Tuesday, May 30, 2006

damn tired..
selection camp was fun lar..
k i went for it..
but it doesn't really matter
if i can get a post or whatever
bcoz i seriously enjoyed myself dere
though very tired..
but i shall try to give full details
hahaha.. lol..
only 7 sec3 nominees
pathetic sia..
den chao lot of sec1s and 2s
lol.. duh
den got into grp 5ive
jiaye.. cheryl.. alvina..
audrey.. jessica.. wayne.. jiahao.. wenjie..
and our facilitators
rachel and ming le
bsides rachel
i am the only sec3 there la
but seriously i blend in
so no one believes me
pathetic ah..
but nvmind lah..
so used to it le..
actually the afternoon nothing much
just basic stuff
get grp name.. do dance.. cheering session
the dance steps are like walau damn freaking fast
cannot catch up lorx..
den cheering actually not so enthu la..
bcoz a bit zi high like dat
but the night games den chao nice
ghost story.. whoooo..
hahaha.. lol..
dis 2 guys are supposedly missing
den we are supposed to find out wad happens
den run all over the school
searching for clues and all dat
den 1st me wayne and i think cheryl
went into the toilet in the canteen
junle was sitting on the sink..
wearing dis wig and a witch's hat
ask us to go inside last cubicle..
but nothing inside
den after awhile screaming at us to get out
while a door is slamming
scary.. but more stun than scared

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

not sure if it was a correct desicion
maybe i shldn't have..
but trying out doesn't hurt..
i just can't figure it out..
i think i am crapping la..
dun ask me whats dis
coz i'm not gonna say..
today went the learning journey
very lame lor..
sit down there learn how to make tea
eat the tea egg.. no taste de
den the dumpling
but aiya can skip school ma
qian bian thing is come back need to go assembly
wa lau chao tired lor
the video clip okay la..
but the reverend start talking orh..
den can start sleeping liao
friday got dance and batik
now which do i go for?
sumone help me choose
i haven't practised bangla dance
and neither am i in the mood
to keep dotting wax..
maybe i shld just skip school altogether
aiya whatever
too tired to decide

Sunday, May 21, 2006

"once a 2jayer, always a 2jayer..
2j, rawk on..
remember the times we had.."
dis msg on mel's blog ah..
walau eh..
really evokes memories lor
i am enjoying times wif 3L
they are okay really
except for the occasional temper outbursts
from dat freaking pikachu
3L is considered peaceful..
and its nice lah.. but not quite bonded yet
but 2j no bonding camp no nothing
yet can crap 2gether like there's no tml
kajiao-ing tchers
dis is sumthing i miss
oh well i have to move on eventually
but like mel said
once a 2jayer always a 2jayer
hope 3L will really come together
not just for the common target..
aiya shld noe wad i talking la..
i may be mean sumtimes
but it is a fact dat he's irritating
oh ya..
i shall miss 2 tchers
mrs soh aka ms marilyn ng
last yr chinese tcher
and ms huda
dis yr english tcher
they leaving ahs liao
sad.. bcoz they're gd la..
k gtg liao
walau very tired lor
bcoz woke up at 8 today wtf
continue talking abt SC
really very fun
maybe shld organise class outing there
imagine 42 pple sliding down slope
walau siaoded ah..
anyone wants dis suggestion?
as i was saying..
rabbit slide on ice ritex
den she got minor scratch on her wrist
very scared later infection lehx..
hope yj will take gd care
hahaha joking only
but if kena infection very serious..
omg den she'll nv be able to go again..
hopefully not la..
went into the igloo again
kewei tried to slide in
den yj put his hand there
so if dat reindeer slides in
his balls will kena punched
hahaha.. smart security system
b4 dat we had lunch at kfc.. hahaha
den saw dis bangla
danicia saw it lor.. den tell us
so we all laughing damn hard
chao racist lah.. walau
next time go JC how?!
haha.. must control..
den after then whole thing
we where choosing the photos to buy la
chose the grp photo.. 1 for 10 bucks leh
so 4 pple split cost den $2.50
reindeer gets to keep it
but he'll scan one for us
den maybe i'll upload it..
do i have permission? =>
wait for very long lor
bcoz the faster printer broke down
den went to tm
took neoprints la.. lol..
reindeer nv smile de.. so qian bian
den i put my fingers in a shape of a 'D'
on yj's head
hahahaha.. dun be angry..
den the freaking rabbit
put flower on my head again!!
damn it lor..
izzit a tradition for ur polarabbits?
1 of the photos kena censored
yj put middle finger on my head
den i censor it wif a star
hahaha.. in memory of zhao zimu
ask the art students.. they'll noe
smiley faced sticker.. haha..
ystrday school hol
so shuang
last minute outing wif artic animals
no mel dis time bcoz too last min..
so sad..
anyway thursday night all conference call
deciding where to go..
but most of the time like crapping
and suaning each other
esp dat black reindeer
in the end only the next morning den decide
at first wanted to go tm de arcade
den pb suggested ecp
den decided on SNOW CITY
whee.. wanted to go there for very long liao
very fun lor..
rabbit finally dio pillared there
say wanna pillar her very long liao
den she kena at the slide railing there..
sliding down snow slope oso very fun
diff positions.. train kind esp fun
at first 1 line go down
den me and reindeer wan sabo dan and yj
so we at each side
intended to let go when we slide
let them go down togther
but then i too close to the side
then there chao rough
so dio stuck there
so pai seh
den the camera took a photo of it
me giving dat frustrated face
after dat saw the photo on the comp
they enlarging it lor.. damn
yj face oso captured
hair standing up and he screaming
lol.. oso dio enlarge
den reindeer smiling
wow can see white
going down den rabbit de float flew off
reindeer caught it den laughing away
so danicia was sliding on snow W/O A FLOAT
omg dat must hav hurt
talk abt more nxt time..
too tired liao..

