Sunday, September 28, 2014

Nail Art: Inspired by TTR's Edelweiss Romper

I don't usually wear florals, but I liked this combination so much it inspired my manicure.

I started with a mint creme: Essie's Fashion Playground.
Opaque in two coats. 
Formula was slightly runny compared to China Glaze; 
its the same with all the essie's I've encountered.

Used China Glaze's Creative Fantasy, Lemon Fizz and Street Chic to draw the florals.

Taaa daaa !

 The mint is not exactly close but I thought I did a good job with the florals :B

The dress which inspired it. :D

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Food Review: Teng Bespoke Vegetarian Dining

First reaction you must have is, VEGETARIAN?!

My mum's family are mostly vegetarians due to religion,
which means almost every rare time we eat out (usually Mother's/Father's Day),
we go to the same boring place at Chinatown for vegetarian food. :x
I tolerate and suppress my carnivorous ways for my mum and grandma's sake.

So this year, Mother's Day, someone had the idea to try this new place.
I admit, in my mind I was cursing and swearing, because the last time we tried a new (vege) place,
it was sooooooo freaking horrible.

But this.
This is a (vegetarian) miracle.

I got eggcited when I saw the layout of the place.

And even more excited when I saw the menu.

Vegetarian Japanese Cuisine!

I admit I didnt think so much about how it would actually taste like,
which by right I should have been. hahahah.
I saw sushi and soba and just about went bonkers.

*the names may not be actual names, I forgot already :x

They charge a pot of tea at per pax rate, cause we were a big group.

Long table is long.

Deep Fried Tomato Rolls
Tastes like popiah wrapped with spaghetti sauce and fried, tempura style. yums !

Agedashi Fried Tofu 
Smooth tofu tempera tofu. love of my life.
I like that it was served hot, with the skin still slightly crispy
You know how the sauce sometimes tends to make the outside too soggy?
Yeah, nope didnt happen :D

Sliced King Mushroom with Teriyaki Sauce.
The sauce was a little too salty but the mushrooms were chewy.

Cold Tofu with Seaweed Sauce.
I think I love tofu. 
Usually cold tofu is served with light shoyu, but this version is not bad either!
Not too salty - like seaweed soup/puree.

Tempura Shiitake Mushrooms with Cheese
They resemble burgers without buns, dont they? :D
Shiitake Mushrooms were tempura-ed and slapped with cheese on top, with a drizzle of teriyaki.
Awesome when hot, but not so when cold. 

Unagi Maki
So damn delicious, we ordered 2 more rounds.
Dont know what sorcery they used, but the unagi is even nicer than the real unagi !
The texture is exactly like real unagi too, but no fishy taste which may sometimes be present.

I'd go back just for this, i swear.

Cold Tsukemen
Dipping noodles! 
Have wanted to try this dish for quite some time.
The cold, thin noodles are dipped into a light tempura/shoyu sauce and you noms it happily.
Very refreshing, i like!

What's cute about the dish is that it was served with ice underneath. 

Bento Set
If you're looking for value for money, this is it. 
Miso soup + rice + mains + dessert.
There are different options for the combinations but that's generally the structure.

Eh but skip the tonkatsu, it was quite dry. 

Green Tea Panna Cotta
Flavour was matcha-awesome, but got slightly sick of it after awhile.
The texture was one of the factors; a little too creamy, not firm enough.

My dad is obviously very happy with the food.
My parents actually used to run a vegetarian stall, 
so he was quite impressed with the chef's creativity.

with the irritating jx. 

Overall, I feel that despite it being a vegetarian restaurant,
TENG transcends the traditional ideas of the dishes served by daringly coming up with Jap food.
Not only are they creative, the dishes actually really yummy.
You'd forget that it's vegetarian.
Of course, it helps that there's cheese and milk involved in some of their foods.
Oh, and that means its unsuitable for some types of vegetarians, so please take note :D

Price-wise, some dishes are worth it, while the others not so.
I'd be willing to pay because of the quality, and creativity behind it.

If I were to choose, I'd order the Unagi Maki, Cold Tsukemen and Cold Tofu. (:

But right now, gimme the bacon please !

Monday, September 15, 2014

Food Review: Poteato !

Tiong Bahru is the place to go for cafes nowdays.
Aaand because it's so conveniently located near my school 
(and I conveniently had to go back for sunday lab ._.)
Levon recommended that we visit PoTeaTo for brunch beforehand.

78 Yong Siak St
Opening hours:
Tuesdays – Fridays, 12pm – 10.30pm,
Saturdays, 10am – 10.30pm
Sundays, 10am – 9pm.


PoTeaTo aims to combine the art of pairing food and tea together.
I think its quite an interesting concept, similar to food and wine.

The decor of the place is rustic and cosy.
Very good for hanging out actually.

