Tuesday, March 18, 2008

its been a really tiring week
and by that i mean mentally tiring. most of the time

i know that happiness is hard to find
i know that its nv smooth
but still. its far more emotionally draining than i expected

we're happily together, so let us just be, cant you?
in this case i dont think skin colour or race matters
cuz i love him. thats all you need to know
leave me in peace.

sometimes life seems perfect. but its just so unfair for us.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

update update! ;D

*i know i'm quite lag. =x

my mum and her cakeee :D
she's born on the first day of cny x)

my spastic 2nd aunt! hahas.
*she's younger than she seems. xP

me and my cousin. puutttty~ ;P

[ 15feb2008. button fam reunion dinner! :D ]

everyone's still the ones i know ;DD

our cute little tortoises! weneng's v day prez for us ;D

okay. these are totally random photos.

taken when we went to send off my aunt and her family on their overseas trip to shanghai. ;D

my cousin playing with his breathing thingy. that little monkey monster ;D

random shot of the pool/pond at t3.

oodles of chocolates! yummylicious ;D

speaking of the airport, cannot forget swensens! ;P

ta-daaa. my nametag. ;D

[1stmarch2008. wedding at st hilda's church]

went for my relative's church wedding. first experience for me and jh. ;D

jinghui with the v cute flower girl. ;D

my cousin's grumpy cuz his mother is styling his hair. seriously =="

the ferraro rocher roses jinghui folded. not as nice as on tv's but its a start ;DD

the road down the aisle is just the beginning of the journey x))
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