Sunday, May 14, 2006

oh yeah
i am officially exam free
art exam was such a screw-up
couldn't finish the prep work
which is so qian bian
bcoz i was given 3 wks
but got other exams leh..
okay nvmind
its a lousy excuse..
den spill water over the art piece
damn it..
den 4got to paint the lighter colours 1st
in the end the dark brown mix a bit
oh well toning den
though it looks more like a mess
den ran out of paint!!
had to stick the paintbrush in to get this bit
a bit sick ah..
the final piece was better than i expected
but compared to others its crap
i am used to it le la..
always below others.. sigh..
not dat i wanna be 1st or anything
den waited for 1 hour for dan and mel
walao they damn pro
den sum more
wait until start raining
nv bring umbrella
only mel have
so 3 of us under 1 freaking umbrella
wif yj trailing behind.. haha
decided to run over to the hdb block
cover myself wif the 2j class tee.. lol..
wanted to go tm
den in the end went BI
kfc again
crapping and suaning
walao mel damn pro
we suan her den she can suan back all at one shot
damn it
den went bedok library again
went to children's section
i blend in leh..
den got this space shuttle rite
so there's dis sign which says
"children below the age of 12 not allowed
without parent's supervision"
so assuming i am the below 12
and den the other 2 inside [yj and dan] are my parents
doesn't dat make me a polarabbit?
hahaha.. lol..
i just wanna clarify la
they are just frens
nothing else..
its just crap and teasing for the fun of it
2jayers are like dat..
so dun take the teasing too far..
lol.. gtg le..

Thursday, May 11, 2006

exams over liao..
not totally la..
but better liao..
got back a maths liao
i am chao careless lor
frederick got dragged by kewei and bryan after school
they wanted to throw him inside the girl's toilet
his uniform later sure very black de..
got 2 banglas dragging him
den charmine came back..
aiyo see kiwi's face so red
like a LOBSTER
first time see it other colour except black
he went inside the guys' toilet to hide la
den the 2jayers all go inside to drag him out
ystrday last day of exams!!
went out wif jazz minyu and wen eng
went kfc to eat first
den went wen eng's hse
bcoz she say she wants to change
LOL.. den in the end she wear back sch u
hee went bowling!!
argh kena longkau
damn it
den minyu was swinging the freaking ball
nearly pillared me lor
not dat dere's anything to pillar la
after dat went cs to take neoprint
walau den i stand in front
den my face chao white la..
even better than jazz de..
den looking forward to hols
1st week got the 2j outing
dunno whether anyone going not
its at mel's hse
den sumtime later
going kbox with jazz minyu wen eng
den snow city wif the artic animals and mel!!
this is my favourite part!!
can see all those polarabbits running around

Monday, May 08, 2006

my fingers hurt..
writing so many details in 4hrs 45 mins
den tml got history sum more
aiyo and physics ah..
but 4 more papers and i'll be free
went blk 85 there today
hc dan mel and me
den dunno y
yj came after awhile
xin you ling xin yi dian tong ah..
den sumone during exam hor
told the tcher dat he ran out of liquid leh
nan dao
he expect the tcher to provide him liquid meh?
aiyo.. noob ah
my sis hurrying me to finish ah
so bad lor
everytime i use oso like dat one
no respect hahaha
beating me sum more
i shall crap till i happy
going off..
can't wait till end of exams
den got outing
going dan and yj de polar region
they better not burn up the igloo there

