Saturday, April 26, 2008

whee~! weekends are finally hereee :D

went for the movie night organised by ASc
its like a follow-up of week 0 orientation ;D

only intended to have dinner with A8G3, plus shikin and corn
ended up staying for the movie. hahas
though we din watch much. mostly talking. xD

still. it was fun. ;D

oh! and before that, a bunch of us slacked at the library.
there were these tv booths thing.
spent arnd 1/2 hr taking photos! ;D
like omg sia. all camwhoring ._.

sok theng ;D
amy :D
shirlee :D
johnathan. silent killer ._.
thats us! half of valiance; A8G3. ;DD

my pirate hat paper prata ._.

door gifts at movie night. bright orange! ;DD

mango ice cream! courtesy of food science pple ;D

grp photo with shikin!

thats sharifah behind. ;D

ivy :D

fatihah :D

... balancing acts frm amy and fatihah. =x

some of the orientation photos frm last week :D

tp dance ensemble x)

thats design and engineering. plus ASc! ;DD

Asc. ;D

shaz doing the >< face. ;DD

Thursday, April 24, 2008

thought of the day; i miss mrs lam!
i really really do miss her.
baby come back to me~ ;DD

alright. this isnt a random thought okayys.
i had biochem in the morning and organic chem in the afternoon
both instances i almost fell aslp!
plus ended up struggling to understand
orbitals and hydrophobic molecules. that kinda crap
the idea is relatively easy but the lecturers made it sound so cheem ._.

makes me really miss her and her ammonium-nium ><

anyways. most of the day was lectures lectures and more lectures
surprisingly it wasnt as tedious as i thot it would be
the anatomy lecture even ended 40mins early.
whooyeahappiness :D

i've thought abt cca!
and probably trying out for archery ;DD
dance might be a second option
but i wanna try out something new larhs =x

HOWEVER. i will eventually go for ASc Club
its like a mini student union, in charge of activities for ASc
nid to undergo interviews and campaigns though.
gambatehh to me! :D

the rab looks like a munster penguin today! :D
saw her at design school's canteen, where i was munching chicken chop! ;D

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

started school ystrday.
pb says FINALLY! hahas
but way to start school sia, it was POURING

i missed 3 filled-to-the-brim buses
therefore congrats to me! late on the first day ._.
syad and bowen were late too. so paiseh ><

most of the day was slacking arnd, cuz no tutorials for the first week
met up with shikin to buy lab coats and such.
mine was XS, and it still looks freakin big on me. =="

i'm the freaking class treasurer. AGAIN ._.

met up with mini zkm after school, hung out at tm
hahas nice timing, cuz swensens was having pre-opening briefing!
saw mdm diyanah and mdm rachel.
gosh. i'm gonna miss them arnd T2 ._.

anyway, today i was early though!
took another route, 229 frm my hse then 69
aint gonna risk it again siaa =x

almost fell aslp in the lecture hall, due to influence of cough med!
horrible horrible throat infection.
couldnt talk, could only croak ._.
torture! F3

mini zkm was so worried he fetched me frm school. not that i'm complaining ;D
slacked arnd expo coffee bean, then at this playground near his hse
went homeeeeeeee~ then doctor's =x

i really hope i can regain my voice seh.
its like not just sexyaye. its unhearable =="

thanks for being there by my side
thanks for making me feel so much better emotionally AND throat-wise :D
thanks for just being you <3

Thursday, April 17, 2008

update on orientation!

had orientation on tuesday, plus ystrday's overnite stay
first day wasnt much, basically icebreakers and all that stuff.

arranged to meet up with rab to go tgt, but she was freaking late!
in the end got her mum to send us. free ride~ :D

reported to LT6. lecture hall x)
turns out jovan frm 4D is in my class. like wah, so qiao.
initally he din know i'm frm ahs though ._.

24 26 pple in valiance; A8G3!
`ME! :D
`sok theng
`yee ying
`hua leong
plus our 2 elites; corneylus and shikin :D

*not sure if spelling's correct ><

><"..... everyone was abit quiet initally..
took me 5hrs to get high. =x
but after awhile of course, it got better :D
there's someone who reminds me of junhao though =x
btwn him and junhao, i'd take the latter and this means ALOT!

getting abit lazy to describe in detail le. F3
but basically. i enjoyed the orienattion alot larhs. ;DD
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