Wednesday, December 30, 2009

first day back at school lasted only 2 hours.
and made me heart attack for a moment cause of ddct term test.
thought i was gonna fail shiet.

thank my lucky heavens i didnt D:

lunched at tampines mac w wayne jiajie and bimb, had mcspicy.
i think tt the description is totally wth lorhs.

" blah blah, cooling creamy sauce which helps to lower the spicyness of the chicken fillet.."

hi you're nt seriously trying t promote mayo as cooling and creamy, are you?
cause it sounds unbelievable and kinda gross.

slacked arnd, wanted t watch movie but queue was hideously long.
ended up wayne went home and we stayed w jiajie t wait for her friends t finish movie.
walked arnd all 3 shopping malls.

then bimb accompanied me all the way till 6.30pm. whoo so nice of her <3
walked arnd again and decided t get takoyaki.

no space t eat cuz of 2 un-gentlemanly guys.
they saw us waiting and yet continued t chat. even though they finished their food alr. =.=

sent ahbimb off, then went t meet weneng and wenjuan at century square.
then minyu came, tried t scare us but failed. hahah.

and th two wens swapped shirts t suit their occasions. LOL epic.
we wanted t run away and leave them alone in the dressing rooms :x

wenjuan went off for 2K chalet and jazz came.
finally decided on having yoshinoya. omg so long since i've eaten tt :D

ebi fry value meal + chawanmushi + ice peach tea = $11 _l_
chawanmushi sucked and peach tea was too sweet.
DAMN disappointed, esp at the chawanmushi.
cuz it tasted like steamed egg tt my grandmother can cook, but hers is even NICER.

okay then gossiped abt old classmates, walked arnd and went homey.
v short meet-up, but i had fun disturbing jazz and seeing weneng w tt dulan face. :x
minyu v calm, aizai no need disturb :D

cuz i know i'm guilty of not thinking abt yr feelings. :x

next time i hear you say tt sentence,
i promise i'll cover my mouth . deal !

and i'm too naked chicken to apologise in person / msn cuz you're fierce. D:

as for you,
i'm simply sorry for my stupid attitude. i was dumb .

Sunday, December 27, 2009

happy 19th birthday soktheng <3
hope you enjoyed today, though it was quite short. hahah.

met ah bimb at 11.30am, half an hour late. LOL sorry bimb. :x
okay la she's nt angry at me. thank goodness.

we decided last minute, just ytd night, tt we were gonna put up a board w photos.
hahah, at least its some kind of a card for her. ((:
then then, i realised tt my N73 front cam quality sucks.
serious its damn grainy. but even worse now.

found this old picture of a batman sok. LOL. must print. hahah.
then the rest are just recent photos. better quality and less tak glam. :D

hmm, went popular t buy the stuff, damn stupid la.
we say wanna buy scissors, then can trim/ cut the photos.
then end up reach mac alr then realise nvr buy. HAHAH.

should have seen bimb's epic expression. :x

amy came after tt, and she special request t put her photo right smack in the middle.
special request leh, cannot reject. see amy we so nice t you.

then von smsed me, say she dying alr, left half-life.
walao sad if not you can laugh at sok during build-a-bear. HAHAH.

deco the thing w dots and words and lines.
bimb was v fascinated w the markers. hahah.

final work was quite chio. so proud of it yo! v colorful. ((:
and then proceeded t mrt control station t wait for th VIP.

mini zkm and amy went t the T1 entrance there.
cuz we expected sok t come either from inter or from the tm entrance.
walao ended up she come from T1 ! D:
no surprise alr gg.

BUT she still got stunned by th board cuz she didnt expect it.
gan dong until she wanna liu lei alr sia . hahah.

went off t suntec for our next present ; build-a-bear.
ahsok got mention tt she like it for v long alr. :D
so excited during retail man. LOL

scammed her tt we're gonna have cake buffet, making her eat 19 pieces of small cake.
she believed it . HAHAHAH.

then then she stepped into the store,
and wanted t come out cuz she says too exp. aunty spirit sia !
but we managed t tell her t stay and pick her bear (:

i think she found the initial rub-heart-and-make-wish quite stupid. LOL
but she enjoyed th clothes fitting process.
dress like show luo yo! ((:

amy went off t visit her grandma,
then the 4 of us went marina t have swensens.
sang birthday song for her, w firehouse as cake.
chit-chatted; its been quite long since we've went out tgt just like 3 of us. oh and mini zkm la. (:

mrt-ed home and i went for haircut. fringe too long alr :x

went for movie w family; alvin and the chipmunks 2
<3 theodore sia ! EAGLE! hahah.
really loved the scene where he and the eleanor were talking over th bike. damn cute!

overall the show storyline is er. heh.
but just enjoy th singing and overall furryness can alr.

besides, its been v long since i've watched a movie w my aunts, uncles and cousins alr <3

Friday, December 25, 2009

continue my update !

