Wednesday, March 31, 2010

awesome day out in th sun.
finally got rid of my tanlines, and i got t hear gossip ! :D

met bimb at bedok instead of tanah merah tday,
cause she's supposed t get up early and buy stuff.
end up she set th alarm clock one hour behind time, happy happy thot still 8.30am.
heng i nvr meet her earlier. :x

realised tt sok was in th same train as us when she called me, LOL.
sibei epic, we from end of train squeeze 3 carriages t find her.
but still seperated cause she squashed in one corner and too many people blocking.
make us feel abit dumb siol. hahah.

met wayne and jiajie at harbourfront . jiajie brought absolut vodka ! :D
but we didnt have a mat, nor a ball t play with.
emo siao sit there drink and chitchat meh, LOL.

so we ended up shopping at vivomart.
which i previously called quite dumb cause why would anyone go vivo t shop for groceries .
but yeah, found an orange mat ! fucking 8 bucks, and spoil so easily. ):
saw alot alot of pooh bear stuff. bimb was excited.

took monorail, ended up at siloso beach.
not many people leh. wonder why :x
played w th 36bucks volleyball, omg bimb play v epic.

almost every single game oso got entertainment.
hit by jiajie, miscarriage yalun's baby.
play poisonball and monkey, everytime dio.
play soccer, omg roflmao! i goal alr she say not counted. warmup :x
laugh until i wanna die.

and my shorts v heavy after soaking in water,
so end up run, stop and pull up. wayne also, LOL.

cliff came after driving. played 2nd round, and then truth or dare !
LMAO th make it dirty function.
dare is CANNOT make it one la ! truth i think oso equally gross.
exchange underwear, make out, LOL LOL.

though i know cliff v happy at jiajie's dare. :p

von came much later.
organisor was sick cause she ate too many kbox snacks. fever in th morning :x
glad she could still make it though :D

and hi thanks for th towels, deliver from simei t sentosa sia. <3
quite dumb t bring shampoo and soap but not towels.

washed up, went back t vivo, and i went off first.
bimb tried t make me help them think of eating places. LOL
dont like sia, cause bimb and von v picky ! HAHAH.

call me and ask me what they shld eat when i was sleeping. will nvr forget it.

enjoyed today v much, though it was more of chilling out than playing.
and maybe cause i had SALT AND VINEGAR LAYS. :D

tmd he scored all As for final exam and will be graduating with a GPA of 3.58.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

bloody shit hoping it wont rain, and tt i'm not too tired after 2 days of work D:
oh and tt no uneventful stuff will happen. :x

i fear for my grandfather, am hoping tt everything will be fine and its just a mistake..

Sunday, March 28, 2010

apparently now i'm in bimb's family.
being her sis-in-law and her bro-in-law's husband and her lover.

she might have just been satisfied w selling me t cliff only.

sorry pok, not i want, but is bimb force sia. )):

Saturday, March 27, 2010

fuck man i find you disgusting.
not even close t you i jio you out for what.

somemore w my poly friends, like for hell i ask you along.
you not even considered friend actually. acquaintance pls.
happy 21st birthday chongseng (:

went for cs's celebration at costa pasir ris.
nth much t elaborate on.
only few moments are epic;

when sok went up t take photo and whispers of 'they really tgt ah' errupted in one corner.
when someone just barged in loudly upon arrival and demanded a photo w th birthday boy.
when th NDU guys picked him up and threw him into th pool,

and when boss realised tt me and bimb had been lying t him abt sok all along :D

had dinner w parents dwnstairs.
deesiao them abt clubbing.
what, need black-and-white t obtain permission, 2 working days t process.
then must hang on wall and refer to validity. LOL.

my mother damn cute oso.
she laugh till she cried when jh was bouncing her head, asking me when go clubbing.
then again when my dad said he wanna go clubbing too.

cause she say my dad dance v epic. then laugh and cry for 2 mins.

now i know why jh is liddat.
hereditary one, cannot help it.

heng i got spared from tt gene. :x

Friday, March 26, 2010

awesome day cause i finally got t sing K!
went w boss, bimb and ahsok. <3

quite short; 3 hrs only compared t topone's 7 hrs.
somemore only one drink. topone free flow siol.
then room quite small leh.

but teehee, nvm. today got t sing 只对你说 v peacefully, thanks t boss.
cause tt bimbo lim likes t scare me by singing i love you t me.
so everytime i cant complete th song, too traumatised.

today exception cause boss help me block her out,
so i cannot see her expression and singing, and he sang th song t her instead. LOL LOL.
end up she herself become th v traumatised one. :D

next time shall keep bringing boss t k w me so tt i can finish my favourite song happily.
plus free show t watch sia. HAHAH.

besides tt ahsok and me oso gang up against her.
*hides coaster behind my back*. HAHAH.
sibei funny la, i think bimb dio bully until quite cham today.

