Tuesday, February 28, 2006

my mum today so good
let me use the comp for fun
this week and the next got SPA
tml chemistry
friday biology
monday physics
damn it
so long as dun have graph
i can pass de

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

today got art..
den still owe mrs hudd
not 1..
but 2 asssignments
thank goodness
she didn't add on today
danicia did her 'detention' today
so guai
yj damn happy to see her sia
mdm hidayah is pregnant..
she's my physics tcher
and mrs hudd giving birth in march
its a baby girl

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

posting in school again
supposed to do english
but i heck care
the danceworks competition
was very fun
the host made us participate in some games
that made us very 'high'
we didn't win in the end
but it was a fun experience
and my hair was sprayed with lots of hair spray
also covered wif tons of purple glitter
damn freaking difficult to wash lor
still got a few specks of glitter here and there
so 'nice'..
lol hahaha
happy valentine's day.. [belated]
recieved this balloon flower
from melissa
thnks =>
so nice of her..
but i didn't expect it
and therefore didn't give anything in return
so sorry..
but i'll be giving sumthing
once its ready
so mel..
must be patient k..
lol hahaha

Saturday, February 11, 2006

i am freaking out
and getting very nervous
bcoz i have a dance competition tml
first time performing in an open public space
its at ngee ann civic centre there
so scary
i hope i am able to cope with the stress
and perform my utmost best
den we can win sumthing
and prove that ahs dance society is capable
i know i haven't been posting in a long while
bcoz very busy with school work and everything
but i finally find the time to
there is dis guy in 3L
who is damn crappy
not in a nice way
but more of the irritating side
he's asking pointless questions in class
especially during maths
i mean..
if he has any questions in class
its okay to ask
but he'll ask questions that are not related
like in another universe
not like crap questions
to ka jiao tchers
or make the class laugh
it just makes us irritated
i hope dis doesn't offend anyone
just to point out his fault
and hope he will change
or incur the wrath of 3L
hahahahaha lol
2J was never like dis
and i miss those days damn freaking much
especially when mr yeow
keeps recalling those memories during history
what the 'fredericking' shit..
i still can't bring myself to crap in class
except in history and sumtimes in maths
other than that
i have to keep quiet
oh and during recess
that's when i can really talk alot
gotta sleep liao
waking at 5am tml
damn it
nitex.. =>
*oh yeah
i forgot to mention
dat 3L is on the 5th floor
instead of the 4th
damn it
now danicia and melissa
laughing at me
instead of me laughing at them
me and my big mouth
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