19th dec 2009
happy birthday to mini zkm ! finally 20 years old alr . hahah.
decided t celebrate it simply, just what he likes.
since he's quite down also.

met him at 3pm tanah merah mrt, and scammed him tt we're gonna go arnd sg on mrt.
LOL and he actually believed me ! hahah.
he thought it'll be fun.

sat all the way t jurong. and tts how long i had t tahan on my butt okay.
nt t mention waiting t eat my ramly burger.
hahah, mini zkm bought it for me but cannot eat cuz in mrt. bleh.

brought him t walk along THAT road. okay he suspected abit.
then i told him we're going somewhere t have buffet. LOL HAHAH.
and he believed me again :x

reached science center. he was like omg are we going science center.
the building alr in full view, i cannot scam.
BUT i said yeaah. we gonna go see the bodyworks exhibit.
he sounded disappointed. hahah.
then i said we were going t IMAX theatre and he got excited.
asked him t close his eyes and i led him the rest of the way.

he open his eyes and saw snow city and went eeeeeeeeeeeee OMG !

i know he's been wanting t go for a very long time but no chance only.
well, here's part of your birthday surprise. :D

the interior changed alr, the playground is no more.
instead, they have a mini bar, some scultpures, stuffed statues.
then there are photographers who take photos for you w the stuff.
the slope remains though. ((:

but the staff quite lousy, cuz they dont know how t help guide us or what.
like you queue for the slope, but they dont assist grp by grp.
you want, just go over and sit and slide down yrself.
they dont stop you or whatever cuz there is someone still down there or smth.
aiyaaa anyw their service is really sucky alr.

and their snowshoes need changing, my soles are worn out like fuck.
kept falling down even when i'm walking.
like hello last time i run like no one's business from some crazed polar bear and i'm still fine.

anyw, i'm glad tt mini zkm enjoyed it.
he said tt the slope is really fun. though i think he expected more.
but still. at least he didnt feel so upset after tt ((:

23rd dec 2009
went clubbing with the girls <3
first club since i've turned legal. hahah.
its von's first too. ((:

met sok first at city hall, cuz the others were gonna be late.
dunwan t stand there and wait for ah bimb uh.
so we walked and ended up at marina mac.

which was lucky, cuz she came much later.
would have stoned t death if we stood there blankly :x

anyw, had my hot fudge sundae!
havent eaten tt since dont know when. cuz somehow no apple pie feel mah.
if not my dessert cfm is apple pie sia. D:

then bimb came, shared mcnuggets meal w her.
tried dipping nuggets into the seaweed shaker powder. eww tastes damn wrong.
fries are proven nicer with it :x

camwhored inside the toilet, but somehow lighting makes our skin yellowish. =/
then went esplanade rooftop. first time there LOL.
bimb bring de leh. hahah, this kind of ulu place she oso know can go. ;p

btw we did all this cuz we were waiting for the 2 VIPs; wara and von.
wara working, von is just slow. HAHAHAHAH.
walao after a long period of time THEN she said she was going to go out of her house. LOL.
make bimb throw bimbo tantrum la. hahahah.

to cut a long story short, camwhored somemore, wara and von finally came.
and we went t butter factory !

okay more like we stood outside and stared at the incredibly ridiculously retarded long queue.
and then decided t cab down t arena.

arena's not so bad. queue is damn short compared to the others like zirca and BF.
but the dancefloor is like small crap. =/

ladies night, free admission.
so estatic when i first stepped in.
cuz its like, omg i'm 18 legally and stepping into a club for th first time.
i know i sound so sampat. ;x

oh and there was this girl who was begging th bouncer t let her in.
" can you pls just check my i/c? " walao desperate sia.

okay anyw. had first drink, dont know what it was.
but definitely nicer than naz's mixing. HAHAH oops. ;p
total count of 3 drinks only; 2 of the unknown thingy and 1 lychee vodka. nice :D

saw glenn loh and his friends there.
i thought tt his question was quite redundant.
" what are you guys doing here? "
duh, hi we're here t study for sem test/ discuss bpharm :x

live band was on, their music was good ((:
danced almost whole night. feet pain like hell now. D:

* in th toilet,
saw some cheena girl puke. into sink.
some guy tried t enter the girls' toilet.
and stepped out of toilet, saw another puddle of vomit.

sorry its just gross if you dont know how t hold yr liquor and get wasted.