<3 today's singing session. less singing but th entertainment makes up for it :D

went searching for cs's present; a shirt, at 313 and ion later on.
actually ahsok supposed t be our consultant and help us choose.
since she knows him better.
but then she had t meet her parents for dinner ):

heng we ask her for tips first if not really stuck on what we shld buy.
alot of shirts are like, v beng sai. or not v suitable leh.
ended up finding one tt we all agreed one from river island.

quite nice actually cause got th cs feel. LOL.

went for dinner at PASTA DE WARAKU at heeren.
saw gina and ivy there at spinelli's. (:

cause ahpok cannot peii me eat and most of th time i was broke.
or more tempted by fish and co . heh.

considered v worth th money also cause we ordered th set.
i had corn soup + salad w really nice sauce + HUGE bowl of cream soup pasta + curry rice.
only for a low price of 17.xx bucks including GST :D

gotta bring levon teo t try it soon cause i think its a bargain for her. DISCOUNT AUNTIE <3

curry rice was abit disappointing cause th rice is hard.
didnt eat th scallops inside, dont like seafood. boss koped it, LOL.
th rest was incredibly awesome.
including th doria, which is baked rice tt bimb ordered. loads of cheese, i eat until v happy.
practically scooped th whole top layer off after bimbo gave it up.

though i think cliff will probably die at th smell of it. :x

oh and when i said huge bowl i meant th bowl itself.
resembles a potty/ top hat. and its bigger than bimb's face. LOL.
but th portion is regular sized, filling but not too overwhelming.

BEST BEST DINNER EVER. successful tryout of a new eating place. :DD
and ahsai is gonna flip cause i took food photos. with my imba camera, teehee.

but doesnt end here cause we still went for dessert.
damn crazy, i had it 3 times in one week on alternate days.
and today morning liza also bought tauhuey as my breakfast.

amazingly still not sick of it.AM I MAD ABT TAUHUEY OR WHAT. :D

mrt-ed home w bimb cause boss was off being his teeko self at powerhouse.
clubbing for th first time in 13 weeks. aiseh LOL.

shall go k soon w jiawen, ahsai and coconut when they're free ! :D

Thursday, March 25, 2010

hi i just swore t jiawen tt i'm not gonna eat sakae for th rest of th year
if chawanmushi STILL turns out disappointing th next time i go with her.

cause i dont think my weak heart can take it if i'm faced w bad chawanmushi D:

its just not th same, being so nua and watery !!
<3 firm and soft chawanmushi. LOL SOUNDS WRONG :x
had my fringe and dry ends trimmed, w bimb.
and then satisfied my mcspicy craving too !

sibei awesome, and von smsed me at tt precise timing so she dio tempted by me :D
her timing ytd oso v suay,
cause she smsed me abt contacts and i was on my way for rochor tauhuey.
even her chawanmushi and ramly burger threat doesnt work.

<3 rochor tauhuey v much, thank you.

and it rained v heavily today!
so sad tt i couldnt sleep thru th rain cause i was outside.
why ah, why every time i wanna sleep th weather so hot.
then go out it rains and tempts me t sleep. )):

ah well. went marine parade library t drop off my books and borrow new ones.
yes i read NOVELs. :D

and thruout th journey me and bimb kept talking non-stop.
have t agree w my aunt and hairdresser tt we cannot stop yakking away. LOL.
laughed especially hard on th bus. heheh.
tt familar sentence which can scare people. :D

"ask you smth hor, must be honest okay !" LOL LOL.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

lovely bones was awesome, no wonder th movie took so long t be out.
made 2 years ago and released only now. LOL.

but i didnt like th people inside th cinemas.
cause they kept laughing loudly at their own jokes. like super noisy sia.
th guy sitting beside me oso v gross, cause he propped his legs onto th seat. -.-

walked arnd 313 and cineleisure for awhile,
but i wasnt really in th mood for shopping.
cause BROKE. and abit mood swingy, bleh.

