Sunday, June 28, 2015

How to end a pointless friendship - Just be rude and ununderstanding

FYI: Ununderstanding is an actual word hor.

I'm not someone with many friends, and I lost another two yesterday.
Honestly, I would be lying if I said I wasn't affected.
However, I'm not angry, or sad.

Its more like some kind of liberation and the feeling of being proven right.

The last time I decided to cut off contact with a group of friends was early last year.

I was out of contact with my sec sch mates after graduation, simply because we couldnt connect.
For goodness' sake, the first time we hung out after graduation,
they actually took out their JC textbooks and started comparing chapters.. -.-
So thanks for asking me out, but no thanks.

Then after our 21st celebrations, somehow we started more infrequent meet-ups, usually to sing k.
It was fun, and of course, sometimes they would talk about their uni stuff,
but it's okay cause what's a catch-up for then?
At least no one took out their notes. HAHAH.

So what happened?
I was very pissed when they dismissed my valid reason not to hang out with them.
What's the valid reason? Exams.
They actually were like, aiya nvm what, we also having exams soon, YOLO la!

YOLO your head.
You're studying full time; all your free time after school is still free for revisions.
I'm WORKING full time and studying part-time,
with barely enough sleep and you tell me NEVER MIND, YOLO.

Obviously, these people in the end didn't understand me and my differences.
That's actually how I usually feel about my sec school;
A school which only promoted JC education and anyone out of that is inconsequential.
I thought my friends would be different, but I guess not.
So what for would I still bother saving my precious time for them?

Oh so back to yesterday's.

For a long time I already felt disconnected from them.

Initially it was due to our efforts to plan an outing;
wth every time also need to beg for everyone to reply.
FYI: Did you know that we can tell if you've seen the message? (thank you whatsapp info, HAHAH)
See message liao but skip replying. wtf how rude.

EVERYONE is leading their own lives,
but we bother to make some precious time available because we treasure the friendship.
All I asked for was a reply if they were free.

And what the fuck, sometimes say okay liao can still forget. -.-

Okay never mind, because later on me and bimb decided that we'd just jio them and go ahead even if they're not free.

Then comes the point when I realized that it was a soulless conversation.
We meet up, have dinner, and talk, but it's mostly just me, bimb and von talking to each other.
We'd ask about them, there would be a reply but that's it.

We are all at different stages of life.
The girls are working, the guys are still studying.
Even though we might not be relevant to each other any more, we're still friends, isn't it?

Wait, I guess not. Hahah.

Okay maybe it's just me, (cause I'm the bitch in the group, HAHAH),
but no one would care about what's going on in my life.

I genuinely cared about how they were doing, worried about their issues.
But not once did I feel like I mattered to them.
I felt that I was giving too much, and not getting any.

All this I'm saying goes to Sok and Cliff.
Wayne only partially, cause I've never been especially close with him.

And then you'd probably realize that yeah, these are the people who are attached.
Aiya they have their own other half to care for, why bother with you?

Excuse me, but I can confidently say I balance my friends and bf very well lor.
It's all about if you want to balance your priorities or not.

So yup, till this point I already felt like it was totally pointless hanging out.
It's just a mummer's farce.

Even pok was like, why you don't sound excited when you tell me you meeting your clique anymore?
Sad truth.

So the last straw that broke the camel's back was this:

After dinner, we didn't know where to go.
I knew gone were the days we would find a place to hang out and chit chat till late.
And I actually already overheard Cliff muttering about needing small change for later,
so I figured the guys would probably have plans to meet their other halves.

It has happened before, so I'm not surprised or annoyed at all.
It's actually what I expected them to do.

What I didn't expect was their plain rudeness.

As usual, they walked ahead.
As usual, Bimb asked them where we were headed,
cause we suggested going Honey Creme but there was no confirmation.
And we were walking in that direction so I assumed that that was our destination.

Imagine my anger when they said nonchalantly that they were going off.


Imagine if we didn't ask, and had followed all the way to the MRT entrance wtf.
Playing us for fools meh.
Orchard is so damn crowded, please dont make me walk up and down for nothing pls.

Is it so damn fucking difficult to just tell us you needed to go?
What, you scared I'd criticize you for wanting to meet your girlfriend? (or bf, for all that's worth)
Siao lor, you obviously dont know me - anymore.

