Thursday, November 29, 2007

update update!
super busy these few days
always running away frm home xPP

grad night 2007 was fun ;DD
i was kinda blur though
couldnt recognize some pple due to sudden glamness xP
alrights. the entertainment was hiliarious lorhs!
the host was this zhar bor in a bright pink skirt. =x
she damn zi high larhs. thats what i have to say
dragging pple upstage. sabo-ing.

no wonder she's called a professional.

hmm. anyway~
did my makeup with rabrab. with help frm my aunt ;DD
wahhs. munster rab looked DAMN glam. for once. xP
took a cab frm my aunt's hse to four seasons
totally thought that we were late larhs
but walao. weneng minyu and steph were still at paya lebar when i reached.

waited and waited. saw MELpok!
almost din recognize her. ><

highlight of the evening
bryan and nalina dio sabo-ed
sibei funny. host was like asking if there were any couples here tonight
then dont know how. both of them got mentioned.
lols nalina became marina -.-

anyway both of them got dragged upstage
bryan hada propose or smthg

sabo sessions are so fun.


me and glam MUNSTER rab xD

me and rabrab. with pb's eye at corner xP

pangpang and me! xD

me nalina and MELpok!
i look weird ><

yuwei and me

me and wenjuan!

4L girls!

me and steph xD

mengjit and me
adeline! shuai ge xP

me and sabrina
-pic koped frm her blog x)

me and jiesi

liberty2007! xD

went out to cele jinghui's bday ytd with R3
happy birthday to my freaking sister xDD

first guild outing!
damn it gwen. nvr come cuz of swimming lessons. rawrs.
anyways abt 7 pple turned up.
mel kc jones naz fik me and jh.
really fun lorhs. was playing arnd with food in seoul garden.
due to zhong ji mi ma =x

drinks all sabo-ed with soy sauce and chilli and dont know wad crap
eg. leftover soup with seaweed and egg ><

naz tried a failed attempt at reverse psychology!

he filled 2 cups with coke or smthg.
1 of them he added SPECIAL INGEDIENTS
passed the normal one to daryl. who looked at it suspiciously
then naz was like. aiyo. wanna switch not? since you're so doubtful

daryl said nvm. HA!


the uber cute bear. jh's present frm me and fik ;)

mel's face after eating wasabi rice

after effects of eating overcooked egg x)

daryl playing with da bear. they kinda look alike xP

jones eating COLD mini bao in chilli.

me and freaking sis jinghui. nice fingers j. -.-

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


these few days has been a complete whirlwind
kept going out SHOPPING for so many days ;DD
my feet are gonna run away soon lorhs.

they've been planning a rebellion. i overheard xPP

oh wells. anyway~

hmm. lemme think.
since 13november2007 LIBERATION DAY xDD
i've a total record of 29hrs of shopping and walking arnd

13nov. 6hrs shopping. din buy anything
14nov. 8hrs shopping at tm and bugis. settled grad night stuff :D
16nov. 3hrs walking arnd at tm. cuz cele-ing both sisters' bday. had PIZZA HUT. whee~
*happiest day of my life ;DD
18nov. 2hrs shopping at j8. bought youngest sis's present

okayys 19nov must describe in detail.
cuz it was ytd and i still rmb stuff ;P

hmm. met up with jazz at tanah merah there.
probably the first time i was early. but for a good reason ;D

anyways both us RICH TAITAIs went fish and co. xDD
the fish was damn freaking nice i tell you.
BUT damn freaking exp oso larhs.
i can show you a nice smoking hole in my wallet =.=

jazz was abit malu-ed there lorhs.
this waitresses came over and asked how was the fish.
first time she came we hadnt even cut it -.-
second time round i was like. er. very nice.
she looked at jazz.
guess wad jazz said?
"can i have more tartar sauce?"