*on th dance floor,
2 guys tried t dance with our grp,
but kena rejected cuz we were standing in a circle and they totally couldnt cut in.
mini zkm calls it ' total pwnage ' :D

and 1 crazy ass guy kept trying t take up alot of space for himself.
resorted t whacking him w sok's clutch and elbowing him in the back. HAHAHAH.

me bimb and von managed t spot this guy decent looking and handsome enuf for eye candy.

and his friend was busy w another girl i thot was his gf.
cuz she kept dancing w him.
ended up its just another random one . =/

*at the tables.
this 3x year-old guy IN A BUSINESS SHIRT asked me if we wanted t join them.
i was like NO. and he shrugged and turned back.

hi uncle we're old enuf t be yr daughter and you stink of martell.

this other cheena guy who von caught humping his gf on the dance floor
turned arnd and talked t sok. like wtf. -.-

th angmoh in frnt of our table seemed t be getting cheated by the ladies.
they were dancing w him and he was paying the bill :x

sad angmoh.

left the club at arnd 4.20am, saw this guy totally wasted and drunk on the floor.
another couple further up ahead. both seh alr, sleeping on the ground.
and we discovered a toilet which can win TP AS guys toilet.

wara gave up on her hot pink heels and walked barefoot.
i joined her after awhile. LOL bth alr. D:
wanted t walk t liang court t get drinks frm cheers.
but too lazy and started camwhoring .

and then wara decided t use th vending machine.
in went th $1 coin.. and nothing lit up.
then wara started attking the machine.

" so expensive still wanna cheat my money! "
" i sue them if they post a picture of me attking the machine sia ! "
*whacks w hot pink heels*


gave up, walked t 7-11. bought my H&E green tea as a substitute for mineshine. D:
then boss called and he sounded damn random and drunk. LOL
he's over at powerhouse.

walked t clarke quay mrt and camped outside there, waiting for first train.
by tt time alot of us were damn sleepy alr. hahah.
then some guy came along holding cup noodles and i got v tempted. :x

mrt-ed home and bus-ed home and i washed my face and slept. =/

end of first clubbing experience. quite fun uh ((:
but no i'm nt addicted.

not like coconut. :x

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

someone told me that i should really update my blog alr. AND I AGREE :x

17th dec 2009
got my sony ericsson satio in the morning !
omg damn excited, but cannot show it t the postman. :x
he commented tt ' wah this phone v expensive horh '. LOL.

okay la i dont mind spending money for my chio phone. hahah.
somemore its like metallic red and 12MP :DD

met bimb at tampines mrt, then she was like, eh lets go t1.
then later she changed target and say we going take cab t the actual place.
she nt a very good liar uh :x
accidentally leaked out clues and still dont know. hahah!

anyw, i turned round a corner,
and i saw cliff holding 3 cheesecakes with wara, wayne, jiajie, von and sok (:
*cliff bth cheese yet he still hold sia. aww thanks :D

initially i was super excited t see 3 pieces of cheesecake. from saycheeze leh!
oreo, strawberry and tiramisu, i think.
then happiness turned t shock when they told me tt i had finish it all now.

i swear tt i am scared of strawberry cheesecake due t its extra niam-ness.
thank goodness got them t help me finish, or i might have just died there x.x

AND the girls all got the opportunity t feed me, LOL. feel honoured anot. HAHAH.

walked t inter t take 31, and i guessed the next destination correctly. ECP!
then i looked at wayne and cliff, who were wearing jeans.
i think cliff got it worse cuz he had a blazer on too :x

camwhored on th bus w my phone <3
wara got freaked out by wayne's peach bbt. hahah.

got off and it started t rain )):
totally ocp memories sia. rain in park again.

soaked and totally wet, went t mac t dry off.
cliff became like a mad scientist again while trying t dry and style his hair.
photo on fb ;D

went bowling, waited for lanes at arcade. wara and von pro at parapara sia ! *claps*
first time bowling w them, hahah.
wayne cliff and bimb took 1 lane and called themselves haha heehee hoho.
us normal people took the other lane.

