Wednesday, July 30, 2008

i predict i wont have the chance to blog this weekend.
due to staying over at my uncle's. totally no comp access and whatever shiat.
dang it, i dont know if i can survive. =x

wells. watched prom night on monday with mini zkm, shirleeee and sok
waited almost 4hrs to watch it, cuz mini zkm had his NAPFA test ._.

how did we spend the time?
bloody hell slacked at mac. walked arnd slowly but kinda not meaningfully?
thanks for the patience mans! ;D

the movie was.. so-so larhs. not as nice as i thought.
expected more slasher-bloody action. sadistic!
but its PG. what more can they have?

lisa died a horrible death though.
thought she was backing away, ended up playing straight into the killer's arms.
throat slashed. eww.

personally, i feel thats the worst ever way to die.
i mean, wouldnt it hurt to talk in the afterlife? ._.

oh, and thanks for the laughters gina!
36 wont ever be the same again :D

today was extremely long.
hell, dont know how i could tahan.

definitely learnt something today.

i'm lucky to have shirlee and sok, who would nvr backstab me like others might.
isnt it hypocritical to talk about your own friend behind his/her back?
someone that you seem extremely close to. probably on the surface; just a facade
i aint a saint. i gossip and talk.

but at the very least,
i dont pretend to be best friends with people i know i cant get along with.

face it people.
you're all wearing masks.
probably cause your true side isnt one you'll like to see. even to yourself.

reality is closer than you think it is :D

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

i think i'm blessed this week.
i'm actually able to blog on a day other than saturday! whee wheets.
its nothing really ridiculously miraculous; but yeahs.

i'm just feeling random.

we didnt take a single photo today! thats a record mans.
i guess all of us felt affected by the weather; lazy and sleepy ;D

wells. photos from ystrday.

camwhoring before CSAS test. LOL
i love the blue tint on my hair!

i wanna dye it blue-black :D
visual rep of vestige in-charges ;D
from right; mel. kc. jh. me. fik and naz.

according to height =xsadly. i wasnt the one who broke the record T.T

oh. today's single photo.
sok theng aka REDandBLACK riding hood. x)

coconut. rmb to nvr let anything put you down.
even tho you scam me ALOT.

spent time slacking with shirlee and sok at our loved corridor today.
fetched mini zkm frm the bridge after, cause he wanted to makan at ITAS :)
had to hide his ITE thingy on that maroon polo tee tho.
this time was using my orange file.

the last time was my shoe bag! =x

he. took. a ridiculously looong time to decide what to eat.
we were totally exasperated mans ._.
in the end, spaghetti with chicken chop.
the way he eats it drives us mad too. x_X

but mini zkm. still loved deeply yeahs. ;D

anyways. prin was in formal tday!
shirlee's buddy who is in love with my shiny polished bag :D
i took a photo for them. plus many candids! hahas

had hot fudge sundae and fries at mac with mini zkm.
both items reminds me of the time i mugged for Os with rab and pb.

i miss those times, but somehow i know that things wun be the same anymore =x
cause along the way, someone has changed till i dont even know anything.
maybe its time, maybe its just meant to be this way.
but memories are still there, just abit more painful.

emoshiats. i know :D

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

updates for ystrday!
amazingly, i have time to blog.
cuz well. i skipped MSt1 lecture, and there's no BCHM lab :D

so. school starts at 12pm for me today x)

the queue at BI for 69.
i juust mentioned to shirlee that its been very long since i've been caught in that uber long queue
and taa-da!

i got caught in it ._.
our nails are the center of attention!
had 2 breaks ystrday, each lasting 2 hrs. ;D

went design there to makan.
omg mans, totally eating in the shower liddat lorhs.
cause, rain was spraying at us all over. x_X

AND. shirlee didnt finish her food!
though she said;我吃完给你们看! ;D

whee. straw star in my teh c bing ;D
the acen... crystals we made :D

hair up..
hair down! xD
shaz and he lab goggles ;D
camwhored in the lab cause it was just too FRICKIN' boring
it seems to be the first time i've done that :D
wells. i'm off to school! x)

Saturday, July 19, 2008

photos from the whole week!
i've been too busy to even touch the comp =x

JUST 1 more KILL! x_X

apparently. sok decided to eeemo today :D

tuesday's HAP practical was like a mini PE session.
though i didnt have to run,
i still did a jog arnd the track with shirlee x)

and decided to sprint 100m with bowen, jonathan and the 2 ;)
jonathan fell down , scraped his arm badly.

he was kinda rolling, and i guess i got shocked. x_X

the light makes me look like a damn skeleton ._.
sok looks damn hotCOLD with her hair down. woo-hoo smexyaye!
*thou shall not use the word certain pple have been spamming in my ears*

once more, we camwhored at the usual corridor.
shirlee's love :D
we were waiting for the ASc interviews x)PIPC1 lecturer's drawing, illustrating rate law.
he's damn cute sia! always feeling honoured or touched =x
jh's scribbles all over my handbook :D our lunch at bistro! :)
it was raining indoors :D
camwhoring in the lift again ;)

and ohhs. i was horribly late for the MSt1 quiz on thursday!
i woke up at 8.45am. and the test starts at 9am!
cabbed down to TP and reached at arnd 9.05.

i thot it was LT5, but apparently not. turned out to be LT8 after searching 4 LTs.
and guess wad the LT5 lecturer told me at first?
"G3? i think they're in LT14" !@#$%

luckily, i nvr listen to tchers. :D


Monday, July 14, 2008

today, hmm, today.
its not the best kind of day i would want to have.
owing to the unknown thingy i never expected =x

but no matter, i know you'll get through.
and only we know about it.

always. ;D

short short day in school, so as usual. there's not much.
lunched with mini zkm at eastpoint today.
woah, his laksa was the bomb!

and i ALMOST broke his record at bleach; single battle, survival mode.
just 1 more freaking kill! x_X

Saturday, July 12, 2008

photo updates AGAIN.
like the both of them, i noticed i've been camwhoring alot during tp life :D

us in the lift! ENG school ;D
took us 3 trips up and down to take 3 shots.
but, the 3rd one is missing! T_T

ooo. chocobaby CHOCOLATES.
they're small but addictive :D
there's the star on one of them ;D

photos frm the day before.
when we were in TP polo tees!

me and shaz :D
sharifah! did i get the spelling right? xD
fatihah and gina. emo laa!
ohmygod. is my hair growing longer? xDDsok sok and shirleeee. ;D
those two are loved mans.
amy. my favourite finger poking object :D
sok's strawberry tattoo! cute siaa.
random grp photo with yanling and her clsmates :D
and see. thats our reflections! xD
thats me, all wet.

its like. wtfiak mans.
the moment i stepped off the bus, it started to rain and got heavier slowly~
!@#$%, suddenly the sky peed like nuts.
practically felt as if water was poured in buckets. =="

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