chalet made me spend more than i was intending to. sibei sian but nvm :x

so pok suggested going for rochor tauhuey.
which i immediately became v excited and ta-da no more mood swing.
bimb, you might wanna take note of this. LOL!

anyw, we walked all th way from somerset t dhoby and t rochor tauhuey <3
so now pok's hooked t th hot youtiao and cold tauhuey too. :D

going for a trim tml, my fringe has reached th max limit i can handle.
totally hiding my alr v small eyes. )):

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

another tiring work day.
and then i shall talk abt

indians and toufu.
not trying t be racist here. so dont come and say i biased or stereotyping or what okay.
but seriously alot of them are obsessed with it. :x

this customer i served today, refused t talk t me until i kiaped th toufu for him.
another woman ran all th way here t eat her tauhu goreng,
and she looked so upset when she saw tt we were closing.

upset until my dad pity her and made her tt dish.

most epic, tt time we were totally out.
th guy said " please please, tauhu? tolong la. "

okay and then,
cheena piangs and impatience.
walao this one, seriously fucking hell dont like.

this stupid woman, ask her come 5 mins later.
she keeps coming back every 1 min t claim her food la !
then give her alr still must exclaim tt she was rushing for time.

hello common sense, rushing for time dont order food tt needs preparation right. chey stupid.

and then another one was so shocked when i said she had t wait for her food.
dont tell me food just pops out in a plastic bag.

really, explain t me why they are called foreign talents.

OKAY finished ranting. :D

going t watch th lovely bones with pok tml ! cant wait <3
and tt damn coconut is trying t play justin bieber's song but i'm blocking her out w jj lin.

actually even th comp's stopping her from playing it.
you know, i went back t read vestige's blog.
and realised tt we spent alot more effort planning th previous one than this.

th previous one got spoiled horribly cause of people whom we didnt expect t be so rude.
can be considered a fiasco.
at th end of th chalet, i was left wondering,
what th fuck did i spend all my time, effort and money for?

then this chalet, we didnt try so hard.
just took it casually, less organised and maybe a little last minute.
cause we NEARLY didnt manage t get a chalet.

but surprisingly everything turned out great.
and i wondered how i felt abt it.

i have an answer now (:

the conclusion?
you guys, are just plain awesome, incredible, ehba ehba andre andre huhuhu friends t be with.
jiawen. ahsai. christine. justin. naz. yijie. weihao. pok. kc.

and another thing just came into my mind.
we dont even play maple anymore, though tts how we knew each other.
but we're still so comfortable arnd everyone.
*okay kc maybe still playing, idk. hahah.*

just goes t show tt online friends are not for nothing.
we might not have th same lifestyles, schools, or anything alike.
but can connect yo.

oh, and that keyboard warriors just plain suck. :D
i've heard so much bragging abt their 'experiences' in chalet
but it turns out t be just a load of hot air.
or mashed keys. :x

AND AND not trying t say tt my poly friends aint awesome too.
dont jealous okay. <3

Monday, March 22, 2010

went out t cele von's birthday today, after work.
dinner at plaza sing secret recipe.
i didnt eat though, cause still feeling bloated.
and cliff drank 2 cups of tea, he seems so high. LOL.

walked arnd, ended up taking neoprints at dhoby arcade. ROFL.
cause cannot find place t camwhore. then smhow v bored also.
th expressions like all v epic la !
esp wayne and cliff's. eyes closed, looking stunned. hahah.

i thot tt th toilet shot was uber funny cause everyone like dont know what t do :x

super tired, but nvm cause i had tauhuey!
and its rochor tauhuey okay.
like super smooth and absolutely nice.
plus th youtiao. whoo i can die a happy person :D

going for movie outing w pok on wednesday.
watch my anticipated movie; LOVELY BONES <3
hope it doesnt disappoint me.

i happened t see someone's status on fb,
and i instantly felt disgusted.
cause he has no right t accuse others of drifting apart from him,
since he doesnt make th effort t bother t be a friend at all.

friendship, he's into it for just th perks.
gifts, favours, an occasional fling, mesos?
whatever, loser.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

just came back from th most awesome chalet ever♥

much much better than th previous chalet.
where keyboard warriors simply ruined th mood.

