Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Review: Palmer's Rapid Moisture Spray Lotion - Instant Cooling

I'm back with another Palmer's product!

Previously I had introduced their Skin Therapy Oil for Face, which now belongs to my mum.
She's using it on alternate days and says that over a period of 1 month, some of her dark spots have lightened.
She likes the texture too. :D

This time, I will be sharing about the Rapid Moisture Spray Lotion - Instant Cooling.

Watch this video for information regarding skin superfood: Cocoa Butter!

Okay la I very nice, I know some of you probably skipped the 2 minute video LOL.
I shall summarize for you lazy bums!

Cocoa butter is rich in Vitamin A, C, and E, as well as oleic acid, and minerals.
It is a natural anti-oxidant which helps to prevent signs of skin aging.
And to do their part for the Earth's environment,
Palmer's uses cocoa beans which are sustainable and ethically sourced,

So what's new with the Rapid Moisture Spray Lotion?
I have the one with Instant Cooling - which contains aloe vera, another moisturizing ingredient.

Usually, moisturizers that we use are either creams, oils, or gels.
For my skin, gels are preferred because of their fast absorption rate, compared to the other two.

Application can sometimes be messy, if we are not careful.
I can't count the number of times I happily apply liao, then I forget and go sit down on my chair. -.-
That's my common peeve about applying body moisturizers!

Aiya I very nua one. Hehehe.

Palmer's new spray type moisturizer, which promises rapid absorption - using its RapidSorb® Technology - sounds almost too good to be true.
Simply spray, rub in the non-greasy lotion and you're done in less than a minute.

Let's put it to the test!

Hold can about 3 to 4 inches away from skin and spray.

Rub in the lotion; which is slightly white and visible when first sprayed on.
It was a pleasant surprise when I found out that the lotion was not as greasy as it looks.

I waited about 30 secs for the moisturizer to be fully absorbed.
There was a slight cooling sensation - credited to aloe vera as on of their ingredients.
Very shiok! Perfect for the crazy weather outside.

And the cocoa butter smell is damn irresistable!
Om nom nom chocolate.

If you want a deeper moisturising effect, rather than cooling, the spray also comes in Shea butter variant.
Their popular stretch mark lotion is also available as the spray version too!

Popular Taiwanese celeb Sonia Sui is the spokesperson for Palmer's Rapid Moisture Spray Lotion.

Where to get le awesome moisturiser?
Palmer's Rapid Moisture Spray is available at Watsons, Guardian, Fairprice, BHG, Robinsons, John Little and leading cosmetic stores, at the retail price of $17.90

Now I'm off to hunt down some edible chocolate. :D

Monday, May 25, 2015

Le crazy polish haul !

After three (or more) weeks of procrastination, I finally have time to post the swatches!
Sorry la, people had to cope with new job ma. :B

My indie polish supplier Mei Mei's Signatures had a clearance sale some time back.
A purchase of above $200 entitles you to a 50% discount + 1 surprise bottle - LIKE OMG WHY NOT.

So in the end, $102 got me 14 bottles of polish, which is $7 per bottle?!
FYI usually 1 bottle costs at least $18-$25

Rainbow Honey - Mint Flavor
Turquoise leaning mint with silver shimmer
2 coats for opacity.

Rainbow Honey - Tessie
Periwinkle purple with blue shimmer
2 coats to opacity.

I think I have a million colors like this and I'm still in love with periwinkle.

Rainbow Honey - Tiny Ruby
A slightly pinkish leaning red jelly, packed with holo shimmer and glitter.
The formula was good, so 2 coats to opacity.. though under the strong sun slight VNL could be seen.

See the holo shimmer! This red is slightly truer to color

Rainbow Honey - Hanami
A glitter topper, with white and gold micro glitter, and rose pink microglitter and hexes.
Applied over Pretty & Polished - Pretty 2.0

This was inspired by the Japanese custom of flower viewing during the sakura season. 
I thought RH did this polish very well, as the polish brought out the delicacy of the blossoms.

Powder Perfect - Iteru, The River
Royal blue microglitter holographic bomb!
2 coats to opacity

Another color I'm a sucker for.

Powder Perfect does damnnn awesome microglitters. 
This was so sparkly without any top coat !

Had to use two coats of top coat to smoothen it out.. cause shiny glitters are thirsty.

XOXO Nails - Coffee Date
A glitter topper - nude jelly base with bronze hexes.

I painted 1 coat over Dorian Gray..
One day I'm gonna try make mint choco chip nails. :D

Love, Angeline - Magical Romance 2.0
Soft purple, with silver shimmer.

2 coats to opacity, with slight VNL .
The formula was good, color built up easily and was not very streaky.

Pretty & Polished - Pretty 2.0
Pink tinted nude, with pink shimmer and gold flecks.

3 coats to opacity.
First coat was quite sheer and I honestly got a shock. hahaha.

Formula was good, built up easily despite its initial sheerness.

A england - Dorian Gray
Cool pewter grey
1 coat to opacity.

Smooth formula from A england, as usual.
No worries about streakiness!

A england - Her Rose Adagio
Metallic pink holographic polish
At some angles you can see a rose pink duochrome shift.

1 coat to opacity.
A england - still the best holographics.