okay la not so normal cuz wara attempted t throw the ball and hope for a strike.
and i went and threw in an additional ball which banged against the bumper.
then the person dulan and stare and stare. :x

went mac for apple pie ! bought 1 for bimb as well. treat her maa .
but somehow from there we managed t scam her tt mac was having promo.
2 apple pies but 1 for $2. hahah.

decided t cycle t lagoon for dinner.
chiong there and chiong back cuz got 2 hrs limit.

whoo bought oyster omelette. damn nice w the chilli :D
also brought bimb t try th hokkien mee.

cycled t jetty oso. i love the breeze there siaa .
bimb says tt its a good place t watch fireworks.
sok von and jiajie tried t pretend t jump
and wara emo-ed while grabbing the fence. hahah.
wayne and cliff did their photoshoot for debut album there . hahah.

sing song, jiajie attempted t take pics of us all while cycling.
bimb got her night vision prob, so i cycled w her behind.
see how kind i am :x

played w sparklers, danced t tp mass dance . LOL
dont know why so high. hahah. but dont care ! its damn fun la.

walked back t parkway and went homey !
bused home on 12 w cliff, since i had t drop off at gmother's hse (:

enjoyed th really simple day; thanks you all <3

18th dec 2009
met mini zkm arnd 1 hour late, cuz he was busy trying t do last minute calling :x
mrt-ed down to kallang, omg damn surprised t see pb there !

actually i expected t see him lorhs.
cuz mini zkm smsed him and asked him t call urgently,
but th dumb pb called me instead and told me tt mini zkm was looking for him. HAHAH.

anyw, its damn great t see him laa, cuz its been eons since we last met.
and he gave me the photo album, w a letter . so touching, aww. ;x

went kallang ice rink, told tt they were resurfacing ice.
so slacked arnd in arcade and i got scammed by bishi bashi cuz one of the buttons were spolit ):

mini zkm's first time ice skating, and he was quite wobbly. hahah.
bth sia, he looks damn scared until pb oso feel bad and held his hand while skating.
LOL scandalous couple :D

trouble started btwn mini zkm and coconut.
ended quite badly and i was v upset.
but i appreciated th fact tt coco and ahsai and kc put in tt effort for me.
and i know tt you guys didnt want this t happen.
but it did, BUT it doesnt change a thing.
i still love you guys no matter what happened.

continued skating, and naz met us after tt
he ton outside and slept only at 6am. gg no wonder mini zkm cannot wake him up :x

waited for mini zkm and naz t decide on the plan,
and suddenly bimb and boss appeared. like omg damn shocked tt they were hereee.
totally nvr expect dao. esp bimb, cuz i thot she gonna cele for 17th only.
and boss chiong down after chalet leh. w this large present somemore.
see la make me feel bad abt bullying employer alr. D:

oh ya and bimb liddat she finally saw how pb looks like. HAHAH.
told her its v different from _______ alr. :x

boarded bus t orchard, saw this amazing christmas tree .
its damn nice inside, sparkly and purple and bright de. hahah.
the photo is now my wallpaper. LOL.

walked down t heeren for thaiexpress. saw many of my red-nosed cousins on th way. LOL
then whole restaurant was damn quiet. only us sia.
the guys went t toilet t ghey and me & bimb stayed t camwhore. ;x

ordered my traditional favourite dish. whoo tomyam + fish + glass noodles (:
deesiao bimb all the way w her huh phrase.
bth sia she really start and begin almost all sentences w huh. HAHAH.
BUT HORH. naz dio suan by her many many times leh.
got improvement alr, can suan naz. LOL.

took failed grp shots, then wanted t walk down orchard somemore.
but cannot uh, need go back for dinner.
so ended up taking grp shots at paragon ( i think ).

oh ya, they were giving out helium balloons.
grabbed a pink for ahsai and black for coconut.
boss went t tie the pink one t bimb's bag. LOL she scared until like nothing sia :x

mrt-ed home, and took indiv photos of them w me. ((:

thanks for turning up and surprising me, though you guys are probably exhausted.
though some parts of the day didnt turn out as well as planned.
i still loved the efforts tt you all are willing to put in for me

to endure and to give in is the hardest few things to do.
none of today i blamed it on the either one. so it doesnt really matter.
i just want you to know,
that i love the both of you. equally. <3

Monday, December 14, 2009

i never do understand why guys are such masochists.
please la, there is nothing much to show off esp if its virtual.

