Sunday, January 31, 2010

finished my damn informed consent assignment.
i read thru the whole information document.
and listed out a bunch of impt info i thot needed t be included.

longest of all is the recruitment/exclusion criteria.

waste my eye power to read. :x

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

stop reminding me that i'm a fucking slacker who just keeps gaming her life away and is always late.

because you dont know me all that well.
school's been a bitch these days, swamped with assignments and tests X.x
it just keeps coming in one after another sia ! finish this and that comes in. tsktsk.

nvm i tell myself when sem break comes i'm gonna sleep my time away to make up for it.
grow back some brain cells. ._.

Friday, January 22, 2010

lipoproteins are idiotic cause they make me feel confused.

get well soon mini zkm (:

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

i dont like the timing of exams.

cuz it made me miss out celebrating CNY properly and AHSAI'S BIRTHDAY CHALET. _l_

Monday, January 18, 2010

went t school emptyhanded today cuz only had presentation.
walao ended up we need labcoat and covered shoes t go lab.

which me von and wara ended up being the 3 idiots frantically looking for shoes.
borrowed it from masyitah and her friend.

that i could have used my falling out toenail as an excuse for slippers.
wtf make me feel damn dumb. =/

and made me dio suan by boss early in the morning. " go borrow from tefal"

rushed for my yongtaufoo, finished within 25 mins <3
ah bimb still say she dont believe tt i can finish, look down on me sia !
her milk tea and von's soya milk more epic pls. HAHAH.
drink until want t laugh.

oh and she wailed in the lift cuz she didnt get t eat ice ._.

mbio 30mins lab, von helped me kope labcoat.
its damn dirty looking and had holes sia. eeeww.
but no choice uh. have t wear right.
feel so icked out.

today morning didnt get t eat D:

Sunday, January 17, 2010

you might think tt its just a small matter.
but i'm sick of the way you do stuff.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

last day of iguides was awesome !

went there late, and was assigned t bridge again.
however today's atmosphere was 100% much more hyped up and enthu than ystrday.
simply bcuz the host was capable and knew what t do .

no other reasons like too little people at bridge or any nonsense.

everyone was singing, cheering, stamping their feet.
walao i keep stamping at wrong times then von will laugh at me ):
and bimb was perpetually scared of balloons.
and jiajie was camwhoring.
and and sok and cheryl were screaming super loudly.

just felt damn involved and siao being there :D

boss and gene came today, cuz gene wanted t come back tp and visit.
dont understand why he likes t come back t tp sia !
always coming back at random timing. :x

both of them tried t be funny and went down the bridge and under and up again. LOL!

mini zkm dropped by t find me afterwards, then he went t see engine sch.
seriously i think he's tempted by aerospace engineering dip alr . hahah.
and he said tt tp open hse is much much much more noisy than sp. whoo.

dismissal, took grp photos, and got slightly stunned.
jiajie cheryl and sok went off first. (:
then the 2 aunties and 1 uncle had their buffet dinner, provided by elsie kitchen.
i was smart enough t miss out on the disgusting food :x

slacked arnd outside cc, then went t see jam&hop.
okay uh, quite impressed by th dj frm zouk.
but we didnt stay arnd, cuz its weird.
dancing in a teeny weeny circle of 4 people and surrounded by a large grp of students .

cannot uh, atmosphere not right =x

instead went back t outside cc tt area and i was zi-high like mad there.
mad until this grp of 3 people ask me why i dunwan go j&h.

at first horh, i thot they iguides de leh !
cuz i cannot see their shirt color well in th dark.
i was secretly squinting and trying t identify if its light green anot.
then i was thinking " walao not green omg gg i dont know these people"
literally stunned for awhile and von was hinting them t go away. HAHAH.

only when they went away then von was like 'eh you know them ah. '
i shouted no, then they laugh at me D:

went home w mini zkm and bimb FHM BIMB.
von stayed t wait for her lover (:

alright shall sleep alr ! sakae sushi's waiting for me tmr mans ! <3

Friday, January 08, 2010

went for iguides duty for open house today (:
cant say i was very impressed with their organisation nor their hosting.

first thing, i confirmed my attendance for friday and saturday alr.
ended up not seeing my name on today's duty list.
okay nvm i asked admin and she asked me t go bridge for cheering.

whee same place with sok bimb wara amy von jiajie. almost everyone :D
okay but the atmosphere is damn ...
the cheers' tempo is weird.
the some words are weird.
the timing is weird.

like. hi one big bunch of people come you dunwan do welcome cheer
then 1 or 2 people you start shouting welcome . -.-

and one cheer actually had t ability t make my hair stand. :S

so we ended up very not enjoying ourselves and eating anacondas and pythons.
all the way until we zi high by ourselves and started our own cheering.
ah okay and i think we scared some people passing by also :x
esp shinta. HAHAH. i think i made her shoe drop lorh, LOL.

anyway, must thank my boss big big today! hahah.
everyone was craving for bubble tea, then wanted t find people t buy.
i asked boss, then he agreed. but after tt he was late for tut quiz. LOL.
so he didnt buy la.

then he still went out after tut t help us buy 6 cups okay.
one cup contained durian :x

thank you ah boss, owe you 12 bucks ah!
i wun charge you for blackmailing me. D:

met up w pb. tt basket guy's phone is useless sia. HAHAH.
walked t buy bubble tea then walk t take 69.
then walk somemore t ntuc.
then walk t take 38.

okay la and alot of talking and me suaning him for being no life. LOL.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

life is really too short t have any regrets.

2010 is not great so far.
too many unwanted things keeps happening around me.

Friday, January 01, 2010

happy new year (:
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