3D2N at costa sands downtown east. room L2113!
me and pok checked in first, then naz, jiawen and christine turned up.
zebra lim dumped his bag and sister w us then zao meet girlf. tsktsk.

watched tv while me and jiawen were being noisy abt heii sushi.
v v v hungry and craving for food !! but have t wait for buffet timing t start D:
we practically chionged towards heii sushi at 6.30pm la. hahah.

chawanmushi was DISAPPOINTING.
like wtf undercooked. nua nua and got alot of th liquid or smth.
complained alr then th new chawanmushi still like tt.
walao damn sad la !
still nvr get t eat more than 2 cups. )):

heng got cha soba and miso soup. if not i more upset sia.

played thumb master when zebra, yijie and weihao came.
th game's v fun cause of th mad rules, LOL.
before saying sentence must do action, finish saying also need. thanks t yijie la!
then need t drink so much water/alcohol.
bladder like wanna burst sia. D:

laughed super loudly, then got fucking auntie knock on door and complain siol.
she say we so noisy until she argue w other people cause she dont know where noise come from.
then later on she still not happy, call security sia.

hello wtf chalet meant t be noisy, you sleeping tts yr damn problem la.
where got people come chalet sleep so early one. noob auntie LOL.

so nvm we go walk walk.
yijie kept disturbing christine, make her scared sia wtf .
and cause gg rain we cannot see sunrise D:

breakfast was SUBWAY!! chicken and bacon ranch sub. :D
i like craving for it v long alr then finally get t eat.
now only left t tackle DOUBLE MCSPICY, then i settle all my food cravings alr. ;p

and wtf after breakfast we went back and ended up sleeping.
ALL OF US FELL ASLP. cause th weather too nice alr.
rainy and windy. like shiok. hahah.

slack arnd, went out buy bbq stuff, and some people cont sleeping.
jiawen and me did th marinating for chicken wings !
LMAO we koped salt and pepper from mac. cause dunwan buy 1 pkt then wasted.
i like massaging naked chickens :DD


bimb came for bbq also, then wtf she kena bullied by all of them.
dio scammed, bullied and ignored. LOL.
she really macham entertainment system la!
non-stop talking and laughing and th bimbo aura. ;p

can you believe tt she was selling pillows and disqualifying people? :x

oh, and she has a new slogan alr.
" i very violent one horh, rawr rahhh ! "
only tt she sounds like a roaring kitten.

speaking of cats.
ahsai extremely scared until she grip my arm v tight.
i think got finger marks alr. :x

cause bbq night was von's birthday.
and there was a group of people also cele-ing birthday.
we decided t prank call her.
like, make use of them singing then we add on and sing t her too.
BUT tt grp take v long t light candles !!
then me and bimb have t drag time and talk crap on phone w von, LOL.

most epic; when they finally started singing, and we joined in,
ZOMG they stopped singing . LOL LOL LOL!
laugh like mad cause i found it v funny.

played 2nd round of thumb master after i sent bimb off.
kc kept trying t catch people then he dio forfeit. LOL LOL.
i laughed until bth sia. cause expressions all v epic.

then th noob auntie called security and spoiled th mood AGAIN.
walao i totally felt like sliding a note under her door t ask her t fuck off sia. -.-

so nvm ended up going bowling.
yijie and justin aizai siol. while naz and pok were seriously funny.
cause pok's pose is like. epic. HAHAH.

me, i sprained my arm.
i totally thought tt it was just muscle ache.
then it became so painful tt i had t lie down and i tried t sleep th pain away.
when i woke up after awhile it was bloody swollen.

luckily there was still ice left and i did cold compress.
so now its just slight aching :x

went for a walk arnd pasir ris beach.
got t see my sunrise !! pretty pretty. w pink and blue clouds and orange tints.
<3 my satio cause it captured th scene v well :D

walked back t th chalet for rest.
christine has a serious case of blurness when she wakes up .
damn funny. she jerked up and went omg shit. looked arnd, and fell aslp. LOL!
and naz got caught sleeptalking. HAHAHAH.

played blackjack w pok, explain it more clearly t him.
CHICKEN. everytime i nvr involve money i get tt pair ))):

th guys got hooked onto we are th world, one verse.
its th one where an artist used his howling monkey voice, and went ah ah ah haiti haiti.
bloody hell they kept singing it everywhere !
its just lucky tt they started their addiction at th end.
if not, imagine our ears. pain siol :x

justin plans t learn th howling and sing it th next time we meet.

so yeahs, awesome chalet,
with everyone going home tired and happy.

