Friday, July 23, 2010

gelare and souperlicious on tuesday with bimbo lim !
its been so long since i've had gelare belgian waffles.
and yes, we're aunty enough t go on the day where they have 50% discount. :D

souperlicious is also awesome.
been saying t try tt for v long, 6 months?
its wayyyyy better than soup spoon. and i wanna try th combos next time !

apparently bimb says tt me, cliff and ahpok are super noisy.
our noise combos are like too much for her, esp th zutzut sound.
so since we're noisy, dont talk lorhs !!

kept quiet all th way from outram mrt to bedok.
poor bimb keep trying t make us talk. but failed, HAHAH.
i think th most epic one is when she said sound system got bug, scared it drop on her head !!
laughed like mad, wanted t suan her but cannot.

end up bedok, i said BYE BIMBO superrr loudly when she exited.
she still say i not sincere D:

went back t tp for campus discussion, omg so weirrrrd .
it almost feels like we've alr graduated sia. =/

met 12pm for lunch at mac. shared double mcspicy w von !
bth la, cannot resist mcspicy's seduction .
and quite shiok cause can wear slippers and shorts :DD

asked her t bug mr. poh to place her at SGH for her SIP.
lunch will therefore be even more awesome :DD

got back term test results, quite shocking cause i passed all.
except for bbank, i think i exceeded my own expectations. even cchem.
i rmb cchem as th paper i nearly cried trying.
so quite shocked tt i could score okay.

couldnt meet dr. khin today, despite calling 4 times.
think i'll have t email her th details alr.
cliff is under dr. khin too. cause swap w leckhui and jamuna.

got slightly pissed in GO today.
like wtf why so doubtful . stereotypical shit.

went mos burger w bimb, wayne, cliff, sokleng, yenny and jingdan.
HAD MY CORN SOUP. love th way its sweet and savoury at th same time. AWESOME <3
as usual bimb didnt finish. HAHAH.

then they went for a movie, sorcerer's apprentice.
but i didnt feel like watching.

dont know why leh, super uncomfortable.
like headache but not headache. stomach feeling super weird also.
th mood just not there t watch movie. =/

so met ahpok instead.
he was working at bugis' epicentre, for th ipad launch event.
i didnt even know tt ipad was officially launched today :x

dinner at simpang bedok.
bloody indian heard plain thosai instead of cheese thosai.
then ask him change but like no diff !!
cannot taste anything wtf D:

gossip session w ahpok at th playground.
these are th times where i feel tt he's my bestfriend instead <3
just gossip abt stuff like no one's business sia ! hahah.

as always, i love fridays :D

Sunday, July 18, 2010

despicable me is awesome!! :D

agnes is cute to th max la !
her obsession with unicorns kinda reminds me of blonde and her bears.
gru is damn funny too. accent similar to count dracula.

and not forgetting th minions !
all of them are really supportive to gru, and they're jokes.
esp th anti-gravity floating one, and th one who asked for goodnight kisses. LOL.

my favourite part was the 2nd bedtime story one. sooo touching. ((:

watched this incredible movie with cliff, bimb and ahpok.
blonde, bowei and ahsai watched it seperately at bugis.
cause last minute no tickets omg :x

and then we went rochor tauhuey!
craving for it cause didnt eat for 1 week alr.

quite disappointing though.
cause i felt tt th tauhuey wasnt as smooth or as sweet.
then th youtiao oso not v crispy uhh.

dont know who says i macham tauhuey expert, LOL.

had entertainment cause blonde and bimb were irritating each other.
damn funny i swear, bimb dio overpowered sia.

and then cliff got owned by th tauhuey aunty. HAHA EPIC.
cause bimb wasted her youtiao as usual. then cliff scold her for wasting food.
ROFL aunty put th tray back down and ask him fiercely.
"then you want t eat?"

cliff *stunned expression* and we laughed!

