Tuesday, November 29, 2016


Disclaimer: I am not asked to, nor sponsored by Shopback for sharing about their site. 
Just thought I'll be nice to share! 
And hopefully save some people from the heartbreak I felt when I realised I missed out on some opportunities :x

I've seen some influencers recommend Shopback to get cashback from online shopping,
but because they were mostly buying from sites like ASOS, I didn't think much of it.

Worst mistake of my life or what.

Because it turns out, Shopback works with more than the international brands!

For example,

Recently bought from my fav skincare site: Althea.
Shopback offers 5% cashback.

Booked for Japan accomodation via Agoda (!!!)
Shopback offers 6% cashback - which is like a substantial amount!

Even Cathay Cineplexes is in on this.
Shopback offers 4% cashback for online booking.
If you think about it, this is really worth it,
cause you usually only enjoy discounted prices if you buy from the box office.
But if you use Shopback, you can book conveniently online AND get cashback too.


And I'm clearly kind of agitated over this because I could have gotten quite an amount already,
if I had used Shopback earlier. T.T

The next time I'm buying anything online, I'm checking Shopback first!
(Damn sad why blogshops don't have hahahaha)

If you're interested, you can sign up via my referral link here!
How this works is:

1. If you sign up using my referral link, you get $5 credit
2. When you complete your first purchase, you get another $5 credit.
3. Once you've completed a minimum of $25 worth of purchases, AND redeemed your cashback,
then only will I get $5 credit.

Works the same way if you get your friends to join Shopback too!

Another perk of the Refer-A-Friend program is that they periodically have events,
which gives you bonus credits if you refer more friends.

My social circle too damn small so bwahahaha I obviously can't benefit much :x
Just sharing information cause I'm nice!

Because seriously, who doesn't want more money back.

Oh and one thing.
To qualify for the cashback, most sites require you to stay on the same tab and complete purchase.
This to allow site tracking, which to some people may feel like an infringement of privacy,
and in this case, it's especially true because payment is involved.

So remember to shop smart - always check that the browser is secure before checking out!

Monday, November 28, 2016

Hong Kong Travelogue 2016 - #ZouSanKitties: Day Two

I'm supposed to have finished this before going on Japan trip!! HAHAH
Guess I can't keep up.. and neither can my bank account actually LOLOL.

A rainy Day Two!

This is what happens when you hang out with a designer.

You stand on the cold wet streets waiting for her to get her perfect shot HAHAH.

Om nom nom at Capital Cafe 華星冰室!
My favourite breakfast place in HK, and honestly wayyyyy better than overrated Aus. Dairy Co.

Capital Café 華星冰室
Shop B1, Kwong Sang Hong Building, 
6 Heard Street 克街

Opening hours:
7 am to 11 pm Daily

Nearest MTR: Chai Wan 柴湾
Exit A4,  Walk against traffic at Hennessy Rd 軒尼詩道, then turn right to Heard St 克街

Must order their Principal Toast 校長多士 - HKD$25 ! 
Which is basically cheese-truffle toast omg so goood. 

And the Piglet Bun with Condense Milk and Butter 奶油豬仔包 - HKD$14
Simple heartwarming fare is what HK cha chan tengs are about.

Selfie with the kats!

Attempting to use green kat's selfie stick.. Which is really unwieldy and I don't know where to look.
But if you'd notice, jh is the one with the real aiming problems HAHAH.

BWAHAHAH look at us fatties!!

On the way to our next destination - Dragon's Back Trail!
Decided to reconnect with nature instead of always walking around shopping malls. :D

Jh where the hell are you looking at omggggg.

Dragon's Back Trail 
also known as Hong Kong Trail Section 8 港島徑8

Nearest MTR: Shau Kei Wan Station筲箕灣 
Exit A3, Take Bus 9 from bus terminal to Stop No. 12
Bus frequency: every 15 – 20 min

The trail starts from bus stop, and ends at Tai Long Wan 大浪灣
We planned to take a red minibus from Tai Long Wan to Shek O,
and then Bus 9 back to Shau Kei Wan Station

Cute stray akita welcoming us to start!

Only that we couldn't cause it was raining and freaking cold!
Decided to thaw by the bus stop a bit before starting hahahaha so underdressed for hiking.

Rain finally stopped and we could start off!
The trail is not so bad, cause we have built in steps and such.

Totally reminding me of Arashiyama, although smaller.