cant wait for th next one,
cause there'll be 4 additional shaved heads in attendance. :D
ziq, naz, pok and yijie. army boys by dec.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


you know you love gossip.
and sales. and discounts. and coupons.
your love for green tea is also v great.

but i know tt you love bimb most cause its awesome entertainment.
so i'm giving her t you as a present, dont thank me okay ! :DD

Thursday, March 18, 2010

went clubbing w wara, von and bimb today (:
von is th last t arrive again, omg tsktsk.
damn funny, keep saying tt she's late then she v ji dong.

so, we went butter factory first.
queued there t enter, probably arnd 20 mins.
omg wtf, ended up they didnt let us in.

cause they dont accept ezlink cards as identity _l_

like hello, i dont understand th rationle behind it
dont tell me tt ezlink cards can be more easily forged or smth.
i mean, its th same isnt it?
ic number and everything is there. x.x

oh well, anyw. we decided t go clarke quay instead.
but butter factory, we'll be back okay!
last time xmas eve eve too many people.
this time stupid rule went in th way.

next time, die die oso must go inside once.
i dont believe tt we're tt cursed. roar.

went zirca, and this time we smart.
ask th staff if they accept ezlink cards as identification anot.
then he said can, but photo must be recent, cannot pri sch.

me and von's first thought went t bimb's epic picture :O

and luckily th bouncer let her go thru.
we were laughing at his reaction though.
cause he was smirking, and finally laughed.
and bimb damn pek chek sia. HAHAHA.

zirca had weird music.
and its uber huge disco ball could probably kill if it dropped.
upon entry, saw a gay couple.
going on th dance floor, a les couple was on th stage.

and wara was quite upset w zirca for having no alcohol after 12am.

so we went back t arena.
and guess what, th band was th same as th previous time we were there.
they were playing same old songs. ):

but nvm there was lychee martini !
w one piece of th fruit inside. omggg nice. :D
but i could only take one glass, cause i didnt have dinner.
and drinking on an empty tummy, cfm will vomit. =/

cause of von and bimb's knee, and wara's foot,
we stopped clubbing arnd 1am plus.
which was quite early compared t th last time.
but its okay, cause got gossiping and chitchatting. ((:

and of course, mineshine milk teh :DD

enjoyed th night, other than boss suddenly mentioning tefal in club. omg gross.
at least got t club w wara before she flies back t thailand x]


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

back from vacation . :D
lots of shopping and taking care of kids. LOL.

its been v long since i've gone genting w family.
they keep running off w/o me cause i have exams and cannot go D:
i think since poly started i havent went alr.

th hotel room is awesome.
omg there's a whole dressing room for us.
and in my aunt's room, th wardrobe links t th toilet.

you just slide th back of th wardrobe, and it opens to th toilet.
supposedly to make it convenient to get clothes after bathing.
i only knew abt it when putty burst into th toilet when jj was inside.

*he took a bottle of peach tea and locked himself inside th toilet.
then laughing cause we cannot get his peach tea out.
so my aunt sent putty t get it thru th door. ROFL

seriously stunned, then they all laugh at me cause idk abt it. ):

watched alice in wonderland w putty and jingxuan.
i think bimb's gonna kill me if she sees this.
cause i supposedly kinda pangseh-ed her again. :x

and those two, kept bullying me at night.
cause i was like, super high and kept talking w an indian accent. =/
then they laugh and laugh and i stop and wanna sleep but they dont let me.
assault my bear and such.

they asked me t prank call ahpok and bimb. LOL sibei random. hahah.

enjoyed good food oso.
win money at casino = dimsum t eat.
omggg th egg tarts and the cheese roll sibei nice lorhs !!
one is like melt in th mouth and th other has cheese. enuf said :D

and i'm not th only one crazy abt them.
we tapau 90 tarts home t give t people and ourselves okay !
ahsai's mother oso crazy abt them.
then we scam her say out of stock she so sad. LOL.

oh, and at immigration just now.
wtf my passport photo so old. until th person dont believe its me.
and smirk somemore. ):

update photos on fb. :D

Friday, March 12, 2010

just came back from ahpok's friend's chalet.
first time i've accompanied him t his gatherings sia.

somehow his friends have been nagging at him t bring me along.
and he's been ignoring them till now. :x

th atmosphere was abit weird, and not cause i was unfamilar w the people.
but cause all his relatives and other friends were there.
so i was like, stranger among strangers and more strangers. LOL.