Thursday, May 04, 2006

i think i got nothing better to do now
blog surfing DURING EXAMS
walau siaoded
forgot to mention
ystrday dis bee flew into class
my cousin.. lol..
den it was damn huge la
flying around the guys de seats
den most of the 3L guys
were crowded among the whiteboard
drawing dunno what
den they saw the bee
flying around near them
so they like siam towards the girls' side
den screaming away
junhao even better
quickly run out of the class
tse deng tried to swat it away or something
den say he's winnie the pooh
rofl.. lol..
den junhao earlier during maths
was doing ss lor
discovered by barney
who took his book den put it outside the door
junhao went to take it back
den kena caught in the act
so barney decided to try out unstable equilibrium
by putting it on the window pane
den ciyi say very cold
so wanna close the window
if the book drops i think he's gonna cry
oh ya
i am a bit lag
but dis is a song mr chen aka barney wrote
its abt trigo lah..
according to the tune of The Reason by Hoobastank

barney and the noobastank
i'm not a perfect student
there's many i'm told dat i didn't do
but i'll continue learning
remembering the sine and cosine rule
and so i have to say before i go
that i just want you to noe

take sin B over length B
will equals sin C over C
the reason why dis is true
and the reason's sin rule

i'm sorry dat i forgot u
it's sumthing i must live with everyday
to finf the length when you knew
sides B C and the angle A
you must use the cosine rule dat you fear
dat's y i need u to hear

you must take the square of B
and add to the square of C
deduct 2bc cosA
you will get the square of a!!
you will get the square of a!!
you will get the square of a!!
you will get the square of a!!

walau.. lol..
he is chao lame de la..
always picking on me..
had to type it out
bcoz cannot copy and paste frm cls blog
walau eh..
i am so freaking relieved..
hahaha.. finish a maths and ss liao
maths got careless mistakes.. expected
bcoz i am cock eyed
hahaha.. ba qiu pa stamp
those 2 subjects suck sia
but i managed to finish everything
not like last yr.. wa lau
den tml dun hav to go school
bcoz not taking geog or e.lit
thank goodness i dun have CORE humanities
hahaha.. sorry rabbit and mel =>
so tml can stay at home
do my freaking art piece
sighx.. 9 more pages to draw
if i actually get lesser than A i think i am dropping it
must have been crazy to sign up
ystrday pon chinese again
took ss class instead..
but didn't really listen
bcoz damn tired la..
den stayed back to do maths
wif dan and yj
but actually shld hav left them alone
we were drawing all over our calculators
rabbit dao ci yi you
dragonfly flew past.. lol...
den got rabbit ears sumore
wa lau first time i bia so much for maths lor
oh ya..
ever heard of the indian 'twinkle twinkle little star'
go to kiwi and he'll sing it for u
and rmb to change ur specs to TRANSITION lenses
the sun is bad for ur eyes
i am SUANing pple..
add equal amt of rabbit to polar bear
and shake really well
den count the no. of polar rabbits produced per sec

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

exams coming le
very scared later forget everything
esp a maths, ss and physics
these subjects kill me
had chinese oral last sat
supposed to report at 8.15
but den decided to meet yj dan kiwi and mel
at 7.45
can sit there and crap b4 going in to die
but then i forgot to iron my uniform
den reach dere at only 8
all suaning me
say i damn early
walau.. bu yao zhe yang la
although yj stays at the north pole
reach earlier than me
but he got danicia as his alarm clock wad
den oral de tcher was wang bi yu
actually was dis new tcher de
den shld mark more leniently
but den dis councilor shifted me over lor..
i wanted chen xiao zhen la
but thnk god i didn't go sit dere
bcoz ymx down dere
he went to switch sum students lor..
den today pon chinese
not exactly la..
bcoz ymx let us self study
den i went up to class
instead of going lecture rm
who wants to sit in dere la..
got noise pollution lor..
den i oso got do maths ma..
funny thing is the tcher didn't notice
i stand right bside her
and she doesn't realise i'm not her student
ba qiu pa stamp.. haha
den today wait for jazz
she got the geog thing
den wa lau she say coming out in 5-10 mins
den wait for 1/2 hr
dere's dis link way thingy
at the top of the comp lab block
den we were saying dat it was possible
to climb over and stand on it
i actually tried lor..
lol.. lucky no camera..
den i pretended to be stuck at the roof access dere
walau chao high..
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