This is how damn foggy it is!
You can sorta kinda see the bay from here - but so not the view we were expecting.

Risked our lives trying to take a photo because the wind was howling and really blowing like crazyy.
The trees are totally bent against it! Can see?

At some point it started to rain omgggg.

Crossroads! Glad to see a sign but omg it wasn't exactly helpful.. because we somehow got lost LOL.

Oh my dear Persian cat.. Why did you wear boots you don't want to get dirtied on a hike? 
I fully planned to throw away my shoes afterwards, because I knew it'll be wet and dirty and smelly :x

Paths are there but it's not always smooth.
Steps can get quite steep too.

Misty like whaaaaat

Stairway to heaven?

Supposed to have a good view of Tai Long Wan, but this was the best shot we got. Dang.

Pearlyn die also wanna take a commemorative shot.


Utterly windwhipped and drenched.

A bloom of hope in the midst of the bleak wilderness.. seriously feels like a sign for us to persevere. :D

Some paths were really slippery.

I think at this point we were kinda lost but we can't turn back cause its a substantial distance alr.
We actually climbed over the rocks like mountain goats.

Jh and Pearlyn were actually super worried that we'd end up lost in the mountains,
so I kinda had to keep up the morale, telling them that we're following paths, so it should logically lead us somewhere. 

Though seriously when we hit that huge pile of rocks my confidence went downhill, 
but I couldn't show it at all. 

What a mental and emotional challenge.

Jh later commented that I'm like Joy from Inside Out LOLOL.
I guess in a way its true, because I'd definitely try to make the best out of every situation.

Like you know, taking selfies. 

Hi Kat. :B

Finally back to civilisation! Bwahahaha everyone was so glad.
Funniest shit is, we never made it to Shek O and instead went back to the same place we started LOL.
Dont know how it happened, because we followed the sign, yet somehow we went thru a bike trail wtf.
With all those rocks how can it be a bike trail siao one.

Nevertheless, we survived! Cold and wet but in one piece.
Jh was so euphoric at finally seeing humans, she was kinda embarassing hahahaha.

Dragon's Back trail definitely left me with more than I expected; not as many beautiful scenery shots,
but a lot more insights into how we need to soldier on to reach a goal.

Us after washing up ! Wheeeee back into warm clothes and off to lunch!

Celebrated our hike with dim sum from 一點心!
This is by far my favourite dim sum place from HK.

One Dim Sum 一點心
Shop 1&2, G/F Kenwood Mansion
15 Playing Field Road 運動場道

Opening Hours:
Mon to Fri: 11 am – 12.30 am
Sat to Sun: 10 am – 12.30 am

Nearest MTR: Prince Edward 太子
Exit A and turn right, walking down against the traffic. 
Turn right into 運動場道 and walk down. 

Pearlyn agrees hahahaha.

Two #ootd shots which my professional sis took :B

Headed to Kam Wah Cafe 金華冰廳 to tabao Polo buns and Egg tarts before our shopping spree!

Kam Wah Cafe 金華冰
47 Bute Street 弼街

Opening hours:
6.30 am to 12 am

Nearest MTR: Prince Edward 太子
Exit B2, Walk straight to Sai Yeung Choi St 西洋菜南街 , 
Turn right into Bute St 弼街

When me and Levon went, we only bought the Polo Buns  馳名鮮油菠蘿包 - HKD$6,
which was da bomb diggity *slurps*

This time, we tried the Egg Tarts 馳名酥皮蛋挞 HKD$5 too !
Just look at Jh's impressed face 

After a round of unimpressive shopping (really, HK is just there for me to eat most of the time),
I got reunited with my ultimate love: Sun Kee Cheese Noodles.

Please do not underestimate how awesome this small bowl of noodles can be, despite its appearance.

Sun Kee Cheese Noodles 新记芝士捞面
16-20 Kimberley Rd 金巴利道
G/F 13-14 Champagne Court Building

Opening hours:
12 pm to 1 am Daily

Nearest MTR: Tsim Sha Shui 尖沙咀
Exit B1, Walk straight along Nathan Road and turn right into Granville Road 加连威老道
Turn left into Carnarvon Road 加拿分道, and walk up the slope.
The store is deeper inside the building, not visible from street view.

Nuff' said right. 

There are actually even more embarassing faces hahahahaha. 
Its just too delicious for words.

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