but okay la cause got chit chat w them.
and i got t see this grade A+ chiobu. hahah.
she seriously pretty seh!

compared t the other one . ahem. ;p

ahpok's friends gave us a lift t pasir ris mrt. thanks guys (:
saved us th walk out from aloha loyang, which was seriously long.
reminds me of the previous sec4 class chalet.
before everyone started being so hi i only talk abt jc related stuff. which is boring.

oh yaaaa, and we could have met ziq today !!
cause bookout ma. then i didnt think tt his would be at pasir ris.
but it was !! then omg missed him. hahah.

he promises tt chalet next week he die die will go :D

and met cliff on th way home ! hahah.
cause nvr see properly at first, then i was thinking eh tt person looks like leh.
random call, wah, really him sia. LOL.

2nd time seeing him on th bus alr.
then ahpok damn shocked tt he stays in simei also. hahah.

gonna miss my ahpok, ahbimb, ahsok, ahvon.

depend on fb updates alr :x

Thursday, March 11, 2010

happy birthday cliff ! :D
awesome leader during OCP and great huh impersonation as well.
continue loving jj okay !

林俊杰 rocks. :D

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

went ice skating w bimbo and wayne today !
super fun sia. cause first time see bimb on ice. :x
and she was hugging the railings/ holding t our hands most of th time.

except during photo-taking.
tt one is scam people sia, cause she purposely dont hold to seem stable :D

and i think wayne is damn pro la, cause he can go v fast.
cannot catch up, if i try i will fall. ):

then we met ah sok, ah von and ah jiajie for MOF !
i recognise it as the jap restaurant i've been wanting t try but cannot find people.
until i forgot abt it totally :O

anyway, i had a internal struggle w cold tofu/iced matcha.
cause i'm on the verge of being broke. actually is v broke now. :x
so yeah, can only choose either my dearly missed cold tofu or the tempting matcha.

end up matcha won.
nvm next time then cold tofu's turn <3

qi yun did her qi gong w the straw and the japanese dumpling .
3 for 1 dollar omg !! so expensive for smth so small.
we called it the 一粒一粒 .

ah sok and jiajie were camwhoring happily cause they had a mirror beside them.
ah bimb was being bimbo as usual.
only me and wayne were the normal ones. heh.

camwhored inside th toilet, then cont somemore at th esplanade stage.
i wanted t go butter fact for a look, but then they dunwan :x
so nvm maybe next ladies night then we go


Friday, March 05, 2010

so, i was in audi at 3am
and this 17 yr old guy that i dont know, tells me to meet him and peii him.
i told him t fuck off.

hi what is wrong with people nowadays,
are they so desperate or they think everyone is as desperate as them.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

parents went overseas today (:
supposed t have gone clubbing but then changed t inviting th girls overnight :D
now's like 6am in the morning.

and von, sok, bimb are camping in my house.
macham mini chalet without paying for anything whoo.

had my freaking awesome sakae sushi buffet today <3!!
with those 3 and cliff + wayne.
felt super stuffed, but then only had 2 cups of chawanmushi.
like seriously not enough lorhs !

but they prepare v slow, then take v long t arrive :x

levon teo bth after 1/2 rounds of food, then i think cliff lasted th longest.
he not 大胃王 for nothing sia. hahah.
wayne not bad oso. win award for most rice in soy sauce alr. best :D

then like, slacked alr walk . cause walao sibei full.
we did smth v kuku. take group photo in cs. LOL t the max!
you'd think we've never been t cs lorhs !

using escalator mirror epic phail cause everyone looks distorted. curvy mirrors.
then bo bian hire security guard as photographer.
he say we alr on candid camera alr. and point t security cam. -.-

really bo bian me and cliff volunteer as photographer alr.

scammed bimb into getting her final part of birthday present.
her gmask tt she insisted on not getting. kiampa.
end up now i think she loves her pooh covered bimbo phone alr ;x

enhances her love for pink.
today she turned up on my doorstep wearing a pink top and pink lanyard.
a pink rubber band on her wrist and pink ipod in her hands.
and i just realised.

her bag has tt pink dangly ball and pink emoticon pin too D:

okay anyw my pink loving bimbo friend and sok + von ended up at my house.
green tea ice cream and camwhoring and imitating ah lians.

seriously sinful, walao going t run after i recover. :D
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