waitress came back to table with a big portion of tartar sauce. ><

went to tour t3 after that
the place is like damn huge larhs. with alot of glass.
i tell you, my sis would probably walk into at least one. xP
both of us walk walk walk walk walk. then aiya sian.
so went city hall to meet cindy/cinidy/siti xDD

met steph at tanah merah
i kinda psycho-ed her to come along with us
but she zao off to esplanade library there after.
eeeee. nv peii us go shopping lorhs ><

anyway anyway. went penisula to buy skinnys
but couldnt find much there. then ran back to bugis st instead
omg we kept taking the wrong train.
nearly went boon lay. bleaghx

its the last time i let jazz be tour guide =.=
she nearly led me into a guys' toilet TWICE in that ONE day.

bought my 1st pair of skinnys!
dark denim. jazz's was black.
cindy bought her grad night stuff there. quite nice lo ;D
then walk walk walk arnd somemore
until abt 6.30pm. then we all went back lerhs.

i went for dance farewell :D

met pangpang at tanah merah and EVEpok at the bustop in front of school
both wearing bright orange dance tee!
i brought mine along too. but nv changed into it ><

anyways they were having dance camp larhs
they arranged some tables in the concourse then put the tealights there
shermaine was seen self entertaining with those soon after ;D

makan makan talk talk talk. then me pangpang and EVEpok hada go lerhs.
jiayu din want to let us leave. held to EVEpok.
EVEpok managed to zao. then she came after me! ><
managed to make her dizzy by spinning rnd rnd and rnd
hahas. jiayu was last seen fainted on the grnd xPP

haiiyo. long and tiring but extremely fun day ;DD

new york fish and chips! damn nice x)

t3 ceiling. i wonder if the metal thingy is the butterfly shape they're talkin abt -.-

t3 fountain. nicer than school's -.-

did you know that blah blah blah blah blah. xD

abstract pic of jazz. xP

me jazz and steph's shoe! ;D

jazz looks like she's out shopping with her lil daughter. aww~ xP

balloons! tied with syf ribbons. omg~

tealights and sparklers x)

seashell jelly! made by isabel :D

strawberry cheesecake! yumyum.

jiayu holding on to EVEpok. wahahas.

bright orange socks! with smiley sole xD

dancing socks. xDD

*ty for everything juniors. really apprc8ed all of it xD

Friday, November 16, 2007

oversleeping has many many consequences.
eg. missing PAE briefing ><

but whatever. i dont care.
the only school i can apply for is probably jurong or innova
i'll go nuts if i have to travel that far everyday

not to mention the 4am wakeup thing.
i'd probably overslp all the time

what joy. x)

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

whee~ the Os are like OFFICIALLY OVER~
burn textbooks burn xDD

went to eat popeye's after shading DA LAST FREAKING BUBBLE. ;DD
minyu was like ehhs. we shld like break this tradition and go smwhere else
but wells. she kinda got overruled.

at first i wasnt really going out with them for long larhs
was supposed to go for my haircut today
so they were like. aiyo. dont feel like going so far lehs =/

but the hairdresser went for NS or smthg. loools

still went popeye's though. hahas.
greeted by this CHEERFUL guy. who we all agree that he probably got his pay rise today
damn funny larhs. a malay trying to say thank you to us =.=

ended up going far east plaza to window shop instead
we nearly forgot the way there larhs ><
damn retarded larhs. bleaghx.

hmm. walk walk walk. for abt 6hrs plus?
leg damn suan now larhs. cant feel anything -.-

somemore we've got like a 2nd round of shopping tml
going out wif rab, weneng, minyu, steph, jazz. think wenjuan oso coming along.
yeahhs. looking out for grad night stuff larhs.
and like wtf. they're forcing me to wear a dress.
NAHHS! dream on ;DDD

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

majority of the papers are over le!
damn shiok larhs. chionging maple all day long xDD
advanced to fire MAGE finally x)

i nv thought i'd see that day come so soon xDD

i played arnd wif too many tauros -.-

explosion attk! lvl1 -.-
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