Saturday, September 25, 2010

friday dinner was with th love of my life: subway :D
th last time i ate it was 6th august. really one month without it leh !

went w cliff and ah bimb after work.
bimb bought ion takoyaki sia !
but i still cant get t taste it while its hot.
which i believe would be AWESOME.

gonna get ahpok t try it with me some day. :D

cant believe ahbimb doesnt know abt th fish digitalis on th ion roof.
she spent quite along trying t figure if it was real or fake.

and yeah, ahpok cant call me anymore !
cause his spare batt turned out to be a scam.
stupid seller gave him a spoilt one. and he paid for it sia !
i hope th shop gets burnt down for doing such an evil thing.

so, let me try surviving 6 days without him :x

Saturday, September 18, 2010

watched resident evil: afterlife !
alot nicer than extinction.
maybe cause th storyline also featured other people?
not just purely on alice and her kickass psychic powers.

NEA should have just hired her t burn down th crows.
rather than all those useless shooters. :x

i thought tt claire redfield was really hot.
especially in tt fight sequence w th executioner. woahhh smexyaye.

the movie director is an asshole though.
most epic flying of a plane through a crowd of zombies. HAHAH.

had dinner w ahpok after tt and he sent me home (:

tuesday was heii sushi ! :D
i actually wore a dress to work. soooo weird la. :x

25 plates of stuff, and we tried almost everything on th side orders menu.
including this shiitake salmon thingy.
wah th mushroom part is super nice but th salmon is not.
and th tempura vege mix had too much onions :x

chawanmushi fucking disappointing.
shall aim t perfect my own version and satisfy cravings.
cause no point hoping for heii sushi to do tt for me D:

took a walk arnd pasir ris park before we took 12 home.

wednesday was just simple.
he fetched me home from tanah merah, with my honey aloe vera drink heheh.
actually, my favourite things are simple yet meaningful moments. (:

kbox with jiawen, blonde and bowei after so long !

met with cheechew for koi first. absolutely love koi heheh. bubble milk green tea :D
we're amazing cause we walked from outram to city hall.
next time i know alr how t spend time after clubbing alr ;p.

and cheechew says tt me and blonde look KOREAN.
whats up with tt sia, how come no one ever says we look sgporean. :x
even my new maid commented tt blonde looks australian and i looked jap.

at least, i hope tt he's saying korean AFTER the plastic surgery.
cause so far, i havent seen natural ones which look.. not cui :x

sang for 3 hours, then halfway through 最幸福的事, ahpok called !
wahh excited max. somemore th song title quite fitting <3
he says he feels weird without his hair, but its nice to touch also. LOL.

aww tt comment was so him. ((:

dinner at simpang bedok, first proper meal of th day.
liquid diet ma, teh c bing for lunch and koi for pre-dinner? hahah.

campus discussion !
wanted t have mensa's dory fish but apparently they got sold out of everything.
no chicken/fish/mushroom soup. just mutton pork or beef.
like i can eat tt sia. to think i skipped breakfast for tt.

carried my mp workbook to school for nth too !
dr. khin was on course D:
and everything ended early, so we ended up going t cliff's hse t play wii.

bimbo lim is epic wii player.
her mii is damn chio like 如花
when she plays boxing, i'm actually scared tt she might pop my eye out.
and bowling, she moves along with th alignment of th cursor sia. HAHAH.

went t unity t disturb ahsok. green tea for her !
then von's house t see rabbits.
seriously like hari raya or what, keep going people's hse :B

boss called and he made bimb say pcc.

supper at simpang bedok !
xiaolongbao and prata <3

haircut with bimbo lim!
slacked arnd tm and eastpoint before tt.

kiehl's promoters followed us from escalator t cotton on. LOL.
they v cute also, nvr interupt us talking instead.
waited until there was lesser people then approach. :x

bought 23 for ahsok. we want t make her bloated w tea ! heheh.
must take care of her when jiefu isnt arnd also. :D

took 9 home, slept for 1 hour.
and now i'm really bored of blogging.

cause i feel so bleah. D:

Friday, September 10, 2010

last dinner with boss before he goes bald !
unfortunately we forgot t take photos.
so shit la, cant make th poster of him with his hair still intact. D:

met with bimb first, then we traveled t woodlands.
wahh i cannot imagine if i was studying at NYP. journey sooo long.
we took circle line somemore, but i think th difference v slight.
cause still have t wait for train, etc.

