Monday, June 29, 2009

i laughed like no mother today at lunch.
damm, its the last time i eat tgt with bimbo lim AND levon jiajie they all.

walao. 黑白配 and duck wing.
" huh duck got wing one mehs? "

how come i took so long t realise tt my friend is such a bimbo ? :x

played with wax and fished during HTech lab.
for the first time ever, i actually forgot to bring my labcoat.
koped one from the cupboard and no one realised.

and thank god it was clean.
or at least it looked clean =/

went for first OCP meeting today after school (:
shirlee was pre-warned about the flying elephants of cambodia.
read arh, bimbo lim ! the whole grp of us told you abt it alr. xD

anyway, jacq's the overall in-charge for OCP.
seeing her brief us, is like going thru amazing race over again. heh.

looking forward to this trip, especially when bimbo lim is in my group. LOL.
hoping it wun be cancelled due t h1n1 :x

stepping into IT5-6-12 makes me miss those times.

<3 mini zkm
see, dont say i nvr mention you LOL

Monday, June 22, 2009

i'm obviously not ready for first day of school.
9am - 6pm , wtf.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

i realised its about time i posted a new entry.
and its gotta be NOT emoshit cuz certain people are suspecting me of setting an aura alr :x


- celebrated ivy soh's 18th birthday with cheryl, sok,ben lai and aaron old bird (:
went t bugis to k from 2pm to 6pm liddat, at a v cheap price.
then brought sok t my parents' store, shared mee rubus . bloated :x

bimbo lim didnt go cuz she had dpa meeting ><

- went out with liying cocobean , then mini zkm and nazzymulleh
wanted t watch night at the museum 2 , but ly couldnt make it :x
we took neoprints instead :D

- went bowling !
my dad kept going t the lokang, and i set up the barrier for him ;p
he ended up winning me with double strikes though ._.

- went k AGAIN at bugis with my sisters, ahSAI and my aunt
i learnt abt how ahsai's phone got confiscated , and laughed like no sai's business :D

*she was caught smsing cuz she forgot her bag was transparent

- went for hei sushi with mini zkm for 19months celebration
we were both super stuffed, and i had my fill of chawanmushi <3
and of course, finally had time t spend with him

long bus rides and idiotic lil kids :x

training for my vocals. xD

Thursday, June 04, 2009

why is it that i never get my own time to do the things i want to do?
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