Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Reflections for 2013.

Last day of 2013! Thankful for the past year, for the memories created and for the lessons which I have been taught.
For work, I've definitely made progress.
Especially after these few days, I'm confident that I can deal with work when Adele and Seen aren't around. 
Of course, I have an awesome team of colleagues who are around to work together, namely Emmanuel, Masita and Saljorah.
I owe it to them that everything goes so smoothly, and it's really true that only teamwork can take it this far.
But 2014 is going to change that, sadly.
Masita is going to bukit merah, Emmanuel is gonna go for his physiotherapist course, 
and I will be left with.. suhaila and lazy Susan wtf. 

Deep breath.

I just hope suhaila will drink more chicken essense so that she'll focus.
For family, I'm glad that this has been an smooth year for us all.
We even managed to go Thailand together!
Definitely a milestone, cause Jh planned the whole trip and kept my parents sufficiently entertained. AND WE GOT TO SHOP. HEHEHEHE.
And yay I sponsored the tickets and accommodations so it's a milestone for me too.
To be able to provide for my family. :)
Other than going with Thailand with my family, I went there with @zkamikaze too!
Our first ever overseas trip together.

AND SPEAKING OF OVERSEAS. going KOREA with @shirleelim @xinovel and soktheng!
Now this is something I'm looking forward to for 2014. Another 9 months hehehe. Time better fly!
Love my #newsstandgirls cause they've been my source of support, laughs and of course, gossip.
So excited we're finally able to go on a trip tgt!
It's been so difficult to make our schedules coincide, after 3 years wtf :x.
Friendship is actually really magical.
It heals, it brings joy, laughter. It surprises you, and it makes you happy. 
But many a time it may also bring about disappointment, sadness, anger and regret. 
This whole year, I've learnt this.
I've never thought that time could change a person so drastically,
to the point where a best friend I once knew and could talk about anything under the sun,
could become such a normal friend.
I no longer feel like I can trust him with secrets, nor confide my worries in.
Kinda sad but I think we all drift apart at some point in time.
There was one point of time I was really hurt by it,
but I've learnt to move on, and all I feel now is indifference.
And thankful for the bffs who stayed :D
Another person I have to be thankful for, is my ever supportive boyfriend.
He's the best friend who will never betray me, the ever open ear for listening to my rants, and my punching bag :x.
The last role is something my bffs can never do, and I will never let them be, 
because my temper is horrible. 
Only pok can tahan it, and it's something I hope to change in the coming year.
At family photo shoot now and I'm feeling so sleepy. *yawns

Monday, December 30, 2013

Worst Monday of the year, ever

Damn shitty morning cause it was 8.30am already and there were only four staff. Stupid trainee took mc and didn't bother telling at least my supervisor. She claimed she called the lab but no one picked up, but fucking hell I was in the lab since 7.20 and the phone didn't shit once.

Can't believe I have to deal with another fucking lazy bum other than the already lazy Susan. Of all the bloody luck. 2014 is gonna screw me around , I already know it.

I hope one of them quits.

Seriously I'd rather have lesser staff than idle staff, where I have to clean up after them some more. Cb.

New girl is blur as fuck. One instruction can repeat 6 times, no kidding. And she can still rebutt that it was done 'accidentally'


I know its damn unhealthy to be angry about work, but I'm really in need of ranting if not I may just explode.

And now stinking bus 12 made me late cause I had to wait 27 minutes. And guess what, two buses came at the same time what the shit.

Did I also mention that both seen and Adele are on leave? i just got "promoted". And fucking lazy Susan is on mc. Yup, since 20th she has yet to return to work. Till 3rd. And she says might extend.


Can't stand people with no sense of responsibility and commitment.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

I'm feeling 22!

-Found this post on my Dayre and I can't believe I didn't blog about it properly-


Feeling super loved cause I received so much from my awesome family and friends,
can't be thankful enough for all the love showered on me. :D

Spent the first hour of my birthday getting surprised at home by @xinovel and Sok,
and then we gossiped over cupcakes HAHAH.
Appreciate that they went to such great lengths to trick me LOLOL.

#ootd for today!
I was really lucky cause my favourite @thetinselrack launched a really gorgeous wine red romper,
and I managed to get it on Tuesday night!

Used normal postage some more, really is heng cause ttr is super efficient;
payment verified on Sunday night and sent out on Monday.
Postman also deserves my thanks hahahaha.
Best thing about the romper is its simplicity.
Resembles a dress, and subtle ruches and pleats are enough to make a statement.
Antislip also made it damn safe to wear, if you know what I mean :p

#thetinselrack #ttrootd

Met le boyfriend , le Ahpok. His birthday is tmr (12 more minutes to be exact),
and since he's gonna be at school camp I decided to celebrate his birthday today.

Two in one combo. You can't get any doubts tt we are meant to be tgt,
cause how rare is it that your bf's birthday is just a day's diff? 

Made a treasure hunt trail for him to guess the places to go.
Bwahahah I love making people earn their presents.

So first stop was Nex, Shaw Premiere cinema!

Pok has long wanted to try the luxury of a premiere movie experience so why not?
Plus the movie (the hobbit) is so bloody long so I might as well get comfortable.

Super love the reclining seats and the truffle fries!!
Amazing how a cinema is able to serve such yummy truffle fries,
when some places I've tried just can't make it.

Second stop, wimbly lu!

This is more for me to try, hahaha, but pok loved his waffle so it's a win-win. Hehehehe.

Love the vintage Mr Bean-esque car in front!

Gorgeous Christmas decorations which made me feel like I was in a fairy grotto.

Crispy fluffy waffles with salted caramel ice cream! Om nom nom.
@xinovel and @shirleelim next time we go tgt!

Was supposed to head for dinner buffet but we were too full.
So I told him we could save it for next time heheh.

Look at his happy face when he opened his present! Hahahaha one piece fan la this one.
A super kick ass day cause we spent quality time tgt.
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