what a waste of time.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

bpharm left me feeling completely retarded. =/
just hoping that i can actually get a decent pass.

anyway, went t tm w wara, syad, elora, cliff, wayne and bimb.
waiting for VIPs maa. hahah.
slacked arnd and wayne bought his itouch. match cliff's, LOL. ;p
not jealous. i hv this shit feeling when i see itouch ever since tt time.

bleh cheat my feelings. D:

then mini zkm came t find me, and i forced him t go for mosque. hahahah.
his new game addiction; bleach soul carnival 2, is awesome !
this time its w storyline and cutscenes. gonna play it like mad whoo.

met von and sok, went off t bugis for k. :DD
xx came along also, cuz anyw he jio me and bimb for k ma. shunbian lo.
this time price is 18bucks per pax, w free bento and drinks.

the bento tastes like shiet. rice super hard. gross.
and and idk i was eating fried fish or chicken sia.
i think elsie's kitchen does a better job lorhs. LOL.

went off tune 1 song, so paiseh ! told them i cannot high pitch means cannot lorh. D:
sang till my throat tired siaa. but v fun.
esp cuz bimb keep getting suaned. HAHAH.

but she's like damn scary oso.
now i dont like songs w iloveyou inside alr. Dx

von went for work, then we went soup spoon t try it out :D
bimb and me have been saying tt we wanna try it since forever.

and we were so damn disappointed.
th soup turned out uneven in texture and nt hot at all. its nt even v warm.
and by texture, i mean tt the soup is just right for the top layer,
and 3/4 into the bowl it thickens like shit.

xx got a cup of hot water and we settled the thing by diluting it.
but somehow i was alr v turned off by the thing and i couldnt finish D:

ohwell. at least the thing is not totally wasted.
cuz i got t take unglam pics of sok and bimb. sok esp. hahah.

pictures are up on fb, including the grp shots we took w the tree.
more tree, more skilled the photographer :D

what i dont understand is,
why try to control US, when the one at fault is HER?
isnt that just plain dumb and wasting your time?
she isnt a princess who deserves attention and care.
she's a fucking bitch, two-faced and attention-seeking.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

the color is damn freaking chio i tell you. smth like rose pink. :DD

its arriving on 17 TH DECEMBER. I CANNOT WAIT.

on the other hand, i cant seem t concentrate on bpharm.
its not cuz of the phone, but i just somehow got stuck on topic 3.
super wordy, OMGGGGG.

ms pharm i dont like you. D:

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

PRM paper today was simply distracting.
the two bloody lecturers, were sitting on the table and gossiping away.
gossip about their colleagues,
discuss the differences between AS and business students,
compare students' scripts and comment on their answers.
they even hide their faces behind a flier or smth . WTH

they didnt even walk arnd t invigilate!
normally i would be thrilled. cuz can practice xx's 7 arts of c.
but . they were fucking hell sitting right in front of me.

whisper whisper gossip gossip.
walao eh go outside and talk la pls.

solana tried stuffing her fingers in her ears t indicate.
shushing them oso. stomping her feet. EVERYTHING.
still didnt work.

the guy lecturer is fucking ghey. reminds me of fei yu qing. =/
and when he shouts, he leans forward. LOL
" eh, nvr ask you all to stand up right, are you IDIOTS! SIT! "

hahahah. wth sia. imagine some ghey voice screaming this.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

first two days of term tests are over, now for the rest of the week.

its really quite sucky when th things you memorise like shiet dont appear.
and all those tt has been tested pop out.

i think i died at DNA fingerprinting. x.x

went out t kfc for lunch ytd w von, bimb, jiajie, wayne, cliff, syai, sok leng and mini zkm (:
its like, 10 of us at one looong table.

then went popular t peii bimb buy things. th counter girl v pretty when she smiled, LOL.
studied at coffee bean w mini zkm, and couldnt concentrate for nuts.
somehow nothing went in. D:

felt so stressed. there were tears. :x

today, went t tampines w wara t get her masks frm faceshop.
walked arnd, showed her th satio ! hahah. the camera is really goddamn clear.
but horh, i asked the salesperson and she said tt there were no such complaints abt hardware.
which is weird, cuz all sony ericsson stores shld be aware of it .

oh well, the hardware prob is supposed t be fixed alr.
so, i not worried :D


Thursday, December 03, 2009

monday: 30th november 2009
one of the busiest days in the year, cuz its
jinghui's birthday! she's finally 17, aww.
always trying t surprise her and make her feel eggcited on this day.