purpose of traveling was t surprise wayne.
but he end up falling asleep. LOL.
nvm at least we entertained ourselves with mac and shopping.

went somerset after we were sick of causeway point.
got tempted by a pair of sneaker-heels from new look !
but fucking 60 bucks wthhhhh. D:

i think bimb has it worse though. tempted by a 99 bucks vest.
but its chio too. though v overpriced.

met boss at plaza sing pizza hut.
go pizza hut t try th new parchment pasta !
like awesome, cause reminds me of the leaf-wrapped hor fun.
only tt its thin paper. and giap-ed with this cute wooden peg (:

v creamy but just right, goes well w tabasco (heheh) and quite filling.
i love th grilled chicken. :D

walked up and down th whole bloody street, LOL.
from ps to taka to ion and all th way back for tauhuey. (HEHEHE)
finally get t have tauhuey after 2 weeks of craving la !
walao eh wait so long until my neck oso long alr ;x

and throughout we just kept talking and talking like no tmr.
i swear ah, boss has motor mouth. HAHAH.

anyw, have fun in NS uh boss, dont turn ghey pls. :D
if not eugene's gonna be overexcited alr.
we'll take a photo with th bald head 2 weeks later. hahah.

Saturday, September 04, 2010

dinner at just acia with bimb and cliff.
had such a hard time finding a place tt bimb is happy with sia !
we wanted tauhuey but she dunwan. ):

but okay la cause i got t try smth really nice at just acia.
baked dory rice w cheese. wah super filling. :D
and its not really like th standard type of baked rice also.

not t mention th free flow ice-cream and drinks !
hot chocolate + rum & raisin ice-cream is th love.
mango sherbet too!

heheh food <3

abandoned tauhuey plan, walked around daiso instead.
some things inside really memories sia !!
th open close ruler, th '8' shaped chocolate <3
i havent ate it yet cause cant bear to. :D

next time shall go spotlight and walk arnd instead.
th costumes section looks v fun heheh.

oh, and i scolded this cheena piang in th toilet.
people queuing up for their turns,
then she and her friend barge in and were exclaiming " 需要排队啊"
scolded her "废话" and she was so pissed tt she kept muttering at me.

whateverrrr. uncultured mother fucker.
think w boobs instead of brains.

like seriously, cheena people are mostly shameless and slutty.
see so many newspaper articles abt them, so disgusted la !

for example,

a cheena getai singer allows old men t put angbaos into her cleavage.
and she claims tt their wives were also there, whats wrong, all for fun only.
WTF so shameless and cheap sia.
their wives there but so what ! you think they happy meh ! zzz dumb fuck.
so next time your husband cheats on you he should do it openly and not behind your back la?

and another one.
prostitutes were arrested in shanghai and guess what.
most of them are women with good jobs, some even doctors, professors !!!
are they that DEPRIVED? _l_

utterly disgusting. so fucking glad tt my ancestors left tt shithole.

supposed t meet vestige for comex and dinner !
unfortunately alot of things cropped up D:

jerald is sick w high fever, so ahsai has t take care of him.
zebra ate durian AND curry, so having explosive diarrhoea.
ziq turned into a painter for th day in preparation of ramadan.
and mama is going dating so cannot.

so ended up i met ahpok in th afternoon and later naz at simpang for dinner.
chicken rice, HK yuan yang and cheese fries.
another awesome meal, cause cheddar cheese makes my day.

and i bet ahsai is gonna say i everything also food again D:

oh and th cleaner aunty v random. she asked me if i was chinese :x.
then she chatted w us too. DAMN FUNNY .
cause she can tell tt naz understands chinese and ahpok is just pretending. HAHAHA!

reminds me of tt time at rochor tauhuey, cliff dio pwned by aunty too.
so style siol, th aunties nowadays.
one day i can see levon and bimb like that.
and i mean th style, NOT AS CLEANER AUNTIES HOR!

slacked somemore at playground before going off.
love chitchat sessions, esp if you havent seen th person for a really long time !
just wished tt more people could have made it (:

only 11 more days till ahpok goes NS. D:
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