bunkmates and sergeants all panic like mad cause temp so high.
this person even asked if he'd put th thermometer into hot water somemore, LOL.
cause, where got people look so normal with such temp one.

anyw, he sounds totally alright now, just sniffling and coughing.
confined to his bed until wed, then book out again on fri. :D

i want t sue tekong's water filter alr ! cause of th water/food poisoning. D:
tmr's th last day of SIP and somehow, the mood is not there.
i can totally understand what bimb is feeling now
cause its damn sian to look forward to celebrating it for 5 months,
and suddenly everyone is not available.

how come, i also dont know. maybe people forgot bahs.
but this turnout is totally not what i expected.

a happy 99 days of SIP, but not the 100th.

Friday, October 01, 2010

2 of my favourite people are finally back :D
welcomeee back, ahpok and boss !

went pasir ris t fetch ahpok on thursday, super excited laaa.
couldnt imagine how he would look like carrying tt uber heavy pack and in green.
somemore without hair !

counted down to th hours since th previous night, heheh.

waited awhile, then finally got t see him !
so blur, so tan, and yet still very th same ahpok i know. <3
and his bunkmates all v shocked when they saw me, LOL!
their expressions are quite exaggerated also la.
make me soooooo paiseh :x

apparently they didnt expect a chinese girl t pick him up. HAHAH.

waited abit for boss but didnt see him in th end. hp off !
so both of us took bus 12 back. long bus ride then got time t catch up, heheh.

he's super tan now ! like black, LOL. blonde says charcoal :x

then today, met boss for dinner !
cliff didnt go w us today cause he left his mp workbook in th lab.
and apparently he thinks of himself as a fluorescence. LOL.

so its only me, bimb, boss and ahpok.
went mad jack cafe, and ion takoyaki before tt.
boss and ahpok's head both look super round.
and ahpok is comparable to a takopachi. HAHAH. cause th color and shape matches !!

grilled fish w cream sauce is not as nice as simpang's.
serving they gave me was fucking small. roar.
didnt curb my craving for mensa dory fish at all !!

anyw, cause ahpok was having fever, we ended up going daiso and headed home after.
oh and random, cause we were looking for people t take photo for us,
then i saw my histo colleague ! hahah.
boss says i v zai, liddat oso can find someone i know. LOL.

mrt home~
another random note: blonde found out today tt mrt trains have wheels.

3 years i've known him and th first time i see him sick. heartache. D:
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