Emily de Molly - Dead and Dreaming
Dark plum-red holographic polish.
The color and name made me think of dead wilting roses. :D

2 coats to opacity.

Delush Polish - Swans upon a time
White creme base with pink shimmer.

2 coats to opacity.. which is a headache.
The formula was quite thick, and it applied streaky.
A lot of patience is needed to get it smooth.

Jindie Nails - Mango with the Flow
A pastel orange crelly with silver hexes.

Er I'm not sure if I received a faulty bottle or what.. but it was horrible.
Polish was gloopy and there was too much glitter with each coat, no matter how much I tried to wipe it off.
Maybe I need to thin it more.. like a lot more.

I should like to mention I also ordered Rainbow Honey's Spirit of Wonder,  one of their limited edition Christmas polishes.
It was supposed to be a pure white base, but the bottle I got was yellowish.

I emailed Mei Mei, who kindly offered to give me a swap, but her other stocks were faulty too.
She then offered me a refund - which I declined cause its too much of a hassle, and its not really her fault.
I had emailed Rainbow Honey too, and their response was kind of disappointing.
Their representative informed me that it is a common issue for some of their polishes, especially those over two years.
Eh but most of my other indie polishes dont have the same issue leh.. and it felt as if they were just brushing it off.

But its okay. I'm in the process of frankening the polish to get out the yellow tint.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Review: Essential - Shampoo and Conditioner

Remember Essential's Damage Care hair products?

Images from Google

I used to be an ardent fan of the Premier Rich hair mask - it worked wonders for my slightly frizzy hair!
Twice a week usage healed my hair, which I used to have to bleach or dye twice to get it red.
Then I switched to visiting Shunji Matsuo, and I didnt need such a rich hair mask anymore.

Now, Essential has come up with a new range of hair care products.

Images from Google

No worries, their popular Damage Care treatments and hair masks are still available.
What's new is the expanded variants of shampoo and conditioners for daily use!

Now, from my previous experience with the Premier Care shampoo, I found that the damage care range was really effective.
A slight bit too effective, because two weeks after using,
I felt that my scalp was more prone to oiliness before the end of the day.
Maybe because I have a low exposure to heat damage, so my hair doesn't require daily damage care?
So I only continued using the mask.

This new range aims to provide basic, daily care for your hair, and comes in four variants:
Nourishing Breakage Defense, Moisturizing Frizz Free, Light Finish Volumizing, Deep Cleansing Care

Image from Essential

Sample Store has kindly sent me both Light Finish Volumizing and Deep Cleanising Care variants to try! :D

These two variants are suitable for those who have combination hair.
Combination hair is much like combination skin - oily scalp, but dry hair ends.

Very troublesome to take care of :x

You have to ensure that excess sebum is cleared to maintain a healthy scalp,
yet with a too strong shampoo it may dry out your hair ends..

You hope to nourish your hair ends and keep it smooth, but an over-rich conditioner may irritate or lead to an oily scalp..

In short, headache.

So whoever came up with hair products for combination hair, thank you!

Essential uses Smart Cuticle Care and Sebum Cleansing Technology, to take care of your scalp, while nourishing your hair ends.
Best of all, you can mix and match between the variants for the type of treatment you need.

Deep Cleansing Care is more suitable for those with an oily scalp,
and Light Finish Volumizing promises natural volume as the formula will not weigh hair down.

I challenged the products on Saturday - went cycling with my clique after work, had dinner and went to sing k.
Totally putting the scalp cleansing ability to the test!

I used this combination: Deep Cleansing Care Shampoo, and Light Finish Volumizing Conditioner.
And while shampooing, I put the shampoo brush to good use :D

Dry demo! Very easy to grip, so you wont be dropping it around in the shower.

Shampoo brushes are apparently very popular in Japan.
The brush massages the scalp as it lathers and removes dirt and sebum build-up.
It improves blood circulation too.
Hehehe plus it saves my manicures from getting chipped when I scrub.

Essential inspired #jtsmani :D

My scalp felt very refreshed after the shampoo!
It remained that way even after I woke up, till around afternoon.
I wondered if it was due to the shampoo brush, so I tried another wash, using only bare hands.
The effect lasted as well; I think my scalp is in love hahaha.

The conditioner however, didn't work any volumizing magic on my hair - but sis says my hair is already usually volumed enough, LOL.
Most importantly, the hair strands didn't feel too dry despite the deep cleansing shampoo,
so I guess the conditioner still did a good job protecting my ends!

Don't think thats what they mean by volumizing.. :D

The Deep Cleansing Care range smells lightly of lychee.. which le bf loves.
Light Finish Volumizing range smells slightly sweeter, like peaches.
Both are not overpowering, so my nose approves :D
Pok's nose approves too, cause the lychee smell lingered after my hair dried.. and he wanted to eat my hair wtf.

Want squeaky clean, soft and edible smelling hair?

Get your free samples of the Deep Cleansing Care Shampoo and Conditioner from Essential!
Visit Essential's Facebook page here to redeem.

And if you love it, you can purchase the bundle pack - Essential Shampoo (750 mL) + Conditioner (750 mL) at $19.60, from all leading supermarkets.
The shampoo brush is included inside! Comes in hot pink or mint.

For more upcoming promotions and updates, follow @EssentialSingapore on Instagram and Facebook!

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