So as the bitch that I am, I scolded both of them in the middle of the street.
Smth like "What the fuck you're being damn rude you know anot, want to go off but never say"

HAHAH, actually kinda dramatic if you think about it. :B

But at that moment I was so angry.. because never mind that you dont care about hanging out anymore,
but whaaaaat.. you dont even have the basic courtesy as a human to say that, hey, I gotta go cause I want to meet my gf.

Just simply, you guys have failed even my most lowest expectations.

So we ended up going in opposite directions and I left the clique chat and that's it.
Because there is no point in being friends anymore if you can't respect me.

I dont regret my outburst - Bimb and Von were annoyed as well, but they chose to give them face.
Not for me - I am sick and tired of acting, of being tolerant to people who don't deserve that courtesy.
I am just being truthful, and direct, too bad if you can't accept that.

What's the point of typing all this?
I know they won't see it anyway, and even if they do they wont care.
It's also not a way to justify myself - Bimb's ahma doesnt think I'm wrong HAHAHA #winliaolor.

I guess because I need a reminder to myself that people change, even the people whom you thought you knew very well.

Maybe one day I might happen to fall out with Bimb and Von too - though of course, I hope not,
cause I'd definitely be friendless then. HAHAH.

So moral of the long ass rant:

Nothing is constant, only change is.


Expect nothing; you will still be surprised.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Recipe: Mushroom Mentaiko Baked Pasta

Sharing an om nom nom recipe that me and pok thought of!
This came up from my crazy obsession with mentaiko. Hehehe

Mentaiko is spicy marinated pollack/cod roe, commonly used in Japanese dishes.
I fell in love with it when I tried Five & Dime's Mentaiko pasta.
Slightly spicy, still salty, and just has that kick. Nommmmm. 

The cost of mentaiko is slightly high. 
You can get it around $7.90 from Japanese marts, located in Parkway Parade/ Liang Court
However, you have to scrape it from the sac so it can get kind of messy.. and the yield is not much.
One box was only enough for two

I'd strongly recommend IKEA's mentaiko sauce in a tube! 
$14.90 for so much, and without the mess. :D
The flavour is not as strong as with actual mentaiko of course, 
which might be good for those who dont like strong taste. 

Ingredients you'll need:

- Cream cheese 
- Parmesan cheese
- Brown button mushrooms
- Heavy cream
- Chopped garlic
- Fusilli 
- Mentaiko

Chop up the mushrooms into tiny cubes.

Please remember that mushrooms shrink upon cooking!
AND they tend to produce some amounts of water if you wash and cook them; especially for shiitake.
Just wipe the dirt off them with a paper towel, and it would suffice.

Tip: You can replace this with other ingredients, eg. minced chicken, salmon, etc.

Making the pok do the work. Hehehe.
No la actually he volunteered. :D

While the slave is chopping up the mushrooms, I cooked the pasta!
You dont have to cook it completely, just till it is al dente; cause its going for a second round in the oven.

Tip: After draining the hot water, soak the pasta in ice water to prevent the heat from 'cooking' the pasta further.
Do this especially if you need more time preparing the ingredients!

Preparing the sauce.
As I'm preparing the portion for 4 people, I used the whole can of heavy cream.
Added about a teaspoon of salt, pepper, and a dash of cajun flavouring. 
If you prefer herbs, you can add that too. 

Crack an egg into the mix and whip your hair.. I mean the mixture till smooth.

Add 2 teaspoons of butter into the heated wok.
Throw in 3 teaspoons of chopped garlic and fry till slightly golden.

Throw in the mushrooms!
Fry till the garlic is golden brown and the mushrooms are nicely cooked.
You can tell by the color; the white portions become more browned.

Transfer the mushrooms into a bowl.
Mix in 2 tablespoons of cream cheese and stir well.

"If you want to eat, you've got to work for it!"
#slavedriverGF HAHAHA.

Prepare your baking trays!
Drizzle olive oil to prevent the ingredients from sticking to the tray.

Tip:If you dont want it to be so oily, you can also use a cube of butter to rub and line the tray too.

I used the mushrooms as my base.

Scatter parmesan cheese on the mushroom layer.

Layer on the pasta, then pour in the cream mixture.

More cheese! 
Add the mentaiko sauce on top.

On hindsight I should have mixed in the mentaiko into the cream for even more mentaiko-y flavor.. 

Into the oven!
240 deg Celsius for 20 minutes.

Taa-daa! Enjoy ;)

Feel free to ask me any queries about the dish! I'll be happy to help :D

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