Awww so cute!
A Hello Kitty styled Maneki neko (fortune cat)
Did you spot the pink makeni neko in the previous pic too? 
Looks like the owner loves cats. (:

Love the raw feel of the place - see the brick wall!

Here's the food menu - unfortunately not all items are available all the time.
Which may kinda suck if you're a late riser, so I suggest you to go early!

Coffee for Levon and Waieng, Iced Chocolate for me!
Drinks were not bad and reasonably priced.
Erms, in terms of coffee art, they don't really put much effort to impress.

Homemade Mushroom and Spinach Quiche, and Salmon Quiche - $6/7
A tea set is also available.
Wai Eng and me ordered this.

It may seem small and pathetic, but quiche, being a potato dish, was really filling!
The quiche is a mix of potato and firm eggish inside, packed with the other ingredients.
quite nice! 

Hmm but the second time I went there, it was temporarily unavailable.
Hopefully its still on the menu.

Salmon Potato Cakes - $15

No complaints, and she was happy about the dish except for one thing:
The two strips of bacon. too small for happiness LOL.

Actually, there's never such thing called enough when it comes to bacon. :D

Photographic evidence that it was good, cause this (usually) picky levon finished it!
FYI my two bffs seldom finish their food unless its really good.
Me? I swallow EVERYTHING. good or bad. :B

ayeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 不要拍啦!!
her usual reaction when I point my camera her way.

Sweet Potato Fries - $6.20
Waited till 12 pm for this to be available. :D

This was the highlight of the show ! 
I dont usually like sweet potatoes, but this i loveeee.
Slightly salty and mostly sweet (potatoey), this was really addictive.

Please order this instead of the cafe-crazy truffle fries.

First Visit - with Levon and Wai Eng! 
Which was in freaking May btw.

I went there again recently with my sec sch clique.
LOL look at my hair length. like a ghostly long hahahah.

Eggless Chocolate Cake - $7.80
Cloying and too sweet. 

Surprised Minyu with a birthday cake (:

Potato wedges - $5.20
Wedges were nothing out of the ordinary, but the thai sweet chili dip was addictive.
and yes, sweet potato fries still damn nice :D

We tried their desserts cause it was a pretty late lunch!
Actually it was brunch for me at 4pm, cause I had lab beforehand ._.

White Chocolate Cheesecake - $7.50
Quite soft but on the (too) sweet side.

I dont have a very sweet tooth, esp for desserts.
Now Koi is another story. :p.

Green Tea Tofu Cheesecake - $7.50
Love the pretty swirls! like marble nail art LOLOL.
This wasnt as sweet as the white chocolate, 
but we had disagreements on if there was enough green tea flavour.

I thought it balanced out nicely, but jazz and ruiting thought it was too light.

On the overall,
I love the savoury items , but not the dessert, which I felt was slightly overpriced for the quality.
Would definitely go back just to chill, because of the cosy ambience.
Especially if I happen to end class early, hahah.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

BFF's Graduation !

Trying to resume the habit of blogging is hard,
so pooped from work and school already. :x

Anyway, since I have the time now I decided to skip the chronology of blogging,
and jump to le BFF (aka chirlee aka Bimb)'s Convocation!

Must go event of the year, LOL.
So proud and happy for bimb heheh.
She really slogged her guts out and all her hardwork has paid off.
We might call her Bimb for Bimbo, but seriously when it comes to serious work she's Shirlee.
As in, S for Seriously Scary Shirlee.

My pbl group would know :B

Now bimb really wanted to invite everyone for her convocation,
but as with all group convos we always kena sidetrack LOL.
Its a super horrible habit of ours. :x

So as of morning, she only knew there was me and sok turning up.

But her awesome bff aka ME, secretly jio-ed the rest to go heheheh.

With my mum at the florist !

Pretty sunflowers for bff !
Her favourite type of flowers.

Met Sok at raffles place cause she was rushing down after her meeting.
Then von and cliff at Joo Koon MRT. 
omg so damn far. made me appreciate the fact that my school is only at tiong bahru :x

Bimb was still in the dark, and cliff even pretended to forget abt it when talking in whatsapp.
So imagine her absolute happiness when she saw all of us pop up.

The Graduand ! Congrats BFF!

Levon actually came even though she was busy studying for MCAT at the time. (Y) 

Bimb and her mum.

Le clique! sans Wayne cause he was held up with school :D

Selfie. :D

Rare tak glam photo of von = must post !!
Bimb is super white and shocked, as usual :p

Levon and Jeron, who was also graduating. (: 

#ootd LOL.

Le BF and BFF! 
pok nearly lost his way LOL.

Sok !

Oh hai aunty. 

All of us girls! #newsstandgirls

one with Levon!

and Sok! 
feel so short next to her :x

I have incredibly long arms. LOL.

Bimb's Uni clique.
She assures us we're still awesome.

Like duh :D

Bus also must camwhore :D

 #thecorridorpeople ! :D

Love my bffs too damn much . (:

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