end up th aunty is only kidding okay. super funny pls. :D

went uni seminar today w cliff, bimb and von. oh and mac before.
waste of time la ! cause th place is so small and doesnt feature th unis we're intrsted in.

sighhh, could have been at home sleeping/playing l4d2 okay. sad max.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

while walking out of th pathology building we were quite random.
cause suddenly started snapping fingers, which i failed.
then making th zut zut sound ahbengs make. WHICH BIMB DOESNT LIKE HAHAH.
and th 'RRrrr' roll tongue thingy. bimb cant do it either :x

best of all, cliff combined everything tgt, LOL!! so its "zut zut RRrrr *snap*"
combination is so zai pls. make me laugh all th way t outram mrt :D

asked bimb and cliff about th favourite animals thingy tt avery told me.
list 3 animals and why you like them, according t characteristics.

the ever normal cliff replied as, wolf, orang utan and cats. his reasons quite normal also.
th abnormal one said polar bear(!), penguin and rabbit.
*thanks cliff for reminding me heheh
her reasons? cute, very cute and super cute.

th characteristics represent how people percieve you as,
how you want people to see yourself,
and who you actually are.

so bimbo lim appears cute, wants t be very cute, and is actually SUPER CUTE.

oh and cliff said ' i dio HIV' today on th train.
*what he meant was, he got th HIV patient sample in his lab today :x

gonna watch despicable me with bimb, cliff, ahpok, blonde, ahsai and tom tmr <3

Monday, July 12, 2010

sometimes i really envy th ease of which blonde gets t tell my parents abt her r/s w bowei.
if only.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

feeling super happy seeing my grandfather happy.
he's smiling and grinning more than usual and he's gained 3kg !

somemore, tt day he and my ahma went and walked to th market for his haircut.
fyi he hasnt been walking such a far distance since v long.
he used to be breathless by th time he reached th bus stop, arnd 100m?

and i heard from blonde tt he's been walking arnd th hse, kaypoh what ahma is cooking, etc.
he keeps joking and talking with us tooo <3

i'm feeling really optimistic about his situation now. ((:
hope tt his good condition can keep up and maybe even improve.
heartbreak week cause germany lost their chance t go finals.
they ended up 3rd place ytd though ((:

met up with jiawen on thursday, with blonde and bowei.
wanted t go sing k but there's no room !
so ended up at sw HK cafe for dinner.

2 hours sitting there, laughing at bowei's expressions and making pearlyn jealous.
FML ring and th mango snow ice. HAHAHA.

i swear th next time we meet must rmb t book th room for k.
if not we'll die from th lack of singing again :x

dinner on friday with sok, bimb, cliff, ahpok, von and wara.
zomg i miss sok and wara la ! havent seen them since term break.
especially wara cause she was a surprise guest, hahah.

wanted subway first, then no space, so bbq chicken.
then von said she dunwan ! when we were alr seated inside.
so after discussion. we decided t go t mos burger.

i will not go back t bbq chicken until after 6 months later cause i'm too embarassed.
count down to 3 and all run sia ! wtffff.

oh, bimb and von are in charge of deciding where t eat from now on. I QUIT :x

Sunday, July 04, 2010

relaxing weekend in which i managed to get enough sleep.
my eyes super love me right now but i dont think its gonna last long D:

went out w ahpok on sat, to buy his NS stuff.
had mcspicy omg. ultimate craving finally satisfied.
cooling creamy sauce and th spicy feeling <3

but feel bad for bimb cause we had arranged to have lunch tgt but she overslept.
then sunday tried t arrange again.
quite dumb cause we were waiting for each other's sms, LOL.
she thought i'd sms her if i can make it,
then i'm sitting there waiting for her t sms me when she wakes up. :x

guilt syndrome omg.

anyw i wanted t buy my dark grey denim shorts on sat.
cause wisma's branch selling at 25 instead of 30. but sizes left is too small/big. ):
this random dress i saw oso either no size/color. ))):

guess i'm just not fated to buy anything alr . :x

managed t buy all of ahpok's stuff except his NS phone.
honestly saying i dont think he needs t spend money on tt lorhs !
just ask arnd for a spare phone can alr ma.

sunday was spent reading up on lean labs and playing l4d2 w blonde and cliff.
keep dying at th final stage la ! damn hard cause we keep getting picked off.
there was one attempt we ended up dying all in one pile tgt. HAHAH.

and i think elis's attraction t zoey is cute LOL.

