Saturday, January 31, 2009

for the record, i was in school for the past 28hrs. :D
and this time, we made solid progress.

so it doesnt matter that i nearly fell aslp standing. ;p

i got bored. so went to pangpang's blog.
tagged by her to do a quiz; december 2nd.
thats quite long ago. i know. ><

People who were tagged , need to blog about their 10 weird habits/little facts.
At the end , you have to choose 10 person to be tagged and list their names.

little fact 1.
currently has red hair. fading, but still visibly red <3

little fact 2.
doesnt appreciate posers.
dont pretend to be so close when you arent ya.

weird habit.
cannt sleep without my bolster & blanket.
when in camp, i just KO. not sleep. =/

weird habit.
i enjoy rubbing my eyes. and nose.

little fact 3.
my boyf isnt chinese.
dont be so shocked larhs. chill. ;p

little fact 4.
we have been together for 1 yr plus
WITHOUT my parents knowing.

little fact 5.
i like sour cream & onion chips.
AND salt & vinegar.

so does he. <3

little fact 6.
my sister is taller than me.
the second one is gonna be, soon.

little fact 7.
i know how to speak in 4 languages.
chinese english malay jap.

and if i get french for CDS, it'll be 5.

weird fact
my big toe is longer than my 2nd toe.
which is different.

dont believe, look at yours ! ;p

tags !
-ahxiao; pearlyn
-mini zkm :D

-anyone else looking-

going off, back to homey. :D

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

i dont even understand why i bother to do so much.
its like. people take me for a fool.

i'm god damn tired alr, doing all this stuff in vain.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

i woke up late today, omg.
10am HPI quiz, 9.45am i jolted awake.
cabbed down to school and reached the LT at 10.15am. ;x

no one can win me liao lorhs.

the cab driver was fast; he didnt try to knock some money outta me. until SOME people.
he did boast quite alot about his daughters though.
apparently one's studying in NJC, the other in NUS.
and they both got PSLE aggregates of 25x 26x.

which is acutally more than i wanna know, honestly.
like c'mon larhs uncle! their PSLE was quite long ago seh ._.

interview ended early today.
including debrief, we finished around 8.15pm.
like omg, wad a miracle.

xunxiang's worried that saturday might be horrible though. =/

sweet vindication.
she got shot by me today; finally.
i've been like ignoring her, hoping she'll get the memo.

apparently she doesnt.

wad ahlian sia.
even if you meant it jokingly, i dont appreciate it.
not cause i cant take a joke. its that you dont know me AT ALL.
so dont even try to get all friendly just for appearance. tsk.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

saturday - ASc commitment day. spent more than 12hrs with them ;x
week0, sports fest duty.

mini zkm's not v happy. he misses our saturdays. :(

monday was the ultimate fuck.
totally drained; mentally and physically.
went for 2hrs stoning and skipped the rest of the day.

6pm back in school for interview.
at least i cheered up that little bit.

first time i had a crying jag on his shoulder.
rudolph, thats what he said.

today. light load.
only 1 hr of HPI tutorial. jap tutorial was short too.
40, 45 mins of listening test which i didnt study for.
then 30mins role play discussion.

which explains the single black folder i used to carry everything.

tomorrow onwards; interview chiongster.
-i cant imagine interviewing A8G3 peeps; scared i laugh when i see them seh-
*esp amy and shirlee. omg.

Friday, January 16, 2009

*i'm getting increasingly pissed with freehand drawing*
the tcher reminds me of my sec2 art tcher, who doesnt respect the students' work.
c'mon larhs,
if all you wanted was to draw over people's hard work and call that giving pointers.
why didnt you bloody ask us to bring blank papers for you to grade?


14th monthniversary today :D

okayys, so its not a big deal.
but its been a crazy month for me and him.
with me being extremely stressed out and him bearing the brunt of my attitude prob. ;x
thanks for being so very patient <3

went dhoby ghaut for dinner; wanted to go justacia cuz i rmb it being halal.
apparently they dont sell anything with pork or lard; but its NOT halal certified.
he was actually still fine with the idea. but i refused cuz ..
well. i was quite pissed with myself for not checking properly ._.
*it was like i forgot to respect him yeahs. x(

went ljs instead cuz we were lazy creatures . ;p
BUT orh. we tried the rice set though. instead of the usual fried stuffzxz.
okay bahs, but i prefer my sinful fries and chicken :DDD

took bus14 home; our long bus ride. x]
then slacked at our usual playground.
talking all the way, keke.

though an ordinary date, but its still meaningful. x]

Monday, January 12, 2009

lecture day sucks.
goddamn boring larhs, especially when i didnt bring notes. =/

anyway, met jh after she got her O level results.
she didnt meet her expections. but wells. she improved alr. x)

gonna be busy next week with week0 interview ! ><

Friday, January 09, 2009

option block results are out !
and whoo whee surpriseeee. i got into BMT.
v unexpected, cuz i didnt think my results were that good.

grats to shirleee, qai , syad , wara , elora and hwaleong too. :DD

and the rest of the class who got their choice. GRATS!
*jiayous those who wants to appeal as well. x]

ANYWAY. i finally got my laptop, after so long. f3
my parents' 17th birthday gift. xD
its not the dell studio15, but smth better and lighter. and cheaper. and less bulky ;x
3GB RAM and Nvidia GeForce 256MB dedicated graphic card.
*can zkm without fear of lag * :DDDDDDDDDDDDD

and, no more fighting for the comp with jh.
life just got a whole lot simpler. ;p

Monday, January 05, 2009

today was.. a really sucky day considering my mood. =/
shall skip the shiats.

HPI tutorial was cancelled, so ended school early.
got to spend much needed time with mini zkm.
he's finally feeling better after 1 week + ;no more on-off fever & headache.

mini zkm treated me to a meal at eighteen chefs
apparently to cheer me up, which did. :D
eating always manages to lift my mood.
and it probably helped that i had entertainment too. x]

played captain's ball today; ASc organised a sports fest in prep for director's cup ;x
on our team was : gina, fatihah, amy, rachel, yanling. plus us 3.
thanks gina for coming yeahs. :D

*its her 18th birthday, she had plans, but she still came. *aww*

anyways, we played against A2; year2 FSN.
they were.. extremely competitive to the point that it became a friendly match.
shall not elaborate in case dio accused of being a sore loser. ><

second match was with A3; also year2 FSN.

however, this match was waaaay fun.
less shoving and more teamwork, it was enjoyable yeahs.
it seemed more like what i signed up for. :DD

we lost both, but i feel it was the second one which we really started playing. ;D

i shall sleep because i have a !@#$^ CellB practical test at 8am.
dont want shirlee to keep nagging at me not to be _____.
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