Thursday, July 30, 2009

today on. i've never had a second sister as far as i'm concerned.

a stranger UNRELATED to me is sleeping in my house and she's just a fucking waste of space.
waste of my parents' hard-earned money.
waste of jinghui's care and concern.

not to mention, a total waste of my time.

fuck you, and fuck out of my life. pubor mother fucking asshole.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

see , bimbo lim. i posted something okay. :D

Sunday, July 12, 2009

family day at ECP early in the morning.

apparently my dad had this crazy idea of watching the sunrise.
so we got up at like 6am in the morning and he drove us to ECP.
seriously cute right my dad.

but ! due to dark clouds which completely blocked the sun, we couldnt see anything :x
*whispers* doesnt the sun come up earlier than 6am, anyway?

so we took a walk along the dirty beach, with jx picking up shells
and pointing about abandoned coconuts to the cocobean herself :D

walked all the way to mac, then had breakfast there.
basically rotted for 1 hour, and i took secret snaps of my parents ;p

TRIED inline skating, but it was quite pathetic!
cuz its been 12345678 years since i've tried inline skating. since pri4? LOL.
and its really different from ice skating, the way you move and balance.

i fell a few times while trying, but didnt do major damage (:
blogger's having problems again, no photos ):

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

monday was photo day for me :x
dont know why, felt super random and ran arnd taking shots.

mango milk and strawberry milk !
look at the pretty contrast of white and bright colour. :3

the taste didnt seem as nice though.
bimbo lim thought the mango milk tasted weird :x
just a sip of the strawberry milk and it was too artifical for me.

HTECH lab was unsupervised cuz dr khin was in the other lab.
leaving a bunch of monkeys running arnd wild :x
exhibit A ; syad throwing his hands up in joy !
and wheeling with the comp chair :x
exhibit B: wayne and szejie dating over the sink :x
elora.. just being elora-ish. (:
some unindentified mystery bimbo.
sir qhairil mundzir.
syad meditating :D
bimbo lim.
me and bimbo lim . (:
you know orh. tt bimbo lim v tt one de lehs.
try to sabo me t lose for the activity during OCP meeting.
apparently she wanted me to do forfeit, end up me and cliff won the thing.
see la bimbo lim, being evil is not right ! :D

Monday, July 06, 2009

sometimes, its much better to take the path of least resistance.
just let others think what they want and have it their own way.
voicing out opinions is futile, they wont listen.

so this is what i am going to do from now on.

dont try and change my mind.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

went out with my 3 aunts today ! keke.
its been so long since i've gone out with them laa.

still rmb when i was super young and we kept tagging along with them to shop .
now tt two of them have their own kids alr, and another is super busy with work,
so we hardly have the time :x

but today, was a blast !
treated them to jap meal at taka b1.
whoo curry omelette rice for me (:

super funny, the waiter actually asked if we were 5 sisters !
he said we all look v alike :3
my aunts were thrilled.

either they can maintain their youthfulness, or that me and jinghui look old. ><

went arnd taka, wisma atria, and far east.
hmm, the haul wasnt as gd as expected.
prices were up and it was such a crowd !
walao, jh's bag she bought for 45bucks, far east selling 80BUCKS plus.

the shop attendants were mostly bloody rude. =/

bought 2 nail polishes frm face shop,
a vest, 2 shirts from far east.
wanted t buy a pair of shoes but couldnt find 1 tt i liked. :x

sooo. went homey after a kfc meal at 8.30pm.
whoo 6hrs of shopping :D

and then there is school tml. .____.

our multicoloured drinks ! :D
curry chicken cutlet omelette rice.
the curry is simply smexyaye; sweet as well as spicy.

fried tofu, ebi tempura, fried curry cuttlefish.
and the soft shell crab serving , which is so pathetic compared to sakae.
third aunt and first aunt <3

2nd aunt and cocobean. <3

photos suck due to the lighting ):

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