Friday, July 02, 2010

bimb keeps niam-ing tt i havent been updating and my blog is dead.
but honestly, other than our random dinners and lunches there's nothing much.

okay actually is have but i'm just kinda lazy.
as if filling in SIP logbook everyday is not enough, omg :x

w cliff, von, bimb and pok, today!
naz came later just for th movie, while cliff didnt go.
somehow today keeps raining. like every friday will rain sia.
then bimb and cliff keep complaining shoes/jeans wet.

fortunately i decided t wear skirt today cause i'm sick of my jeans.
which shocked von abit. second time see LOL.

finally tried th egg tart and th ham chin peng. disappointing !
genting's egg tarts are nicer, then there's NO RED BEAN PASTE INSIDE th pancake.
like what i want th red bean paste pls, so nice D:
shall try th curry puff tt bimb wasted next time i go.
cliff won th fastest drinking contest again. no shocker there.

eclipse was awesome w regards t action but i thot tt th front part was too draggy.
looking forward t th 4th movie ! wanna see who acts as renesmee. ((:

apparently he's now bullying/entertaining bimb as much as i am. HAHAH.
and she's blaming it on me !!
say what, no longer th cliff we know. can you please devolve instead.

like its a bad thing i have someone t say OKAYYYYY with. :x

spent quite alot cause i've been deprived for a period of time.
but not as bad as bimb, who is hitting 1k soon. :O

most of it is spent on online shopping, which i've nvr used to touch.
and yet now, everyday i go around finding blogshops to see.
favourite still gmarket cause so far their stuff is cheap and yet worth th quality.
can buy like alot at comparably lower prices.

intending to buy tt black denim shorts from cotton on as my final item this GSS (:

working near th mortuary. doesnt give me th creeps yet.
when i'm walking alone, maybe, but thank goodness its just my overactive imagination. =/

but i feel sad whenever i see a van or ambulance pull into the area.
makes me feel tt, sometimes life and death is just hovering on th thin line.
you cant control it, neither can you ignore it.

most importantly, you gotta live your life to th fullest without wasting time.
lesser doubts, trusting your decisions and just doing what you really hope for. (:

not as much of a fan as compared to th last one. somehow no feel leh. hahah.
all th supposedly good teams are getting eliminated early, and underdogs are all going in.
alot of people must have lost money. tsktsk.

HOWEVER. i thot tt england VS germany was epic. 4-1.
3rd and 4th goal is hear downstairs people shout one. HAHAH.
like omg its a new record for england,
cause they've nvr been beaten by more than a margin of 2 goals, according t ahpok.

my daddy says th ball is round, anything can happen. :x

#6: PSK.
me and bimb's fav topic almost everyday. HAHAH.
cause we cant believe th irony of th situation.
and currently we're guessing how long its gonna take before PSK realises/contacts us.

we shall see la hor. there's 5 months t go anyway ^^

#7: L4D2
tom and jerry inspired me t play tt every friday night.
th new map's super cool cause there's a witch wearing a tattered wedding dress.
sitting right in th centre of th wedding gazebo. and th zombies are her guests, LOL!

super melodramatic but i like it.
and and you get t work tgt with th survivors from L4D!

ahpok's super jealous of me laaa. hahah.

cant think of what else i wanted t update.
shall cont tmr/ when my mind's clear cause i'm sleepy now ! :D
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