Monday, February 25, 2008

survived the first day of work. hahas
quite okay larhs, my arm is abit aching frm carrying iced water and trays though. =x

my colleagues were friendly, almost all 17 this year.
plus i know one of them is frm RP biomed [ natasha ]
another appealing to TP biomed, my station captain! hahas
shu min's frm TP business school, my orientation officer ;PP
alot of others. cant really rmb names. x)

looks like working's gonna be funnnn! :D
stressful oso. but fun all the same.

mini zkm working same shift on sat! *flies to the moon* ;DD

Friday, February 22, 2008

went job hunting with mini zkm today :D

was totally prepared to run arnd pasir ris and bugis
but yay, swensen's at white sands recommended us to go try at changi airport
so zao-ded off to T2.

and happyness!
we got the freaking job! ;DDD

boss split us into different shifts laa.
cuz he say dunwan later got what conflict then siao liao ma
aaaaaaaaaaaas if. x)))

but yea. we understand. so it okay :)

starting work on monday 12pm-5pm. whee!
his shift is 6pm - 11pm though. =/

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

this post is purely ranting; pls do not read if against vulgarities
direct at my DEAREST GM in maple. blessed her fcuked up mind

asshole. bullshytted two-faced bitch.
what makes you think you're a GODDESS?
what makes you think you're fcuked up always correct

your attitude is absolute suckass.
your thinking is so wrong. cuz you always think you're RIGHT

lemme tell you.
alot of us have been trying v hard to tolerate you alrdy.
we keep quiet bcuz we respect you.
but apparently now all this respect is gone.

why? simply bcuz you've gotten too much on our nerves

you dont have to run to our alliances and cry
you dont have to complain abt what we're doing to you right now
cuz i tried. we tried. tried to tell you that we're not v happy alrdy

but of course. you always think you're right
you brought this upon yourself

you told me to find out wad happened. why they acted this way
i found out, i reported.
you told me that i didnt have to defend them

excuse me. i believe my sister over you
cuz unlike you, she's not TWO-FACED

why ask me to find out in the first place when you knew you wouldnt believe it?

you read too much into things, you bitch.
not everyone has to have a reason to befriend anyone

i told you. its ur attitude and how you phrase things pisses pple
you told me, TOO BAD.


too bad you've changed.
too bad we have to do this
too bad you think you're always right
too bad i nv believe you anymore
too bad. R3 has to fall like this.

really. its all too little too late now.

pardon the vulgarities. but she's really too much.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

TP BIOMEDICAL. lalalala~

stun sia. i thot the posting results would be announced arnd afternoon. rofl

well. grats to everyone who got their choice of school!
and those who din. appeal appeal! hahas

its not the end of the world. ;D

Thursday, February 14, 2008

happy valentine's day all~!

went out with fik today ;DD
wanted to watch meet the spartans.. but apparently not showing yet =="
so watched jumper instead.

there isnt much of a climax larhs.
but still. worth watching. xD
super smart way of robbing a bank shown in there also. =x

hmm. went arnd walking. then had dinner at pizza hut. x)
wahhs. dam full sia. after 3 slices. ><
*burps contentedly*

supposed to be having dinner tml with buttonFAM. plus kehui and steph. ;D
but thennn. i have to go to my grandmother's hse for dinner! RAWRS.

wadthefish larhhs.
maybe i'll sneak out. ;P
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