had ddct lab, retail mgt discussion,
and ran down t parents' stall t help dad deposit money
then rushed down t plaza sing only t find out tt ahsai and coconut were late.
and my phone just died on me soon after. *panics*

had t borrow phone frm a shop to tell ahsai where t meet and pok where t be at. =="

dont like laaaaaa, i want t buy new phone alr
aiming for sony ericsson SATIO. RED COLOR.

okay anyw, jiawen met me first, then we hide one corner while she write card.
people walk by us like we're juvenile delinquents. =/

met ahsai and coconut, jiawen still hiding.
then i told her we were going shopping and daddy gave her 100bucks. *eggcited*
grab her by th arm and steer her into build-a-bear workshop

she started hyperventiliating and went into bimbo mode.
"omg am i gonna have my own birthday beaaaaaaarrrrrrr?"
"beaaaaaaarrrrrrrrr, omg so cute. beaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrr."
the whole process was damn funny, cuz she was really acting like a small kid aged 7

and then jiawen surprised her halfway by suddenly popping up.
again with the excitement.

there's this part, you choose a heart for the bear.
the person tells her t rub the heart against her own nose & the bear's for good luck
and on th forehead for cleverness.

coconut: but i dont want it t be smart
salesgirl: then wad do you want it to be?
coconut: cute.
salesgirl: okay so you rub it against yr cheek ...


anyw, she picked out a biker jacket for the bear, and black sequinned ribbons.
and she finally named it after me ! well, smth similar laa. jaydee. (:

cabbed down t downtown for heii sushi buffet, where mini zkm and naz where waiting.
tts another surprise, cuz coconut thot it was only us 4 girls.
and then ziq popped up as well, later on. also meant t be another surprise guest.

but apparently all of them dont know how t keep secrets secret. LOL

awesome buffet, chawanmushi and miso soup is the best. :D
then i got ziq and naz t buy a birthday cake for 'jh'

but actually it was for ziq himself. hahahah.
abang biscuits is going t NS 1 week before his birthday! aww ):

and he's a 18th dec baby too.
so, since we've nvr celebrated his birthday with him, and he's going away,
decided t surprise him on tt day as well.

his face was damn epic when we sang his name instead of jh. hahah.
stunned, surprised, shocked. :D
and he was really really touched as well.

now, who says maple buddies are just for online purposes only?
we're more than that, more than just online friends.
we're loved, we're together, we're vestige <3

okay and then the ladies took neoprints. :DDDDDD
and self photos in the booth. hahahah. with jaydee too!
pictures on facebook (:

coconut got sent t her sec school clique, and then we continued hanging out.
jubeat; jiawen was damn excited over seeing lollipop's song inside. hahah.
and then we got owned by her playing bishi-bashi. :x

ahsai: "walao eh, you everyday play izzit !"

went ntuc, bought fbts and HL milk. hahah random!
walked jiawen t mrt station, poor girl stays so far. jalan bahagia, LOL.
sat outside mac at the NON-SMOKING table t chit-chat and gossip.

really brought back alot of memories and thoughts and reminiscing.
makes me feel tt we have come such a long way since knowing each other . x]

and i think, indeed we have.
i used t think of ziq as someone who is more reserved.
and i thot tt naz was a hardcore mapler w alot of rubbish. :x
jiawen, the last time i saw her we still couldnt get past 10 sentences.
and also, the others who have made vestige vestige.
efan, justin, kc, yijie, weihao, pearlyn, fionn, many more.
and also some who are probably nv coming back.

it doesnt matter, i guess. cuz we're still vestige (:

wednesday: 2nd december 2009
went t meet pang unlimited and evepok today!
hahah, so long nvr see each other alr.
all busy with school and this that. (:

had lunch at pizza hut, and went t thefaceshop
i bought nail polish, raspberry pink and orange. damn bright, hahah.

then went sasa t buy pang's cosmetics.
oh and we saw this makeup combo tt reminds us of ... :x
she bought bb cream and blusher.
her grad night is coming next week maa.

i want grad night tooo. and so do elora, wara and bimb. :D

okay then evepok went and redeemed 4 dancing christmas trees
its damn cute la, but you have t spend $100 t redeem it sia.
the tree goes round and round and round and dances. hahah.

walked arnd, then went t meet mini zkm.
it was a really simple meet-up, but i enjoyed it.
finally had th chance to chit-chat with them after so long (:
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