Friday, September 09, 2011

suddenly got this urge to blog. LOL.

life now is about work.
currently with bedok polyclinic, omg i hope this is my permanent posting and nobody messes it.
cause i love my colleagues here, no politics ftw.
the patients? not so much.
so far i havent met any which are genuinely nice. :/

working life is not so bad uh,
somemore i has stable working hours then the pay is alright.
have to scrimp and save cause of driving but oh well, tahan till november?
hopefully can pass by then.

getting used to not seeing my clique around is another matter.
its been months since graduation, but seems so recent nia.
everyone has been busy with our own stuff tt its been hard to arrange a complete meetup. ):
me ahsok and levon with work, bimb with ntu, cliff with ns and geng with family.
haiyo all the schedules will usually clash with one another, quite frustrating
and at times like this, you start to miss school like mad.

yes i'm even missing the mad pbl times.
have to carry laptops everyday and camp from 9am to 5pm, with monopoly deal breaks LOL.
complain like siao abt the workload and deadlines, but seriously, i dont mind doing it again.
but swap mm for levon please :D.

OMG THAT WOULD BE DA BOMB, imagine an even more imba team :B

oh well. time is something we cant turn back.
which is why i think its important tt we live each day with no regrets.
things may not go smoothly, patients might start throwing needles and clerks continue barking with no bloody reason but rmb tt they're not worth getting high bp. suck thumb and move on. :D

cause there's always karma for those evil people. >:/

on a more emo note,
its been half a year since ahgong left. 6 months and 5 days to be accurate.

frankly i still cant believe it, cause one year ago everything was so different, so positive.
he had just finished radiotherapy, tumour shrunk by half and we were good to go overseas.
but now.. its such a bitterly stark contrast.
all that is left are memories. and the picture of me and him tts on my table.

sigh.. life really is unpredictable.
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